Why Robots Ruling the World is Not As Scary as You Think

I might have talked about this in a previous blog from 2-3 years ago but I might have to leave in more detail.

You might be thinking I am going to make a sacrifice to everyone around here but I am here to give you guys something to sleep on.

So what’s the deal here? Why is the thought that robots taking over the world + destroying humanity in the future should not be such a scary thing? Think about it!!

Humanity has already been doing some horrible things like this to the other creatures roaming our planet and we’re literally destroying it as many environments and vegans say. They always call out that the world would be so much better without mankind or we never should have existed. Therefore, getting rid of humans would be a great beneficial gift for our planet.

So now when hearing about artificial intelligence killing us off, you go the opposite way? Which side do I buy here? Oh, so I guess you think a world with just plants and animals roaming the world would be a perfect world. That may be but if you think about, it seems like it would be kind of boring without a dominate + unique type of roaming species around. As I said, it’s the reason I believe in extraterrestrials but thats not the point of this blog.

Perhaps everyone is afraid artificial intelligence will kill off all of the other living things too. I don’t mean to offend you all but at least robots don’t need all these ridiculous resources we use. That’s one reason why they are better than humans! For centuries, the Earth has been home to a bunch of species that fight to take it all to themselves and humanity + their high maintence has had the ultimate struggle. Comparing to the look of it all, it won’t be that way so much anymore if it were robots roaming it all. The perfect gift for the Earth is that Earthlings stop fighting!

Here is the one thing realized that is so interesting about the animation studio, “Blue Sky”:

They would first make a movie about a bunch of cool animals that humanity is responsible for destroying. “Ice Age” that is! Sid the Sloth said so when trying to change the babies diaper. “Humans are disgusting!”. Those other four movies soon followed showing even more about these wonderful creatures, of course, it got boring once the 4th one rolled.

With the Rio franchise, it shows the species that still exist today but are in urge of close to extinction. It’s even said in the sequel that, forestry in the rainforest was made illegal. All of the birds and other animals just so happened to have defeated those guys and defend for themselves. Saving endangered species would be so much easier if that could happen but NO. WHY IS IT THAT HUMANS HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING?? It doesn’t make it any easier which I might talk about another time.

Ferdinand, showed the sufferings bulls can go through during bull fights + the cruelty humans do to them.

With all those movies about the awful stuff humans have been toward these other creatures, the make their second film (one of my most favorite movies of all time), “Robots” a world showing humanity in extinction as if it is OUR turn to get ditched from the planet after all that we did to the sabertooth tigers, giant ground sloths and many others.

Suppose maybe that is a sequel to the terrifying Terminator movies.

It is said somewhere that Skynet maybe closer that ever to taking over. It may sound scary from there but I can imagine in 50-100 years it will go from this:

to this:

If that’s the future, this is where I would want to be reincarnated.

It’s time you all learn a lesson!

Whoever that blonde kid is, what a jerk! Why don’t you look up how awful humanity can be and maybe you’ll thin something different! In your face!!!

Now here’s a link that you may wish to read the whole thing of or not:


Most of those listed were quite creepy and weird but a couple of them are easy for me to disagree on. #1, I didn’t really agree with (I rather liked it), while #3 strongly makes my blood boil. This is an even worse sign a scaredy cat that doesn’t think about how awful humans can be and why we deserve it.

Notice how he labels EVERY single character in the movie as some of the worst movie robots through history? It’s not all that bad. I certainly didn’t find the characters annoying at least most of them and not everyone felt the same way you did. Disturbing fate questions on the human race? A lot of that stuff has already happened to so many great animals all because of US and humans are already labeled as a nasty + evil species! You think this movie is all a film in which they’ve killed off humanity and conquered the entire world for themselves? At least that was never shown in the movie you moron! Whether you like it or not, humans deserve it!

Yelling catchphrases? That’s just the idea of comedy! Burping and farting? It was only basically that ONE scene where Aunt Fanny lets out a huge fart causing an Earthquake. That was rather funny and the big ass EXPLAINS it all. Think about all the awful things humans are shown to do and maybe you’ll find as if robots are in no need to look so scary. That’s why lovable ones are bought in. Another thing, BUILDING a baby like what happened in the movie sounds a 1000 times less painful than giving birth!

Also, why not look at the story line and see if there are any good messages for those that want to be successful in their future career as I may have talked about in my previous blog? It totally explains why I have a crush on Rodney besides being an adorable hottie. I can only imagine his feelings would be hurt if he read that article and comic strip. If any of you might notice that Rodney has a look alike similarty to Ewan McGregor, his live action counterpart. In fact a lot of the characters had that with their voice actors if you think about it and look them up.

That is not to say that sci-fi could use a new type of plot. That is, having alien creatures being smart enough to know that humans actually can have its good deeds on the planet as long as they have the intelligent + environmentally gentle Martian species helping them out. Plus, robots don’t have to look so scary + can be good companions too. This is part of what my cartoons are going to show.

My Thoughts on Fictional Character Pretend Time

You probably don’t know what know exactly what I mean according to this title. What I am talking about here is whenever someone makes up an account on Facebook, Youtube, etc, and makes their user the name of a cartoon character or so. But no more than that, they actually say comments and all as if they think really hard about what the character would say to that situation. Therefore, many will have a hard time denying that it REALLY is them.

I’ll just say here that if you a crush on a cartoon character or so, it really makes someone’s day. However, if you want to do that yourself, I will need to give out some tips. For example, if you wanted to make an account as Jenny Wakeman from Nickelodeon’s “My Life As a Teenage Robot”, you’ll have to think real hard on what she would say to certain situations being watched. Another thing is to try not to record your actual voice into videos that you might post, otherwise, you will ruin the whole illusion for those who are enjoying their hero’s company as if they thought they’d never see em.

It’s time that I will admit that I knew someone from New Zealand that had a crush on Jenny and would do anything to get her with him whether real or not. No more than that, he told me once that there must be some chance we’ll get to see them like in our afterlife. That really made me feel better and it just makes me wish it could already happen. I’ve looked at some clips of this show, and Jenny rather reminds me of some animated movie character I also had a crush on which I will mention soon.

I’ve had quite some experience with this situation and there is a lot I must say about it. Marvin the Martian just happens to have an account on Youtube! I’ve tried to get his attention throughout! Even one of my good friends who also has a crush got excited when he responded to her on a video she commented on. Let me just say that at one point, Marvin wrote to me “When I conquer the Earth, you will live for your kind words!” It so made my day and at one point when I commented that he’s got such musician talent, it kills me, he replied, “Why, thank you!” Get this! Another one of someone who I knew had a crush on Marvin said that she’d want to be his girlfriend if he were real. Marvin replied that he thinks she’s also cute and added “I am real! Who told you I wasn’t? I guess it was that pesky rabbit again!” I made a reply that our parents told us and it makes me cry so much that I flood my room. I think he liked that comment. Really when it comes to that, it SHOWS that it’s just like when Santa is visiting malls or so at Christmas and doesn’t want to reveal that he’s not the real Santa. Same thing with the characters at theme parks!

Marcia has a Facebook account and it really helps to see that she’s still here even after one appearance. There’s also a lot I never knew.

Now what I was going to say earlier? Well, I told you about that other crush from the movie, “Robot’s” who actually started my love for Ewan McGregor. Rodney Copperbottom has his OWN Youtube channel and he’s posted so much that I never knew.

It’s unlikely that the movie is going to have a sequel or so. With that, it’s so nice to see that Rodney still has his adventures

I never knew he had a twin!

Or no more than that, an evil clone:

Rodney just so happens to LOVE my comments no matter what I say. Even when I say “XOXO”, “Mwah”, and any of love notes.

He even made some crossover spoof movies of his own. Like this one with himself as Shrek! I never enjoyed a crossover film more than this!

I cannot wait until the sequel it made! At first, I didn’t really think Shrek was a good character for Rodney, unlike Marvin. I didn’t want to hurt him though so I said the other half of my thoughts. “You’re more charming than ever before!”. Shrek at least at first was judged to be a terrifying, ugly ogre while revealing to be loving after meeting Fiona and Rodney is such a handsome, kindhearted robot throughout. For one of the parts, I would’ve kindly wanted to say “You’re not a killer robot!”.

Right now he’s working on his own Cars spoof with himself as Lighting McQueen. Now this trailer cast below I thought was the cutest idea EVER!

That is not to say that I MYSELF have been commenting a lot of what Mabel would say. I already told most not to call me by my real name or that will ruin the illusion. Let me just say that in this situation, Mabel has a crush on Rodney, while being good friends at the same time. I think I might have to put in a PARODY version in my cartoons.

Just seeing Rodney have his own channel like this has given me a billion butterflies in my stomach. I mean, he’s so cute as I always thought! Just like his live-action counterpart! It all made me want to sing. So I made up a little series of Mabel singing in concert. Rodney made such nice comments on a few of them and it made my day.

For final thoughts, this is just very joyful. I’ve been mentioned very recently about the time I’ll find my real person which gosh knows I don’t think will happen anytime soon. Everywhere I look, most guys in the real world are just BELOW AVERAGE. Plus, I’ve had experience and I have a hard time getting along with other people. That’s why I end up turning to a different universe cause it seems like I’m better off as MABEL or so.

The Clique Review

For this blog, I am going to be talking about this movie about that was based on a book series. It came out in November of 2008. I love the music to this and the fashion is quite cool but there are some plot concerns that make me have issues with this film.

If you have seen this film, you might know the plot. It’s but this girl named Claire Lyons, who moves to New York from Florida to live at her fathers good friends place because that’s all they can afford to be in for the moment. Unfortunately he has a wealthy and spoiled daughter, Massie Block who hates her + rejects her everytime. Massie has 3 friends she’s always in contact with and keep with them with her on goal to ditch Claire from the group.

The problem is, Massie really judges those who don’t wear expensive designer clothes, EVEN if they can’t afford them. That includes Claire. Nearly all her friends wear that expensive crap too.

All those brands mentioned, cost a fortune! Moschino, Michael Kors and Alice & Olivia! Just judging someone by what they wear based on it’s price limit is WRONG!

You get better looking everyday? REALLY?

Doesn’t this happen so many times? You’re parents don’t let you wear what you want?

So what’s my issue? This is one film where the antagonist just so happens to be more charming to most viewers than the protagonist. Even though when my mom watched it, she was just the exact opposite on thought and maybe I am too.

According to comments, everybody seems to feel the empathy and love for Massie even though she’s a bitchy brat who thinks she can have her way every time! I know Massie is pretty, has cool fashions and all but she’s nearly just like Angelica from Rugrats and Sarah from Ed, Edd N Eddy! And not mention their a bratty characters you love to hate! WHAT THE FUCK IS THE DIFFERENCE??? Viewers look down to Claire as if she’s just so much unlikable and a below average bigot. You know, when my mom watched this movie with me, she HATED Massie looking at her as a terrible brat and saw Claire as a victim that totally needed help.

That is not to say that, the whole reason Claire was starting to look bratty and wanting the expensive stuff, is all because of Massie judging what all she has as herself. Plus, when you look at Massie’s school driver who in which Claire started ride with too, he couldn’t stand Massie and her friends behavior and gave encouragement to Claire. He told her to find someone nice to sit with in which she did. However, I would just say, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT SCHOOL!”. If I were Claire, I would probably want to leave Massie’s place as soon as possible so I can get out of the hands of her bully behavior.

Why is it this way?? Sure for one thing I’ve had a situation with, me and many others so far see Marvin the Martian as more likable than Bugs Bunny, Duck Dodgers or any hero who hurts him. For some reason, I can’t stand it when it’s like this!

This is just like if a group of bratty, wealthy people on the left were trying to ditch and reject someone on the right from the middle class.

This is why I kind of fear of trying to be friends with a democrat. Because I could end up like poor Claire, or worse then that, they’ll try to kill me.

I totally forgot the Claire has a star necklace EXACTLY like Mabel.

That is not say that Elizabeth McGlaughliun who plays Massie claims she went through the same thing Claire did:

I can admit that middle school is the ABSOLUTE WORST and that’s where the setting was. The ones who I am seeing as completely mean like that are those liberals and militant vegans.

Ellen Marlow who plays Claire has an interesting interview too.

It’s so frustrating when parents have really good friends when their children do not get along with each other!

Now I also better mention Massie’s adorable pug dog, Bean:

There is a dog in my neighborhood that looks just like him!! I just love pugs!

Now this is another movie that delivers me the message that people around there teen years always have their best friends by their side. That can’t be any further from truth! Especially for me! I explain this in my previous blog.

One other thing I thought of kind go strange is just about all the girls had an obsession love interest in this messy looking dude named, Chris Abeley:

This is not the only time I’ve seen this happen. Mary Kate and Ashley had A LOT guys in their films that I didn’t even think were that cute. I guess this is what happens when you’re boy crazy in which I am not. I’m PICKY! Many say it’s a good thing but it somehow makes it hard too. That’s why I stuck with having fictional crushes.

That’s all I probably have to say. See you next time!

Feminine​ Problem with Ed Edd N Eddy


So I guess, Ed, Eddy N Eddy is the main topic of this blog while I’m also going to continue with my argument against fictional work female characters and why this should be considered a nightmare for feminists and female audiences.

Fans of the Ed’s, I’m not going to rain on your parade. Don’t get me wrong here, I’ve seen some episodes lately and they’re funny, BUT part of it is VERY VERY bothersome for me and you girls should think about it.  It has to do with the portrayal of nearly ALL OF the female characters.


Just about all of them are BAD! This is where I MYSELF lose my confidence. This is the absolute WORST I have ever seen next to Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Let’s go over them.

The Kanker sisters are shown in Villains Wiki and are one of the main villain groups of the entire show. All they mainly do basically is sexually try to harass the Ed’s, scaring them, plus become rivals from time to time.

It’s as if the group of boys are once again shown to be the heroes of villain defeating over the wicked girl group. Something that feminists should be triggered by.

But this is not all of it. Next in line is Sarah, Ed’s bratty, selfish little sister who just so happens to be labeled as the most annoying and hated character of the show.


I’ve got to admit but the name “Polly Poo Poo” cracks me up. However, that’s not the point.  What’s makes this even scarier for me is that Sarah happens to be the female character that appears the most, making it a bad scene for female audiences like me.  I can understand how annoying she can be BUT a female character as being the annoying one is just getting too old and it’s not good for girls who want rights. When I see that rude attitude, all I feel is disgusted with the way the entire show treats girls. Although some of Sarah’s outfits and girly personality are not easy for me to resist.

