Cinderella Ate My Daughter Argument

So you probably don’t know what I am talking about here! Well, to start off there’s this book out titled, “Cinderella Ate My Daughter”, written by this lady named Peggy Orenstein. I haven’t read it + I don’t understand so well when it comes to books, BUT on the other hand, when I watch her interviews she makes a clear argument on what her problem in society is. And that is gender stereotyping when it comes to kids. Some of those arguments I can say are pretty extreme but on the other hand, I can remember that I have similar arguments over this topic.

So in order to get the idea, I put in this long interview down below:

This is one thing, I wish that I could have been taught when I was younger, and that is the belief that there is nothing can’t do because I’m girl. Especially when it comes to being successful, well-behaved, and making the headline of anything.

So it’s interesting to me to hear about how it all came to be when it comes to pink being for girls and blue for boys. For a while there was an opposite twist to it. And about what happened to Orenstein’s daughter whose friend made fun of her helmet and scooter when they were going to the park together. It’s like there is so much expectation for girls and there is mandate in it too + what would happen if not followed. So I suppose that a regular girly girl would mock a tomboy like that as well? As matter of fact, I have a tomboy friend who I never met in person who hates pink and sometimes I wonder if she ever got mocked for having that feeling + plus really doesn’t seem to be interested in practically anything marketed towards girls.

Both of us are on the Autism Spectrum and while I did actually learn that it is not so unusual for a girl with Aspergers to be part or fully tomboy and some might wonder if it’s because Aspergers affects mostly boys and therefore is something to represent the masculine sex. I don’t really know about that because for me, I grew up as mostly girly. I played with dolls and even though it didn’t interest me at first when I was younger, I grew to love shopping and fashion + anything pink makes me feel hot and confident inside making it my favorite color as of today. I had a Hello Kitty radio when I was little and loved it + I collected Barbies. However, there are some things out there that I got into that seem to have a market to mostly boys and I don’t think it means that I am not necessarily a girl, but there is just something flawed about merchandise that still kind of goes on to this day. I will get to that later.

But one argument I can say, what seems like a mandate and expectation for girls + what happens if not followed, reminds me of the way society expects viewers to care about the characters in a work and want to see the heroes win + villains to suffer. And just what happens when it’s not followed? Having the villain as your favorite character is one example. I saw it as I probably said before about one of my friends having her favorite High School Musical character being Sharpay and the other one in front of her whined about, “Why Sharpay? Sharpay is so mean!” Listening and remembering that conversation makes it clear that the villains are never supposed to be loved as society expects and that’s the big reason why my love for Marvin he Martian is embarrassing to me. As a matter of fact, about the LT relationship with Barbie creates another stereotype that leaves a possible mandate when it comes to girls + makes this even more embarrassing. I will get to that later too!

There was also something else in that interview I can totally relate to! Preschoolers don’t know what a penis or vagina is! And so they think of other ways that define you as male or female + what surrounds them, such as barrettes + princess dresses make you a girl and that it’s hard to wrestle a girl into pants because from the look of society it’s expected for her that she wears skirts. As a matter of fact but when I was 4-6 years old, I had short hair that made me look boyish in which did not impress me because of what society often shows and that is girls having long hair. It made it hard to tell for myself that I was a girl from time to time because of my hair. This not knowing about male or female sex parts totally explains why I felt that way, even though I was recently told that my hair was cut so short because I hated having it brushed or washed. Yes, I remember that painful feeling and I can only assume from my studies that my Aspergers has something to do with that cause we can often be known to have a sensitive feel of touch. And that must give another possible reason why it’s not easy being a girl with Aspergers. Although my hair is longer now and its much better to handle now that I am brushing and styling it myself. But still in my younger days, I imagine that trouble I’d get into with fitting in with the others if not like them.

So from there, it’s natural for kids to segregate by sex and go for stereotypical toys + the difference in toy choice is one of the largest gender differences across the whole life span.

This might be a good time to talk about what I see in the merchandise history that is flawed. When a film or maybe TV show comes out (some kind of form of media), it comes down to an issue with its merchandise. Even when that media work is made to be for both genders or gender neutral, the merchandise industry only see it as if there were no shades of gray to it. Just black and white or should I say in this case, pink or blue. The merchandise can either be marketed to only girls or only boys.

One big example is Toy Story! That franchise was made to be something both genders can enjoy! But when it came to marketing merchandise, it was placed to be targeted to boys which tells a different story when it comes to being fan of the franchise + who it was meant to be targeted to. I had a birthday party that was Toy Story themed once and its not because I’m tomboy but in this case scenario, this is flawed when it comes to marketing because the movies are meant to be gender neutral!

Another example is Nickelodeon when it comes to merchandise, it markets them like SpongeBob is just for boys and Dora is just for girls when yet both shows are made to be gender neutral. That is not to say I collected some SpongeBob products and yet I liked Dora too but too bad the show is often hated and criticized by parents + annoying. And so what does this tell about anything that’s marketed to girls? 😦

That anything marketed to them is annoying to our society? More proof is shown with Lelli Kelly shoes which are popular in European nations. That’s a collection of shoes + accessories for girls and so many people think the commercials are the most annoying thing ever. Poor little girls having to have to be marketed with stuff that adults find annoying!

Also when it comes to Pixar films, it seems that even though just about all of them are made for both genders, most of the merchandise gets pushed to boys. When the first Cars was released, much before it became a young masculine market franchise, the film was looked upon to be gender neutral and I had a few of it’s merchandise like a pillow, school folder, and a comfy blanket that my kitty used to love to lay on. Yet, it makes it embarrassing due to the gender marketing and that’s when I see a lot of problems.

I believe High School Musical was made to be gender neutral and yet all the merchandise was pushed to girls making it look like the film was meant to be a chick flick. And there’s a problem with this kind of marketing to kids in which I will also get to later.

One more example that I find to have the MOST trouble with was the merchandise for Wall-e in which I was and still am a major fan of to this day. Yes, the film was made for being gender neutral when yet the marketing for merchandise was pushed to boys. I remember collecting a lot of merchandise and I even had bedding too. Yet, while I loved it, I got worried about some girls thinking it being weird that I did not choose Disney Fairies, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock or anything marketed into the girly bedding section. But then as of birthday parties, I’ve looked up and noticed that a lot of girls have thrown Wall-e themed parties and collected his toys too. And so this is one example where merchandise marketing is REALLY FLAWED. Anything that was meant to be gender neutral is never aloud to go on the free flow!

And from all this embarrassment when I really should not have been, it was the reason why I started watching and listening to literally everything that was in the market to girls. Some of them interested me more than others though.

