Vegan and Democrats Part 5


















I’ve got a lot of videos to show you for this blog because they are all that I have to get off my chest. Plus they will prove my points.

Not only have I discovered a lot more crap from vegans and liberals but I am still seeing real evidence of them being closely related.

First off I feel like I better show the videos I talked about in another blog because it will help you all get the idea of what I was talking about.

First off, Vegan Gains made a 2-hour long reply to Hunter Avollone’s response from months ago.

Yeah right!! Well, Richy, YOU are the one that wasted even more time on this two hour-long video and look, you literally PAUSE on EVERY SINGLE word the Hunter says! HOLY SHIT!! I’ve got to admit now but this is immature, pointless and just a lack of criticism!! You literally insult hi whenever you could just laugh at the butthurt.

I’ve got to admit but Vegan Gains is just a pain in the ass! He just loves to believe hse’s wrong or doing anything wrong. Absolutely disgusting!! All he does is use those big muscles and use those shitting debates as an excuse for not seeming intellectually lazy when he doesn’t offer any points. And as you can see, old Richy here threatened to rape Hunter’s wife and photo edited his baby. He never says this but it has to all be because he HATES children. This is total bullying.  In fact, I think that the baby he put in is himself as a baby.

Hunter and Vegan Gains did finally debate a few months later and I can tell Hunter had quite a tough time talking to him. Richy here just makes up all the fairy tales and just says stuff as if he’s never doing anything wrong and whoever he’s talking to is wrong. All they really did was talk about abortion. Vegan Gains says he won during the debate when others believe Hunter won. Later on, he made a video about those who believe Hunter won as if he’s still going to be up to his old tricks as if he’s just VERY competitive! It really makes my blood boil! PragerU also made a video on how the government made us fat and Vegan Gains apparently hates it:

As you can see, Richy here is CLEARY Anti-Conservative! Vegan diets may be a lower risk of heart disease but it’s not a diet that will prevent ALL diseases.  Hasn’t anybody ever heard someone going on a vegan diet and it made them sick and not do so well? Not everyone is going to follow your diet here Richy!! I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is. I can tell somehow that my father eats quite a lot of saturated fat and he has never had a heart attack once. Maybe it’s because he RUNS and has some meditation blood. Something tells me I do too. It also takes me back to what I said about having a negative attitude. That is the worst ever cause for heart disease and cancer and will take the MAXIMUM of your life away. I have a 101 great-grandma to prove it.


Now here’s a really massive violent response from the ugly dude, Hench Herbivore who can tell is a major animal-loving but a human bully. Warning: this video might make you want to commit suicide but I am here to protect you stop that from happening.

THIS IS JUST BULLSHIT!!! This is SHIT SHIT FUCKED UP SHIT!!! We’ve got a hypocrite here! Notice how he calls us humans, hairless apes? YICK!! This is bully talk. I’m not trying to troll everyone but I am rather taking back those that are trolling or should I say, COWING!! And as you can see, he’s completely hairless on top!! This is so groundless!

The end was completely terrible as you could see, I’m like:

HH: Watch this video now!

Me: EWWW! No way, I can just tell that you’re trying to kill me here!


Me: Oh really, you’re going to force us as if this was a trap???

HH: YOU &$#%^@$


As you saw, he gave a bunch of harmful+ helpful’s of his own which were not even idioms AT ALL. This clearly shows that this son of a bitch wasn’t even listening to the whole point of the video.  And no, none of the guesses you made at the beginning are what Hunter wants you to stop. He wants veganism to stop being pushes as a liberal agenda.

Veganism is feminism for female animals and he never did give a complete reason as to why this is a female animal issue only because what about the male chicks and calves who are killed after birth as I keep hearing. That sounds to me like it should be male rights there.

If there is any animal that needs feminism, it should be mosquitos. Why? Believe it or not, it’s because the female mosquitos are the ones that come bite us so they can get blood for their babies. Therefore, they must be the ones getting slapped all the time and poisoned.

Now I must say, I see quite a few memes on why eat one (which could be a dog or cat) and eat the other (which is shown to be a pig, cow or baby chick)? My answer, because it’s apparently the whole reason why they are here according to history in domestication.  Although, I made up a meme to put a similar trait in with that:

















Why love one when SQUISH the other?

Now, this video blow is just this guy from “James and Carly” talking to this user called MrRepizon about him trying vegan for a month.

At least I’m he said that forcing isn’t right but encouraging veganism on someone is perfectly good cause it is the right way to go. However, encouragement is FORCE to me. Let me just over some stuff said in this video. So Daniel does explain that he doesn’t eat pork that much because he actually really likes pigs. Well, I said that before and I am with him but just as I thought James did appreciate that but it still doesn’t mean he has that same thought for chickens and even fish which most do not. Well, why do you think that is so? I know why! Because they are not as cute and cuddly! When it comes to most animal lovers, we like to focus on the cute and cuddly ones. I only like but do NOT love chickens and some fish are sort of creepy to me.

One other thing is that I’m pretty sure that the animals in the rainforest know what’s going on and I bet Daniel cares about them. So, we are willing the kill the gentle of beings. Those gentle beings you’re talking about never would’ve been here if humanity never used them for anything. As I said, all they would be is their wild ancestors. Since how does anybody know that, sheep, chickens, cows, and pigs are the most gentle? Suppose it’s because they are domestic and when they are domestic the tamer they are. They are not always gentle though. As far as I am concerned every animal has a dark side.

About humane killing? Well, James have you ever heard of Temple Grandin? She might know the whole technique. With orphaned animals, well there is a little bit of difference in thought compared to the dairy cows. Cows are domestic and the animals Daniel was talking about were ones being abandoned in the wild. And somehow, I talked with someone who knew a person who owned a dairy farm and it was nothing like what all these vegans say. I’ve also talked to a couple of others that grew up on a farm when they were children and it was nothing like that. Plus, remember that Sesame Street video I showed from a previous blog?

I’ve got a little bit of a theory as to why dairy farming is like this today. Cows are being fed corn and wheat because there is not enough land of grass for them as much as there used to. It’s due to the higher demand AND for sure the rise of the population. It’s given farmers a harder time to have cows and even goats to produce milk, so the thing to do with all that is to get them pregnant and than take the baby. Therefore, if you want a cow or maybe a goat to produce milk on a constant basis, they have to eat GRASS. Plus, corn and wheat upsets their digestive system. That perfectly explains their farts being the cause of greenhouse gas admissions.

James has once said that we are stupidest of species because we are destroying the Earth when really it’s just that we are high maintenance. He literally MOCKED a Christian at a speech and thinks that believing in God is like believing in Santa Clause. Honestly, this is where you start to realize that a lot of vegans are atheists which perfectly explain their bad, and negative attitude. Plus, they don’t believe that all beings go to a better place after they die.  Speaking of that did you catch out James saying something about you believe in that you’ll go to heaven and believe in that you’ll go to hell?

Honestly, that is EXACTLY just like what the leftists do! How do I know? Well, at one point Hunter and his friend Luke went to a protest with angry ANTIFA. One of the angry protests asked about where homosexuals go when they die. Luke tried to point out that he believes that anyone no matter what the sin goes to heaven as long as they believe and respect Jesus. Then that protester said that he listens to too many I think it Jude 14’s and that those turn the grace of God to license or something like that. If you’re a false convert, you’re going to hell. With that, Hunter claims that they were just as bad a leftists and I agree. It’s like how if you disagree with the left then you’re a racist or nazi and when you do slightly different than what the ANTIFA does, they claim you’re a hypocrite and going to hell. As you can see, vegans are JUST like that when someone disagrees with them!

I don’t want to offend those who are fans of James but there is something about him that scares me. He’s got a fucking tattoo and piercing somewhere!! You know what that’s a sign of? That veganism and being so overly OBSESSED with animal exploitation causes depression.  Most people get tattoos and pierce anywhere besides their ears if they are depressed.  That’s a very bad sign if you are willing to follow a lifestyle like that.  In case you didn’t know, Emily from Bite-Sized Vegan seems the same way because she’s got tattoos everywhere and as I could see was looking like she was getting old. Therefore, she looked VERY sad and depressed. I mean, poor her. This is what happens when you get into a goal of making the whole world follow you’re lifestyle while clearly seeing that’s it’s just not going to happen. These guys say that veganism makes you not age easily but I can just tell that it’s complete bullcrap. Because I’m seeing some in there that looks like that they are aging faster due to depression and even though I am not vegan, I still look like I’m 17 or so even though I’m really 23. How do you suppose that works? With that, I noticed that Freelee used a picture of a pig be treated cruelly in the slaughterhouse as a screensaver on her phone to remember what she’s fighting and that’s a bad sign of being so obsessed with your cringy lifestyle and literally a sign that you’re just a sad person.

Can you imagine? If I used a photo Marvin the Martian being tortured as a screensaver, it would look just sad for me to come into the virtual world. I try to avoid the stuff that upsets me as much as possible.  This doesn’t help me remember what I am fighting for but just makes me feel even more sorry for those fans who feel bad for Marvin.

Speaking of that, remember when Marvin the Martian said: “There is a glowing tendency to think of man as a rational thinking being which is absurd. There is simply no evidence of any intelligence on the Earth.”  You know, he’s right. There is not a single species that think deeper thoughts of creation while at the same time, does not do any destructive actions to their own planet and other beings.  Again James if you are reading this, Marvin is sexier than you and I stand up for rights to protect the extraterrestrials.


With that, if we take a look at Unnature Vegans video on MrRepzion she seems to be shown to be more patient.


Unnature Vegan seems to be more patient and is aware of the way we spread the message. Whether everyone is going to look at you as right or see you as a jerk. Plant Eats seems to be the same way. Therefore, both of them seem to know the thoughts behind those who know what happens in farms and all that but are not changing their lifestyle.  With that, they are both doing stuff that I actually would like to see. I’d like to see LESS arguments on animal exploitation and fear-mongering and MORE thoughts on what alternative or so is going to work for you. I want to see more overall samples and reviews on alternatives, needing to figure out what is going to work for you and won’t make you weak as a vegan otherwise.

Unfortunately with that, Plants Eats and Unnature Vegan have been called out by the loud ones saying that they are the worst vegan Youtuber and therefore are wrong about everything showing that the fussy loud ones who only care about saving the animals and environment are doing everything right. This is what you get from liberals ALL THE TIME when it comes to helping them want to calm down and realize what they are doing wrong. So as far as I can see, both vegans and liberals love to believe they are never doing anything wrong no matter how offensive or immature it is.

Not to mention but here is more evidence of that:

This is absolutely immature and just downright offensive. This activist family takes this to a whole new level by snatching a fish and throwing it back. You know, I probably would’ve had a bucket of water with me and put the fish in there instead of leaving to the side.  I can see that these guys even but hurt you in the comments as replies if you disagree with them and it just scares the shit out of me. That fish was a tilapia and I don’t eat those. Even so, he did NOT hook that fish in his mouth and throw it in the water but hooked the bait and then the fish tries to eat it and pulls the fish UP. Have any of you see anyone get their mouth pierced? I can assume that the hook feels like that. When that guy got his face into that lady’s phone it was TERRIFYING and nightmare fuel. They all just scream and preach “It’s Not Food! It’s Violence!” which only is offensive to most of everyone and brings out a negative stereotype in vegans. These guys did the same thing on the beach when somebody was fishing crab but there wasn’t a fight than somehow but hey sure did force. The activists have been on the news a lot and they even made a compilation video of it showing that they want it to stop happening. When you ever learn that screaming and being jerks like that isn’t going to help.

Let me just say, animal liberation ain’t gonna happen because it leaves out those who work for animal agriculture needing to make money to support their families, plus pets that do not survive on a vegan diet and that fact that it might just take up all the money int eh world to send all these animals to a sanctuary or so. Sure, it might slow down in the next decade or so but letting it happen in one day will not happen. Plus, you claim once that fish is unhealthy and full of cholesterol. Let me ask you. How do the Japanese stay thin and live up to 100 years even though they eat a lot of fish? Therefore, Japan seems to be an overfishing nation and you’re not even going out to stop that. If you want the whole world to follow your lifestyle you’ll have to go MILES ahead. You can’t just mess with Americans.

Since how does science prove that fish think the same as we do? Did they attach a brain wire to them, put on the Lion King and see if they cry when Mufassa dies? Guys, not all animals see the world the way we do. If animals even fish saw the world the way we did, THEY would be out there protesting saying that they want rights. NOT other humans like you! They might also figure out ways to outsmart farmers so they can escape the death zone or even outsmart predators. I’m talking about outsmarting like the way Bugs Bunny does and what you see many animals do in movies and cartoons. I mean think about! If women want rights, THEY protest! If people other races want rights, THEY protest! So if animals want rights, THEY should be the ones protesting. With that, maybe it would make it more likely for people to save them. This is what you see in many Chick fil A commercials. Cows protest on people not to eat them and eat more CHICKEN.

In fact, these SAME people crashed an event at Chick fil A and I think it was on the exact same day.

I really hate this!! Therefore it’s just immature and unnecessary. But you know, if a bunch of chickens, I mean REAL ones came in with little signs and said they wanted to be free, it might make people think “Awww! LOL” especially if little baby chicks were with them. When it’s other humans being loud like this, it’s making others think “YEK what is wrong with them! Haven’t they ever learned any social skills.” With that, the birdies could have signs saying to eat more peanut butter, shrimp, bananas, apples or whatever. Something tells me that if they want us to go eat another species, that shows that they don’t care about how the other is feeling. They are glad that they are not the ones going through that cruelty.