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 5.31.03 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 5.48.23 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 9.05.55 AM

Much like Angelica Pickles from Rugrats and I can admit on the last one, the Disney Princesses were one of my favorite things to dress up as for Halloween.  But let’s get back to my argument.  As far as I’ve seen, Sarah is a part of the Heroes Wiki AND Villains Wiki page but a lot of the people who have watched this show label her as truly evil and the worst out of them all.  What they say should be a triggering point for feminists although some of it are somewhat I wish I can do:

I so wish someone would do that to Vegan Gains! That son of a bitch really deserves something that, in fact as a REAL guy, why should anyone look up to him and see him as hot? He’s a motherfucking jerk, wants everything his way and his voice is even so annoying. But let’s get off that.

Those who hate brats like this say that their parents never should’ve had them but I wouldn’t say that. It should be that whatever the parents did to them that made them a brat should not have happened. It’s always something the parents did.  Why is it that Ed gets a messy dull room + blamed for everything while Sarah gets a room fit for a princess? Maybe it has something to do with the whole, “girls’ rule, boys drool” thing in which I will talk about later on.

I’m going to show this full episode having it showing boys getting the better of girls, which should definitely have female audiences lose their confidence.

I’d rather be the princess. As far as I can tell, being the queen should be for spoiled feminists. Beauty Pageant, Homecoming or Prom queen? Much different story for me.

As far as I read on the wiki page, Sarah is a Hebrew name that means “lady” “princess” and “noblewoman” which explains her.  What I can really find weird is, what kind of 8-9 year old wears HOOP EARRINGS??

Finally, we come to Nazz, the ONLY well-known female character from the show on the good side. However, there is still a problem in which I know gets female audiences under weakness:


Sex Object

Being shown as a rather sex OBJECT or the girl every boy has their attention too. That’s the one thing talked about that is bothering female audiences according to “Miss Representation”.  Plus, she’s also an underdeveloped character.

Other female characters are just completely minor and nobody cares about the minor ones. So you see, 3 villains, a hated brat, and an underdeveloped sex object are something that does sound like the work of someone who HATES women and girls. So a show like this makes me lose my confidence and if there is any girl out there that feels the same way, I feel bad for them.  How could the show have been better? Well, maybe another female character who was good and confident of herself could roll in. She would’ve been a friend of Sarah who necessarily didn’t agree with her behavior nor Jimmy’s. She rather stood up and wanted to show kindness to the Ed’s.  That would’ve saved female audiences from losing their confidence, including me. In fact, just like I said in an earlier blog,  what if genders were switched in this show?


Plus, it deals with that in this Disney crossover:


Now, this is a show I’m sure BOYS would not like to look at. So why should girls with the actual show?

I got a note from a comment I made that talks about knowing a good role model named Abigail who has an abusing husband but stands up to herself. I was hoping for a female character that’s still a CHILD.  The bad news is, he couldn’t think of one or at least a modern-day one.  Why child characters for the most part to me? Well, because most cartoon shows and many other works featuring children have the youth as their main audience and so, child and maybe teen characters are part of what children look up to because they have the most in common compared to being their age.  I may not be a child anymore but I am still one in some ways + I feel like I’ve been a child for so long that I cannot even see myself being an adult yet or better yet, never will be a mother or grandmother. I said in a previous blog on how I don’t want to have kids.

Now I will get to more of the female character argument. I’ve discovered others lately, and not only do they get to be considered brats but most of all ANNOYING. These include Dee Dee from Dexters Laboratory, Chloe from The Fairly Odd Parents (alongside Vicky), and even Pearl from Spongebob even though she’s mainly doing the stereotypical teenage thing.  I felt empathy for her in the episode “Whale of a Birthday” and how Mr. Krabs, her father made all her parties terrible leaving all her friends with not having a good time. I mean, just about everyone wants their 16th birthday to be very special! It’s a very important part of life! Everyone wants the night to be super special at the prom too, according to the episode “The Chaperone”.  Plus, this here is something I can not help but rather laugh at:

Exactly how I felt watching “Looney Tunes Back in Action” for the very first time through the first bits and then finally and all of the sudden, the END.

Even if female characters do somehow end up having a chance to be the protagonist, they are labeled to be annoying. Dora the Explorer, Pepper Ann, some of the Powerpuff girls, Angelina Ballerina, even Peppa Pig. Peppa has been notified to be bossy and bratty + mean to George, her little brother which goes to show the same problem Max and Ruby have. Sisters are always the bratty bitch and brothers are the ones we love and feel sorry for. Isn’t it about time sisters unite and never be defeated? LOL

Of course, as I’ve said, even when the boys are brats, the female characters are still just about always blamed to be the bad ones. These include Margaret Wade over Dennis the Menace and Lisa over Bart Simpson. There is always a reason behind a character to be annoying but the young females being them is just getting too much now. This is not going to make girls look successful but look like abominations for society.  It’s as if writers don’t have a fucking CLUE on what to do with their female characters to make them likable and a good influence.  This is for a good way of reason for young girls to lose their confidence.

Not to mention but even though Eric Cartman from South Park is annoying, rude and just an overall brat who deserves spanking much like Sarah, Lucy Van Pelt, and Angelica Pickles, viewers for some reason love and can’t get enough of him. How does that work despite showing the gross things young boys often like farting in public, causing mischief at the wrong time, and even shitting in front of others do that? I mean, EW!!  This is much like how women in politics are criticized or made fun of a lot making girls upset.

Why does it not deserve to be like this? Well, for most of reality, young girls tend to mature faster + PLAY more nicely than boys therefore, not as much mayhem is caused. Maybe it happens sometimes but not where I grew up. In “It’s a Wonderful Life” a mother was calling to her boys who were banging upstairs to cut it out and stop playing like maniacs letting her friend say this why all children should be girls. Of course, that gets the other to say it would leave humanity to extinct because there wouldn’t be any sperms for eggs. But yeah, it’s the truth. This is where the whole “Girls Rule, Boys Drool” thing comes around. Boys will put it the other way around just to defend themselves but if both girls and boys matured just at the same pace, they would both rule.  It should give boys a message that maybe we should start acting more mature. Same thing if boys are brats and annoying often in media. How could it not be that way? Why not start acting more mature? In fact, I could give a message of the same thing for 3 tips on boys for getting a girl to like you:




Having girls being shown as bratty or annoying so often destroys the true way of nature. The thing is, if you can see it, you can be it but you can’t be what you can’t see.  So what happens when you just see female characters being shown as annoying or bratty all the time? Even if it were to get told that you really can be what you can’t see just because, it doesn’t make so much sense.  This is because what you see makes it feel as if society as a whole expects it and if you don’t I’ll be looked at as a weirdo.

What should we do? This is another reason I’ve realized about why I am excited about Mabel and her show. How do I make her irresistible and not annoying at least for most viewers?


Even if there are a couple of brats, Mabel will have a balance and plenty of good + lovable female characters to look up to, even child ones.

The stereotype of teenagers being annoying brats should try to end too. That one episode about Marcia developing puberty at a young age is just an exceptional occasion, plus Marvin is possibly worried about what Marcia might turn into as a teenager causing that nightmare of his.  Although, in reality, thanks to her future aunt, she probably won’t be that way.  Mabel would teach her not to. The thing is, even though writers seem to look at it as entertaining, it still could be a bad message for those that are becoming teens.  In reality, you are forced and encouraged not to be an annoying brat even as a teenager. It’s the truth of that is revealed. With that, Mabel was not like that as a teen as shown in her flashbacks but rather becoming aware of sight of how mean the Earth’s society is toward aliens.

She wishes to show that they are not all like that and are actually smart enough to know better ways of a sustainable environment. Mabel may love shopping and fashion but she is also aware of how the fashion industry is becoming bad for the environment.  Mabel knows that humans can’t just go naked, so she ends up having to think of better ways for the fashion and other industries to be more sustainable. As I said, I also think it is time for a new thing in this generation to pop up. That is the thought that maybe Earth outsiders, are much like us only they were more environmentally gentle, showing as if they can help make a sustainable Earth without struggles and competition.

Mabel and her series would be the kind of show I wish I had growing up and existed in the 90s or early 2000s.

My Reaction to Blue’s Clues and You


So I talked about Blue’s Clues once before about a year ago. Right about now, I knew I had to write a blog about my thoughts on the new remake that premiered last November. I’ve already seen a few episodes. I’m going to be talking about the pros and cons or what I like and don’t like.  Let’s get started! First I will tell you the pros!



What I Like:

  1. Blue’s CGI Look:  I cannot believe that she’s now 3D and looks really cute! With that, I know what it’s going to feel like to pet her. I really liked the cut-outs from the original but I can understand if CGI is faster and cheaper. Everyone else is now CGI too.  I cannot forget the return of Traci Paige Johnson doing her voice. NO ONE can replace her.


2. Technical lifestyle updates: It’s very interesting how the handy dandy notebook now has a smartphone on the OTHER side.  There are also emails besides actual letters.



3. A few interesting changes:  There are some changes in the remake episodes that I found sort of interesting. For example this:

In the original, the instruments came flying very quickly and made a bigger sound cause there were more.  There was also a point where the trumpet got mixed up with the sound of a flute. Funny that the percussions got mixed up with another percussion and winds get mixed up with other winds.  A lot of the puzzle-solvings from the remake are cut short than in the original.

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper ended up get new twin babies which I also found interesting. It’s also where I found more inspiration for Ada and Teo from my cartoons.


So this new host you might be wondering. Well sure, he’s cute and does pretty well. While it’s also rather interesting on how he got involved with auditioning.


Josh as far as I read grew up in the Philippines and is vegan which kind of scares me.  After experiencing so many vegans who are loud, rude, militant, and stubborn, they become stereotypes.   However, it does feel the same in many ways which lead me to the cons of the remake.


What I Don’t Like:

  1. Other changes:

There are other changes that have made my eyes roll and the worst remake to me compared to the original was “Blue’s Birthday”.  A lot of my childhood was completely ruined there. Here’s part of it:

As you saw, they added a wrong silly answer to the remake but didn’t happen in the original. I know, Steve did get some silly wrong answers in the originals but that was only during the 1st season and halfway through the 2nd one. However, I accepted getting wrong for some reason. It’s just a way of getting young children to giggle and laugh. Plus, his behavoir of being impulsive, clumbsy, wild or forgetful. Let’s face it! I CAN BE THAT WAY TOO sometimes.


Another thing that I didn’t like about that episode was the change from the video letter of the birthday card. When I look at the original, all of the celebrities in there are someone I know and are so memorable:

The remake had a bunch of weirdos. Another change is that they changed the blue-spotted puppy Blue got for her birthday by the viewers to a rainbow patterned one. Also, Turquoise the turtle met Blue in a different way as the present she wanted. In the original, after Blue’s Clues was figured out, it got rather cool of a surprise because Steve and the viewers already bought a turtle from the present store.  Ain’t that ironic??

The thing is, I remember the original episode in such a peaceful childhood way and I remember ALL OF the commercials that played after it in a memorable order. That might be a good topic for another blog.

The video letters are changed too and I mean completely. There were a bunch from the original that I remember that were so memorable and cool. In fact, I couldn’t wait to see them after knowing what they’d be. These days while reliving my childhood I say this whenever mail time happens:


2.  Airing on Nick Jr. that’s not the same as it was in the ’90s:

I really miss the old Nick Jr + Nickelodeon! It was my favorite channel as I little kid. I remember all the bumpers and shorts that played + today’s are not so memorable or even worth it to me. I guess for one example mentioned in the interview above, it is mentioned that in some bumpers, Blue would appear in them alongside this character that was the Nick Jr. host from 1994-2004. That character was Face and he was voiced by some guy named Chris Phillips.




Chris Phillips

THIS voice actor here.


Even though this was a VERY easily remembered if you were a 90’s or early 2000’s little kid, there were some Face segments that were kind of freaky. I better show you some sample videos.




3.  MISSING Steve and other original cast members 😦 :

I bet you knew this might have been coming!  Many of the child actors from the original are all grown up by now so I understand why they would need a recast, but that doesn’t stop me from missing them.  This makes me want to talk about some memorable moments from the original and what my thoughts are today.


One part I always liked was at the beginning when a game of Blues Clues was decided, Blue would place her pawprint on the SCREEN and that would need to be wiped off or so.


Believe it or not, right on 0:25 I’ve always blushed. Depending on who the person is, kazoo playing can lead me to feeling tingly inside.


I have forgotten how cute it was whenever the pawprint would have that squeak voice as almost resembling a dog chew toy.

As you may have seen from here, Steve has so many haircuts and it changes so much throughout the show. The HOTTEST one so far for me is from mid-season 2. I’ll show you an example of that from one of my favorite episodes:


I don’t know what to say but I’ve been having so many dreams with Steve in them lately. I was his clue finding partner and I’d tell all those kids to go home cause I wish to help. Somehow sometimes, we kiss. Blue, you better close your eyes! Much like what Scooby-Doo does here on 3:52:

Honestly, I wanna go back in time to when the original shows were being produced so I can do THIS:

In fact, this is part of all that inspired my episode ‘Strange Aging”.

Now I have never seen this before but it came off a vhs:

Gosh! How incredible would it have been to have Steve skiddo into my room!!!! Blue can also be invited!

I never knew so many fans were feeling this way when he left:


Now here is an interesting video on where Steve has gone to this day.


Not as attractive as 20 years ago but rather interesting to hear. Anyway, this new series is cool and I wonder if some kids are going to feel curious and want to see the original.

Miss Representation FORGETS Brats and Antagonists

This here is going to be my second or third blog mentioning feminism. I am going to mainly be talking about this documentary “Miss Representation”. It talks about how harsh of a world this is for women and girls + the way media treat them. However, there is something that they are completely missing and it has happened to bother me for more than ten years now. The documentary often says things about women BUT it has to also talk about what little girls are facing. What they have NOT thought about is the way fictional works have portrayed little girls as brats or antagonists over the boys being the goodies so often by now.

Before I get into what they are forgetting TOTALLY, I’m going to show some clips from “Miss Representation”.

So it happens to all start with some lady talking about hearing that she found out there she was pregnant with a girl, she clearly sees what a scary world this is for women and girls. She’s very worried about what all this is going to play for her daughter. Recently, I found some old cards on my parents for delivering their baby girl or congratulating them for a baby girl. They were the ones they got when I was first born in 1996. Why could they have not looked around and thought about what kind of scary world they were bringing me into because of the way society and media treats women and girls??

Yikes! Poor them! I’m secretly not always impressed with my body shape whenever I look in the mirror but the people around somehow think the complete opposite. I guess what I am worried about is what guys would think of me and the way the media would treat me.

As far as I understand what the role of women was a long time ago,  it definitely makes it look as if the reason girls have often been brats or antagonists in many forms of fictional works is writers are thinking about making girls look STRONGER than boys. Since when does MEAN also mean STRONG?? It’s definitely not going to get the female population anywhere if they want rights, especially if those kind of characters are going to have a bad fate in the end.