As a matter of fact, nearly everything that’s sci-fi related is pushed towards boys when there are so many girls out there that love it too. Like I adore cute robots! Should I be ashamed of that because I’m a girl? Seriously! When I discovered that Jem & The Holograms live action film and noticed for there to be a cute R2D2 like robot in there, I was excited and proud of Hollywood for doing that because it’s a baby step for them to come to realize that girls like things like this too. But yet the film is hated by critics and audiences all because of it to with ruining the classic 80s cartoon. And that just makes it frustrating! Another example comes from an early 2000s toy that are robot babies, while yet it’s criticized to be creepy + if you look in the description of this ad, you’ll see the criticism on it’s horrifying mystery features even though to me, it actually looks more peaceful than having regular human babies for some reason.

Both of these examples, show my disappointment, that even if you try, sci-fi can never be proved to be loved by girls either way. Or could it?

It makes me wonder how to make Mabel successful or what would make a feminine sci-fi work loved by critics and adorn by viewers. And I ask the exact same question about a work where aliens are the good guys and have humans as the problem or villains. Because films like Planet 51 and Escape From Planet Earth are hated by critics and many viewers. So how can I make my works loved so it could be a success in ending this evil alien stereotype? Especially when we are living in a time where humans are being looked at as the big destroyers + devil to all other living things. It’s just not worth it anymore and it has made it become groundless for aliens to be in this type of role all the time. And one other thing that I have kind of come to realize, our beloved Marvin the Martian STARTED IT and so WB is a little bit capable of this. No wonder I see it as one of the worst showings of interplanetary speciesism!

Another thing I can see the point of is when the interviewer mentioned how technical play (I bet she’s referring to online dolls + painting and app games) is taking away the creativity of what kids used to experience with real toys. As for university, students are always online or on their phone. They will call someone while walking from building to building and they just never have the ability to sit down and reflect + observe others around them. It makes you have to wonder about all those lost opportunities for growth and solitude. The older generations always tell about how they had television that would last a certain amount of hours, run around outside and of course books (Ugh), And now it just seems that there is nothing new to do. Our kids are getting bored so it’s an important skill to develop as parents.

It’s no wonder why I feel the need for Mabel’s merchandise toys to be like how Barbie was in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Kids way of play with technology is killing toy stores, arcades, play places, traditional shopping and you know what. And it has almost left no room for there to be in case there is no electricity for a long amount of time. I mean you need power to charge a phone or tablet and all. But what happens if there is no power to charge? You pretty much in todays world get helpless because it leaves you without those devices. I’ve learned that after Hurricane Ian hit my home and almost had to spend two days without power which would have been a nightmare for me and as much as these older generations have to teach about how much they had in their life without electricity, it is no benefit for me because I wasn’t alive in those days and it’s hard for me to come to think of a world without it all. Plus, these days I hate to have to be surrounded by old people and just want to be with those my age and it would be a nightmare not to contact them. Plus, I want to hear the voices of my crushes to help me calm down and that can only be used from the Internet and music. And I’ve got robot pets that need power too and so I depend them for my company too.

But thinking of what kids go through today, they have had all this technology longer than I have and so I can only imagine how hard it would be for them to have to go through a storm like that in todays world. Besides, todays younger generation being exposed social media and Internet all the time depending on what they are looking at and being far from actually getting out to form a community is making the younger generations depressed and lonely. And if we don’t want it to be this way with the next coming young generations, there are tips out there for parents that say not to get your child a phone, tablet or have a media account until they a certain age or so. Also to only use them for certain purposes. And if that can be followed, it would be the only way to get people to realize why toy stores should be running again, why places like Chuck E Cheese deserve to be running and why places like McDonald’s should bring their play places back. Only this time, they can make it easier to clean + have strict rules so that there are less gross messes and harmful mishaps. Besides, just sitting around with tablets and phones only makes it worse when it comes to eating fast food. Getting up to explore a play place allows them to get some exercise.

And with those tips, Orestein kind of did that with her daughter as she said when asking her to borrow her iPhone. And she said to just sit there and be bored making her wonder why she is imposing boredom when it no longer needs to exist. The notion of boredom is struggled and is there a value in it or an obsolete concept? It doesn’t make sense so much in that way. My mom tells me that her mother would have her and her sister in trouble if saying they are bored + even harshly make them clean their room or so. Because there was so much to do. At least back then it seemed like that. But I guess in todays world, it’s way easier to get bored if there is nothing new to do or can’t afford anything cool.

When thinking about what to do when your kid really wants something and then telling them “no”, thinking, how do I explain it? The answer is you don’t. No is no! And why is it so hard? Well for me, I’m always a logical thinker and I always feel like I must know why somebody would say “no” to what I want and if there is a good reason. Orestein did say that she was getting tired of those teachable moments with her child and was feeling like her daughter was being pushed into a position that was untenable where for her being forced to say “no” all the time that it was going to make her daughter think she had more choices. It never works! Orestein wanted things she could say “yes” to.

Suppose this is why parents yell at society to change for their kids and not just let it be up to them to tell what is right and wrong. But it still makes a bummer to those who were fans of what was being taken away. You know, telling your kids ‘no’ so often and the logic behind it, this is another reason why I don’t want to have kids. But it’s also leaving more questions on what to do with Mabel and for my creation of McCopperbottom’s as I talked about in my previous blog.

When Orestein mentioned finding anything for her daughter that reinforce her desire and having to celebrate being feminine in a way that’s joyful and fun without it having to be linked with appearance, pre-sexualization and actual sexualization + hyper marketing, this is what I wish for all the time in a work. Celebrating the joy of being feminine is exactly what works that contain female protagonists that are friendly, lovable and beloved by viewers are to me.

It’s interesting to hear about how the Disney Princess franchise came to be. But as I look into it somewhat and I kind of even saw it when I was little too, the franchise sort of ruins Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Tiana and many others on what their original character was in their movies. As a matter of fact, I wish I could’ve been alive more to see just what Orestein was describing about these films coming with the merchandise and than going back in the vault and then back for a limited time. And yes, they just mentioned what I mentioned earlier. Never the two types of merchandise meet and let them free flow even when a work is meant to be gender neutral and that’s a shame.

As for saying to avoid Target with your niece, nothing is said about Walmart which literally contains the same thing. By looking at it here, it just seems that there is more fear when it comes to expectancy with having daughter, niece, granddaughter or maybe even younger sister. Because there is so much controversy in the girly world. And I think, why didn’t my family ever think of that when my mom was pregnant with me? Because I sure am bothered to see so many female characters be unliked or played in competition as the villains against the nice + loved male characters. “Ed, Edd, N Eddy” + “Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” as mentioned are two examples of that. Society proves it that it is what you see that inspires your idea of what’s possible for you in life.