This is an honest question for you activists and militant vegans out there. Do you expect us to not be on top of the food chain anymore and be in the food chain or even on the bottom? That’s what most herbivores have to deal with. Do expect us to become the new prey + run and hide from predators?  If you say yes to this then it’s likely that a majority of people will say no to veganism. Why? Because we don’t want to be forced to hide and be eaten. Therefore, we are a species who makes complicated goals and wish to do them. We don’t want to miss out on it.

That PoliDick guy is at it again with taking PragerU out of context:


Honestly, the worst of all was the part about the electoral college! We may as well not have elections in the smaller spots! The big states may as well be the only ones choosing! PoliDick, I can just see that you do not like to listen to the reality as to why you’re plans do not always work!

There is a user called No Bullshit and he seems to have views on both vegans and the liberal party that literally shows many of my points of view.

This is something every liberal should understand and this video below will show what it would be like if we didn’t have the electoral college:


Thanks a lot! You know if I made somehow like this not sound offensive, I would call you No Nonsense.  As far as I see, Warren is a real brat. I can just see that the left and vegans have a goal that won’t work as well as they THINK. That’s another thing that they have in common.


He’s made vegan videos too and I can explain:

Yikes! They are crying and I can see why. I agree with No Nonsense. With having to take supplements to get all the nutrients needed, there is actually no evidence out there that they are completely helpful to the body as I was afraid of. Your body as I can see wants REAL food. Yeah, I can see that these three were being attacked by many Youtubers saying that they were cheating by eating meat, fish or something like that. Even the Monkey Bitch aka Freelee did it to them saying that a vegan never goes back to an omnivore diet. They are being called liars and cowards for quitting veganism so that’s a good reason to be scared to speak of the norm as you can see.  The vegan community really is toxic, unforgiving and just rude. They are a community that pretends to be moral souls. I definitely agree that the major reason they do is that they love animals sooooo much and don’t want to see any killing of them. But really, stomping on someone because the vegan diet didn’t work for them is just flat-out obnoxious especially when it’s making them sick and suffering.


Now this video he made about Vegan Gains was from 2 years ago but he’s responding to his horrible response from his very first vegan vid which I don’t really have here but I want to put in the ones that show the most proof on the topic of this blog.


That thumbnail Vegan Gains had is really scary like he wants to slice your throat open and doesn’t want that to happen to animals at the same time.

I do seriously agree that Richy here does a lot of reputation and just can never tell when he’s wrong cause he’s inside the bubble of “I’m always the truth” and it’s impossible to pop it. Vegan Gains here just says that No Nonsense should be re-named Bullshit and that clearly shows that anyone who disagrees with his lifestyle is dumb and a no at all.  Did you just catch out that Richy just threatened No Nonsense by “I wish I can make you suffer, like not even as bad as the fucking animals you eat, I want you yo suffer more than any living thing has a suffered on the fucking planet!” This really is no peace-loving hippie at all.  Jerks like him are just against animal violence because at the same time as not wanting to see any animal killing they are mean assholes hate other humans and even wish to kill us all. This is a good example of a hypocrite!

In my eyes, it when somebody who is against anything being treated like a second class citizen wishes to get them to take over while at the same time wants to kill the strong one pushing them aside. That’s what feminists do. They say that they are for men and women being equal but if they were more interesting ina an accuracy then advocacy it would be that women are trying to take over the world and also kill all men.

I can seriously understand that vegan lunatics like Vegan Gains can’t get along with other people so they turn to animals for companionship.  His life really does look boring and sad. Who wants to be like that? No Nonsense did actually end up debating Vegan Gains soon after this was made and it was so terrible. Richy belched in front of the camera and interrupted statements all the time. He thought that Non-Nonsense was interrupting him.  This is guy really is a pain in the ass and thinks he’s not getting enough information from those he debates but in my eyes, it does make sense. Richy is clearly braindead and that’s a bad sign for veganism and the liberals do the same thing.

Richy just asks over and over again on why you buy cow, chicken and pig (beef, chicken and pork) in the grocery store. I’d be scared to debate this guy but if I were to answer, it would be because I am a picky eater. I hate beans, I hate tofu, I hate rice, there are a lot of foods on the vegan diet that I just don’t like and that would make it hard for me yet people like him won’t even come to accept that.

He even HATES the idea on the new cultured meat and that literally scares me to death:

Well, not EVERYONE thinks those vegan alternatives are delicious. You don’t know why this is happening, do you? This is clearly for those who struggle with veganism and would have trouble adopting it. YOU don’t have to have them. You say that going vegan is easy. Well, when you’re a picky eater and sensitive textures and tastes than it really is NOT  Besides there are places like that are just impossible to make vegan or vegetarian. Why? Because they’re a country coming out of poverty and when that happens, people like that want to eat more meat.  There’s also this perfect day dairy company and he never said anything about that. You should listen to what the founders had to say with their experience with veganism and that’s what inspired them to make their lab milk.

I can see that this cultured meat is sort of like faux fur? Do you think that’s ridiculous? If not, then at least you’ll one day accept why cultured meat and lab-made dairy were even be invented in the first place.

Speaking of China,  they are the nation that creates the MOST pollution on the planet, not the US. If protests occur in China the people responsible would be executed for thrown in jail.  Since they are a communist country, protesting is not allowed but they really should have protesters if pollution is just so common there.  So why are these environmentalists blaming America for it all? Because no other country will listen to their bullcrap. The US is a free country and protesting is legal even though we are not the big problem to the mess. China throws trash in the ocean and emits more pollution than any of the world’s nations except India. There is a documentary called “Human Footprint” and literally says that the US wastes more than any other country while even it true, we are still doing a lot to protect the environment. Besides, who wrote the whole document and who paid for it? That will surely provide all the answers.

PragerU recently a video on why the left is so intolerant:

I so do agree here and another that’s also very common and similar to this is that if you don’t think that animal rights and humans rights are the same things the vegans call you a speciest. The left is just so intolerant on anyone who disagrees with them because they think they are right on how you should live and how you should think.  Yet, even though Prager University seems honest in its tone, many are calling them out and saying that they not University and lie about a lot. I don’t know if that’s true or if it’s just the liberals being their militant selves thinking that anyone taking them out of context is bullshit.

When vegans point out that they were right all along, could liberals show conservatives that they were right on along with their politics? It’s ridiculous! AskYourself may have said that veganism doesn’t have anything to do with political points but I am here to point out that vegans and the democratic party have a lot in COMMON. Therefore, I am seeing that many conservatives including that No Nonsense guy and PragerU have been called out and even the vegan community has. This clearly shows to me that they are also anti-conservative and that if most vegans are liberal it totally makes sense.

What’s next is someone going to debunk PragerU and say that it is best that media pretends that all women are liberal?

I can’t believe I am seeing this but a bunch of vegan Youtubers debated each other:


Honestly, I’d like to do this all the Marvin the Martian fans I have met. But looking at this just frightens me and I just see a bunch of people literally teaming up to take over the world. Why? Well as I said, a vegan world may have its pros but it’s got lots of cons to which I explain in a previous blog. Yet, all these people care about is freeing the animals. They don’t care about the workers who are going to become bums and suffer poverty + starvation, our pets especially cats that must eat meat, the cultures, and religions that having eating animal products being the rule of it, and the fact that freeing the domestic animals is going to cost arms and legs. Nobody works for free and transporting animals, in general, is expensive.

I think I better tell the truth now. How do animal lovers that eat meat? Well, we use a technique called not thinking about it. We try to not think about how our burgers, bacon or anything else is made and just enjoy the taste + plus some think that the animals are all in a better place now and all that scary suffering is over. With those major vegan animal lovers, they’ve got the exploitation thing in their head ALL the time and that pulls them away from meat and everything else. Besides we also try to think that if we didn’t use any of these animals for anything, none of them would have been here in the first place. There is a user called Science Plus and has a whole video series on domestication that clearly explains it all.  The obvious goal of vegans to me is to end animal domestication which I am so not ready for.  You might think we don’t need them anymore, well he does say in the last one that there might be a time where we are using new stuff and we won’t need domestic animals anymore but it might take years or it could be decades, maybe even centuries.

Plus, we more affection for some types of animals than others. Many are thinking about why we get so unhappy about dogs being cooked and eaten in soon Asian countries but no problem with pigs, and others the US uses.  Well, the things is, dogs so far came here to be pets or companion animals plus, ever heard of man’s best friend? Eating man’s best friend seems just so horrifying to a lot of us. It’s like if a couple was married for 50 years or more and than they all of the sudden broke up. Plus, dogs are the animals that mostly run into and have the opportunity to pet. I don’t run into many cows unless I am on the road and pass some in a field BUT we’re going so fast that we don’t have to pull over so I can see them.

With that, I have the same type of question for those Marvin fangirls who have seen LT Back in Action. How do they love the movie even though Marvin had a sad ending and was shown for background music as if he was scary when he’s really not to most of us. I got answered that sometimes, people enjoy seeing villains in the role as villains. and sometimes they have positive traits that the heroes don’t.  People just like the stakes they bring to the plot, especially if there’s a connection to a genre the viewer likes, (Such as Marvin and sci-fi.)

As for the ending, can’t say the fangirl part of my brain’s too happy about it, but the other parts involving him were nice enough, I choose to focus more on those instead. (Plus, Back in Action’s plot, in the end, turned out to be a film being produced inside of a film all along, so Marvin likely got out of that bubble one way or another with the help of the film crew off-screen. When you put his goals to destroy/invade Earth off to the side and turn off the eerie background music, it’s still the same soft-spoken, polite, Marvin the Martian we all know and love deep down in there.

However, when it comes to me, I get unhappy about it because I doubt that’s what society expects us to do. That is, to feel excited to see a villain character on screen when you must feel scared and hope for them to be defeated. I believe this is all fucked up and that’s where  I myself become the preachy badass. Why? Because I am the one who has the thought of mind to fix something that some may doubt on but it doesn’t make me give up.  Not to mention but I’ve been comparing on what I want to do for Marvin with the vegans thought on wanting everyone to be like them. From there, with all this talk about humans exploiting other species and all that, it’s only giving me support on Marvin the Martian on why he should destroy the Earth. Sorry Earthlings!


Mabel Fashion Sketches (Mostly Toys) Part 8

I’ve got a few unique discussions for this blog but I will get to them later.


This is Mily in her Halloween costume. I decided to add her to the episode. I was also thinking about putting her in Mabel and the Migrants. I’m thinking she should be the drummer while Crystal is on the keyboard, Lily is on guitar, Cheyanne is on base and Mabel is the lead singer ( she also has an electric guitar as well). I just need to draw out a costume for her.  For those of you who grew up in the ’80s, you may be familiar with “Jem and the Holograms”. That’s where I got the inspiration from. Mattel had a response to Hasbro’s dolls by making “Barbie and the Rockers”. I said before that it’s likely that Hasbro will produce Mabel’s toy merchandise because they are taking over EVERYTHING now.

I will move on to dolls now.

Screenshot at Oct 03 21-55-05

Beauty Pageant Mabel: She’s got three looks in one. Mabel is likely going to win the pageant for her ballet dancing, swimsuit, and the beautiful gown. She comes with a winner’s crown and sash. With that, I think there should be an episode where Mabel enters a beauty pageant. “Mabel the Beauty Queen” I will call it.

Screenshot at Oct 03 21-54-40

This is Marcia’s Kiddie Room set. That pink box on the bottom is a dress-up trunk. You can store the outfits you buy for her that will often be a match to Mabel’s. Marcia really is enjoy’s Mabel not just because of her kindness but because of the styles she’s got that are something a popular fashion model doll would wear. I decided to put in a three-eyed alien Dollie in there. Based on a wah-wah Susie doll or so. I think it’s cute and funny. I’m trying to think of what my grandmother had for me in my room and use it for inspiration for Marcia’s room.

I’ve made quite a few doll sets of Mabel and Marcia together so far:

Screenshot at Oct 03 21-54-18

This here I may have talked about before in another blog but I finally made it. Mabel’s hand mixer really works and will mix the icing mix. It also comes with a sprinkle shaker that Marcia can hold. It will come with a measuring cup too but I just forgot to put it in. The flower and heart are cutters. Cut into cake loaves and cookies.


Dolls in honor of Easter!


Mabel has a surfboard and Marcia has a buggy board. They ride the waves together. I want it to come with a dolphin as well and have a name.


This set is sort of based on the episode I talked about in a previous blog. Mabel helps Marcia prepare for their ballet recital and they are both in it. I’m thinking of a funny scene where they both try to dance to the Dance of the Reed Flutes and after the song is over Marcia trips over something.  Mabel is good at Ballet leaping but Marcia has trouble at first.

I’m also wondering about that slide set I talked about in a previous blog. I got the idea for it from this:


Not mention but I got the idea for the kid’s amusement park from this below:

Yeah, now it’s so cute, so fun, so………MARCIA!