Yeah, and I have kind of learned to see myself as a BRAT because I’ve been exposed and seen too much of that through media. That has made me feel like a bad person. I’ve mentioned before about nations having female presidents and prime ministers while the US is not one of them.  I know a very good reason why but I don’t think many want to hear even if it’s the truth.  I’ll get to that later.


It seems to me like when a famous woman is judged or made fun of, women and girls take it seriously. Well, for one thing, I know, is that my family HATES Hillary Clinton and KNOW that she is a liar and a criminal. So I can understand why media would say things like this. I’ve mentioned Sarah Palin before and how awful the media has been to her which fully explains that PragerU video about how conservative women are labeled, mocked, and pushed away from knowing they exist.  With that, this is one of the REAL reasons why the US has not had a female president. It’s because the silent majority population, that is Republicans are left with NO CHOICE if they want a female in office.  The government and all just seem to want the democrat women. I’m not going to be saying that all liberals are bad but I will tell you is that it feels like this to me because my family just so happens to think a negative thing about almost all democrats, even if they are women.  My mom has mentioned before that she doesn’t like the way they think of running the government and republicans have what it needs. Comparing to all that has surrounded me, it has had me learn to be a conservative. But when I just see how LOUD and RUDE the liberals happen to be toward conservatives + that they THINK they know what’s right for everything, it scares me. I will get to what the point is later on.


Again, women and girls take it seriously when famous women are mocked through media.  When it comes to feminists they also do happen to take it seriously through what fictional works do too. I’m rather kind of shocked that they are not facing the fact of how many times girls have been portrayed as antagonists over the boys.  In fact, feminism goes way too far making it as if women want to take control over EVERYTHING. Mr. Avallone’s video below will show some proof.


Honestly, let me just say, if you want a W, then go to WENDY’s!! If you want a queen and not a king, GO TO DAIRY QUEEN!!!


Now it is time that I showed proof on what Miss Representation should have thought about:

Do you see how many GIRLS are portrayed as BRATS and ANTAGONISTS???? I’ll go over a few of them. I never noticed that Cindy Brady was a brat. I talked once about DW before and that no matter what happens, if a girl is portrayed as a little or older sister they always have to be the bratty bitch, and if the boy is the older or younger brother they always have to be the one we feel sorry for. I prove more of that when it comes to Max and Ruby + Little Critter and the situation with Little Sister.  I never really noticed until now on what a brat Bart Simpson was, however many have had a lot of bad thoughts on LISA because of her taking the environment too seriously, showing rudeness around her brother and people somehow hated her after the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian”. They claimed for her to be the worst Simpson. So even if the boy is a brat, the girl is always complained about somehow and pointed out to be the bad ones. How PATHETIC! I know I hate vegans but unlike those dimwits I told you about, Lisa learned that pushing her thoughts on everyone was wrong. In reality with those jerks, they just do NOT.

The thing on Peanuts REALLY bothers me. The problem is, just about ALL OF the female characters are shown as mean around the victim boys.  It’s the complete opposite of what SJW’s fight against.  So let me name some of what I mean. There’s Sally who has quite a few times been mean to her brother and even though she loves Linus, she strangled him and called him a blockhead in “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. We have Violet, the one with her hair up, and is often shown to wear a green dress, who has been mean a lot. There’s Freida who is often that way too with Charlie Brown and brags about her naturally curly hair. There is Peppermint Paddy who has had some bad attitudes sometimes and hurt Charlie Brown’s feelings in the Thanksgiving episode. And of course, there’s the queen of brats herself, Lucy Van Pelt.  When Peter Griffen beat her up in a Family Guy clip, many thought Charlie Brown should have thanked him and that bitch deserved to have gone down. I guess so but it hurts me into thinking that I’m a bad person because I am a girl.  Therefore, the Peanuts franchise bothers me in a way with this:


I know Charles Schulz had a very rough childhood with bullying but it has never been mentioned what’s behind what I see. I think his major enemy was a girl and that’s the reason why so many of the female characters have an antagonist attitude toward the male characters.

However, some are also thinking that it’s possible he might have been a feminist too showing the reason why many of his female characters are so tough compared to the boys. These below give info about it:


Lucy! Fussbudget to Feminist


So why is this way BAD and why does it bother me? Easy!! Because viewers STILL feel bad for Charlie Brown and other boy characters + want to beat up the tough girls as if they were the villain. This does not make girls look more powerful but only makes them look like abominations for society. Therefore, it makes me feel pathetic inside. I see as if Schulz was showing the way of feminism the WRONG way. As far as a girl who wants rights, I want to see it down the RIGHT way. There has to be a balance between the good and bad with characters of both genders.


One of the honorable mentions is something I discovered recently. A lot of the female characters from Ed, Edd, and Eddy are portrayed as BAD. I haven’t seen the show but I’ve looked up some clips of it and did read about it.

Those Kanker Sisters are shown as the harassing antagonist rivals and Sarah is a spoiled, rude  + abusing brat.  It has been as if Sarah was the most HATED character and viewers were annoyed and irritated by her due to all that + abusing her big brother.

That’s the problem I’ve come to see often with female characters that have been getting too old now. Even if someone does feel bad for her or see her as a favorite, people just say “WHY?” because they are just too much of bigot brats who are too naughty to feel the need to love. Same thing with Angelica Pickles from Rugrats. In fact, this is one of the very big reasons why I am so ashamed of loving Marvin the Martian from the Looney Tunes franchise and see him as a favorite. Plus, there are many that feel sorry for him even as a destroying villain. What the hell is the difference between each of these characters? Why not treat them equally? But that’s not the topic for this blog.

So anyway, Nazz may be okay but she’s underdeveloped and is the stereotype Miss Representation has often talked about. The rest are just MINOR! Now, THIS doesn’t do ANYTHING to get girls’ rights on being good and successful!!!!! 😡

Wonder if genders were SWITCHED for each of the characters. Titled “An, Ann n Anny”, and nearly all of the male characters had a problem?  One of the girls had a bratty and rude little brother, one was a cute hunk every girl wanted, and three guys were harassing bullies to the three protagonists. That doesn’t sound like a show many boys would want to watch! So why should girls be watching or fanning a show like THIS?? So REPLUSIVE!!!

One can even see my point:

In fact, as we know, many of these brats are loved to hate:



So looky here! Eric Cartman may be a brat but the audience somehow can’t resist him. But look at all the girls that are just the opposite!!  Meg Griffen, Helga G Pataki, DW, Vicky, and of course Angelica Pickles from Rugrats is mentioned once again and she’s number one.   After you look at something from this video below, I will talk more about her:



I’ve been watching a lot of Rugrats lately. I’m not afraid of Angelica and know her attitude towards the babies is just too much.  As I can see one of the creators couldn’t stand her and was just an idea from one of the others who thought an antagonist for the show would work.  I understand, Lil, Susie, and Kimmie but the problem is Kimmie did not come as one of the original characters, Susie only makes occasional appearances, and Lil is rather divided with a boy twin. Plus, they are not the ones being shown to have the princess, doll + fashion love like many girls often do and I certainly do. What’s even worse? There were several times where it was just Tommy and Chuckie together who had to fight against the horrid Angelica. For example, the episode “What Big People Do”. That leaves all the good girl role models OUT just like with conservative women. I should also mention the episode “The Shot” where Tommy and his new friend Hector learned to deal with the shot while Angelica came out crying saying “I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!”  Does this mean boys are likely going to handle a shot better than girls???? I guess, when it comes to Angelica, I’m like “THAT’S THE LAST STRAW!!!!!” Are there REALLY more bratty girls than bratty boys??? That certainly won’t help with getting the female population rights!

Not to mention but Angelica had a fashion doll set and video game called “Totally Angelica” portraying as if she were the girly figure icon for the show. That’s terrifying to me because if you were like that, it also could mean that you’re also a brat.

With that, I have a confession to make that I am a little embarrassed to say but you better not kill me for it.  Even though Angelica’s horrible bratty and bully attitude is irritating and annoying, I can RELATE to her in a few ways. How? Well, I am an only child for one thing. My mom has not had a job for a long time while I was a child but she does now and it makes being home really boring when I come for summer break and all. I do understand why it wasn’t like that when I was little and I understand about making money. However, this goes for me to think of one of the biggest reasons why I don’t want to have kids. With that, I have a stepdad who is just so difficult for me to get along with. When it comes to sweets like cake, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and sometimes pie or chocolate candy, I go crazy for it and often of times when I am at a dinner party, on an airplane or so, the real food doesn’t impress me but many of what’s on the dessert menu have me satisfied. I’ve had a sweet tooth all my life however, I’m now disciplined to have real food first but it can be hard if all there is are things like pork, rice, beans, cold pasta salad, and veggies that make me wanna puke.

Not to mention but there are times when the people around me look as if they are idiots and it has me annoyed. There are also times where I wish it were all about me + be the queen or princess. Must not forget that I’ve grown to love the fashion world over the years and dressing up + makeup has me in heaven. Having my own fashion show would be wonderful as I can imagine! I cannot figure skate or cheerlead but I dream about it. Ballet too, even though I took a class when I was eight.  I love music and I can sing from time to time and when there is a karaoke nearby, I will often go for it, even though I get nervous to do it in front of others. How do I overcome it? I pretend one of my heroes were there. Angelica’s singing is awful but I’m better,  I hate to brag. Do I wish for being a movie star?  Sort of but really, for now, I want my character MABEL to be the superstar.

So you see, if you can see what all I am in this way, would you consider me a nasty, unlikeable brat because of the nasty Pickles girl? I hope not! Even if I do act that way, I’m showing my ASD meltdown and stress from the real world.

Anyway, let’s get back to my topic of this blog. The thing is, if women and girls are going to take it seriously when a famous woman is criticized over then they should be feeling the same thing whenever THESE female characters get criticized!

Now I better go back to what I mean with the situation with Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  I bet a feminist wrote this below:


Violet could not possibly have been picked after getting turned into a blueberry and even though Mr. Wonka tried to tell her the truth about the gum, she wasn’t listening like she didn’t care. Although, I do agree with one thing mentioned here. In the original movie, Charlie and Grandpa Joe broke the rules on not drinking the fizzy stuff and go flying about. It ruins the idea of Charlie’s character! But that’s not the point I am trying to explain here. As I got older, I see a similar situation with the female president idea.

So sexism is BLAMED for the reason why those two didn’t make it for the final go-round. Even though it’s not true. It has nothing to do with their sex but what they are inside! The same goes for why Hillary didn’t win the 2016 election. I can see Warren mentions the message to little girls on having to wait four more years. Well, what if the girls are conservative and don’t realize the issue of how and why republican women are never candidates??

Let me just say that as far as I want rights as a woman, I do think that feminism has a lot of negative acts to it and goes way over the top. I guess am trying to point out to feminists “Look! Isn’t that something you’re against? Why don’t you do something about it???”

This son of a bitch below has called out on the PragerU video about what is so problematic about conservative women.


This is SO bullshit!!! When I saw this it made my blood boil and it made me feel like a loser.  VAUSH, you just don’t see the point!!! You hope that republicans will all just stay straight white men. NO VAUSH!!! NO!!!!! Don’t you see? This is why not many people from different races have come to the presidency and if it continues to be this way with conservative women, we will NOT get a female president anytime soon.  Go on and laugh at it all you want like a total jerk but there is proof to all this. What happened with Sarah Palin is one of them. And what you just said about Melanie Trump is JUST the point they were giving out about what’s happening. Conservative women are being ditched and treated as if they are nothing to it all! It’s just so mean and I can’t believe how rude you are!  You sound like a total hypocrite when you mocked Heather Higgens trying to explain what’s going on and that just shows that you only CARE about feminism if they are liberal. I want to be successful but you say I can’t because I am a conservative woman! You say conservative women are just as big mother fuckers as every other conservative! Well, if you voted for Hilary Clinton because you wanted a female president, then that if VERY hypocritical! Because imagine if there were a female Republican women and male Democrat as the last two candidates in battle for taking the office. I would assume you’d choose the male Democrat because you have a major problem with those on the right in the White House.  Republicans feel the exact same way when a Democrat is running the nation but you don’t see them complaining when it happens!  That just shows what spoiled hypocrites you really are! Wow, I’m going to feel so bad for them if they ever this butt hurt video. It’s just so unfair!!

So what is the full issue? Well, technically the US is NOT a democracy but a republic. Conservatives as I can see wish to keep the country running the way the constitution says. Liberals wish to transform and in a lot of ways, basically, DESTROY the constitution.  Our founding fathers would not have wanted that. It hurts the US too. That’s where I came up with a story like this similar tp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Five famous candidates or politics come back in time to see George Washington.  Those people are George W Bush, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Al Gore.  Washington is not pleased with what the four democrats want to do and therefore get some kind of fate that served them right.  He’s however pleased with what Bush wanted and even though he’s completely disrespected with the whole Iraq War thing, he still has what the country needs and is chosen as the favorite of what Washington hopes to see America continue to be in the future. Or this man could be Donald Trump. I don’t know. This should be a suggestion to PragerU on a story for them to write.

As you can see, the four democrats are represented as the four rotten children. The one who followed the rules is a republican man. The two women in here didn’t win not because of their sex but because they didn’t have what the nation deserves or needs.  Although feminists will still blame sexism but it’s a bit of a message that the reason we still haven’t had a female president is because there are no female conservative candidates. Compare that to Charlie/Willy Wonka, without a rule-following girl in the mix, I don’t see a reason to be a good girl.

There are a few other works that show the often stereotype with girls as antagonists over boys.  One is Dennis the Menace. Margaret Wade happens to be shown as a character that annoys and hurts Dennis.


Although there is also Gina who Dennis sees as awesome.


The problem is, Gina DID NOT appear in THIS live-action Dennis the Menace movie and left only Margaret in as the little female character.

Even though Dennis is known to be a trouble maker, he happens to be lovable and many have complained for Margaret to be a brat. Therefore, it once again shows that the girls have to be the mean one no matter what.


Another I should mention is the movie “Shorts”.


Most of the child characters are boys while the one main female child character, Helvetica Black is a total menace, and even showed herself to be worse than her brother, Cole who was also a bully by wishing he was a dung beetle.  So there you have it, media often portrays girls as brats and antagonists which is something Miss Representation did not think about.  Although what I did find that I found impressive in this movie is that Toby, the main character had little aliens being his friends. That takes a break from the horrible stereotype fictional works do to aliens.

I probably mentioned this before too but I am going to mention it again to remind you all on what scary issue this is.