About what she said on what fathers can do when finding their way into their daughters minds or to help their daughter have a better sense of self. Sure they can do the same thing as mothers do and says that any man in her is who she looks up to ultimately to see who she should be as a woman. So when a father reinforces ability and effort over beauty or when they tell her she’s beautiful even when a mess or so, it makes an impact on the way the girl sees herself. And as she said as the girls grow older, fathers should not comment on their daughters weight. Big tip there! Never comment on your daughters weight! Just provide love and regard for who she is and not just looks. And plus, the way the fathers treat the girls mothers whether together or not would have a big influence on them too.

Well, Peggy, you’re going to be really disgusted to hear this but my father has commented on my weight! And it’s all because of HIS MOTHER, my grandma that I called, “Nanny”. She used to judge others on how they should look and fat shamed others too. And so he learned it from her. How do you feel about that? Yeah, it makes me very uncomfortable when he does that and this is one example of a man that never prepared or did homework on what to expect or do when it comes to raising a daughter. As a matter of fact, he’s done a lot that tells me that he never did research on preparing to have a daughter. As I can see, we are practically more expensive to raise and there is no need to feel impatient on what her interests are. In fact, my father also somewhat treated my mother unfairly as I could see leading up to this terrible divorce and every now and then is rude + intolerant with his current girlfriend right now. Plus, as far as I can see with my father from the way he acts to famous people, he’s anti-women and that makes absolute no sense for a man who has a daughter if wishing for her to be successful + having a mother in who he looked up to so often.

My nanny has been gone since 2004 and I while commenting on the way people look, some might say that she would’ve done that with me too but there’s also a 50% not because as grandma she was incredible and spoiled me like a grandparent is always known to do.

It’s no wonder I looked up to Steve (the old Blue’s Clues host) as the male figure in my life as an example of someone in whom I’d want to spend my life with. And when thinking about it, I beg for a man in my life right now who won’t comment on my weight. As a matter of fact, even though I don’t want kids, if I were going to have a boy, I’d want to do some extra research on what to expect and how he should be raised so I can keep all those tips in mind rather than just thinking about feminine way my own parents raised me in.

But looking at Orestein’s points, it makes me wonder on how I do not make the same mistake with Mabel. So far, while pink is Mabel’s favorite color, it will not covered all over her merchandise completely + is made to be good role model and strong female character. But let me know your thoughts on what can be done in the comments below.

Speaking on the expectation femininity, Barbie’s deal with the LT franchise. As you might remember, one doll was from a WB store labeled “Barbie loves Tweety” and came with a Tweety Bird Plush. There was one with Barbie having a bunch of characters having a slumber party with her (Marvin was not invited in there sadly) even though many other nasty characters there like Taz who would probably eat up Barbie’s food in such bad manners. I certainly would not have wanted him in my house but I really WOULD invite Marvin to my sleepover.  Barbie’s sleeping bag had Tweety on it once again.

At last but not least, 3 Barbie dolls in honor of LT Back in Action were released. They each came with a plush. Bugs, Daffy and Tweety but Barbie had NOT had a single doll with Marvin labeled “Barbie loves Marvin the Martian”.

And as you remember, I got a note at a point saying that Mattel may have not wanted Barbie with a bad guy from LT, especially the one with the most threat but that REALLY doesn’t matter. After hearing that, I saw Barbie in a WHOLE DIFFERENT WAY. This all showing that a cool fashion girly girl should NOT be with or love Marvin the Martian and that’s where I feel ashamed to love him. That’s another example on what it feels society expects from girly girls.

At least Marvin could not be narrowing his eyes around Barbie and just make him SMILE and look like a hottie.  Plus, I can see that Barbie looks like someone who likes POLITE + charming guys and Marvin sure is one as long as others are not mean to him.

I hope for Mabel to take it all back and PROVE that many girls love Marvin and don’t think he’s a menace. We fangirls do not deserve to be left out. Mabel will have Marvin EVERYWHERE for her franchise. It’s likely that Hasbro will be producing Mabel toys because they are taking over everything now as I might have said once before.

Also, about what Orestein said about those dolls her daughter found at the airport, it reminds me of how criticism is taken on how the Bratz franchise has a terrible influence on girls telling them that it’s okay to be slutty + only care about shopping for clothes and parties. Sure, it’s extreme enough for 6 or so year old girls. But I never noticed that and just had fun with them. Although as I might have said before, the biggest LIE that the Bratz franchise + other doll franchises ever show in my point of view, is the relationship between BFF’s. I wrote a blog about it a couple of years ago.

The live action Bratz movie from 2007 might have been badly hated, but even though I kind of liked it a lot, I see it has the lie about BFF relationships all over the place as well as other teen chick flicks, like The Clique, Sleepover, The Cheetah Girls, Clueless, Wild Child, The Sisterhood Of Traveling Pants, etc. all tell LIES about BFF relationships and that is that teen and pre-teen girls are ALWAYS with their peer friends no matter what. That is so not the truth from my experience! Even though that’s what I want more than anything now, I have had a hard time getting together girly groups, or even get in contact with peer friends + are always busy doing something else and never have time for me 😥

Non-doll toy commercials do this all the time too with the LIE on BFF relationships. One example is Radica’s Girl Tech franchise:

As if social media and phones weren’t enough and it’s just not reality from my experience on inviting a group to the mall with me. And who’s Kyle anyway? This also just shows the stupid message that girls are getting interested in boys as young as of age 11-12.

Talking about boys when they don’t even look like they are at the age to be ready for it yet.

And this just shows more bias that young adult girls are always with friends no matter where they are + are so crazy about boys at an early age.

And there it goes again!

And again with special someone!

A company called scenario let out this lie too:

Nobody seems to like the idea of a soft diary but I rather like it. Except only sharing big secrets with your best friends? What about me who can hardly get any BFF’s around me????

This looks like Facebook and yet with that account trying to get in touch with as many friends as I could, I rarely get Likes, Messages and Comments from my girly peers like what this shows, proving it’s all a big LIE!

Everywhere I look speaking on interests in boys at such a young age, besides middle school, even elementary school kids are having crushes on each other and dating at such an early age. As much as people blame it on todays sex videos, I would also blame it on 5-12 olds being targeted with high school drama. I’m talking the way Disney Channel shows it with their many sitcoms through the years + it caught up to Nickelodeon and the early-mid 2000s were a time when so many G rated films came out that featured the protagonists and main characters as high school teens. These will often show the forms of crushes and dating. So it sends a message to grow up faster.

If I were to prevent this for future generations, I would want to strictly tell not to introduce them to works like High School Musical until they are in high school themselves. You know what I mean? Plus, while being exposed to Disney channel shows like Hannah Montana & Wizards of Waverly Place in the late 2000s as a tween, it made me look forward to high school in my future, but as soon as I got there, it’s NOTHING like so many drama works portray it! So I would not want to tell lies about the kids future at an early age.