I’ve been having Marcia on my mind lately and how what a difference my cartoons could make her. I better show you guys something that I better make a confession about:


I will also leave a link to it:

Professor Martian

Yeah, when I look at Tiny Toons, I feel very sorry for Marvin fans. I’m telling you but this is completely sad cause even though he’s become a very popular character and in the main LT lineup many times, WB STILL just doesn’t want to give him the importance he really deserves not even in this beloved 90’s cartoon. There are some guesses that he would teach a class on how to be cartoon villains, but I am thinking more likely an astronomy teacher. Not to mention this but I had a kind of a tough astronomy professor in my college sophomore year. He was nice and all but sometimes gave work that I had a hard time with and was even concerned about this whole climate change thing caused by man as if it were a complete fact. College wasn’t like that 30 years ago but it’s so scary in this way now. Liberals are taking over them and making it look as if they are always correct about everything.

Anyway, the description in this is NOTHING like what I would want to do in my cartoons. In my series, Marcia is in kindergarten and that’s more possible since she’s like only 5 years old. The person who made this art replied over how if Marcia were a part of the Tiny Toons gang making one the villains over Marvin’s guidance as if trying to be friendly to others but hurting them at the same time. That’s NOT what I’m going to do in my series. I really picture Marcia as a more normal five-year girl who was struggling over a life without her mother and her uncle’s unpleasant behavior. Though when Mabel came in, everything CHANGED. Marcia loves her uncle Marvin more than anything and has become worried some about him just as much as Mabel is.

If any of you wish for a return of this adorable red-headed Martian girl, I UNDERSTAND. Marcia is cute as a button to me and therefore, I’ve got your backs! That’s why this cartoon of mine is what I find so worth bringing to the animation industry. Not to mention bur imagine all the dolls of Marcia coming out along with Mabel and her pals, including plush ones.  And Marcia, if you are reading this yourself, I’m here to make you famous again! LOL

There is now a climax bit for the episode “Rejection”.  After Mabel and Marvin have their conversation in bed, Mabel is very angry with Crystal for hurting Marvin. So she decides to go and talk to her the next day.  Crystal doesn’t really care about what Mabel tells her and thinks she’s exaggerating. On the other hand, Marvin thinks it is better for him to get away from Mabel’s friends so he’s not to bother anyone and Mabel is indeed worried about him. Milly arrives at Mabel’s house later, and Marvin who is still there worries that he can do something wrong but Mabel convinces him that Milly really appreciates him and doesn’t think badly of him.  The three go for a walk and find Crystal. They invite her to be with them to not be rude, but Crystal, later on, tells Marvin that he is exaggerated by being offended cause she had said and that she only told the truth that he is dangerous, so Marvin gets angry and yells: “What do I have to do to be accepted?” He starts to cry again and runs off. Milly is going to comfort him and Mabel gets more angry with Crystal and tells her it was enough. When Mabel and Marvin get home, Marvin is stilling crying and says that Crystal is right and that he is a horrible menace. Of course, Mabel tells him that this is not true and that he is wonderful.  Hopefully, I’ll have an ending and falling point ready.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about some other playsets that Mabel would have. I took a look at some pictures of REAL spots for inspiration. I thought I would show you what mean.

First I will show you the inspiration I found for Mabel’s FOLDING house:
















Now, this might be what the exterior design looks like. But when it’s opened up:










Mabel's Folding House

Many of the furniture like the chairs, sofa, and dining table will be folding furniture that will come with the house.   The bed would flip over and become a tub I guess. It would also have a real working light and the vanity would hang + the table to it folds out. The black parts of the vanity above will be switched to white. The armoire closet would only hold a few of Mabel’s clothes and accessories you buy. Room decoration stickers would be everywhere, even on the exterior. That would include flowers and stuff like that. With that, the outdoor area would have a fold-down grill for an outdoor BBQ. The picnic table would fold down too and be attached to the outdoor wall.

For the airplane set, I found inspiration for the food tray pieces like this:















It would basically be laid out like a real plane.

I’ve also got inspiration for the train set:






























I want the little cafe a bit to be in the middle and for the sleeping car, it would have a little sink like that plus fold-out bunk beds.











































These are all for Mabel’s cruise ship playset.












This is inspiration spots for Mabel’s Rental Home set.





























This is all for Mabel’s Grand Hotel.






























What do you think of all this for Mabel’s Camper or Motorhome?

pool go fishunspecified

Now, this is a total inspiration for Mabel’s waterpark set only it would have a few sprinklers and a snack bar.  The slide would not be a tunnel one though.






























These are for Mabel’s Beach Bungalow rental home.

I’ve also decided on a MAGIC KEY rental home playset. These are parts of my inspiration and I’ve also laid out some of the accessories.





The magic key would sort of look like the one above.


This is Mabel’s Movie Theater set.  That turnstile would be attached to the concessions counter.  The popcorn machine would really pop. The beverages on the counter would be the exact ones this playset would come with.  The colors of these would be lighter than what you see here. Like the blue would be a light blue and the red would be more pink.  As I said, you put your phone into the little movie screen slot and it would play a movie for you and your dolls to watch.  It will also come with two popcorn bags for you.


And this would be Mabel’s Workout Gym set.  Perfect for the fitness Mabel doll.  The bike would have a spinning handle to make the pedals move.  The cubby would be for Mabel’s equipment.  That blue thing is a gym towel.

If any of you have questions about these playsets, please let me know.

Mabel Fashion Sketches Part 7

So I’ve got some updates for my new characters plus another fashion sketch of Mabel & dolls of her.


First off, this is Nina’s new look. I decided that her favorite color should be aquamarine since we’ve already good girls that are into pink and magenta which resemble fuschia.


Now I decided that this Martian girl’s name should be spelled Mily. This is her look for Cheyanne’s party. Mabel has known Mily since the first day of high school. Both of them and Crystal make a group of three best friends. I need an actress who makes an Argentinean accent to do her voice. Another choice I had for the voice of Crystal is Kelly Macdonald. Especially since she already had a role as tomboy Princess Merida in Brave.


It came to my mind that Mily should have a dog. This is her above and her name is Natasha. Crystal’s dog, Chuckie has a love interest in her.  She will often join the team at the dog park. Natasha, Chuckie, K9, and Alph-A all may compete in the dog show episode I talked about in a previous blog. Natasha of course talks in Mabel’s pint of view.  Right now I’m thinking of a toy Natasha where you help give her a beauty bath and fun fur makeover. Doggie Diva!


Here’s Mabel about to do gardening work. That’s a scarf on her head.

Screenshot at Sep 27 21-37-11

Now, this a toy that features Mabel with a layer cake you can put her on top as if it was a huge skirt.  The cake is now real but plastic. It comes with two tubes of frosting, sprinkles and four frosting tips.


This is Playtime Pool Baby Mabel. Her legs really kick when she hits the water. It comes with a purple dolphin that really squirts and a few sea creature toys.

Lately, I’ve made quite a lot on Urstyle that show close resemblance for some of Mabel’s playsets and other products. Most are not nearly the full thing but mostly the accessories it would come with.


Mabel’s Secret Locker Spa! Her school locker folds out into a salon. The manicure table would fold down and come with an outfit for the school dance. The outfit on the left is what the doll would wear.  I want it to have curtain beads.  Mabel would be shown to have more in the salon room but they will just be stickers in the playset.


Mabel’s Surf Shop!


Mabel’s Ski Shop


Mabel’s Music Store! The jukebox really works and those lights represent the mini stage it might come with. Same with the dance floor.


Mabel’s Mall Food Court!


Mabel’s Shoe Store!


Mabel’s Post Office Set of Accessories. It would come with real stamps! Most of these are not the official colors that they would be in the playset. I just couldn’t find anything close to what I am thinking but I could find the actual design. The scale and letter cart are a few examples.


Mabel’s Supermarket! The conveyer belt counter would really work. It would also have a special place for cold food.


Mabel’s Bank set accessories! I’m not sure whether the expensive private stuff should be in a locker or vault as you can see above.


Mabel’s Games & Prizes Arcade. The pinball and fortune teller machines really work. So does the claw machines and below are the prizes.


Mabel’s Pizzeria! The pizzas change color when the flour shaker sprinkles water on them.


Mabel’s Toy Store set!


Mabel’s Candy Shop Set!


This is Mabel’s Mercedes. Note: I am NOT very good at drawing cars! The key really works and the trunk really opens.  This also has a spot where you can plug in your iPod and play your music in Mabel’s car radio.


These are Mabel’s makeup collection sets for girls. The eyeshadows connected will be sold together in the same case palette. Like this: Lilac/Rose/Sky Blue, Peach/Plum/Powder Blue, and Sea Green/ Baby Pink/Warm Brown. Of course, we’ve got lipstick shades of hot pink, pastel pink, coral and red. Same with nail polish. There is red and pink blush, special fragrance and glitter lotion.  There might be a case + jewelry compacts with flavored lipgloss.


Here’s one example of Mabel’s play jewelry. It will come with a set for your doll too.


Now, these are some of Mabel’s beauty sets for girls. The blowdryer for real may have her face and logo on it. The shampoo and bubble bath I want to be sold sort of like the bottle above. Those hearts are soap. Mabel should have a set for soap for girls. The brush, comb and hand mirror would be sold together.  I want to make sure the bath products will not be health affective.


Mabel’s Tea Party set!


Here’s Mabel Play Kitchen. Ignore the high chair attached to the kitchen above. It will really be a cutting board. Mabel, as I said, will guide you with instructions. Play food will come with this too and additional packs will be sold separately. This is it below:


To the left is what the kitchen would come with + the cake and pie on the bottom right. The rest would be packs sold separately labeled “Fancy Breakfast” “BBQ Party” and “Italian Dinner”.


This would be Baby Mabel’s Nursery. You can see, it comes with two outfits for your doll and the mobile would be attached to the crib. The cabinet would be attached somewhere to store her food and snacks.  So will the bathtub.  It might just come with real bubbles for it too.



These would be parts of Mabel’s Baking Oven which would be like the Easy-Bake Oven Mabel themed.  The mixes to the far left would be sold separately. These are aren’t exactly what the treat boxes would look like but they show that it would come with them.  The mixes would really be in white packages. There’s also a digital timer to use with the oven

I’ve made quite a few playsets for Marcia too.


Marcia’s Playground Set!


Marcia’s Lemonade Stand! It might come with cupcakes like the ones you see in the picture above.


Marcia’s Treehouse set!  I can decide between the two houses on what I want the treehouse to look like. The drawing table can flip into a tea party. The house should definitely have a latter and slide. It will be shown that Marcia has some books and toys in there but they’ll just be playset sticker decorations.


Marcia’s Princess Palace! I have the costume set up.  The table would fold out on the fireplace like a banquet near the fire. Marcia has also got a pet baby unicorn. That bed st looks well enough for what the playset to look like but I need to figure out exactly where everything else would go. Such as some of them being on top or behind indoors.


Marcia’s School Classroom Set.   It would have chalk and an eraser for you to use on the chalkboard. It would also have buttons where you hear Mabel talk. Marcia’s lunchbox might be in this set too.  A teacher Mabel would be sold separately. This is her below:


She comes with two pencils and an eraser for you.


Marcia’s Birthday Party set!


Marcia’s Kiddy Amusement Park set!

I also have the Salon Studio and Designer Boutique sets ready. At least most of them.


Mabel Salon Studio Nail Designer! It would only have two nail files. The stickers would be in a roll.  The glitter would go into a little machine attached to sprinkle sparkles on the nails. The dryer would be attached somewhere too. As you can see, it will also have rings.


Mabel Salon Studio Hair Designer. There would be a curler at the end of the comb and the crimpers would require no heat and would be attached to part of the set.


Mabel Salon Studio Body Art & Tattoo Designer! The stencils would also have some characters featured in it.


Mabel Designer Boutique Fashion Decorator! Those are beads in the bottom right corner.  As you can see, Marvin is featured as one of the patches. Mabel would too. Decorate denim, t-shirts, even shoes!


Mabel Designer Boutique Hair Piece Decorator! The flowers would be great to use on the headbands.


Mabel Salon Studio Makeover Designer!  The light-up mirror would open in the center and the blush and eyeshadows would be compacts on a spinner. I almost forgot, all these sets would come with booklets and cards for instructions and ideas.  I can also see Mabel in the commercials helping glam up the girls.


Mabel Designer Boutique Jewelry Maker. Those rings are representing the pendants this set would come with. It might just come with tools so you can put pictures in them too.

I was suggested that I would do a cheesecake making kit. Nobody has ever thought of one of those for children. However, maybe it would be just a little kit for decorating and you use ingredients from home.

Note: It’s very likely that Hasbro will produce Mabel’s toy merchandise. They’re taking over everything lately.

I’ve been thinking about Mabel’s travel sets. I’m taking a look at pictures of real hotels and vehicles for ideas.  For example, I’m thinking about the meals on the plates for Mabel’s Traveling Train set. It would have a messager recorder for you to use such as “Next Stop, Orlando!” The picture of the city and outdoor view would really move like in a real train ride.  As I said, it would have a snack car, sleeping car, and all that fun stuff.  Engineer Mabel doll would be sold separately.

For Mabel’s Airplane set, it would have a TV the would fold out for the passengers to watch. I want a screenshot of “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit” to be on it.  The plane would have a microphone for you to talk into.  The meal sets would be penne pasta, and chicken pot pie. I’m thinking of a pilot Mabel doll being sold separately. As I can see in the commercial, Mily is the flight attendant. Who are the passengers? Well, the plane would only have two sets. That’s usually how many it ahs room for when it comes to playsets for Barbie. So, the passengers are Crystal and Marvin.