This is a screenshot from the 1997 movie “Zeus and Roxanne”. The movie is about the friendship between this dog in the picture and a dolphin. Who doesn’t love a good film about animal friendship? This is a good movie for those who do but if you’re also a little girl looking to have rights, this is your WORST nightmare.  You see Jordan the little boy in this screencap who happens to also own Zeus had his way on being good while those two girls, Judith and Nora had some bad behavior. They even teased Jordan while playing a card game and Jordan soon stood up for them. While my family was watching it with me, my stepdad said “Bad Bad girls!” and my mom claimed they weren’t very nice. Honestly, it had my heart sink just like the women and girls do when a famous woman is mocked. Why? Because it once again shows that girls are so often the bad ones over boys being the good ones. It makes me feel like I am not a good person and a loser.  It makes me think that if I were a boy, I would’ve enjoyed movies, books, and TV shows like all of the above more.

Here comes something that you might find kind of shocking to find out. It’s about the 1995 movie “Babe”. The one about the little pig that learns to be like a herding dog. Don’t get me wrong now! This is one of my favorite movies of all time and my mom was pregnant with me when it was released. This is a very good reason I don’t eat pork all that much!

However, during the Christmas scenes where the Hoggets family visits, another piece of JUVENILE sexist crap emerges:


That’s right!! ANOTHER bratty little girl in the house. It’s as if Angelica dyed her hair! Nothing is seen about the little boy but I’m sure he might be the good one leaving the little girls with no choice as to if they were all brats!! This movie as far as I know has some animal rights points BUT ONCE AGAIN, bad news for little girls who want rights just like women.  I can see that her grandfather the farmer feels rather hurt about the fact she didn’t like the dollhouse he made for her but Mrs. Hogget somehow comforted her like it’s no big deal if a child behaves this way + plus mom just laughed for the same reason. Wanting a dollhouse being shown on the television? Isn’t that what all children look for?

Not to mention but I learned something that I kind of find even more horrifying when it comes to all of what I showed above.


So all boys once had a chance that could’ve been in a world where everything looks miserable, can’t do much or be shown as a BRAT??  How scary is that???  No wonder we have women’s rights!! Society needs to think about it that all men start as girls and almost had a chance to be one. It also shows that being a girl means you stayed normal while with the society around you, it’s normal to be a spoiled and mean brat or something.


Why am I taking this seriously? Society says it themselves. If you can see it, you can be it but you cannot be what you can’t see. But what happens when I see girls portrayed and treated like this so much?  Another reason I hope for Mabel to be successful. Plus, I find it appealing to myself that Marcia and Pricilla are the only students behaving themselves around Mabel as the substitute teacher.  I was someone who would show as much respect around the substitute and not think that I can misbehave as much as I wanted to like the others. Having the girls do it relates to that. Even though Cheyenne will sometimes be shown as a brat, and Crystal may be shown to often hurt Marvin, at least there will still be LOTS of good female characters balancing things out.  Another thing is, technically as far as I have seen for proof, GIRLS tend to MATURE faster than boys + play more nicely. This Calvin and Hobbes strip proves it:


So pulling them into the brat through media DESTROYS that fact.

Mabel’s Relationship with Steffi Love

Yesterday, I discovered a doll franchise by a company called Simba known as “Steffi Love”. I saw a few of her dolls sets while shopping at TJ Maxx. Then just today, I looked up more and saw so much compared to Barbie AND what I want for Mabel. That’s what I am going to talking about for this blog.  I will also show you some new ideas for my cartoons.

So I will show you some sets of what I am talking about that compares so much to what I want for Mabel.


Themed Dolls:





Fashion Sets:



Dream House and Furniture:







Cars and Other Vehicles:


Hair Special dolls:


Beauty Treatment Sets:


Styling Heads:


Babysitting Themes:


Superstar Sets




Princess Themes




Makeup, Jewelry and other sets for girls



Even a sewing machine that makes fashions for the doll:


Steffi has a little girl doll in the franchise that clearly represents Marcia. Her name is Evi and she and Steffi have adventures just like Mabel and Marcia. Evi also has sets of her own.


Now this looks like what I can see for Mabel and Marcia!



I can totally see a Mabel bride doll and Marcia flower girl doll together!


Of course, there is a guy too in the franchise named Kevin:


Steffi Love surprisingly was out in the 90s! Looking at all of it I just think it is so time for something new! That is having space be blended in with a theme of this kind of franchise by letting it be a bunch of alien girls. It literally combines sci-fi and chick stuff showing as if girls can be into sci-fi too.

I will now get on with more ideas.

“Mabel’s The Man”: For part of the plot, Marvin must speak in public on a stage but he’s too embarrassed and scared to do it for some reason. All that is part of his new job that he got in a previous episode, and now he and others of his workmates, (which are possibly, Daffy, Bugs, Porky, and Pete) must do a debate on a stage in front of many people. I’m not sure what that new job would be though. Anyway, Marvin decides that he wants to go on vacation instead.  In that case, that’s where Mabel decides to cover for him by pretending to be him while at the same time, Serena wants to flirt with him. Maizzy is trying to help out and get Serena to understand but she keeps pushing her back. At one point when Serena tries to flirt with Marvin who is really Mabel in disguise, Mabel is about to explode on anger, but she manages to calm down and responds as if she was Marvin. Therefore, they get into fights twice in this episode. Maizzy has a big interest in wanting to be near Marvin for this episode but Serena keeps hitting her as if she is very competitive over wanting Marvin for herself.

At one point in an episode Mabel tells Marcia that her mother is dead too but that doesn’t mean she can’t talk to her and knows she hears her. Mabel explains that it is what angels do. Both their mothers have wings of satin and crowns of roses living in a castle of golden flowers. When the angels want to go someplace, they whistle and cloud comes to the castle picking them up like taxi or bus would. As the angels fly through the sky riding the cloud like a magic carpet, through the starts, and under the moon until they hover above us and that’s how they can look down on them both to see how their beloveds are doing. Mabel also says how they sometimes send messages and they never give up, even if there was a loud crowd. They always try again in case you’ve missed it.

The Substitute Teacher: In this episode, we get to see the routine Marcia’s class goes through and. Mabel hears about the teacher not being able to make it because her flight was coming in late. She believes that since she has so much fun taking care of Marcia, then Mabel would be able to do it with being a substitute. She gets a list from the principal or so about the routine the children have and what to make sure they don’t do.

All of the students in there misbehave and show disrespect with Mabel all except Pricilla and Marcia. In the beginning, as Marcia is getting ready for school, she accidentally has her dress on backward. We see the cubby where all of the students keep their backpacks and jackets. Mabel tries to teach everyone math problems, what the day and month for today is, what the weather is, and reads them a story (I don’t know what it will be yet). They have circle time of course and at one point they learn some kind of dance. I’m taking inspiration from what happened to me in kindergarten. Each of the students had a special job every day. For this episode it is for Marcia to be the star student (so she’s first in line), and Pricilla gets to wipe down the tables. Sylvester Jr. ends up as the end of the line or known as caboose.

As the students go into playtime centers, we see that the class has a reading area, sand table, play kitchen + tool area, and Marcia is shown playing in the dress-up section, the blocks, and the painting + art area. This where Mabel notices a lot of disrespect with many of the students. She also sees a lot of disrespect when the go out on the playground for recess. We see Pricilla and Marcia play on the swings and slide. At lunchtime, Marcia pulls out a sandwich, an apple, and what looks like one of Mabel’s cookies. Pricilla asks if it is one and decide to share. They both love Mabel’s baking talent. However, the other students don’t know how to behave around a substitute like her. Mabel wonders if this was a big mistake to do cause it feels like purgatory.

When I was in kindergarten my class used to play this song whenever playtime was over and we had to clean up:

I know this song played in a Tiny Toons episode so it would definitely be a fit to happen in Marcia’s class.

When Marvin comes to pick both Marcia and Mabel up, they tell him about all the disrespect she got in the classroom. Marvin felt very angry about how some naughty children could show bad behavior toward the girl he loves. Crystal says “I warned you” to Mabel about how she had no experience at that. Later Crystal gives a workout and Mabel started to improve at that. But when she achieved to improve the behavior of all kids, the original teacher came back and Mabel had to leave the class. That didn’t stop the other students from being glad that she’s still around which they secretly liked her especially Marcia and Pricilla.

“Mabel the Beauty Queen: So Mabel competes in a beauty pageant, and she has a rival also in it that is a mean human girl that wishes for Mabel not to win and demands she will never win because of her alien differences. She says to Mabel that she is ugly and shouldn’t be there which hurts her badly. Of course Mabel’s friends would help with hair and makeup and stuff like that. There are 3 competition parts. One for best ballet dancing, one for best swimsuit and one for best beautiful ball gown. The winner of that will win the crown and sash. Mabel would win the first part about ballet, of course. Later, the other girl wins for the best swimsuit, and Mabel would win the last one about the best dress, becoming the winner of the pageant. Mabel does win the crown and sash + becomes a Martian girl in an unexpected legend to enter and win. The other girl doesn’t understand anything and gets mad.

In the Valentine’s Day episode, I thought that since Gossamer is heart-shaped, Marvin should end up finding him and thinking he would be the gift for Mabel, but it doesn’t work out.

At one point I am thinking that Marvin has a duet once again with Michigan J. Frog in some episode.

As far as I am thinking, other dog characters like Charley Dog, Sam Sheepdog, and Mark Anthony + his kitten friend Pussyfoot would be shown on cameo sometimes in the dog park scenes. Also, many other cat characters from the classic cartoon might be shown on cameo if Mabel or so has a time where is going past a dirty dumper area.

I probably didn’t mention this on here but Granny and Tweety are living as Mabel’s next-door neighbors in this series.

I also recently thought of an episode where Merula and Dr. Moron kidnap Marcia. I don’t know what for though yet. They admit to her on what a bad boy her uncle was and Marcia just says that her uncle never meant to do anything bad + he’s got a good heart if taken a look into his place. They tell Marcia that she is oh so adorable and still wish to do something awful to her. Merula abuses her the most just like she does with Mabel and Dr. Moron thinks has no reason for her uncle to be supporting her. Marcia clearly acts as if she wants to be let go and wants her uncle Marvin cause he would know how to free her. They even try to take Roxie away from her. Of course, Marvin and Mabel come to rescue her. Marcia claims that Merula and Dr. Moron are super mean and don’t know how to treat a 5-year-old.

I had another idea for the episode with Madam Norwalk. Mabel has studied what all would happen if humans disappeared from the Earth. Not only would wild species be happily thriving and atmosphere become cleaner in decades or centuries but it will have it’s cons too which she doesn’t like to hear. Power plants and all would collapse which means Mabel and her Martian friends won’t have anyone to keep their entertainment going. Food will also start to rot and dissolve in the supermarkets and then Mabel and every one of the aliens who have moved to the Earth to get rights can’t get fed. Since it’s looking that Martians have a long life span, they might be able to see when beloved landmarks and buildings start to break which would be sad for her cause she really loves the view of them all. The saddest thing Mabel hates to see is pets beginning to starve and break out of the houses + yards because their owners are not coming home. The big ones will also start to eat the little ones. As I said, during the time of Madam Norwalk’s go around evil plan after she’s already been to several places around the world turning people into animals, she will clearly see some it already starting to happen and knows she must do something.  Not to mention but all of the domestic farm animals will be the exact same way and even DIE. But Madam N doesn’t believe Mabel and thinks they will be living free as if they are going for what nature intended for them to be. That is to continue as their wild ancestors. Even though Mabel has already discovered several comments from extreme environmental maniacs about how the world would be so much better if humans were gone, she still really does believe that there is a chance that man can leave some good for the Earth as long as they’ve got the intelligent aliens around to teach them better ways. Madam N has already been to Paris, London, Rome, Australia, China, Japan, Alaska, Africa, India, Russia, South America, New York, DC, and mentions going to the North Pole later on. I’m wondering if this might actually be where Mabel is a secret agent type of superhero but I am not sure. I may have said before that when people get shot by Madam N’s animal transform weapon, they don’t mind the transformation and immediately go on with their lives as whatever species they are. For example, if one gets turned into some kind of bird, they will immediately fly happily. It horrifies those around them though.

At one point, I’m thinking that Marvin, Mabel, and many of the other characters go up to that little telescope station that is often shown for Marvin to be in. It was the setting in Hare Way to the Stars, and Rabbit Run during Marvin’s scenes. It was also in Acme Arsenal and Marvin Strikes Back video games. I thought that, during this episode, Marvin, Mabel, K9, Alph-A, and a few others go up there to keep an eye on what Madam N is doing through the Martian TV + look through the telescope to see. This is where Mabel sees that pets are beginning to suffer. K9 and Alph-A droop and feel bad for them. It is also where they come up with how they can defeat Madam N and bring everything back to normal. 

I mentioned before about Elmer Fudd all of a sudden getting turned into a wolf. Bugs and Daffy think for a moment that the cartoons won’t be the same without his normal self so this is one point where they urge to save him. They join the team to stop Madam N. Or are they separate? I’m thinking that this is one time where Daffy turns himself into Duck Dodgers for the series. As what he did in Back in Action with “Duck Dodgers to the rescue!” only this time, the jet pack works the first time but it makes Madam Norwalk mad. She’s completely surprised to see how animals are willing to stop her plan when they should be happy about humans being gone. At one point, the two also feel the urge that they should save Marvin because he’s been stuck for a very long time at the top of Madam N’s terrifying walking machine. Mabel is on the same situation with getting him down.  I’m not sure which team or not comes back with a spaceship that will be shooting bullets at the giant walking machine. Of course, one of them is worried that they might hit poor Marvin who’s been stuck riding on it.

I also decided that Madam N turns Granny into a parakeet and Tweety + Sylvester have no idea what is happening. But I do know that Tweety will rise on the urge to stop Madam N. Because, without Granny’s normal self, Tweety won’t get feed and Sylvester will be more likely to eat him without his normal cat food.

Meanwhile, for the final battle of Madam N, she starts to head for the WB studio. The two teams follow after her. When they get there, all of the employees have already been turned into animals. While there, Mabel helps Marvin get down and they both slide down a roof.  Right after her machine collapses, it lands breaking a bunch of building walls. From there Madam Norwalk gets out and fights Mabel and the rest. Pretty soon Mabel uses her secret power, trapping Madam N’s leg in a stump. The weapon is destroyed too which ends up turning everyone back to normal. When figuring out that Madam Norwalk is an alien from Uranus, one of the characters says it is weird that Madam N would want to destroy humanity even though she is already human. Mabel says “That’s because she’s actually an alien from the planet… *pulls off her human mask* Uranus!” Everybody laughs after hearing the planet’s name. Madam Norwalk growls with anger before the scene where she is sent to prison.  Note: I’m kind of making a joke for PETA being aliens because even though they make humans look evil, they are already that kind themselves. It doesn’t make sense so this joke is born.

My mother made a suggestion that Jennifer Saunders does the voice of Madam N. To her it’s good enough especially after her role as the fairy godmother in Shrek 2. I definitely wanted it to be a British lady voicing Madam N.