All I’d say is, kids need to be exposed to works that deal with main characters that are in their age group so they can easily relate to them. Like Strawberry Shortcake is a six year girl, and it would be a perfect fit role model character for a girl her age. As a matter of fact, there was a time where I wanted to see some of the early 2000s Strawberry Shortcake series. From looking at it today, I can appreciate seeing a sweet and charming female character! I even like to refer to Marcia as Strawberry Shortcake because both have red hair.

But sometimes I worry right now if the franchise ever got controversial because of all the sweets surrounding their world, and therefore, leaving a risk of diabetes for the girls. Same can be said with those Easy Bake Oven toys that shows girls how to bake and there was a franchise in the late 2000s called Girl Gourmet which was all about sweet making.

See what I mean? At least the treats they make are often mini size so it couldn’t be too much. Plus, many kids have a sweet tooth and so it’s fine on an occasion and should not be unusual to see.

And with the toy company messages, I also wonder, if PETA has even made criticism towards Littlest Pet Shop, due to the name + the showing of WILD ANIMALS in there as if it’s showing that wild animals are okay to have as pets. And with the name, all PETA wants is for animals to be adopted from shelters or no more than that wish all of animal domestication out of our lives. Now this is something else I talk about as another story in many previous blogs.

So I suppose I’m sick of PC culture ruining everything myself, for no reason that is! But my arguments + goals are only based on modern day logic. That’s it! That’s all what my form of works are about!

Miracle of McCopperbottom’s

So what is McCopperbottom’s? Is it supposed to be a McDonald’s ripoff involving robots? Well, you can whine about that all you want but really it’s meant to be a fun creation of mine that I made to be in a more logical and better presenting of McDonald’s. Why would it be better? I will explain everything but before we get into what the deal with McCopperbottom’s is, I want to go over the nasty situations McDonald’s and perhaps other fast food joints came to for over the years.

To start things off, I should kind of show a review on this documentary called, “Supersize Me”. It looked like something that would make me downright sick if I watched but I decided just yesterday to skip over some parts and see if I can find the parts that I was looking that shows that part of one of the reasons for my creations.

Two long videos below. But watch_18:03-18:50, 27:24-28:54, 43:41-End.

This guy in here did the most foolish thing that I would never do just to test weight gain and health problems! But don’t you see here, there’s criticism on McDonald’s Play Places, birthday parties for kids, the Happy Meal toys and even mascots being blamed for the rise of childhood obesity. Junk food advertising and toys are blamed too! But let me get to more detail on that later. In the meantime, all of that shown is part of what KILLED McDonaldland. If you grew up in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, you will know what that is.

Now watch: 24:08-24:34, 45:21-47:28

The end was just plain ridiculous regarding Ronald McDonald! He wasn’t introduced until 1963 and what’s going with the criticism over this is gone too far today. It has been almost 2 decades since “SuperSize Me” was released and becoming a phenomenon. But there have been so many other theories popping up over the years on what the real cause of the American obesity epidemic. As I saw with Neal Bernard I was surprised to have been featured being interviewed in this, he and many other celebrity doctors as far as I am discovering are also on the determination to make money whether a certain health affect is true on not. Only your doctors are the ones who know about your blood line and are more likely to know what’s best for your health comparing to your gene pool and all. One interesting example I found on another discovery is with some guy getting diabetes and was having health problems all over! He tried everything he could to stop it all and get better but none of them worked. That’s when he went off to do deep research and a theory that had been hiding from America for decades and is the possible reason for why diabetes has gone up so and is estimated will be the next few decades and it’s because we’re not being educated right on the true causes and preventing it. His presentation I think was labeled, “Normalize Glucose Levels Naturally” in case you want to go look for what I’m talking about and you might just be shocked.

Anyway, how do you suppose Ray Kroc would feel about the restaurant he decided to franchise became a contributor to major health problems? Although if you look at videos of inside a McDonald’s restaurant from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, which really are out there as well as old pictures too, you might notice the low precent and lack of overweight or obese people around. So how did this all happen? This is by far the real biggest contributor that become more common 20-30 so years ago while it was more rare in the older decades. And that is the rise of High Fructose Corn Syrup! Yes, everything that stuff touches turns to garbage! That’s the number 1 thing that should be banned!

Plus, UK, Australian and Canada are having some obesity rise too just so you don’t forget that the US isn’t alone.

Where do I come into more detail with my creation? This article below will explain which was sort of similar to what SuperSize Me showed.

As you see Ronald McDonald was being forced to retire and if communities were blaming him for the childhood obesity epidemic (as well as other past McDonaldland characters) They compared to some cigarette mascot called Joe Camel. But all that argument in the article from more than 10 years ago is rather ridiculous! Might as well get rid of Chuck E Cheese or all those cartoon mascots marketing surgery kids cereals. Though from my understanding Ronald went down the way to disappearing from public appearances ever since all those creepy clown sightings from 2016.

As I said, this is part of what killed off McDonaldland! Play Places were also taken away besides the germaphobics, injuries and nasty rumors. It’s what’s turning McDonald’s into a rather boring social coffee house and not the magical place that kids used to call a dream come true for them. Something I experienced for a little time as a child but wish I could’ve experienced more of now. I’m rather missing it a lot.

Not to mention but the documentary or that didn’t seem to want to mention how near half of the population is terrified of Ronald. I was kind of and also the one thing that can never seem to be accepted. This childhood obesity epidemic is not the advertisers, restaurants or even the mascots fault. People have the choice to change channels and all! Plus, no one is forcing you to buy the product but just offering something that’s totally up to you. And just because a company could have their characters from a fast food joint have cartoons for children or even play sets that market them doesn’t mean the company as a whole is forcing you to eat their food! Sure, you all will still argue that advertisements and characters are responsible for a child’s influence and that large contributors to society have a responsibility to customers and employees. It’s just lazy stubborn thinking though!

But down from that, McDonald’s did at one point try to give a healthy option to kids by giving out bubble gum flavored broccoli which is downright weird. When they were taste test with children, they hated it. And while it’s been demanded for so long to make Happy Meals and all healthier for children by putting apple slices on the Happy Meal menu (even though after it was done, it didn’t seem like enough for the critics), by removing cheeseburgers + chocolate milk from their Happy Meals recently, and putting the fry serving too a super small size, the CEO of McDonald’s made a statement that parents have to make food choices for their kids themselves.