For Mabel’s Grand Hotel, I’ve been looking at pictures of the St. Regis Hotel in New York and using that for inspiration.  One feature is that one of the beds would lift up to a big tub and bathroom vanity.  There would be some of those hotel phones in there with buttons and you hear Mabel talk with announcements, room service and things like that.

For that suitcase rental home I mentioned before, I want the closet to turn into a bed and be able to hold one or two outfits.  I think the little TV should a screenshot of an episode from the series and turn into a light-up vanity. It would also have a dresser for jewelry and purses next to the closet. I also want it to come with a tea and muffin tray + a lovely bathtub.

I’ve also been thinking about Mabel’s beach bungalow. I want to look at real houses for inspiration but also have more from this:
















Another thing I must consider thinking about is Mabel’s folding house. Barbie had a lot many of the best include her very first dream house in the early ’60s and many in the 90s like this one:














and this:









Which one looks better for Mabel?

I should also start thinking about Mabel’s camper or motorhome. Below is a toy I actually HAD at my grandparent’s house. This is sort of the way I want Mabel’s to look by the layout inside and the way it opens.







Ha! ha! I can already see an “Oh no! Were missing Marvin!”

The truth is, Barbie had so much in the ’90s and early 2000s that looked so cool. Ones today are not nearly that interesting and memorable. Many complain that kids today are not having a real childhood like 90s ones did. I was an early 2000s kid really but a 90s baby. That sort of counts. Children really depend on their phones, iPads, and Wifi nowadays but think about times where wifi and electricity go out. What will happen? When I had my first hurricane, we were out without power for a week but that was back in 1999. All that was really depended on was TV and music unless you had a device on batteries. It didn’t really matter much back then as it does now with the internet and charging devices. With all these climate change arguments and how storms are going to be more severe than ever before, there’s got to be a way to prepare for times without wifi or electricity. I figure that if kids would start to discover what the 90s and early 2000s kids grew up with and keep themselves occupied with those, it would prepare them more. That includes using toys that run on batteries and not electricity. They don’t get affected during severe storms. Mabel’s franchise is sure to reintroduce all that. It’s one of the reasons why I am thinking that Mabel’s series should be set back in 2005 or something like that. It’s a blast from the past adventure! Besides kids should know that staring at screens all day can affect their eyesight as they get older.

In 1994 a VHS was released celebrating Barbie’s birthday at Walt Disney World. This video is 25 years old:





I wonder if a special could run for when Mabel turns 16 I guess in real-world years. Two fans would come to a Six Flags Amusement park maybe and tour what all staff and characters are doing.  It could also be at Parque Warner in Madrid. Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on that. So far I have an idea that the fans get dolled up at Mabel’s Beauty Boutique like I talked about in a previous blog.

Speaking of Mabel’s Beauty Boutique, I’ve made some stuff in UrStyle on what exactly on want the items in the theme park shop/salon to have:




“Nails” (There might be more color then this)


“Makeup and Face Decal”








“Clothes & Accessories”

Just recently I decided to add in a department for this series called “Bullseye’s”. This in reference to the store “Target”. That said “Bullseye” is the name of their bull terrier mascot, so it all would make sense.

Once again, I was thinking of voice actors for the show. I’m sad that Joe Alaskey is gone 😦 I can tell he was the most loved for doing the voice of Marvin and I agree. He was was also Daffy many times and Plucky Duck in Tiny Toons Adventures. I hope can find an actor as good as he was to voice Marvin. Another I am hoping to find is one for Marcia. Tress Macnellie voiced in her that Tiny Toons episode who was also Babs Bunny and Dot Warner in Animaniacs. She’s almost 70 now and I feel like she might be a little too old now to be voicing an adorable five-year-old. What I am hoping to find is someone sort of like Elsie Fisher who voiced Agnes from Despicable Me. The truth is, I know that a lot of major Marvin fans known Marcia and loved her as far as I see. I feel sorry and disappointed for only appearing once. That definitely shows that WB really refuses to give Marvin the importance he deserves no matter how many fans he gets. I really want to bring her back as an in-between main and supporting characters for my Mabel series.

Now for episodes, I had a few more ideas about the episode with Madam Norwalk. Another she did in the past was sell video games to children dealing with killing animals and beating up those that try to. All the parents got so angry at that and none of the kids wanted them. At one point she makes a claim about the rules of humanity that’s exactly what president and founder of PETA once said:

  1. Be Kind
  2. Be Kind
  3. Be Kind

Mabel says that nobody is pure kind and her goals are so not realistic. Her response is like she can see that and that’s what made her want to put genocide to the entire human race and turn them all into some kind of animal depending on their culture and race. In fact when someone is turning into an animal and hit by the weapon they immediately go on with life as one and don’t mind transformation. Mabel knows that this will not do anything to save the world. She has Mily, Crystal, Marvin, and Alph-a help her to stop Madam Norwalk’s evil plan. I’m thinking that Mabel getting ready to become a superhero is when Play’s song “Us Against the World” would play.

Now, this episode might be interesting. It starts with Marcia coming down with chickenpox. Mabel thinks she should stay with her until she feels better because Marvin has never had chickenpox. At first, none of them were even sure that Martians can get the disease but they somehow can. Mabel knows all the techniques for curing chickenpox.  She gives Marcia oatmeal baths, special juice and tries to help her stop scratching cause she knows that Marcia will get scars and infections if that keeps going on. A funny thing to say, Marcia wonders if Mabel could put in some sliced bananas in the oatmeal. Marvin does somehow catch it later on. Mabel gets really worried but she takes care of him too. He as well gets oatmeal baths and Mabel also brings him tea.  She somehow gets in the bath with him. Mabel says that she’s already ready had those red spots and can’t get them again. However, Crystal finds out what’s going on and wants Mabel’s attention. She tricks into thinking she has chickenpox by putting dots of lipstick all over her face. She finds out about it as soon as her spots completely disappear in the bath. Mabel gets very disappointed with her trick.

A friend and I thought of an episode together. I’m not sure what the name of it would be though. I was kind of think of “Rejection”. The episode begins with Mabel inviting her friends for a BBQ in her backyard. Marvin arrived early so he could help her out with dinner. When Crystal, Lilly, Milly, and Cheyanne arrive Marvin helps them get in shape with everything.  All the girls love the attention, except Crystal. With that, Mabel says that he is such a kind boyfriend. However, Crystal responds in a way that despite Marvin is a dangerous criminal. Marvin hears it and doesn’t say anything just pretending that everything is okay.

Later on, during dinner, Crystal says she’s going to organize the girls for meeting at Sa’s Sa’s Pizzeria Buffet next weekend. They all respond that they will do it but Mabel says she wants Marvin to come with her. Crystal is like ” Oh you must take off your boyfriend for a while and go out with the ladies. Besides, we wouldn’t want to have a criminal close to us all the time.”The rest of the girls don’t like that response. They all agree with Mabel on Marvin being very dreamy. Marvin evesdrops on this and feels more hurt but still tries to hide it. Mily notices that and with the intention of easing the conflict, she says that there is a bad side in all of us and starts explaining something bad she did in her past. Mabel responds in an annoyed way to Crystal that she is not going to join them. Crystal just says “We’ll have a great time! Especially with that Martian menace out of our way.” Marvin tells Mabel in a sad voice while about to cry but holding his tears “It’s okay Mabel. Go with them. She’s right. We don’t have to be stuck all the time and it’s good that you hang out with the girls.” Mabel says that she doesn’t know what to think of it. Cheyanne purposes that they all go play croquet in the yard and everybody runs to join except Marvin who gets up from his chair and Crystal who is the last one accidentally hits Marvin when she runs. Then turns to him making fun of him and says “Oops! Sorry! Don’t go take your gun and shoot me! Hahaha!” Marvin shows an angry expression towards Crystal without saying anything but doesn’t see it cause she has already run out to the garden.

Marvin runs up to Mabel’s bedroom and cries silently. When everyone goes home, Mabel goes to her bedroom and finds Marvin in there. He tries to hide his tears once again. Mabel finally sees that something is wrong and is worried. She wondered why he wouldn’t come and play croquet with everyone else. Marvin just lies saying that he has a headache and Mabel says that he better stay over for the night with her.  She gives Marvin an aspirin or so to help him feel better. But later on while to two are in bed, Mabel asks Marvin about what Crystal said and he says that there is no problem with that. However, he turns around and Mabel finally notices him crying silently. Marvin ends up admitting that he’s hurt and Mabel comforts him.  This is only the beginning and rising point. There’s more to the episode but more needs to be thought of.

Mabel Fashion Sketches Part 6

So for this blog, I mainly have fashion sketches for more ideas of toys & dolls while I also have a couple of new characters created.


This is Mili the Martian. She is another one of Mabel’s very best friends who might be added to the slumber party and other episodes where all the girls get together. She could also be added to the games. Her favorite color is magenta, is about 19 years old and has an Argentinean accent + knows some Spanish. Sure she is nice in general but also has many fears and gets anxious from time to time.  Therefore, she’s ALSO in love with Marvin but totally accepts his relationship with Mabel and doesn’t worry about it.  However, she would always try to protect Marvin and defend him when anyone is rude to him just like Mabel. Mili also tries to emphasize for others including Marvin.  She and Mabel have a passion for fashion. Above is Mili in her usual on going outfit.


This is her in her swimsuit…


and this is her in her pajamas.

In fact, now I can see the Martian girls as a cast in interplanetary versions of classic Barbie characters.

Barbie: Mabel

Christie: Cheyanne

Kira: Mili

Teresa: Lilly

Midge: Crystal

Of course, there is also,

Ken: Marvin

Kelly: Marcia


This is Nina. She’s 24 years old, her favorite color is fuchsia and she has a love interest in Marvin’s brother Martin. Nina would appear in a later season and is possibly going to be Marcia’s new mother.  In the episode, everyone thinks that Marcia can move out living with her parents again now that Nina is with them but Marcia says she would rather stay with uncle Marvin. She’s loved him so very much for all these years and also really enjoys Mabel. To her, Mabel is fun and has really been a big help for her. Speaking of that:

Screenshot at Sep 21 19-06-34

The name of the set is at the top as you can see. That is an alien teddy bear Marcia has. Mabel’s tote can become a sleeping bag. That round thing you see with the flower is a magic date ball. LOL! It’s like a fortune teller. This set will come with a pink tote for you to carry all this in with special compartments for each of everything. You can take it with you for a sleepover with your friends. Will there be a little room for them sold separately? Well, they could possibly go well with the Mabel suitcase rental home.

Screenshot at Sep 21 19-06-59

I bet you can guess what this is.


Mabel is dressed in powder blue and silver for western fun.  I am trying to think of what special feature she would have like with the Barbie one. Her boots were roller stamps. A Cheyanne doll will also be available dressed in red and gold. I have to think of one more choice of character for this series of the doll franchise.


Mabel has a special gown that sparkles and glows in the dark when you turn off the light. Her umbrella glows too. You might not be able to see the stars but they represent the glow spots. The dress has a flower up at Mabel’s waist which you might see more easily.


Mabel is dressed in a lovely gown and hearts all over. That thing to the left is something you put ice or cold water into and rub the end on parts of the dress and hearts will appear everywhere. The hearts can disappear with the warmth of your touch. She’s ready for a special Valentine’s date with Marvin.


Mabel is dressed for the beach in a hot pink bikini with sparkly gems. She will come with stick-on gems for her and you.


A soft Mabel you can sleep with. She wears a velvet nightgown and tells you special secrets when you squeeze her.


Special doll with Mabel running for president. “Conservative or Liberal?” you might be wondering.  Well, it’s likely Mabel is an Independent.



This here is a set I made for a Fashion Party Mabel doll. The outfit in the middle is what the doll will come out wearing including the fur jacket and pink slide sandals.  Shoes and purses galore! You can mix and match the clothes to create looks for Mabel on every occasion. From office work and fancy dates to shopping and movie theater wear. It will also come with a gloss compact for lips, cheeks, and hair for you AND for Mabel.  The top above the zig-zag skirt will actually have the same pattern for the actual set but it’s impossible to find that on UrStyle so there you have it. The fur coat will also be all purple.


These are clothing sets for Mabel and friends dolls.  They each come with fabric paint and special decorations to decorate and design cool outfits for them. From left to right. Pink denim outfit with flower buttons and rhinestones. Jeans and sweatshirt with star confetti and pom-poms. Peach top and jean skirt with pearls + gold sequins.  Some packs might also come with shaped sponges to paint a cool pattern.


Mabel and friends doll clothes that are meant to TIE DYE. They each come with two dyes for them to get real hip looks.



Painting and decorating accessory packs for a certain type of occasion in each pack.  Beachwear, fancy dress wear, shopping and park play.


Denim + jean outfits that each come with stick-on sparkly gems and chalk (That will be inside a shaped sponge so you won’t have to make a mess on your fingers) so you can put fading on them.



This would be Mabel’s bridal boutique set.  Of course, it would all have shelves, a counter and mannequin I just don’t really know about the design yet.

Other toys I thought of include a series of dolls labeled “Fantastic Colors”.  Mabel and her friends are dressed in special colored jumpsuits that come with hair mascara for them and YOU.

Faboulous Colors

These are:

Blue Sky Mabel

Alien Green Crystal

Sugar Pink Mili

Purple Velvet Cheyanne

These aren’t their usual colors but Barbie had a series of this labeled Cool Colors in 1997-1998. Barbie was dressed in cool blue even though she usually wears pink. So I’m going to let Mabel do the same.