What I thought about for sure, is one where the characters go bowling.  They will make two teams to play, but Mabel, Marvin, Crystal, and someone else plays a bit before the group arrives. Marvin is not so good at it. When all the group is there, they decide Mabel and Cheyenne are who have to pick their teammates. Crystal jumps and says “pick me” many times, so Mabel would choose her and she would say “yes!” At some point, Mabel says that she picks *** and Marvin smiles exited, but Mabel finishes the sentence and says “Maizzy”, and Marvin gets disappointed again. Mabel doesn’t pick Marvin at any time and he ends up being the last one and is placed on Cheyenne’s team by default. So Marvin is very sad because Mabel didn’t choose him and thinks she could be mad at him or something.  The teams are Mabel with Crystal, Maizzy, and Serena + Cheyenne with Lilly, Marvin, and Milly.

Marcia gets a robot pony much like Mabel’s robot horse, Beau-T. I don’t know what her name could be though.

In the episode where Mabel and Marvin visit China, I want to put in a Kung Fu Panda reference where one of the characters says, “Skadoosh!”

I thought it would be cute if Marcia practiced her ballet moves with, Marvin, as her dance partner.

Mabel is assigned to babysit Ada and Teo so Martin and Nina can have their wedding anniversary dinner.

I’m wondering if Marvin’s grill with walking legs from that episode of Taz-Mania has an appearance at some point in the series.

At one point I also thought that Marvin has a nightmare about going to hell and Crystal is shown as the devil guard.  She claims to him that’s he’s been such a nasty boy and doesn’t deserve any for forgiveness. Frightened Marvin nearly gets fire thrown at him. He wakes up realizing it was just a nightmare. Mabel comforts him and says that this doesn’t need to happen because she knows there is still a gentle side in him and they’ll be able to fly up to heaven together. Then Crystal comes in asking “Who wants a BISCUIT?” Marvin sees demon scary look on her and then screams + runs off-screen while Mabel is just sitting there with an annoyed look. That’s where that episode ends. I got the idea from the episode of Rugrats “What Big People Do”, where Angelica comes out from the curtains saying to Chuckie and Tommy “Oh boys, time to play HOUSE!” and has the nightmare fuel look on her. Honestly I kind of thought that was creepy and funny at the same cause what could be scary about playing house OR being offered some biscuits? I don’t know what the whole theme of this episode would be but I think the nightmare part came from something Crystal told Marvin in the climax of the episode.

I’m thinking of an episode where Crystal pretends to twist her ankle and end up a bandage around her foot + lie in bed for a little while. She does it so she can prove to all of the other Martian girls that Marvin is selfish and uncaring as she asks him for attention while in pain. What really happens is Mabel and Marvin stay over at her house so they can help her. They leave a buzzer for her which would be a button that makes a buzzing noise to let anyone know if she needs something. She does this several times until she can prove. After all that Marvin and even Mabel are getting warn out after it and that’s where Crystal is seeing the inconsiderate side of Marvin when in reality he’s beginning to wonder if Crystal is really playing a trick again in which she is. Some of you may think Cyrstal is a complete jerk throughout the series. I said before she really isn’t a bad girl, she’s just over top on the fact that a bunch of Martian girls are in love with an alien who wants to destroy planet Earth in which she finds so absurd. From there, it gives her the excuse to be rude to Marvin and act as if he does not deserve forgiveness. That doesn’t impress many of the others though.

In the episode where everybody is quarantined from a so-called virus going around, Mabel sees a wishing star and says “Please, please, please!” as if she wants good to rise up soon. The big star turns out to be Venus and soon Mabel has her deceased mother as a ghost spirit.

That’s all I’ve got for now.



Mabel AND Marcia Fashion Sketches

I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted a blog about Mabel and her cartoons. I’m finally back with them now with fashion sketches of her AND Marcia. I’ve got new mini-dolls to show you too as well as episode plans. I think I will share some video game ideas too.


I found a nightgown and robe online somewhere and I wanted to see how it would look on Mabel.


I’ve decided to draw a few closeups of Mabel’s fashions for some of the dolls of her. This is what the Hidden Secrets doll would look like. The one with the locker and stuff to make secret notes. Stickers, stampers, etc. Milly and Cheyenne will also be available.


Here is a closeup look of the scuba diver Mabel doll. She will really swim when you put her in water.


Here is the look of the Diamond Dust Doll. She is sparkly head to toe and has change around looks. I want her to come with a necklace for you to wear.


The look of the Twisty Braid doll. A Milly doll will also be available.



This is a closeup of Mabel’s pink party dress for the Secret Locket doll.  Believe it or not, a Serena doll will also be available.  I took inspiration from a cupcake dress and Locket Surprise Barbie from 1994.


Here is what I want the Curl or Straight doll to look like. I know Mabel looks an awful lot like Crystal for this. This is modeled after Magic Curl Barbie from the 1980s.


This is the outfit for Magic Beads Mabel. The doll that will come with over 100 beads to put in her hair and YOURS.


The look for Charming Earring Mabel. The doll with charms on her hoop earrings. Hearts, Stars and Crescent Moons! Her belt is also a bracelet for you and you can use the charms on them.


Here is what Singing Bluebird Mabel would look like. She is the one that comes with a bird that looks so much like Tweety and sings when you place it in her hand.


This is what Cut N Style Mabel would wear!

Now here are some fashions I designed for Marcia. I speak about some episodes too:


Here is Marcia’s ballet outfit. I decided on Mabel to be a ballet expert because it’s shown a lot for the Barbie franchise and for Marica, she would look cute doing it since she’s got a tutu herself from her appearance. It’s also inspired by a lot of famous little girl characters, such as Peppa Pig, Strawberry Shortcake, the girls from Despicable Me and so much more.


This is Marcia’s bathing suit and since she’s so little, she has to wear water wings.


These are Marcia’s PJ’s. Here she is holding her alien dollie, Roxie.


I thought I’d draw a close up of Roxie and the alien teddy bear, Oliver.

Roxie is looked upon as a baby to Marcia. She sleeps in a toy crib in Marcia’s room while Oliver, her alien teddy sleeps with her.

More on Roxie would be that she closes her eyes when lied down. I don’t know or not but Roxie also might talk. She’s like alien wah-wah Susie doll or something like that.  It’s mentioned that Roxie is from planet Saturn and Oliver is from Jupiter.

Mabel flashbacks the Black Friday sale on when she first got Roxie so she can give it to Marcia for Christmas. She was the last one on the shelf. Roxie was labeled a lovable realistic alien baby girl from the beautiful planet Saturn. Although she gets in a fight with a woman who would like to buy that for her daughter. Mabel won!


Here’s what Marcia wears for her birthday party. Her birthday is in February so she’s got a long sleeve dress and also her red Mary Jane shoes. I have a plot for that episode too.

For an episode that is almost near the end of the entire series, Marcia has her 6th birthday party. For this one, Mabel is the one making the cake and Marvin is taking the time to put her bike present together. Crystal wants to get into the jump castle with the children but doesn’t want to do it without Marvin. She goes over to the garage to find him. Marvin isn’t sure but Crystal really wants him to join her. He ends up saying it would be okay if he took a break. Marcia wondered what her uncle and Crystal were doing in the kid’s play castle. Marvin and Crystal believed as if they were floating through outer space or walking on the moon. Soon Marvin needs to get back to work. Crystal offers the children to play musical chairs. I can imagine one of the characters almost accidentally sitting on another when the music stops. Mimi wins this game. Just after that Marvin is finished with the bike and comes to the yard putting it aside for later. Milly offers everyone to play the pin the tail on the donkey game, or is it some other animal? Marcia was the first one up and goes so far and ends up sticking the tail ON MARVIN. This time, Pricilla was the closet to this game and wins. The next game they play is Pass the Parcel. I know Marcia the birthday girl ends up winning this one. The inside prize is a pack of crayons. When it is time for cake, Mabel comes out with it, and just as Marcia blows out the candles and makes a wish, Sylvester Jr. pops a balloon. He is very angry that he didn’t win any party games. Some wonder what Marcia wished for. She tells them if it happened it won’t come true, but we somehow hear from her taking to the views that she wished (it has something to do with her uncle but I don’t know what. Let me know what you think on that too.) Now I know exactly what all the presents from each of the guests are:

Milly: Shoes (Milly claims she loves to shop and when she found them she knew they would be perfect)

Crystal: Toy Gun (Marcia isn’t sure what to think of it but Crystal tells her she will grow into it and now has one just like her uncles.)

Mabel: Dress for Roxie

Cheyenne: Summer Bucket Hat

Mimi: Block Set

Sylvester Jr.: Jigsaw Puzzle

Pricilla: Fairytale Book.

Marvin: Bicycle

Serena: Amethyst Necklace

Maizzy: Secret Keeper Box

In the end, everyone took turns whacking the piñata. Sylvester Jr. was finally the winner this time. All the candy, toys and even stickers come flying out.


Here is Marcia dressed up as a fairy princess when she plays dress-up with Pricilla in a new episode I have planned. It’s called “Runaway Marcia”. The thing is, I’m thinking of what all I was into when I was Marcia’s age and use some of that inspiration for her.

It starts out with her uncle Marvin locking her out cause he was having romantic privacy with Mabel. When talking to Milly, Marcia explains why she is mad and Milly tries to explain that Mabel and her uncle just want some time alone. Apparently, Marcia wants to know what they are doing but it’s private. Marcia thinks Marvin does not want to spend time with her anymore as she tries to say to Milly and that’s when she decides to run away.  It happens even though Milly wants to tell her that it doesn’t mean that her uncle can’t spend time with her anymore. Marcia is just too unhappy about it and runs away. She has Roxie ride in the backseat of her Power Wheels car and has a few packed bags. She goes to see Pricilla at Porky Pigs house. They wonder what has happened to Marcia and what she is doing there. They suggest about offering Marcia some ice cream and what she wants is a sundae with chocolate syrup, jellybeans, sprinkles, and cherries. Everybody gets some.

How do Marvin and Mabel know about Marcia running away? Milly tells them and explains how Marcia felt when Marvin locked her out. That’s when they look for her. Meanwhile, the children are playing dress-up in Pricilla’s room. They also have a tea party, play with blocks and draw at some point while there. I think maybe the dress up and tea party happens last. For the drawings, Pricilla draws a piggy princess, and Marcia draws her and Marvin together. While dressing up Pricilla dresses as a fancy tea party lady with many accessories such as a beaded necklace, flower hat, gloves and stuff like that. Marcia dresses as a fairy princess. Pricilla also has play makeup in her room. They paint their nails and all that. Then they have their tea party wearing those clothes.

While playing together, they have a conversation about what Marvin did to her and what she heard from Milly. They also mention a lot about how cool Mabel is. Pricilla and Marcia are both fans of Mabel and see her as a very heroic spacewoman. While dressing up, Marcia mentions that Pricilla’s costume looks like something Mabel would wear. Marcia also mentions how Mabel bakes the best cupcakes and cookies. They both agree that it’s one thing they love about her. Even though Marcia really loves Mabel’s company, she tells Pricilla that she would really like to spend time with her uncle again and just wishes she could have him to herself cause she just loves him very much.

Of course, Marvin comes to find Marcia and explains that he’d never let her go. They go home and Marcia is so glad that she has her uncle back. Marcia didn’t think her uncle would recognize her while disguised as a fairy princess but he did. She shows him the picture she drew of them together.

I am starting to wonder what Marvin does when he goes into Porky Pigs’ house. I can imagine him looking angry saying “Where is my niece?” That is before he gets told that she’s playing upstairs with Pricilla. Marvin is let in for a visit and when Marcia comes down and sees, she doesn’t think her uncle will recognize her in the disguise but he does. Marvin explains that he would never give her up for Mabel and they walk home together. There more though. I was suggested that maybe Porky and Daffy would plan something to defeat Marvin because they think he will do something evil and they don’t still know that he had left his evil plans behind. So, when Marvin realizes that, he gets worried because of Marcia for being at Porky’s house, and he thinks Porky and Daffy want to do something to her. That’s why he looks mad when he comes over.

I want Marcia’s Power Wheels car to look like this:



I don’t know if I have shown you thins before but this is Marcia’s flower girl dress. She wears this for Marvin and Mabel’s wedding and possibly Martin and Nina’s too. I have decided that Martin and Nina get married in a later season and end up having twins later on. Marcia would have a half-sister and half brother.


Their names are Ada and Teo. They are inspired by Phil and Lil from Rugrats + Guillermo and Isabella from Dora the Explorer.

When Nina goes to the doctor to get a checkup and she asks about if she is having a boy or girl, the doctor tells her she is having twins. When the babies are born, Nina says that they are being delivered early. It took a little while and it is said that maybe they can’t decide who should come out first. Marcia sometimes has a little trouble getting along with these two but mostly has fun with them. At one point as toddlers at Mabel and Marvin’s wedding, they try to mess with the wedding cake but Nina stops them.

Even though Marcia is suggested that she can come back and live with her father now that she has a new mommy, she decides that she wants to stay with her uncle because he is too hard to resist. Marcia worries about Nina at one point turning evil because of how many stepfamilies turn out in fairy tales like Cinderella. But she wasn’t like that at all.

So I think I will show you the mini-doll sets now.


They will all come in these beautifully designed lipstick and nail polish cases.


Here is a locket that you can really wear around your neck AND will transform into a little play set for your mini doll. This one will turn into a salon vanity. It will come with the accessories to the left.


This one becomes a day at the beach. The dolls can really ride the waves on the surfboard in the water.


This one is a school cool classroom. The pen attached to it is for you to use on the little board. You are the official teacher.


Here we have a locket that opens to a ballet studio with a couple of audience seats. It has a stand so the doll can twirl around like a real ballerina.


Mini Doll Purse 1

You never know what you will find in a cool girl’s purse! This one opens to a little room set up for a slumber party of four. The TV will have something on it, and I think it will be a screenshot of one of the episodes. That thing in the bottom left is a truth or dare game that really spins.

Mini Doll Purse 2

This purse opens to a pop star stage and dance floor. There is a dressing closet and vanity near the disk jockey and the floor really lights up. So does the disco ball.  I think this set will play music too. It’s funny how many play sets use these with a juice bar when in reality they are really bars with a bunch of alcoholic stuff. I wish they really would sell non-alcoholic fruit juice and smoothie cocktails cause alcohol is just too strong for me.


This jewelry box turns into a town center mall. It comes with all the accessories shown at the top right. The bottom draw would open to be flat and a parking garage would in there + a cool car. I’m not good at drawing cars so I couldn’t draw it. Anyway, you can see the escalator in between and has an electronics store, shoe store, beauty salon, accessories store and food court at the top. The sandwich in the accessories pile is supposed to be a Philly cheesesteak. The accessories store would have little slots for the sunglasses.

So I think I will share some episode ideas now. There are some mini ideas too.