He’s 100% correct whether you like it or not! It is the parents fault for not taking responsibility with their kids and just decided to take them to get fast food way too often probably because the kids demanded them too and parents do all wish to see their children happy. Children might be a disposable income, have a large purchasing influence, and easily targeted with ads, but keep in mind what they see is not free and it’s NOT the kids who have to pay for the these products being targeted at them! It’s the parents who have to do it and are the ones choosing to feed them all this! Honestly, what this whole junk food advisement should have been on the parents was something to do as part of the kids dose of vitamin N:

And what is to say? Television ads children are exposed could end up being partly to blame for the lack of vitamin N! It is the parents responsibility to show their kids the way! So here’s the truth behind the childhood obesity being complained about. Parents should have been disciplining their kids to Happy Meals as well as sugary cereals + all that garbage instead of letting society as a whole ban all of the magic and happy places for kids to have fun with at McDonald’s and all! What parents should do is have their children get a fast food meal as an occasional weekend thing or special event (like a birthday party) go to. They could have also disciplined them about getting McDonald’s at certain point ONLY if they behaved themselves somewhere, did chores or even improve on their grades. Perhaps also by doing a good job at a performance like in this ad:

Sugary cereals could also been left as a Saturday morning only treat. But, nope! Parents just spoiled them and lead it to obesity in which has destroyed all the fun many 80s and 90s kids grew up with. And society itself is just too stubborn sadly. Parents are too lazy to blame themselves and just blame it on society itself as well as critics!

But then yet, Ronald McDonald may have been kicked out, but Mickey D’s let in this Happy Meal box who is also really creepy and is looking like it will give a new generation of nightmares! Great friends with the minions just proving what contributors they just happen to have become:

Sometimes I wonder what if McDonald’s just kept their original mascot, Speedy, would was a chef character with a hamburger head? Well, I suppose the company never would have made extra success according to info I found.

And now we are getting close to the point. With having Ronald McDonald as one of my top childhood nightmares, social media and the Internet seems to mock and make fun of him all the damn-right time making Creepypastas and turning him into a Pennywise type clown. In that case, a cold-blooded killer + demonic monster! Ronald has become a popular character for the Internet phenomena of warping non-villainous characters into villains – due largely to the fact he is a clown and the idea of McDonalds as people complain about it being a soulless corporation, he is portrayed as a monster in varied photo-manipulations, flash games, rom-hacks, memes and YouTube movies. Even a quick google search can show funny (if scary pictures of fan re-inventions of Ronald, often showing him as a merciless killer or stalker. An infamous example of the theme of Ronald as a murderous “evil clown” is a widely circulated drawing online of him slaughtering the fellow mascots of the old McDonald Land franchise. Plus, many pictures and fan-made videos have appeared that either depict Ronald as a pervert or heavily imply it – such as altered pictures of Ronald grinning in a suggestive fashion near children or women, or appearing in strange and/or disturbing places. From there all over social media because people fear him so much, Ronald McDonald is often portrayed as a monstrous demon, sometimes even parodying Pennywise from “IT” or taking the form of his alter-ego “McGiygas” – a parody of the main antagonist of the Earthbound series. In a lot of Creepypasta he is always shown as a gigantic, dark clown which is brainwashing everyone who works for McDonalds and aims to lure children to the stores so Ronald can eat the children.

I DON’T believe this is what McDonald’s intended or had in mind. You might think that McDonald’s now regrets having a clown for their mascot because of all the creeped out fears he’s given people. Well, no, no, no! Back in the old days of 1963 when Ronald was created as well as years before, clowns were made as fun entertainment. They were staples at circuses, providing filler time between supposedly death-defying acts. Kids loved them! And they were big hits at children’s parties. Mickey D’s knew that a character like this would get their company to expand especially when it comes to appealing to kids. Then it becomes more of nightmare fuel among it. This is rather a success you wouldn’t expect to come at a cost years later.

At the same time while my fears somewhat went on, I also notice how much Ronald’s contribute to happiness and joy in children with magic and smiles. Past vintage ad jingles like, “Ronald Makes it Magic”, “That’s My Ronald”, “Do You Believe in Magic”,”Put a Smile On” and many of the 1970’s McDonaldland ad tunes that always start with “Who’s the Mcfriendliest fellow in town? Who’s our McFavorite hamburger clown?” will say it all. Listen to those songs if you can find them to know what I mean.

It completely separates what is really thought of out in the real world! No matter how friendly Ronald tries to be, people still fear and have no trust. People still look at Ronald’s expressions thinking these kids aren’t safe or terrifying to see him roaming around with these kids when the adults aren’t looking. While yet, songs like that tell one of the biggest reasons why Ronald was so popular among children and that is because they love his magic. Everyone knows that magic is one thing a lot of kids take for granted! Some bozos make fun of these songs by changing words to, “Who’s the McScariest in the land?” or “Do you believe in magic? And I hope you do! Cause Ronald’s got a gun and it’s pointed at you!” A time to roll my eyes! At one point when I volunteered at RMHC in my hometown, the lady I met there told me that Ronald McDonald is a clown that is no need to fear. It didn’t seem to have changed my thoughts though nor does it to many others as far as I can see.

This was looking rather spurious! It made me think, what if there was a character that gave joy and magic to others + a chief of happiness, but was at the same time much easier to tell is friendly mainly because he’s cute? And what if I could try to decrease these fears? Plus about what I said about kids entertainment early, isn’t it time to think about what’s popular today that could become the new chief of happiness + might even be great with magic and charity work? It’s a little tough to think of what that could possibly be but that didn’t stop me from thinking of what I would’ve wanted from knowing myself as a kid many years earlier. And so that’s where I thought of creating specifically a spoof for McDonaldland + I thought what better way to reduce my nightmares than to have my beloved Rodney Copperbottom in the role of Ronald McDonald?

It all started when I made this cast list on Scratchpad a couple of years ago:

And then I wanted to make it come to life!

When I showed this to my mom, she loved it the part on Ratchet as Hamburglar as well as Bigweld as Mayor McCheese. Originally, Lug was going to be Grimace but recently I thought it would be a more fair role for Fender. Piper I definitely had to choose as Birdy because both rare yellow and have pigtails.

With that being said, I am proud to have the minions as the McNugget Buddies due to them being so a part of the Happy Meal culture + brings them to be introduced to old school McDonaldland.

And thus with a snap of my fingers, McCopperbottom’s is born!

Food wise? Well, I must say this first. I discovered that ANOTHER vegan documentary called, “I Could Never Go Vegan” is being released as well as many others and it just looks like the community won’t stop until they get the world they want which is way more easily said then done. Honestly, a documentary like the one I described in a previous blog really deserves to exist. That is the one I describe on that talks about these these vegan activists are really not worth trusting. They’re secretly out to kill us.