Another thing I thought of is a magic mirror toy in which you hear Mabel saying some beauty tips like “let’s comb our hair”, “let’s put on pink lipstick” or “How about blush?” You’ll also hear her say about how beautiful you are and might even say something about Marvin not being able to resist you.

Some others I am not so sure about include this:

So is it possible for Mabel to have a kitchen that has food transform? I’m not too sure right now.

So this might be kind of what one of Mabel’s rental homes would be like. Or it could be a fold-out home in those cases for girls who don’t have room for the big dream house. Anything is possible with Mabel!

Now I also have a few more ideas for episodes as well but I first I have a confession to make. Do any of you remember a television network called Kids WB?

I am not sure why it was taken off TV. Did people get it confused with Cartoon Network? That’s rather a shame because that would’ve been the PERFECT channel to put my series on.

But you know, that’s the thing about why those Barbie toys and all being around at the same time the Duck Dodgers and other Looney Tunes cartoons were airing and a big hit. I’m thinking about this Wonder if a commercial break for MY cartoons happens and a toy for Mabel merchandise pops up? That would make my day.

For sure, Mabel would have to come out with a cereal themed by her.  The commercial would feature one of her friends and Marvin coming over for breakfast to try her new cereal. I’m wondering what the pellets would look like. I have seen that Looney Tunes had lots of breakfast cereal and tang commercials in retro times. I wonder what would bring Mabel to that spirit.

Anyway, let’s get to the episode ideas. For one of my creative writing classes, they’ve assigned me to do free writing for 10 minutes on weekdays. I’ve been doing mine on writing on the episodes of my cartoons. I got to read one of them to the class a couple of days ago and they all loved it. One even said she can see it all happening in her head.

I’ve decided that the jewelry Mabel is trying to get the gems for in the Mall of America game is a bracelet that’s missing seven colored gems. Blue, green, red, purple, gold-orange, pink and white. You earn one them by playing each of the games. It turns out Dr. Moron and Merula are at on her to trick her on what was meant to be a great day. Dr. Moron also wanted to prove and point out to Merula on how HOT of a heroine Mabel is cause he knew that Mabel would try to save it. Remember, Merula often abuses Mabel but Dr. Moron wants to force Mabel into a relationship with him. So he could’ve been fighting back Merula’s points of view.

Speaking of that, I’m wondering if Tia Carrere (the voice of the Martian Queen) would be likely to come back and voice Merula. Just now I was really shocked to have found this out. She was also the voice of Nani, Lilo’s older sister in Lilo and Stitch. Almost as shocked as when I found out that James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader was also Mufasa, Simba’s father in the Lion King. Yes, Carrere is from Hawaii.

Speaking of Hawaii, in that Hawaiian beach party game, it’s possible Dr. Moron and Merula were at it with having Mabel and her friends losing their supplies for the beach bash. I need to think of the names of the snakes in Merula’s hair cause as I said, she has names for all of them.

Now for the Christmas episode, as I said, Marvin is worried that he’ll get coal in his stocking again and Mabel wishes to help get him off the naughty list. However, Dr. Moron and Merula want to ruin it, by cursing Marvin to do bad things and have him never get his wish to be the good alien Mabel wants to help him be. That way he’ll never get a present ever for the year. He does, however, get gifts from Santa since those actions this time were NOT his fault. Mabel and her friends help save everything.

In that episode where Crystal gets into a car accident, I’m thinking it would be hilarious to have to the AIRBAG pop out.

For the episode where Mabel plays Snow White, there are some changes I’m thinking about making compared to the classic Disney film. The woodland animals would be more than just birds, deer, rabbits, raccoons, turtles, and squirrels. I want to add a few more to Mabel’s version, like a porcupine, fox, skunk, beaver, and owl. Many of these animals will also be in the Sleeping Beauty story. Of course, Mabel first sees Marvin at the beginning where she is wishing at the well. K9 is the horse. Mabel talks about how romantic he was to whoever plays the dwarfs. The wedding will be shown at the end as a change. I said before that it may be likely that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs could get to its 90th or even 100th anniversary by the time the show is running. So I know I will have to tribute to celebrate.

Mabel Fashion Sketches Part 5

I have made more sketches that I would like to share with you and I also created another character for the show.


This is Cheyanne and Lilly. As you can see, Lilly has dyed her hair blue.


Crystal in her party and I somehow managed to get Marvin in a new suit.

Both sketches above are going to be for an episode I thought of recently.  It is Cheyanne’s 21st birthday and the characters go out to one of those Japanese restaurants where they do those cooking tricks in front of you. I’ve been to one before and I couldn’t stand it. Cooking in front of you means fire in your eyes which I am terrified of. This was one of the most traumatic experiences I’ve ever had.  I was so scared that my grandmother escorted me out into the lobby where I had to wait until they were done. I was especially scared because a year earlier, I singed my hair on a candle. That’s what started my fear of fire really. Plus when the flames happen, it’s as bright as the sun that it blinds you. I strictly said to myself that I would never go back to that place again but I somehow did just for someone’s birthday and the girl I knew celebrating her birthday really wanted me to come.  I was still really scared of the fire but at that time I tried some of their food. I am NOT a Japanese food person or really into any Asian style food at all. Rice, as I see, is one of the main parts and that’s one of the WORST textures to me as I said before.  Shockingly enough even when I see people eating it, I feel like I am going to BARF. Same goes with beans, ground beef, ramen noodles even mayonnaise (when I see on peoples faces).  I even feel that way when I eat many vegetables. My taste and texture senses don’t like it so much that my body wants to reject it.

Anyway, I had to think of a name for the restaurant the characters go to. The name of the one I went to was called Yamato which was the name of a Japanese battleship. I thought I’d think of another Japanese Battleship name for the restaurant in this cartoon.  I chose Kirishima. When the flames happen Crystal gets scared and runs over to the nearby fire extinguisher plus Marvin faints.  Mabel puts on her shades. Another thing that happens during the middle of it is Cheyanne accidentally catches her hair on fire. Everyone is horrified. Luckily Marvin has fire extinguisher gun that puts it out. Cheyanne thanks Marvin + tells him he’s a dream and kisses him. Crystal claims that this is making her sick. Note: Cheyanne, as I said, is kind of boy crazy and likes Marvin as a crush even though he’s really dating Mabel. Another thing that happens during this episode is that Cheyanne claims that she always wanted to visit Tokyo.

You might be wondering what Mabel is going to wear while attending her cousin’s party. She’s going to wear this pink dress I made for her months ago. It’s this one:


Now I’ve got more sketches to show you.


Mabel is dressed in green for a spring party. This whole outfit was inspired by one described from an essay I read just recently in my creative writing class.  Hair in a bun, silk apple green top, silk dark green skirt, and pink glass earrings. Although Mabel wears satin not silk (that’s why hers is satin) and she’s wearing a bracelet to go with it. The shoes are inspired by Ferragamo which was also in the essay.


Here, Mabel is dressed in a blue mermaid dress like a mermaid princess for a captains cruise ball. I added some shell accessories event though you probably can’t see them.


This is Crystal dressed as Odile from Swan Lake.


This is Crystal and Marcia in their Halloween costumes. Marcia is witch and Crystal is a pirate. I meant to draw Marvin but I’ve already seen a few that clearly describe what his costume looks like such as this:


That’s where I got the inspiration from.

Anyway, I decided that the wicked alien woman who is another one of Mabel’s arch enemies will be named Merula. She often teams up with Dr. Moron somehow. They are split up for different parts of their evil plan. They both plan on making Marvin bad again by cursing him. Merula somehow wants to rule + conquer the universe and believes she and Marvin can do it together. Once this is through, it will give Dr. Moron’s nasty plan accomplished, that is forcing Mabel into a relationship with him.  In order to have that happen, they often come to destroy certain events in which Mabel, Marvin and the rest of the gang are up to. As I said before, they are sort of like The Purple Pie Man and Sour Grapes from the Strawberry Shortcake cartoons.

Now I have got a new character to show you I just thought of today.


This is Crystal’s dog, Chuckie. He’s named after Chuck Jones. As you can see, he’s a Scottish Terrier. Of course, he talks in Mabel’s point of view and has a Scottish accent to have it all make sense. Chuckie, Alph-A, Peli, and K9 often get together as pals. Chuckie also has a habit of going after Peli. Depending on the event, he is sometimes badly behaved toward his owner but definitely loves and appreciates Mabel.  Many times he is shown to get all excited that his leash ties up Crystal and she falls over.

Speaking of that, I thought this would be funny. In the episode “The Sweater”, when Crystal washes her underwear with her new red sweater Mabel gave her, she gets pissed off to see that it turned her underwear pink. She goes up to Mabel and says “Look what happened to my knickers!!!” Note: Knickers is a British term for ladies underwear.




Now here is a bit of a Urstyle made model of the Mabel Look At Me Vanity set for girls. The jewelry box will be attached to the vanity and have a few secret drawers for most of everything else. I got the idea for this from a Barbie Vanity from 1997:

In the commercial for Mabel’s vanity I can see the girls saying “I’m a princess!” and “I’m a popstar!”.

Now have a look at 17:42-18:11. Also, take a look at 24:43-25:42 😉

So as I said, I want Mabel to have a nail designer game that I guess would be an app. In the add, I picture girls saying that one is painting their nails sky blue, another says “I’m decorating mine with stripes” No! Orange polka dots!”. They play with stickers and say “A flower on this one. A butterfly! A strawberry! How about a heart? Oh, pretty gems!.” Then one would say “I’m wearing these to Kim’s party! and one looking their nails saying “Glittery!” I notice that iPhones and iPads have some print icons for photos. So I want that to be an option for this game and have them come out as actual stick-on nails. The set will come with special paper for the print. Also, I want there to be rings as an option in the game. One girl in the commercial says “Put a ring on it!” LOL

The other part? Well, at that point as I understand, it was Marvin’s 50th birthday. I have decided that I want him to have a surprise party in the episode celebrating his birthday. The cake as I said, EXPLODES all over EVERYONE during it. I also want Mabel to sing a song for Marvin but I don’t know what it will be yet.

Recently I had an idea for the episode about Crystal in a theory of Parkinson’s disease when she really doesn’t. She’s shaking because she’s in bad fear of a flu shot she’s going to have soon. Needles are one of Crystals phobias.

Now I couldn’t help but want to share this:

Some people might think Marvin can’t sing for toffee but to me, I think his voice, speaking, and singing is ADORABLE.  Anyway, I think this song should be in an episode. NYSNC’s, I Want You Back. For those of you who are familiar with Justin Timberlake, this as I understand was his previous band.

Another thing, remember when I talked about Mabel having an app in which you can design clothes for her and friends which would be Crystal, Cheyanne, and Lilly? I better say this but I got the idea for it from this:

Now for Mabel, she will definitely have to have special fabric to put in the printer and you can print them out for your doll to wear. Of course, Mabel will come with event choices for the type of clothing being designed. There will be 6. I decided on, On The Job, Sporty Spirt, Beach Fun, Pajama Party, Shopping In Style, and Party Time. Mabel gives a choice of types of clothing and accessories items. Jackets, dresses, tops, pants, skirts, shoes, hats, scarves & shawls, belts, purses & bags and ones specific for whatever event you choose. That would be stuff like bathing suits, sarongs, pajamas, robes, nightgowns, gloves, even headpieces.  Then, of course, there would be a selection of fabric patterns and colors. Mabel and her friends can model them and you can save those outfits as a certain name in her closet.  Notice in the second video Barbie leaves some hidden accessories to make for yourself? I’m wondering what I all that means. Does it mean that you can print it out as an accessory to make for YOU maybe? I bet that was fun and I should let Mabel have that in hers too.

Also, remember the Digi makeover game that I described in a previous blog?  I also better say this. Barbie did have a Digi makeover game and I looked it up. It was okay but I like this one better and decided to use inspiration from it. Only, you’re helping Barbie and her friends makeover them for an event:

Now I talk about Mabel’s version. She’s inviting you over to go to an event with her and you get to choose it. A night club dance, a wedding, To Work with her, and a costume party.  That’s where she lets you be the model and you makeover your own model. I guess Mabel there will be a chance that you can makeover Mabel herself as well.  She lets you have a choice of hair cutting, hair color, plus you get to use accessories to style it. Of course, she gives you a selection of makeup and accessories.

Just today I found a Barbie PC game where you get to explore the dream house. I was just wondering if that would be possible for Mabel to have as well. I will share them. There are 5 parts.

I suppose Mabel would have a stable for Beau-T to live in. In that case, I better make up a stable playset. So Barbie likes western stamping music? So does Mabel and likes all kinds of other music. Let me ask any of them if they ever heard Miley Cyrus’s “Hoedown Throwdown”. I guess I can consider that western stamping.

For sure, Mabel has to have hidden games in her home for you to play.

There will definitely have to be a makeover and dress up game coming from Mabel’s closet and vanity.  I guess Marvin can show up for a visit at some point to dip in Mabel’s pool.  I can see him showing up like this:


Cute isn’t it?

Mabel may wonder if he would like to take both of their dogs to the dog park later.  He could ask her if she finished any kind of project (don’t know what) and tells Mabel he saw Cheyanne in the mall and says that she’s going to call in a few hours. Suppose Mabel and Lilly are designing new shoes. LOL

Mabel could say that finished baking a batch of sugar cookies and let you help decorate. A puzzle game would definitely have to be included somewhere.