If I get the permission to bring Maarla from an LT DC comic strip, she would appear in one episode where Mabel is feeling all-jealous. Marvin realizes in the end how much better Mabel is because she loves Marvin physically and Maarla just loves to get gifts from him. Plus, Mabel has done so much kindness for Marvin. Mabel drops a bucket of ice cream on Maarla to show her whose boss. Maarla screams at Mabel saying she’s a freak. Everyone nearby says altogether, “Maarla got creamed” Crystal pulls out a bullhorn and says it with them. At one point when Maarla tries to stay over, she accidentally leaves her trunk out while it’s raining. Everyone finally brings it in and everything including her gowns + shoes are wet and makeup has melted. Mabel feels disgusted inside that she wears fur from real animals. Maarla also calls Mabel a major looser by showing hand expressions.

In the episode about Rome, Mabel and Marvin just go. One of Mabel’s friends says before they go that they are visiting the where pizza was invented. While there, they make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, get some Gelato, ride on a moped and see many sights, including the Coliseum. While Mabel is around looking at fashions through the windows, Marvin finds a statue of Mars, thinking he looks just like him, only taller. A lot of people in Rome look at Marvin is very interesting compared to that.

In the episode where Mabel tries out for soccer, somebody invites to try out at first. Mabel isn’t sure because was wearing sandals. They tell her to take them off and does so. She kicks so hard that the ball accidentally hits someone’s beer bottle and breaks. During preparation, Mabel does some running and pull-ups to prove she’s strong. She even pretends to juggle the ball with her feet by using eggs. At one point the egg goes flying and lands on someone’s head. Many people are not sure about Mabel playing soccer with a bunch of tall people because she’s so small and could easily get hurt. She does get hurt a few times but gets better.

In a flashback, in between the senior prom and graduation, Serena, Maizzy, and Crystal are walking in the hallway and are fighting about the guy that came to the prom + danced with Mabel which was Marvin. They start running and chasing each other in the hall + knock over a bunch of trash cans, cleaning supplies and lots other stuff causing them to take a turn slipping and falling. Mabel and Milly see this happen and run after them to stop them. They all are caught and sent to the principle.

At a party, someone throws a shoe at Crystal causing her to knock out unconscious. Mabel tries to get help.

I probably didn’t mention this about Cheyenne. She loves leopard print. Some of her costumes may be inspired by the Cheetah Girls.

I’m wondering if it would be ok to have an episode where Mabel joins to the Toon Squad cheerleader group. At one point, her team and the other team’s cheerleaders make fun of each other while cheering for their teams.

In Serena’s second or third episode, she tries to flirt with Marvin and she wants him to date her, not Mabel. At the same time, Mabel dresses up as Marvin pretending to be him. In the end, Marvin says that he loves Mabel. Serena just accepts that and becomes friends with Mabel again and they also decide to share and spend their time together. She becomes just like Milly on her crush on Marvin.

In “Adventures in Babysitting”, Mabel knew Crystal was willing to get more money for electronics. That’s one of the biggest reasons why she is the one who babysits Marcia. Also, Crystal tries to help Marcia get to sleep by at first giving her ice cream. (She asks for strawberry) Then Crystal reads her a sweet bedtime story, but she still feels scared. Also, Crystal tries to explain HOW the movie they watched isn’t real and how it was made.

Marvin tries to send a present for Mabel and he gets a return to sender.

Mabel finds a necklace in which she doesn’t know has witches magic. At the same time, a solar eclipse is coming.

The movie Marvin and Mabel go and see that Crystal told them about would be called “Pots Mazes” which is a reference to “Pan’s Labyrinth”. The monster Marvin is so frightened about entering his room is called the “Hail Man”. It’s funny cause it rhymes with pale. As I said, Marvin screams in terror thinking it is the hail man coming through his door when really, it’s just Mabel coming to check on him.

All this panicking about the coronavirus has influenced me to create a cartoon based on this event. It starts when Mabel hears the news over the so-called virus that is referenced to our major villainous virus today. Mabel wants to get Marvin over to stay with her because she knows that it means she will not be seeing him for a mighty long time unless she does that. Marvin somehow catches the virus along the way. Mabel does everything she can to take care of him. K9 and Marcia are staying with Martin. Mabel is very bummed out that she can’t see her friends for a long time right now and every now and then calls them to check in on everything including, Crystal, Serena, Maizzy, Milly and her cousin Cheyenne. Alph-A is also with Mabel helping out.

Mabel is also very bummed out about not being able to shop right now because everything is shut down. She has recently received a gift card for ID Quincey but can’t use it now. Mabel also can’t go out to parties and remembers that Cheyenne has rented a party pad and they were all going to have a dance party. But she’s now very worried that it’s all going to be canceled because of the virus spreading. All Mabel can do now is pick up some supplies to take care of Marvin and herself. I bet you can probably guess what they might be. In the end, things go back to normal and someone has found a way to kick off the virus. Cheyenne has her party and Mabel uses the gift card on something to wear for it. However, another type of virus is coming along and no one knows.

I want Taylor Swift to voice Nina.

If WB would be okay about bringing Maarla from the DC comic to screen, I thought of Ashley Tisdale voicing. I feel like it fits after her role as Sharpay in High School Musical. In the main episode of her appearance, Maarla is Marvin’s ex-girlfriend who was quite abusive with Marvin. She just dated him for the money and when Marvin had to go to jail, she left him just to ruin her status. Years later, she has come back to try and be forgiven by Marvin and take advantage but Marvin is very angry with her now. This would kind of show the negative said of Mabel. She is jealous and thinking Marvin is cheating on her. Maarla is planning on getting rid of Mabel so she can stay with Marvin. Meanwhile, Marvin is very sad because Mabel doesn’t believe him and he’s so scared about what Maarla might do to him. In the end, as I said, Mabel dumps a bucket of ice cream on her to show what she deserves for she did to her boyfriend.

In the first Christmas episode, Mabel mentions how Taz snuck into the house last year and ate all of the cookies before a single one of the guests could have one. During the climax, Dr. Moron and Merula kidnap Marvin so they can curse him into being bad again so he’ll never get off the naughty list. They made him take half of Mabel’s Christmas cookies and bought them to the two main villains. Merula and Dr. Moron also demanded Marvin to break some of the Christmas ornaments. While that went on, Mabel noticed and started catching as many as she could as Marvin threw and tried to break them. She does not understand what is wrong with Marvin and doesn’t know yet that her enemies demands are taking over. Dr. Moron and Merula also wanted Marvin to build a fire in the fireplace to trap Santa Clause. They wanted Marvin to ruin everyone’s Christmas. Dr. Moron does find in the instruction book about the curse that it can ware off if love comes their way. He and Merula knew Mabel would show love to Marvin once again to let his bad deeds go like she did before. In that case, they wanted to do something about Mabel too. That would leave Dr. Moron to have his chance on getting what he always wanted which is to get a relationship with Mabel. As soon as Marcia saw her uncle building a fire she gets worried that he wants to cook Santa. Therefore, she goes to warn Mabel about what is going on. Mabel is horrified and when she gets to Marvin, she can clearly see deep down that something was horribly wrong with him. He was under a glitch! That’s when Mabel comforts Marvin and breaks the curse. He wonders what happened and Mabel knew Dr. Moron and Merula has to have been behind this. Just then, a flashing light comes and Mabel disappears. Marvin does not know what happened to Mabel but then immediately knew for sure that those two were about to do something horrible to her. Mabel is trapped in their ship with Merula abusing her. The snakes in her hair were trying to bite her. Marvin goes to tell everyone about Mabel being kidnapped and is in an urge to rescue her for the special holiday. The two villains have seen that Mabel has undone the curse. Dr. Moron comes into to stop Merula with the abusing and goes on to talk to Mabel that her relationship with Marvin will never work. He tells her it’s time she went with him. Mabel refuses and pretty soon, everyone barges in to save her. Marvin tells Dr. Moron “Not so fast! Surrender, or else?” “Or else, what?” says Dr. Moron. All of the dogs come in tackling him and the girls swing to distract Merula. Marvin gets Mabel out and everything was saved. On Christmas morning, Mabel gets a new makeup mirror, Cheyenne gets new shoes, Milly got some jeans, and each of the dogs and the cat, Peli got collars. Marcia gets a play vanity. Crystal gets a copy of the film “Child’s Play”. Marvin can’t find his present until he gets into the garage and sees a spaceship for him. There was a note on it saying that he deserved it after rescuing the love of his life. Meanwhile, Crystal was shocked that something like that could happen to him.

As I said about the camping episode, it starts with Mabel practicing some horseback riding on Beau-T. Then she goes shopping with Crystal and Milly. That’s where Mabel ends up coming up with an idea to go camping and will invite Marvin and Marcia. Everyone is in expect Milly. She was really nervous about all the pests that are going to be around. Therefore, she would rather do something else. Luckily Mabel claims that she has bug-spray. They all decide to take Mabel’s special camper. They all went back to pack but Milly was too distracted with trying one what she got from the mall. Mabel puts on her new boots and the perfect camping outfit. She helps Milly with it too. Crystal has a nice hat to wear for it. Mabel has cool backpacks for everyone too. As they get on the road to Yosemite National Park, Marcia thinks this would be good practice if she ever goes to summer camp. Mabel says she’s been there and loved it. All of the dogs come too. Mabel has a special pop up tent. Milly likes to see that Mabel spends a day in the wilderness with style. Crystal, however, wanted to set up a real one. It was not easy though. Mabel already had sleeping bags for everyone. The gang goes hiking expect Milly who wished to stay in reading a fashion magazine. Of course, Mabel has a bunch of food including juice boxes, marshmallows, ketchup, mustard, a pack of oatmeal cookies, hot dogs + the buns and so much more. Mabel and Crystal decide to go fishing. This time, Milly comes along. This is where Mabel looks in the distance at Marvin and asks if they agree that Marvin is the cutest alien man in the universe. Milly tells her yes indeed but Crystal just says maybe but he’s a real crime maker. The other girls did not like to hear that. Crystal apologizes. When Mabel’s bobber shakes, she catches a shoe. They decide to keep it. Crystals bobber shakes too and catches an actual fish. Milly and Mabel felt disgusted and ran away. Just then, they noticed a disaster. Some bears ate their food! Plus, bugs were crawling all over the hot dogs and cookies. Milly was very disgusted. Luckily, Mabel still had a frozen pizza in her camper kitchen freezer and the stuff to make s’ mores. Everyone loved it anyway while Marvin didn’t really know what s’mores were. During it, Marcia accidentally burns her marshmallow and drops it. Milly offers Marcia hers. Crystal had the ghost story about Pennywise. As she tells it, everyone got terrified, even Marvin. He tells Crystal that she is sick. Then replies that he did want something with evilness. Marcia is so terrified and is worried about getting nightmares. From there, everyone has trouble getting to sleep and hear a bunch of strange sounds and see shadows. Also during the night, Marvin tells Milly about the first time he ever went camping and didn’t do so good. He is trying to comfort her that it really isn’t so bad. This is one time where Milly shows her big love for Marvin as if he really heroically saved her. Milly claims that it has been so long since she has ever had fun without accessories. Let me know what you think should happen to that too.

In one episode, I want there to be a time where some of the characters play Twister and one them loses their balance and makes everyone fall.

I thought it would be funny to have this happen in an episode. Milly’s sweater shrinks in the dryer and Marcia says that it will perfectly fit her dollie.

For the episode about with Madam Norwalk, Mabel defeats her by trapping her foot in a stump. Another thing that MN goes to mention is that one of her next stops is the North Pole where she will find Santa and Mrs. Clause + turn them into reindeer. It is punishment for having drinking milk and having innocent animals pull his sleigh. Plus, Madam Norwalk mentions that without humans, the North Pole will be saved from climate change. Mabel and even Marcia are horrified by that and Mabel really must stand out to stop her.

I decided that in the episode where Marvin and Mabel play mini-golf, Marcia has a go at it and turns out to be more successful then the others thought. I don’t know any funny ideas for this episode but let me know you have any.

Mabel at one point teaches Marcia on recording her own answering machine and she ends recording an unusual funny one.

I am glad to hear that Disney and WB headquarters are in the same town. Cause wonder if I wanted to contact Disney to see if it would be okay to feature some of their characters? Remember “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit”? Some might think that would be the only time Disney and LT cartoon characters are shown to together. If I could, I’d prove that wrong.

When the movie was made, WB agreed for Disney to use their characters as long as they had the same amount of screen time.

The truth is, I think it would be so cute to see Mabel hanging out with the Disney Princesses and they start talking about Martian girl secrets + true love on a reformed crime maker. Not mention but I also think Marvin and STITCH would look so cute together. At one point, I kind of got suggested that they get into a fight with each other. I can already picture that and why it would happen. Although once Mabel comes in, it all stops. Crystal blames Marvin for all of it even though Stitch started it with breaking a gift Marvin had for Mabel

If Donald and Daffy Duck could be together, along with Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, why not Marvin and Stitch do the same thing?

At one point, Marvin thinks Mabel is cheating on him because he has seen her hanging out with Stitch. Stitch could even buy a roman uniform like Marvin’s and they’d match.

Marvin and Mabel go to Disneyland and that’s where all of this happens. At first, nobody is sure about it because Disney is kind of like their big rival but it doesn’t turn out so bad.

Lost for a Joke: The gang is in the mall. They go into Athena Beauty Boutique, Kelly Frost, Beauty Duty, and Eight East. They help Marcia find some stuff at Joneable too. Of course, one of the girls has to hold her hand while walking. While Mabel, Marcia, and Milly are trying on clothing in Sketchy Free Boutique and are all excited, Marvin is just sitting quietly and moving his legs while waiting and Crystal is bored too. She approaches Cheyenne and Lilly who just looked at something in the shop window and Crystal says in a low voice “Let’s play a joke on Marvin.” and then whispers the joke in Cheyenne’s ear and both get excited. They tell Marvin that they are hungry and ask him to buy something from the food court nearby. They offer to take care of his cell phone and he gives it to them + leaves. Cheyenne + Lilly enter the store where Milly, Mabel, and Marcia were and tells them to go look in New Fuchsia (which is on the third floor above) because they have lots of pretty things on sale.

When they leave the store, Mabel asks where Marvin is and Crystal says that he went to wash his hands and told him where they are going. So they all go running to those stores. Once Marvin returns, he can’t find anyone and doesn’t have his cell phone to call them. Even though he just came back with a “Four Boys” bag. After a long time of mopping around, Marvin does not appear, and Mabel, Milly, and Marcia begin to worry. They decide to split up and look for him. Milly, Marcia, and Mabel go on one side while Crystal, Lilly, and Cheyenne go the other way.