The Humane League has already promoted several videos on Ronald McDonald on why he should not be trusted due to the animal torture behind the scenes + how McDonald’s Happy Meals are actually more like Sad/Unhappy Meals because of the animal torture (chickens in particularly) behind them + their own I’m Not Lovin’ Campaign. I believe PETA and even other activists have made a stink of over it too. Well, I wonder if they can call out to be hypocritical on Ronald McDonald being a cheerful helper for donation and sick children while at the same time supports an animal cruelty situation behind McDonald’s even though chickens are one animal I would find hard to see in the shoes of. Plus, I doubt that PETA and all these other animal rights activists would even care a single bit about the children who are in need of healing and needed the help they can at one of the greatest donation corporations out there. So they would do just the opposite of Ronald’s goal. Why? Because as I see through their claims, these guys would prefer to let the children die or so because they want to bump off future generations. Now there’s something to go on creepy pasta about! I’ve seen plenty of evidence of this theory and I really do see that those extremists would prefer to value the life of chickens of the life of human kids who don’t much to do in life that people can do.

Other than that, with the argument against many of these successful fast food joints having an amount of animal torture behind them, I wanted to make something different for McCopperbottom’s. I wondered what if burgers didn’t need to involve cows or at the same time not have the nasty vegan tofu flavor?

And so McCopperbottom’s beef comes from tiny water droplets and atoms that eventually grow into hamburger patties. No cows involved! Same thing is done with Fillet O Fish sandwiches! Fish Fillets are too grown from water and atoms. Oh yes! McNuggets too! So this is great news for the Humane League and other extreme animal rights + welfare corporations. Rodney will be someone worth trusting and would know the way to make all beings happy the same time without any inconvenient sacrifice of course!

Moving on to something rather cool to know. As that guy said near the end of Super Size Me, “Why not give me a choice besides French fries or French fries?”. That must be where the idea for adding apple slices to the Happy Meal menu came from, although sadly it wasn’t enough for critics. Though I do agree that McDonald’s fries are so good they are hard to put down and not order. Although I would not recommend a Super Size. I usually go for medium cause mainly, I feel like the small size is too child like right now and I’m too old for Happy Meals. Even the Happy Meals for adults that are out today don’t look all to appealing to me.

This when I came up with an idea that maybe McCopperbottom’s fries could be made using a super strong air fryer instead drowning in fatty oil. Compared to McDonald’s whose famous French fries shockingly contain 19 ingredients, McCopperbottom’s only has 2-3 ingredients. Plus, with less oil as I understand, there’s more taste.

Speaking of fries, I also most definitely had to use Alvin & the Chipmunks as the Fry Guys who were originally called Goblins. If you see some of the older McDonaldland ad’s, you’ll hear that they sound exactly like the famous chipmunks. Of course, the Chipettes would be suited for the Fry Girls.

More to be said! Dairy is also cruelty free! It comes out of robot cows that are feed a way to produce milk that will be used to make shakes and cheese. No baby stealing here! Although, I really think the reason behind the dairy industry bonkers is because the cows are being fed wrong. That said, with corn and wheat = we steal but with grass = we share.

Another thing you will be glad to hear is that at McCopperbottom’s, ice cream machines are fixed in no time. Hot apple pies of course are available but in a fresher way. McCopperbottom Land cookies are also made!

Breakfast available? Yes! Hotcakes and sausage (without the pig of course), juice and milk + the works! All these menu items will also contain little to no high fructose corn syrup!

Also, at McCopperbottom’s, the magical play lands can be relived including the slides, ball pit, etc! They are always cleaned overnight and have strict rules to make sure no injuries occur. It is also not recommend that a child is sick or needs to use the bathroom. Also, they must be potty trained! And just thinking, if there was one of those bench statues of Rodney, that would be a dream come true for me. Plus, Rodney would be someone I would find easier to trust and when the kids run off with him + love the magic he shows, the adults or at least moms especially will understand thinking, “Well by golly! He sure is a cutie!”

Birthday parties are also available to be planned at McCopperbottom’s and the fun old school Happy Meal toys can be relived all over again with a meal that has much less to fuss about.

What I also did was design a McCopperbottom’s coloring calendar in case any of you remember those from the 70s and 80s. Soon I might design a McCopperbottom Land Fun Time Magazine cover.

So far, I’ve got nearly 70 commercials for McCopperbottom’s made and I even made a spoof of an album based off of McDonaldland. I’m having so much fun with these that I can’t ever think of when I will be completely finished or out of ideas. And also, it does not more than warmth seeing Rodney give charm and joy to kids like this. If kids are not aloud to have McDoanldland as their magical happiness getaway, then they’ve got to have at least SOMETHING or some place like that.

What I should also mention is that in the late 80s and early 90s, McDonald’s had a brand of clothes for little kids that was shown in Sears called McKids. I decided to do a McCopperbottom’s version of that called McDud’s.

Still not finished yet! Now here is something I better show that I have got something to say about. This vintage doll below rather gives me the willies but has given me some cool inspiration.:

I thought, what if there was a Marvin the Martian referee doll based on Space Jam with that kind of function? And of course with a Rodney in McCopperbottom’s version, it would be splendid for me to have!

Now I’ve got say how many people make fun of this Ronald McDonald doll from the late 70s saying that it really terrifies them, that he comes alive at night, or would try to kill them if not sleep with them at night. I’m telling you, with all these irrational fears, it’s exactly why I created McCopperbottom’s!

I also wondered, what if Rodney has his own house of charities?

On top of all this, having Rodney have gotten the role made my fear of Ronald start to decrease and nightmares are also decreasing (though they are not as common through the last couple of years than they were 20 years ago), even though I still see him with some creepy moments and it also I guess depends on the actor or position.

Not to mention but I found this over 30 year old McDonaldland special VHS video and I’ve been looking at it quite a lot lately:

Of course, I’m thinking about doing a spoof on this later one! But for the most part, I am really impressed with Ronald’s design here! This is one of the first few times where he’s not shown to be that creepy but in more of a rather HANDSOME design. At least in my POV. My mom told me she saw my point saying that he rather looked more close to looking like just a regular human which might explain. I figure that after all of the irrational fear and creepy pasta spread all over, the good-hearted and charming meant to be clown character finally has an appearance that doesn’t scare me away. I wish McDonald’s could’ve realized that for other projects in order to reduce me and so much of everyone else fears.

By now, I secretly do miss Ronald now and I regret being too scared + shy when he came to a Scottish game festival in my hometown. I figure right now that it would’ve reduced some nightmares much earlier and that way I would’ve have the fear to run out of my bed to sleep with my parents every night.