Did you just notice in the letter Barbie wrote in the end, she mentioned everything the player wrote in the notepad that was all their favorites? HA! That would be interesting if Mabel would do the same. I can see her writing for me:

“Marvin and I saw “Robots” last night. I really liked it too. Wasn’t Rodney Copperbottom wonderful? On the way home, Marvin and I stopped to get ice cream. I ordered my favorite flavor, cookies and cream, which is your favorite too. Marvin likes mint chip. I guess you won’t be asking for some of his ice cream! It’s 10:30, time for you to go to bed. I’ll write again soon.”

I thought about Marvin’s dream where Mabel sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance”. I want it to kind of like the “I’m a Martian” song its background plus have Mabel with Instant Martians dancing with her.

One other thing that I recently thought of is, remember Maarla the Martian from that DC comic strip I showed you guys in a previous blog? I was wondering if it would be possible to have her appear at one point in an episode. She tells Mabel that Marvin was her boyfriend first and Mabel is very unhappy and jealous. She manages to outsmart Maarla in the end and Marvin realizes how Mabel is just right for him.

This semester in college, I am taking a health class. Just recently, I’ve been reading about the problems people suffer from psychical problems and stress. With that, I thought about Marvin and wondering if maybe the therapist he visits gives him a book about all that so he’ll figure out how to let go of his bad deeds and traumatic memories.

That’s all I have for now. I will see you next time!

Mabel Fashion Sketches 4 + New Villain

I have made more sketches I would like to share, that includes this alien lady I’ve told you about (still unnamed).


This is Mabel as the goddess Venus or Aphrodite.

Fanta Martians

This here is a parody of an old commercial for Fanta soda. I’ll show you here. I remember seeing it in the movie theater when I was about 8 years old. So 2004!

The song is catchy! It was stuck in my head while drawing it.


Now, this is the evil alien lady I’ve talked about before and described in my last blog.  Another thing about her I didn’t say is that she shows that her snakes are basically sidekicks and has names for all ten of them. LOL. As I said before, she wishes to curse Marvin to begging bad again and they can take control of the universe TOGETHER. I also said she often abuses Mabel and her little robot dog too. The wicked woman believes Mabel is the one standing in her way of taking control of Marvin so they can conquer the whole galaxy together.  For one thing, Mabel has told Marvin that he already rules the galaxy to her due to all the fans that adore him. I’m talking the girls that chase him. Maybe you can help me think of the name this alien woman for me. Please leave in the comments below.

Speaking of this, I have something to explain. I can clearly see and it would make sense that your favorite LT character would be based on your interests. I will tell you what I mean.

If you’re a fan of French culture, there’s a possible chance you’ll love Pepe le Pew.

If you’re crazy about cowboys and old western days, you’ll love Yosemite Sam.

If you’re a fan of Spanish/Mexican culture you’ll like Speedy Gonzales.

If you’re into pets/cuddly companion animals, you’ll like Tweety, Sylvester and a few other characters like that.

If you’re crazy about farms and barnyard culture, you’ll like Foghorn Leghorn and some of his side pals.

If you’re into wildlife, chances are you’ll like Taz, Roadrunner or Wile E Coyote. Maybe the gophers too.

If you’re just crazy about silly old comedics, it’s probably likely for you to be a Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny lover.

Where does Marvin the Martian fit?

He’s if you’re crazy about SCI-FI! Sci-fi is one of my most favorite genres. Another thing, as I can see so far if you’re crazy about looking for a guy that’s perfectly polite, quiet and honestly HOT + SEXY, that’s another chance you’ll love Marvin.

The problem is as I said no matter how many fans he gets, WB still won’t give him the importance he really deserves. Besides, for him to be described as the biggest & most dangerous of the villains, it makes it look like sci-fi is a dangerous thing to be a fan of and because of the non-importance, it holds sci-fi lovers back. Poor them! It’s the same with those girls that have a crush on Marvin. I feel so horrible for them as I said. I’m telling sci-fi lovers to hold on to their beautiful, poor hearts! I hoping that Mabel would be the key to fix this and she would represent the good in this type of genre for LT (of the major/main characters that is!) Plus, this is why as I said before, if Marvin had a brother or so that was nearly just as hot he is but is friendly, it would’ve given someone like me a second chance.

Let’s get to some more ideas.  I created some stuff on UrStyle that show what some of Mabel’s playsets will come with. They may not look EXACTLY the way the come out for real but it’s close enough. I have an account on UrStyle. If you want to follow me, I use my Facebook page account just so you know.


These are the accessories that Mabel’s department store playset will come with. However, you can fit more doll clothes you’ve bought separately on the hangers + rack. The set will come with a gold credit card for you to use. I’m not trying to give a message to children to spend as much money as they want, but I know that it sure would be cool to have a card that resets when you run out and you never run out. That’s the magic of fantasy.  Some of these items will be in the makeup counter playset sold separately. It will have real makeup for Mabel.


This would be representing Mabel’s hair salon set.  The wheel of color below is hair chalk. Only, Mabel’s hair color would be pen-like. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration for the set from this below:

If Barbie wants red then I guess Mabel wants BLUE!

I feel like I have to mention this. The Sweet 16 Mabel doll is actually mostly inspired from this:

Gosh, the way the girl says “Party” was kind of creepy. Did you see her eyes roll? I actually somehow can laugh at that. Sometimes static + blurry is creepy. I will make sure that the commercial for Sweet 16 Mabel won’t be too creepy.


This the party game I talked about in the last blog. The purse would be the carrying case for all the accessories.

I was suggested that I could make magazines about the series which would include games, activities, and facts about the cartoon.  It will also give catalogs for the latest toys, video games, and apps.

I understand that most children are now mainly watching Youtube and Netflix instead of TV. MAYBE this could be a Netflix series. Who knows what happens.

For episodes, with what I said at the end of my last blog, Marvin could have a flashback of begging a band class in high school and plays a wrong note. Something was stuck in his horn and everybody laughs at him. At the party he goes to where he meets Mabel, he has stage fright and is afraid of making a wrong note again. Marvin is having the flashback at the same time Mabel has hers on that moment.

Another idea I thought would be cute is to see Marvin getting a suit and he gets all nervous. The lady helping him measures his arms, legs, chest, tummy, and hips.

I thought of Crystal trying to learn piano and when she tries to at one point, K9 starts howling. Crystal is distracted furiously and says “MARVIN WILL YOU SHUT YOUR DOG UP!!”

I thought of putting in a Cat in the Hat parody in one of my episodes based on the 2003 movie with Mike Myers. I thought it would be worth it because that movie another that had Looney Tunes Back in Action sandwiched in based on release dates. I thought that Mabel could have one of those cupcake machines. With hers, she can dump in any spoiled leftovers so they don’t have to go to waste and puts in the flavor she wants.

I made the outfit for Marcia that she wears at her pretend wedding in Marvin’s dream.


As I said, she comes down wearing it while Mimi is on her kazoo. Marvin is still freaked out by her going through puberty at a young age and doesn’t like her crush.  I think I’m going to call this reference guy Stefan.

I thought of some ideas for the cruise episode. I’m putting this in as a reference to Kaddie Shack.  While Mabel her pals are in the pool, a boy on the deck has a candy bar. His mom comes over and tells him she’s told him not to bring in outside food on the ship. She smacks him causing the candy bar to be dropped in the pool. Someone screams “DOODIE”. A little moment later, Marvin picks it up and says something scientific like “If this were doodie it would not float. This clearly an Earth candy bar.” Mabel whistles and says “False Alarm!” and everyone calms down. She looks at the bar and says *****(whatever the name of the bar is) my favorite! She tries to eat it but a bird out of nowhere poops on it. Mabel is like “Awww! (angry or sad tone) now this is real doodie!)

At the buffet, one of the characters is trying to use the ice cream machine. They can’t get it to work until a bunch of brown, white and pink slop comes outs all over them. An employee comes in putting an “Out of Order” sign on it.

At the night dance club, Mabel, Cheyanne, Marvin, and Crystal go down and something bad happens. Crystal and Cheyanne get into a fight about something. Marvin tries to calm them down but Crystal just says “STAY OUT OF THIS MARV!!”. He gets really angry for her talking to him so rudely. Back in the stateroom. Mabel is very unhappy about the embarrassment of what happened at the party.

They come to an island, and it’s a special spot for the cruise guests. I want the name of the cruise to reference Carnival or Royal Carribean. During the visit and the characters are exploring, Cheyanne and Mabel are kidnapped by pirates. It’s up to Marvin and Crystal to save them but they better hurry or the ship will leave without them.

That’s all for now.

Mabel Fashion Sketches Part 3

I’ve got some more sketches I just made that I would like to share with you. Right now, I just have three. Two of them, however, are just sketches of Cheyanne, Lilly, and Crystal.


This is them in their beachwear.


This is sleepwear.


Here’s Mabel in her after prom outfit.

Now I’ve got more toy and episode ideas to share.

At some point soon I want to draw Mabel’s store playset. I just have to figure out some design inspiration and the items it would come with.  Only, you can help me with advice in the comments.

I just thought of a dress-up party game idea themed by Mabel. She gives you directions and if you have a certain item on you’re the winner.  Sort of like this:

Of course, I said before that Mabel would have an electronic secret diary. I’m thinking that it would let you make up a password and you say it. The diary will only open to your voice so no one else would get in.

The scrapbook would be kind of the same thing. It would be kind of like this:

However, Mabel’s themed scrapbook might come with a message recorder so you can describe the memories of your own for each photo. It will stick have special stickers like this though.

Mabel’s car (the Volkswagon Beetle) as I described will have a key that really works and a trunk that really opens. Another thing I thought it should have is real radio. You can plug in music from your iPod or mp3 player.  Another thing that might do the same is a night club playset. I mean you can plug in your iPod it would play your music.

Speaking of that I thought of some new songs to put in the series:

So Real (Mandy Moore): That would play while Mabel is getting her hair done I guess.

Irresistible (Jessica Simpson): Possibly play in flashback memory while Mabel was in high school.

Leave It Up To Me (Aaron Carter): That could possibly play while Mabel is trying to fix something and has a hard time. She bumps her head and stuff like that.

No Strings Attached (NYSNC): Not sure

But let’s get back to toys.

Remember the pool and patio playset I drew for Mabel? I got inspired to put a fountain in it from this:

Unlike this, Mabel’s will have a bigger deck plus cookout supplies. I’m trying to think whether or not it should have an outdoor shower too.

I also found some unique Barbie house playset’s that I don’t know about or not. I mean, whether or not there should be one for Mabel:


If Mabel were to have one of these kinds of house playsets, I would mainly say they’re travel/rental homes. You know how you rent a place when visiting. The magic key perfectly makes sense because you can get one those for your rental. Maybe I will call it Mabel’s Magic-Key Rental Home.


Another thing I don’t think I mentioned about the cell phone toy is that you can program it for Mabel to say your name and know all about you.

Another idea I am not too sure about is that Marcia might have a princess palace playset. Marcia would be dressed as a princess and her friends might be a jester, prince, maybe even witch. It also could have a unicorn in there in which she’s keeping as a pet. This is what inspired me. I remember this commercial from when I was about 4-5:

As I said, Marcia is sort of like Mabel’s Kelly.  Her current name is Chelsea but I liked Kelly. That was her name from when I was a little girl.

I’m not sure about this one or not. Mabel would have a themed video camera in which you can put your phone into and make videos. It will also come with software tools so you can playback the video on your computer or even edit it.

Now for MABEL”S princess castle playset, I looked at a few Disney Princess dream castle sets and thought they looked pretty good. But I also liked the look of this Barbie one here:

Right now I am also trying to think of some phrases for Mabel’s play kitchen set for children. One that’s sized for them and you can Mabel giving you instructions. I am wondering what all Mabel could say in that. So far I thought of “Don’t let that pot overboil!”

For episodes, I’m thinking about the episode on wear Mabel, Marvin and everyone else go on a cruise. I’m trying to think of what all could happen and what the adventure would be.

I am going through another hurricane again as I mentioned in my last blog. With that, I’ve been trying to think of ideas for my hurricane adventure episode. So far with some of the other characters, Mimi is at her parent’s house looking out the window with her teddy bear and gets called for dinner. Granny, Tweety, Sylvester and a few others are in their house. Bugs, Daffy and a bunch of others are throwing a hurricane sing along in the living room at their house on the piano. Porky, Petunia and Percilla Pig are safe in their home. And of course, Mabel is throwing a camp out a sleepover with Marvin, Marcia, K9, and Crystal. Mabel makes some kind of casserole for dinner but I don’t know what kind. Do you know any that you like? Marvin helps her with it in the kitchen. Mabel also has hot chocolate for them. During the storm, Marvin and Marcia are scared and Mabel tries to reassure them even though she’s rather worried too. Crystal is relaxed and tells them that they are over exaggerating. Among that, they take care of K9 and Alph-A making sure they’re calm. The power goes out around time. So they pull out flashlights and a battery-powered lantern. During this time, Marvin, Crystal, and Mabel talk about some memories and that’s where flashbacks can happen.

The next day, the power is back and the storm is over but it’s a mess outside. Everybody is cleaning it up. One of the characters backyard swings is blown away into a pile and you hear them say “I can’t believe the hurricane blew away my swing!” Crystal’s home has somehow been badly damaged as I said before and she’s very upset and angry.