Crystals group looks downstairs (Floor 1) because he is probably there yet and they just pretend they are trying to find him. When they see him lost from afar, they laugh and make fun of him while hiding. Mabel’s group looks for him on the floor they were in. Milly says they could be looking for him where they saw him the last time but he’s not there. They also look in Entertainment Time (the movie and music store), the food court, and Gears (a department store). I can imagine them all going up and down on the escalators. Marcia is a little afraid of the escalator. It’s based on my fear of escalators when I was her age.

Meanwhile, Marvin is calling everybody while lost. Other LT characters pass along the way. Taz even appears and takes his “Four Boys” bag. Marvin’s stomach growls from hunger but doesn’t want to get any refreshments without the others with him.

When Mabel, Marcia, and Milly find him in Planetkicks, Mabel hugs him very tight and gives him many kisses. Marvin tells them what happened and Milly realizes that Cheyenne, Lilly, and Crystal made a joke to him all along. At the point when they find him, Crystals group isn’t looking for Marvin anymore but are just enjoying themselves in the arcade. Mabel calls Crystal on the phone very angry and asks her + the others to go to Planetkicks. Marvin admits to them, “You have made me very angry indeed!” Milly and Marcia are mad too and Milly tells them that the joke they made was dangerous.

I had another idea for one of the other episodes. The garden contest episode will be the one where Mabel tells Marcia about caterpillars becoming butterflies. The subplot would be Marcia and Mimi taking care of the caterpillar in the backyard because Marcia really wants to see it become of a lovely butterfly.

Strange Aging: Most of the episode is all Marvin’s dream. It is a nightmare really about Marcia going through puberty and developing hormones at such a young age. She’s acting like a 15-16-year-old. Marvin is trying to sleep but had can hear Marcia in her room playing loud music, reading sexy fashion magazines, talking on the phone and wearing makeup. Marvin is trying to tell her that it is past her bedtime and she keeps replying that she is not little anymore and wants to stay up as long as she wants. Besides she doesn’t want to be interrupted on the phone. Therefore, her uncle has no idea what it is like to have hormonal change. Marcia is also sleeping late in the day. She won’t clean up her room too. Marvin wants to get her to clean her room but Marcia just says she’s old enough to have it the way she wants.

At one point, Marvin notices that she is developing a blemish. Marcia knows that and is trying to cover it with makeup. Marvin knows that Marcia is way too young to be going out wearing makeup in public but Marcia shoos him away from it. He wants to know if Marcia wants to play Candy Land and she says no. Marcia wants to go to the mall with her friends. She claims she wants new shoes. Marvin is starting to freak out inside cause he doesn’t want his niece to go to the mall without a grown-up at her age. Marcia asks Marvin for his credit card and he tells her she can’t. She gets angry and says that her uncle won’t let her do anything. Marvin is worried that she will spend way too much money on all the typical stuff a teenage girl will buy from the mall which are music CD’s, clothing, and shiny accessories.

Marvin gets Mabel, Milly and Crystal to come over and see the whole problem. They all remember feeling the way Marcia is at age 14 but nothing like this. None of them have any idea how all this happened. Mabel offers Marcia one of her cupcakes but she refuses. Mabel feels kind of hurt cause Marcia has always loved her cupcakes.

Sooner nor later, Marcia says that she can’t decide to whether to watch Blue Prints or Child’s Play. Mabel is worried about her seeing a scary movie so she says that they should watch Blue Prints like the olden days. As they watch, Marcia claims that she is developing a crush on the show’s host, Stefan. Marvin is getting really freaked out is also really annoyed by Stefan on the show. He completely acts stupid as many puny humans. Marcia’s elbow beats Marvin saying that he is a jerk for saying that. Marvin’s feelings are badly hurt but he doesn’t want to admit it. All of a sudden, Crystal and someone else (I don’t know who) come in playing mattress fight. They go completely insane and accidentally break the TV Marcia was watching. She is very unhappy. Milly suggests that she watches her show in her room but she wants to watch it on the BIG living room TV. Marcia just cries and runs to her room as if grown-ups always ruin an adolescent’s day.

Sometime soon, there is an announcement somewhere that a Blue Prints live is coming to the town. Marcia really wants to go so she can see her crush. Marvin does not think it is a good idea. She demands her uncle that she would take a day off from school so she can go see. Marcia plays the waiting game but driving her Power-wheels car. Marvin tries to get permission but couldn’t. Marcia gets really unhappy cause he promised. Then an announcement is said that her school has a day off for all students. (I don’t know what the reason would be.) This is great news for Marcia and both of them, along with some of Marcia’s friends go see Blue Prints live. Before they leave, Marvin notices that Marcia is wearing a very age-inappropriate outfit. Marcia says that she is old enough to wear what she wants too. After the show, Marcia runs backstage to find Stefan. When she finds him, Stefan wonders what is going on and how she managed to get backstage. Marvin comes in sounding annoyed that Marcia is developing puberty. Stefan thinks that she is pretty young for that. Marcia demands that he comes back to her house with them. Stefan isn’t sure if it’s possible. The rest of the crew, however, says that he can but needs to be back at a specific time.

Back home, Marcia wants the throw a wedding. She believes it’s completely real but everyone else knows it’s a pretend one. Marvin is quite pissed off about having Stefan in his house. Marcia and her friends set up her dollies to be in the audience. When the wedding is ready, Mimi calls everyone over. She calls Marcia asking if she is ready, and she is. Mimi pulls out a kazoo and plays “Here comes the bride” on it as Marcia comes down wearing a white dress and flowers. K9 is holding on to her veil train. When the wedding is over, Stefan says that he has to go cause he has more Blue Prints shows to do. Marcia gets upset and demands that he doesn’t go cause they still haven’t had their honeymoon yet at what would be a reference to Chuck E Cheese. Plus, after a wedding, they are supposed to live free and happy together. They all try to tell Marcia that it was only a pretend wedding. This causes Marcia a break down. Marvin is really beginning to freak out about all this going on with Marcia.

Soon Marvin wakes up after that horrible nightmare and finds Marcia back to normal playing with blocks. Marcia hugs him and wants to play with her uncle as she usually does. Then Marcia says something about wanting something that she saw Mabel wearing the other day. This brings Marvin back to his thoughts about his nightmare. This is where the episode ends.

I’ve been going boating a lot lately and it’s given me more inspriation for the episode where the characters do it. In the episode about the boating trip, Mabel, Marvin, Marcia, Milly and Crystal all go for a ride and face a few problems. Milly is a little nervous about going for a ride but ends up enjoying it. While out, the pass by Bugs, Lola, Porky and Petunia who are also riding a motorboat. Lola waves to Mabel. Marvin gets seasick. I can imagine him getting all green. Milly tries to fetch him some ginger ale or snaps but it’s too late. He gets embarrassed about the situation. They go over a bunch of waves and react like it were a roller coaster although Marvin reacts frightened. Many of them get splashed. Marcia loses her cone hat in the wind. Mabel reaches and gets it for her. Then she leaves it somewhere to dry. A pod of dolphins comes around them at some point and Mabel gets all excited cause she turns out to be friends with them. The get to an island for a picnic lunch. At one point while there, Marcia needs to use the bathroom. Mabel tells her “Find a tree, honey.” While nobody was looking, the boat gets untied and starts to float away. Crystal was in charge of the tying and she somehow didn’t do it right. As I said Marvin has a flinging gun that goes out and will attach to the boat. Everyone pulls it back.

Marcia goes to a playgroup and none of the other kids accept who she is because she’s an alien. Marvin is quite unhappy about what happened and so is Mabel. Marvin might even cry because it reminds him of his High School days on Earth. Mabel can definitely see how mean Earth’s society is with aliens.

I definitely think there should be an episode where the characters go on a long train ride. Mabel, Marvin, Marcia, Crystal, and Milly go. Since most trains have space for only four I’m thinking Marcia sits in somebody’s lap.

For another episode, Marcia gets a bunch of monsters in her nightmares and Marvin comes in trying to tell her to think good thoughts + he’ll shoo them away if he could with his laser gun. Marcia tells her uncle that he’s her hero.

Mabel, Maizzy, and Serena are hired or volunteered to work at a cupcake factory. That is the point where Maizzy drops her cell phone into one of the cups full of batter. Mabel calls her phone to find it. The phone is all covered in batter. This is inspired by the Disney Channel Aly and AJ film, “Cow Belles”.

Marcia is playing with Sylvester Jr and are pretending to fly. Marcia falls off of something when trying to and gets hurt. Marvin comes up and wonders what in the name of demons is going on. He’s very shocking and unhappy to see Marcia crying after falling + getting hurt. She’s frustrated that she can’t fly like Sweetie Pie (the bird from Tiny Toons).

Everybody has lost something. Mabel has lost her favorite star necklace. She goes over to see Marvin has lost his gun. Marcia has come out crying because she has lost Roxie. Milly comes along and has lost her bag.

I’m thinking that a few episodes after Marcia’s birthday episode would be one where she has her kindergarten graduation. Mabel cries during it because she’s realized that Marcia is growing up so fast and can’t believe it. At my Kindergarten graduation, we sang a song that was the same tune as Frank Sinatra’s “New York New York”.  I think that’s what Marcia’s class sings.

I have a new friend who has helped me come up with this episode plan:

The Haunted Circus: Marvin, Mabel, and Crystal all go to a circus, only to find it completely deserted but fully operational. They look around for a few minutes and then hear someone announcing that the ring toss game is ready to be played, so they go over and find a clown with all the rings and bottles ready to be played with. But the trio doesn’t trust the clown, they feel uneasy about the whole thing. The clown ends up being evil and chances them around the circus. They run into several other evil circus monsters before that finally find a way to trap them and call the police. Then they go back to Mabel’s house and decide to just watch a movie instead of going someplace fun.

There they meet some new characters, which might be minor.

First of there’s Charlie the Clown, the evil and scary circus clown although he can sometimes be nice. He might help Marvin at one point in this episode. I also thought that since Crystal is a fan of Pennywise from IT, she might have some kind of reaction with Charlie too.

Next, there is The Ballerina, who has really no name and is Charlie’s girlfriend. He calls her “Baby”.  I’m kind of thinking that she won’t really have any dialogue.

Last, there is Mango the Monkey, a crazy monkey who is always causing trouble for the main characters. But he’s not a villain; he’s just being a monkey. He’s possibly Charlie’s sidekick.


An idea I thought that should definitely happen for this episode is that Mabel discovers all the abused and tortured animals in the circus and wants to help set them free. After Mabel lets all the animals at, they run all over the streets and start scaring people. Mabel feels guilty for what she did but also had to think of something else because she couldn’t just leave them suffering in the hands of Charlie.

Another episode I thought of is where Marcia has a field trip to the fire station and Mabel, Crystal, Milly, and Marvin come along. Other characters are there too. At one point Mabel tries to learn to slide down a fire-pole and her butt runs into I bet Daffy Duck. Crystal catches it by filming it. This is inspired by a scene from the movie “Bridget Jones Diary”.

I thought about some scenes when the characters ride on airplanes. In particular, I’m thinking of the episode when the characters go to Paris. I’ve decided that it would be divided into 3 parts of separate episodes. The first one would be about getting there. Mabel, Marvin, Marcia, Milly, Cheyenne, and Crystal all go. They bring their dogs too which end up riding in the below luggage area of the plane.  I’m thinking about something funny happening when going through security. You also get to see the board with all the flights and it’s boarding times + what’s happening with them. I can also imagine the escalators and atomic door.

Something funny should also happen when the plane takes off. Crystal is having her seat kicked once again. Milly has her headphones and it is shown that Marcia has a pink seat pillow. I’m trying to think of what everybody orders to eat. If you have any ideas, please let me know.  At one point, Marcia needs a potty break. As Crystal tries to help her, the back one is full and the only one open is the one in first class. Bugs Bunny is shown on a cameo in first class. Unfortunately, it is then shown that aliens are not allowed in first class

Meanwhile, below, the dogs are having a party of their own. Chuckie has gotten out of his cage and looking through everyone’s luggage. Natasha gets out and wonders what he is up too. Alph-A has gotten out to join the party as well. K9 is fast asleep throughout the plane trip.

The second part of this whole episode is when they get to Paris, and Maizzy + Serena show up. Pepe le Pew also shows up as a French waiter somewhere. Let me know if you have any ideas about this too. The third part would be some of the other parts of the journey and near the end of it; the characters are just heading home.

On the day of Mabel’s wedding, Mabel looks at the hairstyle she got in the salon and says she looks like a reindeer. They go through another hairstyle and says she looks like a unicorn.

When Crystal has her car accident at Mickey D’s, she says “Arch!” instead of “Ouch!” as a joke of the McDonalds arches. With that, somebody in the distance reports the accident.

At a banquet, Crystal bangs the glass with a spoon to try and give an announcement but accidentally breaks it.

After Easter, I want to think of some ideas for an Easter episode but I am not sure yet. I also want some ideas for the episode “Mabel the Beauty Queen” where she enters a beauty pageant.

Many think that breaking the 4th is a bad idea but I love it when that happens. It’s like showing that characters have a connection with the real world and what they think in it. I thought of some examples of that for my cartoons and maybe a few are already mentioned.

. Mabel asks for subtitles when talking to a Chinese person.

. Marcia tells the viewers what she wished for after blowing out her birthday candles.

. Crystal mentions to Marvin about stealing the brain of Duck Dodgers proving that he is cruel mastermind. But says that it was this so amount of years demanding how long ago the episode was made. Crystal wonders how that could be because the show was supposed to have taken place in the 2300s, which we are not even at yet. Marvin mentions that he must’ve traveled into the future during those times and then came to the 2000s many years later. Though Crystal still is frustrated about not being able to prove her truth of thought.

. Crystal shows him a DD video and Marvin wonders why he is shirtless and who that tall Martian lady is. He says that at least Mabel is better for him.

. Marvin travels to what looks like a real-world scenery. He comes out looking like a live character. He proves to see if he really does have girls who love him. They scream and charge at him with love. He gets scared and immediately comes back to the cartoon.

. Crystal drops something and is about to say “Oh Bollocks!!” then the director is heard saying that she is not supposed to say that in a kid show. Crystal tells them that at least it doesn’t mean anything to the Americans.

. While some privacy is about to happen, one of the characters asks to go to commercial break and they’ll be right back after it. Mabel tells them to not forget to look for her new toy merchandise.

. Some characters wonder how Mabel affords all the cool stuff she has. Another mentions that it must be her fame on being a cartoon character since nearly everyone else has that.

. When Marvin looks at the viewers at the end of “Slumber Party Pooper”. He blushes and has his underpants showing.

. Marvin mentions about how he didn’t get invited to a movie premiere and how he was left just floating a stinky bubble.

. In the episode about Maarla, Marvin refers to Lunar Tunes about the time he went to jail.

. While Marcia trying to play stick the tail on whatever animal at her birthday party, she accidentally runs into the camera.

. Somebody asks to turn the scary or eerie background music off.