I believe I must give a suggestion for one of those famous adult cartoons out there who always has to joke around with pop culture. I’m leaning toward American Dad into doing this. One character could mention about the struggles of being the daughter of the Burger King and then it cuts away showing that young woman, I’ll call Viola. Princess Viola that is! She comes in saying, “Daddy I have some great news! I’ve finally chosen a husband! So far, I’m having the best of days with him! ” BK looks proud replying, “Why my dear Viola, finally! This is big news for the kingdom! And who might this lucky prince be?” before sipping a soft drink or so! Viola laughs nervously and replies, “Ronald McDonald!” BK spits his drink all over the place showing the shocking + in a tizzy feeling because this was a competitor being dealt with. If time were aloud to go on, Viola sings a sad song about the fun she had leading up to her daddy’s unapproved response to her odd relationship. And now she’s being forced to marry the Duke of Doubt in whom she does not love.

I think I’ll share the lyrics I thought of for Viola’s song. It has a similar tune to “Annoying Orange Lovesong” in which has been posted to YouTube for 12 years now. But anyway….

I don’t know how I got here

It’s always easy being a princess

And it’s not always easy finding the right true love

That was until the day

I was walking in my royal garden and

It may seem unusual

But the man of my dreams saw me

and offered me a rose

Then I fell in love from the moment he found me

and now I never want to spend my life without him

I like Ronald McDonald

he makes me smile with all his funny jokes

his friends were fun to interact with

I miss his charming laugh

having tea was never again the same

I wish marriage were possible

but my daddy did not approve

but I fell in love from the moment I found you and

I never want to spend my life without you


we had so much fun together

and now I’m being forced to marry a boring duke

and it just isn’t fair

cuz I wish it were you, yeah

I don’t know how I’m supposed to survive without you

This is a response to thinking now that society has been too hard on Ronald and deserves so respect. Even I feel like I was too hard on him. One way I could think of is by giving him a love interest which has never happened to be honest. But I thought it would be even funnier if it were a lady who connects with a rival competitor.

To make a long story short or to tell the truth what it is from my discovery lately, Ronald would probably be my kind of guy I’d want to date, IF he wasn’t creepy at times and the media didn’t make criticize or make fun of him so much. But for now, I find it adorable to have Rodney take the role and Rodney is somebody I’ll always find to be the kind of someone I’d wish to have in my life.

But anyway, with being proud for the creation of McCopperbottom’s, I really wish a place that existed. It’s McDonald’s in a new style with much less to fuss about!

The Bright Side of Cartoon Crushes

Perfect statement Marvin! But even worse is going on with Biden! He just proves that evil wins in the real world and that whole good vs evil thing is fantasy.

So what’s deal for this blog? For those of you who have heard me complain this rather awesome cartoon character ruining my life, some might actually be wondering, was there anything good he gave me?

Well, I can just so happen to say how much proof I see on the major benefits toon crushes.

Let’s go all the way back to when I was in middle school at age 13 during 7th grade. I was not an ordinary 7th grader at all and part of this is one of the reasons to blame on why it was so difficult to be with peers besides being stuck on an island resort where they wouldn’t be able to find me. And what was the scary part of being near them? The fact that they would find out about my love for a cartoon character in which they have no idea about how much more safer it feels.

An old therapist of mine pointed out on how I was too old to be loving a cartoon characters and even my mother and stepdad were in force at one point to change my love life affection even though most of the ones surrounding me were not close to the charm Marvin had. Nor, the ones that would be coming in my future. Too much worry about me being bullied was all over their minds.

But now, as I must say even more so strictly as I could’ve stood up for to teach them, cartoon crushes are actually much safer than Hollywood stars. And they can be safer than being quick at finding an actual partner in your life. Especially at an early age!

It only took me a few years to realize that toon crushes REALLY do happen and Marvin the Martian is one character that seems to have girls piling up all over him but yet WB really doesn’t seem to care about.

Many good reasons to some celebs that were forced into my face at the time but yet weren’t enough for me. Like Justin Bieber had many good songs but was no where close to being true gentleman like I happen to be looking for. I was forced to be having a crush on Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) from iCarly, and even thought he’s fine and all, he didn’t have the right qualities for me to crush on. But it doesn’t stop just there.

This is quite is childhood wrecking for me but it gives a feeling of reason why I didn’t choose Zac Efron for my love life crush, although he’s attractive enough that I’d love to hug him and star as Martin (Marvin’s older brother in my show). The movie made him popular but Efron for some reason in real life did not life High School Musical.

I liked it a lot probably because of my love for singing the other hand, I can see that something about this franchise being evil. Targeting high school drama at 5-12 year olds is really an awful idea! It is possibly what is teaching them to grow up faster and that’s why you see kids beginning to date and do sexually activity at such a young age. And plus, it will bring the wrong messages on what to expect in high school. That’s how I felt after being exposed to Disney Channel for a certain amount of years and then finally getting to high school myself noticing it’s nothing like what these dramas show us.

Many others follow and by then I’ve got an even bigger reason to why cartoon characters are safer than real stars:

Don’t you see? Supporting them means you’re supporting what’s secretly destroying everything or tearing America apart! I knew a video like this was coming. For a quick statement, I don’t really like Gina Carano. At one point during the filming of her film, Haywire, she hurt Ewan McGregor my most favorite actor and beloved on set.

Speaking of this, with the acceptation of loving McGregor, something is a bit different here. I say in a previous blog that I believe he deserved my love. And plus, so far, his only political views only deal with what is in Scotland which is not quite easy to understand for me of catch on what it all means. And plus, his charity work in Unicef seems to be sweet enough and so he’s an acceptation and gets a 5 plus from me.

Another so far is the former host of Blue’s Clues, Steve Burns. He seems to rather only be semi Hollywood or barely shows anything on the political spectrum and just focuses on I don’t know what to call and that I really appreciate. It goes very far from what asshole hypocrite Bill Nye has become. Coming to interviews and meetings with fans (as a matter of fact I met him through Galaxycon weeks ago) and he’;s really what I would consider a DOLL if you know what I mean.) So there goes another plus for acceptation.

Know to go back to toon crushes, most children’s cartoons in past days never really show this kind of woke stuff and I wish it would be like that again. Another thing with cartoon character love is that you don’t have to worry about sudden deaths to them. Like I can only imagine what horrible feelings those were nuts about Micheal Jackson felt when he died. Same with Elvis! And even David Cassidy who was my moms childhood crush.

Cartoon characters are nearly almost all the time immortal and they better stay that way. Now, let me just say that if you are about to tell that having a cartoon character crush is not so great because you’re not going to be getting any love for them, then you are being a big hypocrite! Because real life stars won’t give you any love either. What the fuck is the difference? There is no difference!

I’m looking at you, naughty middle schoolers and high schoolers! If anyone is about to bully someone for a cartoon character crush then THEY should the one to change because everyone needs to know that not everyone is the same no matter what age you are.