Crystal somehow could never afford to have hurricane-proof products and that’s what made it all happen. It’s sort of like in The Three Little Pigs where the only has that was storm-proof was the one made of bricks. Not that Crystal’s house was made of straw or sticks but it was just not as strong.  Mabel wants to help rebuild it and make it better. She also wants to comfort her while everyone else is fixing it. So is Marvin. They don’t fix it all in one day though. It’s a lot of work.

I was also thinking about the alien lady villain I’ve talked about before. I haven’t drawn her yet and I don’t know what her name could be.  The thing she’s on a mission for is to curse Marvin to being bad again and somehow wishes to rule the galaxy with him. I’m not sure what Marvin would think of that but he does know that Mabel is right for him because of how kind she treats him. He doesn’t want to do anything to lose her.  This wicked women also abuses Mabel and is possibly going to play the wicked queen, stepmother, and Maleficent in the fairy tale specials.  I’m possibly thinking of her having snakes in her hair sort of like Medusa from Mythology.  However, they only pop-out on certain occasions.  They scare Marvin and especially scare Mabel cause she’s terrified of snakes.

I was talking to another fangirl and came up with an inspiring idea based on this:


She told me that she wished he would join a school band, learn the notes and all that. I was told that she plays in a band class and love to have Marvin in class with her. I thought it would be a possible thing to happen in my cartoons. Even though he used them for K9 calls, I’ve seen some merchandise as just a hot musician. OMG!! This fangirl even made this meme for me:

Uh oh! Marvin, I think you broke the glass walls! LOL


Vegans and Democrats Part 4


































I have more about the relationship between vegans and liberals to get off my chest.  The people who made the video about how conservative women are being pushed away from media have a lot of interesting videos. Their tone seems to sound honest and they really are showing just how aggressive and destructive liberals really are. However, people are DEBUNKING them:

WHAT FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? I don’t know if this guy is trying to dig deeper or if he’s just being his hardcore liberal self to tell everyone to pay attention to him and not PragerU.  They’re even saying that PragerU is an Anti-Liberal Liar!

Seriously, do you liberals really think you know everything?? You’re literally TORTURING  conservatives!

Have been interrupted lately with the Tom Steyer yet?  That ad is getting on my nerves because it really shows how spoiled liberals are. They are still believing and letting out lies about our president. He’s said that Trump has bought us the brink of nuclear war, directed violation of the constitution, threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth, obstructed justice, and just a dangerous president.  This is all NOT true and out of context! Hunter Avallone apparently calls him Tom Sawyer and I like that. According to him, he is something that liberals hate, a straight white male and is rich.  This guy is the devil to liberals. But I guess it’s just conservative ones they hate. Spoiled Hypocrites! This is what happens when liberals get their hands on a marketing budget and turn it into a commercial. Democrats on top of Democrats are coming in the election for 2020. I don’t think they will succeed.

Elizabeth Warren is running too. It’s delusional. Hunter Avallone explains her lying information:

2020 is going to be an interesting election.

PragerU also talks about what many really think of climate change and yet this same guy is saying that 97% of scientists really do agree and it’s all true.  He even lets Bill Nye in there who’s not even a real scientist and it just looks like liberals are only trying to FORCE their thoughts on you so they can make money.

So maybe there should be no excuse to not believe in climate change being caused by man?

Well, Mr. It’s Okay To Be Smarty Pants some may not believe in climate change because of pasts results. When I showed my family this, they said that this is only showing progressives forcing their views and showing that they are smarter than non- progressives. And that’s just not true! Same can go with vegans as I can see! Since where would someone find the neanderthal? This is just more propaganda and brainwashing. Sure he did post a video on how 97% of scientists really do agree and it’s very anti-conservative.

The truth is as I said before, 30 years ago, scientists said that all coastal cities would all be gone by today from rising sea levels and it DIDN’T. Wonder if the same thing happens again? This is like the boy who cried wolf. If you all keep doing this, pretty soon rising sea levels will come and at the same time, everyone will have given up believing it because it’s just not happening.

I’m not surprised that Group 3 is mainly behind this.  I don’t know whether I should listen to that or if THIS is the case:

As I must say, just about EVERY single year while I’ve been in college, a hurricane comes and I have to evacuate and get off-campus. Another one is coming at my senior year. Where are they all coming from? Some might say that climate change is worse than ever before. How does this compare to vegan arguments? Well, AskYourself I remember said that you don’t have to be liberal to be vegan and it doesn’t have anything to do with political issues. Well in my case as I can see in some ways, it DOES. Think about it!! These guys seem to believe in these environmental issues which leftists are mainly crazy about and have ALWAYS been a political pardon.  Even though its message is that animal agriculture is the leading cause, that’s STILL saying that human activity is causing this which has always been something political.

This video was posted on my 22nd birthday and it comes across with some points I can explain.

Meme#1: Sad but it proves that they can still stay together plus I bet they’ve gone to a better place.

Meme#3: LOL, well I better say this right now if you are from the UK or Canada. I don’t like English or Canadian bacon! So literally I rarely eat pork pretty much anywhere and I am actually glad I don’t.

Meme#4: A sheep made from cauliflower! Would you eat that cute thing?

Meme#5: This is literally the big stereotype we see vegans.

Meme#6: That’s the point about vegan food being expensive. I have some bad news for you guys. I hate salad! Good news? I love smoothies.

Meme#7: That’s exactly what they claim they see when it comes to animals products. Something disgusting like that! I’ve got a tip. Go somewhere AWAY from it! I’m going to have to mention this again but I have been careful about buying genuine leather and only buying it if it’s faux.

Meme#9: What a sad birthday! This reminds me of an Adam Sandler film called “Bedtime Stories”. This mom was so overprotective of her children being healthy that she made a birthday cake for them that was whole wheat and had grass all over it. That sounds like a militant vegan duer. None of the children at the party wanted it. They wanted REAL sweets! That’s the problem I have to imagine is that if a vegan invited guests to a party and had nothing but plant-based food like that, nobody would want it and that would make them furious.  I don’t want to end up with no friends like that.

Meme#12: Indeed! That is just the problem when you’re a picky eater and you’re FORCED on a vegan diet. Pretty soon you’re going to end up with nothing but ICE 😦

Meme#14: YIKES!!! That looks like a monster creature I created from my nightmares!

Meme#15:  Come to think but watermelon does kind of look like red meat.

Meme#19: Well, let’s just think this. You might choose to shop at a supermarket or mall that USED to be the home to lots of animals from the forest. That’s right! It was woods at one point! So are many roads! It’s not just farming that’s causing forests to be cleared and cut.

Meme#21: Yeah, that’s something I should’ve mentioned before. If plants don’t have feelings, HOW does the venus fly trap SENSE a bug is coming so it can eat it? There’s also a plant called the shame plant or sensitive plant. It droops when an animal or so TOUCHES it and sprouts back in a few minutes after. HOW DOES IT DO THAT WITHOUT A NERVOUS SYSTEM OR BRAIN???

Meme#23: Another thing to consider is even though pandas are plant-eaters, they have SHARP teeth. Bamboo is known to be hard and so it helps them chew through but it’s unusual for an herbivore. There’s also a species called red pandas. I think they are my FAVORITE animal right now! They’re known for mostly plant-eating but they sometimes eat bird eggs and insects. What do you think nature would say on that?

Meme#31: That is SO true with a friend I’ve known since preschool. She’s autistic and is an animal lover but is ONLY vegetarian. NOT a real one though. She doesn’t like most vegetables. Her main thing she seems to go for is cookies, ice cream, candy, and many casual sweet stuff.  But if I can imagine she’s WAY too picky to be vegan. I mean, worse than me! Sorry! But don’t mess with an Aspie!

Meme#32: That reminds me of some A1 steak sauce commercial from 2003. A lion in a zoo was having steak for dinner but didn’t want it at first. He wanted it the way WE eat it! This one wanted his steak grilled and have A1 steak sauce on it. At the end of the commercial, the lion ate it up quickly and the ad said “A1 steak sauce. Yeah! It’s that important!” Ha! Even to a lion!

Meme#34: Yeah because grains rhyme with brains. In fact, some vegan cringe video stated that animal agriculture should be called harming and not farming. Yeah, because they rhyme. On the other hand, that’s so over the top and quite rude for those workers who must have their jobs to support them and their families as I said in previous blogs. Probably not as rude as calling all humans hairless apes. That’s bully talk!! Another thing, why not call those vegan documentaries SHOCKUMENTARIES?

Meme#35: Boring Thanksgiving! I better say this. Do you know why we have turkey on Thanksgiving? Because there really is a clue that the Native Americans and pilgrims ate it. It came from a letter from one of the men. It said the governor sent four men “fouling” for the feast. Turkey is a foul, a bird people eat AND there were lots of wild turkeys roaming around the forest in Massachusetts at the time. Since, Massasoit, the Indian chef brought 90 people for dinner, fat turkeys would’ve been very useful. Turkeys became the Thanksgiving bird of America in the early 19th century.  You may as well go back in time and stop that from happening. Tell those Pilgrims and Natives that turkeys are sentient beings and should be left alone! See what happens 😉

Meme#45: That makes sense on how Vegan Gains and Freelee came here. They can hardly look back on having a happy childhood like most of us do. Therefore, they must’ve been born as an adult by a bush.

Meme#46: Yeah, cause rocks are not living organisms and so they definitely don’t have feelings. The thing is, it’s hard to not think that any living thing has feelings. What’s it like being a living organism and not knowing the world around you?

Meme#48: Say it all the time! You know if you think that smelly stool comes from the type of food you eat, why do you think that dog, horse, cat, and other animal feces smell so horrible? Could they not be eating right?  Look, guys, it’s not just the foods you eat but it’s bacteria coming from our intestines. That’s why I use and I would recommend using Poo Pourri.

Meme#55: I’ve seen a vegan cringe on that too. She told him not to call her honey because it’s not vegan. Call me maple syrup! Maple syrup doesn’t sound so term of affection to me. You may as well not get love at all!

Meme#56: Like what I said before about my great-grandma, who will be 101 in 3 months, she had a pretty normal diet of an American. How do you think you would not lose so much of your life then?  That’s the point.  If you want to live a long healthy life, the best thing you can do is have a positive attitude which she has. Having a negative attitude is probably the worst of all-cause for a heart attack and will take away a maximum of your life away. With these vegans having a negative attitude and such a sad life, I can say that you’re not going to live as long as you might think you will.

Meme#57: Indeed, it must be hard traveling as a vegan. Maybe that’s why many don’t want to follow that lifestyle.

Meme#58: Boring!!

Meme#60: Uh oh! Animal flesh is taking over plants!

Meme#61:  Yes, like I just said, that’s what you’re often going to get when it comes to family and friend gatherings.

Meme#64: That pizza looks boring and disgusting!

Meme#65: That poor kitty doesn’t look happy at all 😦 This definitely proves that cats just cannot be vegan. Get rid of all domestic animals!

Meme#66: The definition of murder has one meaning. A human killing another human. In my case, it’s when a certain species kills one that’s their own kind. I mean, remember when Simba shouted “MURDER!” at Scar for killing his dad? That clearly explains it.  And think this. We don’t say I murdered a mosquito when we slap one. Only, do you think, swatting bugs is murder? That’s an honest question. But vegans just don’t want to follow the dictionary just like liberals don’t want to learn the thoughts of Republicans.

Meme#71: All that is showing is that we are sick and tired of how you mess with us and nearly kill us if we don’t agree with your points.

Meme#75: I said before that if there are more vegans, it would satisfy those who would have trouble on the diet or have been on it but got sick. There would be more room for them.

I’ve got something to mention about these documentaries.  First, watch this:


So notice that the liberals brain tend to make a more emotional effect when it comes to graphic imagery? Let me just tell you, vegans, now! Try letting in one liberal and one conservative and have them both watch “Earthlings”. See who reacts the most to what you expect, because I can bet it will be the liberal who shows what you are wanting.

I must say that the term “Earthlings” actually makes me feel apprehensive inside. Not just because of what vegans say but because of what Marvin the Martian thinks of them. I don’t want to be one because I feel it means he won’t love me back even if he were real. In fact, let me say that if you make me watch that shockumentary, it’ll give me more support over Marvin wanting to blow up the Earth.

In fact, this is one big reason why I don’t really like those Duck Dodgers cartoons. They made my precious victim look worse than he ever was in the original cartoons. What’s even more groundless? When Marvin puts DD in chains + electrocutes him and pushes down a forest making animals run for their lives, it’s clearly showing EXACTLY what humans are doing to these poor creatures according to vegans and environmentalists. In that case, there is no need to make aliens seem worse when humans are already shown to be cruel and selfish species or is that just the vegan’s mind in thought?

I’ll feel like this is a trap. These guys want us to watch these documentaries SO BADLY and even though many of us may still continue to consume what we want, people like the monkey bitch (Freelee) says that we don’t deserve to live. Let me just say that I’ve heard that Earthlings doesn’t show 100% of the reality and plus as a conservative, I think kind of the way in the video above and I am sure my parents would too.  You know, in 2012 there was a documentary about Obama and “2016” was in the name. It shows what might happen if he got re-elected which I assume it was all negative and scary. BUT those liberals let him win anyway. Suppose those guys deserve to die if they have seen that documentary.

I found something that I should probably mention. I found this discontinued doll franchise called Secret Central which was basically a bunch of characters from a high school having secret messages come with them. They also talked about their careers. One of them was shown in the yearbook to be an animal rights activist which doesn’t really make much sense.