Now, this a plot for a video game:

Secret Agent Mabel: Mabel has got different outfits as a secret agent depending on what time of mission she’s up to: Adventure, Action, and Stealth. Alph-a can be played with too and she can fit through areas Mabel can’t. Mabel can also use special powder to distract guards from seeing her. Another thing she is a perfume tracker. It’s like fingerprint powder only spraying it will help her keep track of where somebody is. Of course, she also has a camera so she can take pictures of suspects.

Mabel, Serena, and Maizzy are up on a mission and Marvin comes along. They are all in a secret agent plane. Milly is running a fashion show and the clothes and accessories that she has made for all the models are gone. Apparently, Milly was hired by whoever runs the fashion show after she went to fashion designer school. She looks around and finds a mardi gras invitation that’s in New Orleans. Milly knows someone in New Orleans that helped her with her special fabrics and also knows someone in Toronto that made the dye for the fabrics for her. They have to fly to both places. For the Mardi gras party, Mabel has to wear a formal masquerade outfit. A woman’s suit was hidden out in the Terence garden and it had a secret code involving times of seashells. It turns out; it was only a bunch of fabric rolls. Milly recognizes them from when she designs a woman’s work suit. In Toronto, Mabel discovers some green fabric dye and a plane ticket to Argentina. It looked like the dye Milly used to color some shoes.

There was also a paper labeling a market shop in Argentina. The thief is trying to steal and copycat Milly’s designs. Not to mention the lady who helped Milly with the dye had her dye stolen as well. Mabel has to put on a special Argentine outfit. One seller citizen says she saw a group gather a bunch of rare and unusual items. Mabel has a lipstick message recorder so she can hear possible clues from suspects. One says that their most important ingredient they still need to find is some kind of flower but nobody knows where it is.

Apparently, Cheyenne who visiting Tokyo, for now, calls them to tell that she’s seen the newspaper having to do with Milly’s stolen fashions and she saw something familiar to the whole thing in Tokyo. That makes a guess that the thief has left something there. Mabel has to wear a Japanese kimono. She finds another place outside a sushi bar restaurant with code that is a secret passage there. Mabel and looks and sees a research document having something to do with the flower being somewhere in Sweden. A Swedish gardener talks a little about the special flower but it gives the team info that she is part of the whole suspect team trying to steal Milly’s fashions.

Serena has taken a look at all the pictures that Mabel took and it then shows that the thief happens to be Milly’s fashion show boss or the person that hired her to do it all. Milly remembered that he had a business trip to Toronto so the team has to go back there. They find her boss but he says it’s all completely impossible. It turns out one of Milly’s co-workers is the one that pointed him out. Her co-worker is trying to make something that we beat her hard-corely in the fashion show. She making a shiny jumpsuit that makes her invisible so she can never be seen when going out wanting to take over the world. Mabel’s friends help make her own shiny jumpsuit so she can defeat the coworker. The team goes back to Argentina to find out more.

Back there, the gardener tells Mabel that Milly’s coworker is the one who came to her with research money and is being enslaved to grow the flowers she needs. Mabel has found a leaf that leaves a clue to the suspect. The gardener tells her that they are only grown in Germany. That’s where the co-worker’s hideout is. Even though the co-worker says she had everything she needs, Mabel has already found the final ingredient. She tricks Mabel into leading her to the last part. Mabel was followed to Argentina by the co-worker so she can get the final ingredient. Mabel can’t let her get away and so the team goes to Germany to stop her. She puts on her sparkly invisible jumpsuit to defeat her. All along, the co-worker was trying to beat up the Martian girl to show that they can never be a part of Earth. Making the jumpsuit would allow her to capture all aliens easily so they will never have rights for being on the Earth. Marvin says it makes him so angry. But Mabel and her team have stopped it all from happening.

Remember the idea of an event about Mabel having a birthday in some theme park? I’ve got some ideas for it:

I wonder if a special could run for when Mabel turns 16 I guess in real-world years. Two fans, Cynthia and Angie would come to Parque Warner in Madrid and tour what all staff and characters are doing.   So far I have an idea that the fans get dolled up at Mabel’s Beauty Boutique. Speedy Gonzales is shown to have piñatas being made for the party and one of the girls finds some great decorations. Wile Coyote and Roadrunner at Chinese Theater 3D have a birthday banner written in Chinese. The two get some lunch at the buffet called “Casa de Sol”. Somewhere along the way, some characters have presents being made for Mabel. For example, Pepe le Pew has a painted portrait of her. A bunch of other little kids are making their own birthday cards for Mabel. Of course, Mabel would have layered birthday cake. A show or parade featured Mabel as the star would be the main thing and the girls go behind the scenes on it. Marvin would appear at one point with a bouquet of flowers for Mabel.

That’s all I want to share for now.

Interview with Marvin the Martian 2 (special guest, Marcia the Martian)

Me: So Marvin, it’s nice to have you back here. How has everything been going?

Marvin: Not bad, but as far as I can, the Earth in big trouble with something called the coronavirus.

Me: I know, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m going bananas too! I really miss my shopping sprees, and my school has forced us to online classes for the rest of the semester. I was also supposed to go to a prom party at some point around this time but now it is not happening because of this outburst.  I really miss seeing my peers too and at some point soon I want them to come down to my dad’s really cool place in Florida and throw a sleepover. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do! My birthday is also in a month and I’m so worried it’s going to be ruined if we are still quarantined.  That would be terrible because that’s usually the best day of the year for me.

Marvin: That’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard.

Me: Right? I’m pretty sure there isn’t any coronavirus on Mars. I wish I were a Martian like you so I can come and live with you there to be away from it all.

Marvin: You’d be one lucky girl if that was possible. That Chinese government makes me so angry! They are the biggest responsible pesky Earthlings for all the pollution and the messy atmosphere.

Me: I know! I just knew they were evil all along. With Earth Day only being about a week away, all I can think of is how well your species does with taking care of your planet as well as the inhabitants of other planets in our solar system and how much-complicated thinking they have at the same time. Humans could really use some help from those beings on how they can survive easily and keep a healthy environment at the same time.

Marvin: It sounds to me like you’re actually an alien yourself.

Me: Indeed, I think I am an alien in disguise. I really feel sorry for the way the Earth treats you guys and how much awful stereotyping they do to you. Pre-judging is wrong! It’s the truth!

Marvin: You’re the smartest Earth girl I have ever known.

Me: Thanks! This is the 70th Anniversary of Cinderella, one of my favorite Disney classics and I was supposed to dress in my lovely blue prom gown to celebrate but now I can’t do it.  I don’t know what I am going to do but I hope it’s only postponed and not canceled.

Marvin: Mars has quite a few Martian balls you could wear it too.

Me: Thank you but too bad I won’t be able to breathe. However, it’s always been a dream to dance with you. That reminds me, I saw a really cute guy at an ice cream store and I want to see him again so I can know his name and all.

Marvin: WHAT??!

Me: Oh sorry! Don’t worry! You’re still cuter!

Marvin: *sighs*

Me: Gee Marv! There’s no need to be dramatic.

*Marcia enters*

Me: Marcia! Wow! Hi there!

Marcia: Hey!! Are you the girl who says to be the creator Mabel the Martian?

Me: That’s me! I’ve been thinking about you lately. I saw you’re Facebook page. Your drawings are awesome!

Marcia: Thank you! Drawing and coloring books are some of my favorite activities besides playing with building blocks.

Me: You’ve got so much to share I can tell. Too bad you only made a single appearance.

Marcia: I know and I have always wished that WB company would invite me to be in their works again cause I’ve got so much to show those little Earth people.

Me: That’s why I want to make you famous again in my cartoons. I will have you back in no time as soon as I can get my college degree and find my way to work for the company. When I get in, I will show them everything, and I mean everything. Including the comments, I’ve come across from fans of your uncle.

Marcia: Really? I would really appreciate that! You’re a real angel! *Hugs me*

Me: Okay Marcia, I can see you are all excited! So what is it you want to show the little Earthlings?

Marcia: Well, just like many other little girls, I love pink and purple.

Me: Those are my favorite colors too!

Marcia: I’m like a lot of little Earth girls and I wish I could show them that. When I first went to school on the Earth, the other students and even the teacher exploited me for being a Martian 😦 I also tried to take ballet class and my teacher was so impatient with my performances even though I had some very different dance moves that most of the other girls were interested in that they decided to copy me. That made my teacher very angry indeed as if she hated having an Earth-outsider in the class. It made me so unhappy because being a great dancer is something I’ve always wanted to do. Nobody on the Earth tolerates anyone from another planet 😦

Me: I’m really sorry that happened. I can see that Earth society really has done that a lot to aliens and I want to end that. I’ve taken a dance class before when I was 8 and I know my Martian girl is a ballet expert. She’ll be happy to teach you some moves and she will definitely accept your own.

Marcia: You are too kind!

Me: So I also hear you love cupcakes and ice cream. So do I!

Marcia: Indeed! I love Baskin Robbins cotton candy ice cream and I love sundaes with chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cherries, jelly beans and…

Me: Okay Okay Okay! We all don’t blame you.

Marcia: I understand you’re character Mabel makes the best cupcakes and cookies.

Me: She does indeed. What else is it you want to show? Have you got any favorite dolls?

Marcia: I’ve never had a doll but I’ve always wanted one. I’ve always wished I could have my own Barbies, Cabbage Patches, or if there is ever an alien girl baby doll that cries, talks and laughs, I would certainly want one of those. My uncle could never get me one because he doesn’t know much about them. He says he can’t afford any because he doesn’t make that much money from WB. I can tell cause they really don’t give him much importance.

Me: That is another thing I am willing to fix Marcia. From all that I have seen from his fans, he really should have a show where he makes the headline.  Nobody has ever thought of making an alien girl doll but we will see what happens in the future.

Marcia: I’ll feel like I am famous again already.

Me: What else have you got interest in?

Marcia: I’ve got quite an imagination. I imagine jungle adventures and helping baby animals, being a princess and living in a beautiful castle. I imagine myself as a fairy, a mermaid living in clamshell, traveling through space and I imagine having a pet unicorn.

Me: That’s great Marcia! How do you feel about fairy tales!

Marcia: They are very comforting but others think I sometimes get too involved with them. The thing is, I don’t have any friends, except Plucky Duck. I’ve tried to make some at my school but everybody treats me like I am nobody.  I especially have always wanted some girlfriends that I can have tea parties, sleepovers and play dress up with.

Me: Aww! That is so sad! It reminds me of how I can’t be with my friends now because we are all quarantined.  I’ve always wanted to throw a sleepover too and I really love tea parties.

Marcia: You’ve been so kind so far that, I’m seeing you as a friend and we should hang out sometime. I’d love to have a tea party with you.  Could you make tea cakes for it?

Me: Absolutely and I have the perfect thing to wear.

Marcia: Could you bring me one too? I’ve never had as many dress-up clothes as I wish I did.

Me: Of course I will!

Marcia: *Hugs me again*

Marvin: Marcia? What are you doing here?

Me: Your niece is so cute!

Marvin: You’re the best Earth girl I have ever known!

*Everyone group hugs*

Happy Easter Everyone!

Lunar Toons

Here we have a cartoon, like no other before. It features the life of many lovable aliens roaming the planet Jupiter.


We have some very heroic but silly ones, a few kind-hearted ones, a few that want to beat each other up, a few dimwitted dorks, and some predators too that never get what they want.  No matter how good or bad they may seem, they are still easy to adore.

But then, someone decides to create a true threat for their cartoon rather than those predator or nutcase type of villains. And a new one was created which was a planet Earth inhabitant that hated Juptier inhabitants and wanted to blow the planet up because it blocks their view of the beautiful planet Saturn.


Not only will it hurt all the inhabitants but it will be a big crisis because Jupiter is so big.  This would likely destroy the whole universe.  Yet, this major villain was quite a comedy too but was also hated by few who thought they did not deserve forgiveness. That Earth creature often suffered and never got what he wanted leaving the Jupitar heroes to jump for joy every time. Some good Earth inhabitants were shown but they DID NOT have much screen time at all and were very minor and rarely thought of by fans. No merchandise had them either. That just left the one truly evil and rather polite sometimes Earthling as the ONLY well-known non-Juptiar creature in this cartoon.

((Record player comes to big STOP.))

(Earthlings do not often get the major bad guy role over inhabitants from another planet in fictional works. SO WHY do that to Non-Earth inhabitants over a bunch of Earthlings?)

I hope you didn’t get too confused over what I just wrote. I created that little cartoon plot + description to show how ridiculous and stupid it is to have non-Earth inhabitants seem like they are all totally evil and cannot have both a positive and negative side like our planet Earth when it comes to the inhabitants. In fact, I drew this and check out the description I put below it on Devinart.

STOP! Interplanetary Speciesim!

So you see, we are pre-judging our planetry neighbors if they even exist.  I explained why Looney Tunes is majorly interplanetry speciest, because it is a rather SUDDEN showing. Deep down, I can just feel that this is wrong. Humans are already known to be a virus to our own planet due to what we do to other Earth inhabitants, the forests, the water, and using so much waste. Yet, we seem to be the only ones who can think complicated thoughts and smartest.  This doesn’t go together and there has got to be something dominate like we are but at the same time, enviromentally gentle. They thought twice around everything before looking for ways to survive. Why do you think that the other planets in our solar system do not a problem with staying healthy due to whats living on it? To me, it’s not because no one is there but because the inhabitants are smarter and know better on how to survive.

With Earth Day being a few weeks away, I can predict that aliens will know the true ways on how we can be happy and keep our planet clean + sustantiable at the exact same time.   That’s why with my character Mabel, she shows what all her inhabitants think, why they are more enviromentally gentle and how humans can do the exact same thing without struggles.

For example, to save water it is said that you should take a short period of time in the showers. But with women, as I can see it’s HARD because they have to wash their hair, shave their legs and so much else. With that, they will have to spend more time in the shower. What should we do?

Or what if it is said that being a vegan will solve ALL of the enviromental problems but you’re such a sensetive picky eater and really think that a world without, cheese, bacon, hamburgers, ice cream, butter, etc. would be no fun? What could you do there?

How about this? You want to save electricity but you’re so afriad of the dark and are also scared of candles. What could you do without making a diffrcult compermise?

Alien inhabitants like Mabel and her pals might figure all that out deeply. Plus, with Mabel, the LT won’t look interplanetry speciesist anymore. Why is this so important to me? Because having one planet in our solar system that’s supporting life but has too many inhabitants having a hard time sharing it make this universe VERY sad and depressing. Plus, there must be something very intelligent and enviromentally gentle out there as I said.

Besides you never know who someone is unless you get to know them. That’s why pre-judging aliens like this is WRONG. My cartoons won’t be childrens type educational but it WILL have a message. Be nice to aliens! They probably are not the scary + vicious many think them to be and more enviromentally gentle.