I can see Emma has to say to be nice to animals cause you may back as one in your next life. I don’t know cause I just mostly hear you only live ONCE. Is this girl a VEGAN or vegetarian maybe? What would the school even think? These dolls were out in 2004/2005 which wasn’t really the time yet when vegan social media was a big EXPLOSION. Although I was shocked to hear that Earthlings came out in 2005 and vegans didn’t become really the most active according to what I know so far until like after 2010.  If there was an animal rights activist going to school, I would assume they would mock people in the cafeteria for eating animal products and try to stop the school from having a live animal mascot which secret central high HAD. It was a bulldog named Bubbles. I’m pretty sure that student would get in big trouble or even sent to detention for doing that.

Maybe Emma is not as loud as PETA is. However, she seems to really just have a cat and dog as accessories. She seems more like a person working for an animal or pet shelter. Another thing is that this was another toy around when Duck Dodgers was airing so it would have to fit in with Mabel and have ideas for her toys. It already is! Mabel may be out of high school in my cartoons but she has lots of memories on it.


Another message for you militant vegans, you really do seem to think we are such a horrible species, if that is the case, why don’t you just turn us all into monkeys?

I’m trying to think of what PETA might say to this. I can see them be like “Humanity does not deserve to be saved!! We are so horrible that we should just all be some non-human animal because they’re not destroying the planet.”

This where I came up with the idea for that episode of my cartoons. Mabel discovers a woman called Madam Norwalk who wishes to turn all humans into animals. The animal they turn into would depend on their race and culture. She’s furious about all the horrible things we’ve done to all these other living beings. Madam Norwalk has tried other things in the past, like selling tofu ice cream and nobody wanted it. (GROSS!!) I don’t know what else she could’ve done quite yet. But then Madam Norwalk’s final thoughts on humanity being too selfish and destructive got to her so much that it made her come up with the evil plan she’s up to now. Mabel knows that it won’t help anything, so this is one episode where she becomes the superhero to stop forces of evil or in this case, stopping what’s wrong. It’s possible Marvin and Crystal + Alph-A are there to help her stop this old hag.  Madam Norwalk is a supervillain based on Ingrid Newkirk, the ugly president and founder of PETA.

Mabel’s Relationship with Polly Pocket


This is one toy franchise that I would’ve mentioned in my last blog but I completely forgot. So I thought I’d better explain anyway.

As far as I can see from commercial’s, Polly Pocket started off as one of the smallest doll franchises I’ve ever seen. Like this:


Plus the commercials would have a song that’s exactly the same tune as Bobby Day’s “Rockin Robin”.

But then Polly grew a little and became more like these:

Somehow I think Mabel would come in as Polly Pocket size for her playsets occasionally. Plus, playsets like the Stretch Limo give me ideas.  Lots of these playsets such as the Designer Mall were also popular when Duck Dodgers was airing so it would fit in. More likely it would fit to come up with ideas for the mall in my series. Although, let me know what playsets you liked in this list of commercials and what would fit Mabel. I would be sure to put it on the list.

The one thing iconic about Polly Pocket when I was young was the rubber stretch clothes:


The Disney Princesses had that kind of line for them like this:


With these, I can definitely hope for a Mabel Martian Polly Pocket.

I didn’t have this but Polly had a styling head size doll like this:

So would it be possible to have a Mabel styling doll showing her full body posed like that? Please let me know what you think.

Now I am going to once again tell you more ideas.

There was this art program for children called “Kid Pix” that first started in the early ’90s. We used to play it all the time in elementary school.  It had some of the funniest sounds. I will show you some videos of what they are:

0:48 somehow cracks me up. That was basically the undo button. We called him the Uh Oh guy. Since I don’t understand why Kid Pix would want to make erasing what you just did or bringing back what you just erased sound like an ACCIDENT.

Anyway, I thought of putting in a parody to it in my series. Marvin is shown using the program to make a card for Mabel (Valentine’s or Birthday). You can hear all the silly sounds going on such as the Uh oh dude saying “OOP’S!” and the clearing page tool with the doorbell ringing, opening, and the guy saying “WOW!” I can also think of the talking alphabet and I’m pretty sure Marvin might use the firecracker tool on something. When he prints this out, it doesn’t turn out so good and that makes him very angry.  I can imagine all his funny reactions to these.  I’m not sure what the reference name would be for the first part but I have already decided to replace “Pix” with “Pox”.

Speaking of the firecracker, remember when I said that there would be an episode celebrating Marvin’s birthday? I might have already said this but he has a layered cake and uses one of those Aluminum PU 36 Explosive Space Modulators as a candle. The cake explodes all over everyone, even Mabel.

And speaking of accidents, I am thinking of some others that would happen some episodes (or they could be on purpose messes). Like one where Crystal shakes a can of soda and it explodes all over Marvin and Mabel. In the episode where the characters go to New York, I can see them in a line at a hot dog stand and the seller accidentally squirts ketchup on Mabel’s top. After that, a car drives by into a puddle and it splashes her. I can also see a monkey throwing a banana peel in some episode and Mabel slips on it. Somehow I don’t understand why many dramas show that banana peels tend to be really slippery.

Right now I thought of an episode where one of the characters is thought to have Parkinson’s disease when they really don’t because they keep shaking and dropping everything. It would either be Crystal or Marvin.  Mabel gets chocolate milk spilled on her and spaghetti and meatballs dropped on her coming from this kind of pot:

Now I thought about this prom flashback episode just today and thought about Mabel and her pals getting pictures and I can imagine getting a glass of punch. There were also cupcakes. Marvin responds to the flashback and says that girls were all around him at Junior prom but others discriminated him.  Therefore he showed up by surprise at Mabel’s senior prom. She starts talking about him to her group and how it would’ve been awesome if he was her date but gets interrupted by seeing him.   He sees her too.

I would have to think that Mabel would have a school yearbook somewhere around and shows it in some episode.

One other thing I just thought of that I find funny is in the Halloween episode where the characters end up in a haunted house and a creature is about to go after them, Mabel pulls out her perfume as if it were pepper spray. Her perfume bottle looks like the one from Rabbits Run.

I mentioned this before but I can imagine an episode where Mabel gets some ladies air jordans and Marvin faints when he sees them on her.  Nike Air Jordan’s seem to be something he’s after and since Mabel like many girls love shoes, it would fit in. I bet you can guess why he would faint here.

Another thing I thought of is an episode where Mabel gets slimmed. I’m talking like the classic Nickelodeon slime time.

She goes with Crystal on the show. Lilly and Cheyanne are watching. So is Marvin and K9. Even Bugs and Daffy are watching. When the slimming starts to come, Mabel is like “Oh boy! Here we go!” and closes her eyes. Crystal is the one who gets pie stuffed in her face.

I was thinking about how whoever made the volcano on Mars erupted and why someone would do it. I’m thinking that it’s because they were trying to get themselves famous and make money + history.

Not too long ago I was asked what the name of this series would be. That I still don’t know. The cartoons are supposed in involve Mabel as the main star but there must be some way I could get it to be catchy for others to know that Marvin has importance in this show.

Mabel’s Relationship​ with Bratz & My Scene


I thought I should explain my thoughts over these. Basically, I want to share my thoughts on Mabel’s relationship with a couple of doll franchises that competed with Barbie in the early 2000s. I also want to share more ideas I have for the show.


If you are familiar with the Bratz franchise, you’ll probably know what all I mean. The thing is unlike Barbie, this doll franchise was showing fashion is more than just about beauty but also adding in more punk and sexiness. Although I thought the Bratz did sometimes show some soft sides. That reminds me, as for characters, I would say Mabel is a combination of Yasmin and Cloe.  For the others, Cheyanne would be Sasha and Lilly would be Jade. As for that, Cheyanne and Lilly do go for the sexy punk-like style most often. Of course, I still think Mabel has a passion for fashion.





















For My Scene, I would say Mabel is a mix of Barbie and Chelsea. Cheyanne would be Madison and Lilly would be Nolee. Some people think that these dolls are showing signs of being sexist because it is showing that girls and boys can only have certain interests and not the other way around. These aren’t meant to be sexist but rather it is because companies know that the majority of kids that would buy these kinds of toys above would be girls. That doesn’t mean boys aren’t welcome and same goes with boy toys. I believe that a majority of girls will buy Mabel merchandise but that doesn’t mean boys can too.

You might be wondering about what the deal is when it comes to me saying that the girl fans of Marvin the Martian should not be left out. Well, that’s a different story because I’ve been noticing a majority and whopping amount of females loving him, so WB should consider not leaving them out is what I am trying to say.

What I also find sexiest unlike what those other douchebags say is when merchandise for a certain movie especially animated ones are put into more boy merchandise sections when the film was meant for BOTH GENDERS. Examples are films like Despicable Me, Toy Story and Wall-e. Like when Wall-e first came out, his merchandise was mainly in the boy section including the bedding and party supplies but that didn’t stop me from buying some toys and even the bedding. Plus, I noticed lots of girls were buying those toys and even having birthday parties Wall-e themed. That’s something I actually would consider sexiest or juvenile sexist.

But let’s get back to what I am trying to talk about in this blog.

Bandai Bratz automne 2003.2

The truth is, I’ve been looking at toy commercials and feminine toys that were around and popular at the time when the Duck Dodgers series was being aired and I thought it would somehow fit in with Mabel and her universe. I’ve got an example of it all in the commercial break below:

Notice the few Looney Tunes Back in Action TV spots? For some reason when those were being shown I thought the feminine toys being shown around the same time would fit in for Mabel too.  The same goes for the Barbie dolls being advertised in the ’90s through 2003 because Looney Tunes was being shown everywhere on Cartoon Network and even had the permission to get on Nickelodeon at the time. Bratz and My Scene were soon following at the time so I knew I had to make those fit in.

Another thing I found that was around that I hope would fit in is this:

And this. Watch 15:49-16:18:

As I said before, Mabel would have a collection of merchandise like that. I guess she has a little bit of Powerpuff Girl in her. More likely to be a secret agent type of heroine.

I came up with a few new songs to add into my series:

On the Floor (No Secrets): Play at the night club Marvin and Mabel go to on their date.

Disco Hippie (Play): unknown

Hot (No Secrets): Sounds like a good song to play when shopping and trying stuff on.

Who Says (Selena Gomez): Now this song came from a video my friend Mili made on Youtube about Marvin that we think fits him. I thought it would be a good idea to put in my show:

In fact, I think the lyrics make sense.

“Who says you’re not worth it?”: Both Mabel and I see Marvin’s deep down good heart but many refuse to even show it.

“Who says you can’t be in movies?”: It fits in a way when the Marvin the Martian movie special was canceled. It lets us fans down.

“Who says you don’t pass the test?”: Mabel and I believe Marvin has a chance to shine.

“Who says you can’t be the best?” WB refuses to give Marvin the importance he deserves no matter how many fans he gets.

I think Mabel should sing this after she sees Marvin getting hurt or shamed upon.

I should’ve mentioned this in a previous blog but another cartoon that I should mention that proves this issue is Loonatics Unleashed. Marvin had his descendant character appear only ONCE in this cartoon!

I’m telling you! We fans are being held back and left in the fucking dirt!!!! WHY!!!???? I know Melvin escaped the ship and didn’t die but I would still want to see more from him as a Marvin fangirl. That said, “Melvin” was going to be the name for Marvin’s all-time friendly brother but I can see that name was already taken for other shows besides I think “Martin” is a way better name. In here I see more of interplanetary speciesism.  I can see Marvin is one of the only characters that has not really changed comparing to appearances,  personality, and even VOICE.  I did see in the description on Wiki that the Loonatics did something to Melvin that made him want to shrink Acmetroplis.

Let me just say that if Melvin had a girlfriend or even sister that was descendant from Mabel, she would’ve told him that his missions are wrong and would’ve given him love and tolerance. Plus, she would’ve said that my old ancestor said that love and affection is the way to go when a loved one is up to something like this.

Now I will share more ideas for episodes.

For one thing, I’m thinking that in the flashback of Mabel’s senior prom where Marvin shows up, she, Crystal and many other girls ride in a limo. There was an after-prom party and Mabel has bought an outfit to change into for it. Crystal doesn’t like to say up late, so she called a taxi to take her home. Mabel, on the other hand, stayed for it and wanted to spend more time with Marvin. He takes Mabel home and probably spends the night.  Mabel also wins prom queen.

Just today I thought it would be cute to have an episode where Marcia is watching her class pet for the weekend who is a guinea pig named Gilbert. Of course, he talks in Mabel’s point of view just like Peli.

In “Starvin Marvin” I thought it could all start with Marvin saying “Oh bother! Oh drat!! We’ve been sitting in this waiting area for over an hour! I could starve! Mabel tells him that she can tell cause she can hear his tummy growling.  They are on a dinner date in a restaurant and they still don’t have a seat. Things end up getting worse cause they get interrupted in which, Mabel ends up on a problem-solving case and Marvin is still hungry throughout the whole episode. He, later on, gets fed in the end cause the restaurant finally has a seat for both of them.

In my next blog about my cartoons, I will probably have Mabel’s after-prom outfit along with a few fashions for Cheyanne, Lilly, and Crystal.

Speaking of this, I am trying to think of voice actors for some of the characters. Just recently I thought I of Emma Watson voicing Crystal and Kath Soucie as Mimi.

I haven’t been able to talk the creators of Lilly and Mimi yet but at some point, I will. I am now back at University so I’m going to be kind of busy.