But it doesn’t stop at just cartoon characters from a TV franchise. They can also be stand alone’s from an animated film. That’s what Rodney is and he actually feels even more my type and safe to me. Even though I believe Robot’s really deserves more and Rodney deserves to be more revered because he really a great role model and a character to really look up to. Plus, I have feeling as to why people are viewing Robots as an anti-capitalist film. Because a lot of young people who grew up with the movie are being educated WRONG. The film is actually just the OPPOSITE as I talk about in another blog. Read it to find out. Rodney is saving capitalism actually and fighting back on what looks life leftists. Speaking of that after Blue Sky Studios shut down and from that I see in pop culture, it brings me the feeling that good role models always get stand-alone products + less revered and that is a total shame.

About what I said about the positive side of Marvin the Martian, well really most of the other parts feel not right to me because as I discovered in myself, I was born to be someone who loves anything cute, hot guys (even though picky) AND I have lots of love for sci-fi. BUT I did not come to the world to be a VILLAIN lover. I wrote this on my Facebook page a couple of months ago and it will totally explain the truth on how I feel about entertainment:

It’s time some of my friends knew my situation in my point of view on what makes for a perfect drama or fictional work! From what I know, fictional works are here and haver a goal to make viewers care about the characters problems and that way they can identify with them. The viewers are supposed to want the heroes to succeed and the villains to suffer. If that happens, the work is comedy but basically if evil wins, it’s a tragedy. But often times those rules are broken mainly to do with the characters. So what better to make sure our hero is going to be kept to care about and routed for? Make the protagonist ENDEARING!!! Plus they should also have traits a good role model would be and also caring + gentle. Basically all you really need to be a true hero is to at least be pure good or close to pure good. Because that make it easier for me to route for them and I can guess for many others too. The protagonist can be rich or poor but if growing up poor I would recommend that even though that way, it would still make them even more appealing for them to still be adorable.

This is one the biggest reasons why characters like Rodney Copperbottom from Robots is so darn my love of my life and easy for me to be glued too. Not only is he endearing to me and easy to route for, but I’d do anything to get close. Plus the movie Robots whether some people think it’s good or not is one of those movies for me that has characters that are EASY for me to identify. So for antagonists, how do we make sure they are booed at and have the viewers hope that they will be defeated? Have them on a goal that is taken to be terrifying to viewers or no more than that, they can just be plain annoying about something for no reason + plus I’d make them look like villains and that is ugly or scary. If going to do a surprise villain, that’s okay as long as they are not CUTE. Have supporting characters or sidekicks can also be comedy characters or so.

You see, if the protagonist is an anti-hero (being heroic but all a complete jerk at the same time for example) or is an unendearing + annoying character like that + the villain is polite and more easy to love or can be just as bad as the hero, it makes it hard for me to know who to route for or NOT EVEN CARE about what happens to any of the characters at all! A lot of people complain about that when it comes to many movies that are box office DUDS. Reason why Looney Tunes/Bugs Bunny is a close being trashy bomb to me because the characters are not too endearing to me due to all being anti-heroes or way too many villains. Watching their movie ESPECIALLY Back in Action, I’d look at it and just don’t care about what happens to the protagonists! That’s how I am! That goes for the Duck Dodgers series too, I look at it and say, “YUCK!”

The villain from Robots on the other hand, Phineas T Ratchet and especially Madame Gasket are villains that are easy to tell are evil. In Wall-e as well, AUTO is a surprise villain if any have seen it but yet is villain where I think, “I should’ve known!” due to that low and creepy voice. But the protagonist still remained adorable. That’s better to watch in my mind!

As a matter of fact, I don’t think there are enough good role models out there. Anti heroes happen way too much! I am someone who has never understood why something could be funny on TV but NOT in real life. That’s why looking at anti heroes in my mind as I can imagine for often bad role models. It’s also hard to pick a character on who to look up to.

This is how I view entertainment, and there nothing anyone can do to change that point of view. All I need is to be introduced to more dramas like I tell you about.

Can I just say that I literally would’ve almost had done what Marvin to the elderly DD in the episode “Duck Codgers” that is making cheeky fun of him towards when my mother was about to marry my stepdad because they are several years apart from each other. As a matter of fact, that would be something for teenagers to do if in that kind of situation too but I didn’t because I was force fed to know better. But while yet, it’s nothing compared to DD making so many rude jokes to Marvin by call him offensive nicknames and pushing + torturing him aside in episodes like “To Love a Duck” and “Just the Two of Us” proving that this is not a true hero and works like this do not have a character that I can easily look up to or even know who to route for like I say above. I prefer Rodney type of hero characters! PURE GOOD!

Going back on woke Hollywood! Some might fight that it will keep being that way unless we stop listening their so called music, not watch their TV shows and not watch their films. They will, argue to just sit down with a good book even though it’s the last thing I can see people in todays generation including me want to do. Does this mean no more crushes at all? Should teenagers stop being teenagers? Or what about those like me who are not book fans or have trouble reading due to not understanding what’s happening + have problems concentrating on them?

My biggest suggestion is do what I do! BE PICKY! Choose GOOD people to crush on! Or better yet, choose cartoon or fictional animated characters for your love! And if you are feeling sad about them not being around you. You can easily get a doll of them to be by you.

If you have cartoon character crush and you don’t have a doll of them already. Find and get one now! Or you can make one of your own. It really helps and I will be sure of you that you will feel the love from them. This another thing that has me depressed in our world and that is the age limit of caring a doll with you in public. Nobody is prepared for someone like me with special needs.

Speaking of good role models I will mention Mabel again and what I hope of an influence she will become + will be what I consider as a coming LT character that is by definition a true hero. I can only impinge guys will develop a crush on her. Political views? Mabel is a liberation but wants to teach the world that there is no need to sacrifice when saving the planet + how environmentally gentle her alien species happens to be. That’s the only kind of fame I’m looking toward but the fame would really go towards her as a character while I’m just the creator.

That’s all for now!

Top 5 Best & Worst Episodes of Peppa Pig

It took me years to think about doing a blog like this but I figure I must do it. So as you may or may not know, I am half British and Peppa Pig so happens to be a popular UK cartoon. I had a most beloved British grandmother who passed away 2 months after the shows original debut from my studies. Right now I am wondering what she would’ve though about Peppa Pig. It’s then come to iconic in the US too as well as other countries. Despite that Wiki labels it as an awful TV due the characters being annoying, unlikable or having bad messages, the show for some reason still seems to be popular and still on going. Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Awful Movies Wiki shows more proof at a good reason on why I don’t look at reviews anymore and maybe you shouldn’t either. Our points of view are different from others! I’m not going to lie here! A lot of these episodes are cute and they give lots of inspiration for me however, some episodes are not all too impressive to me at least in a few parts. This is what this blog is going to about. I’m going to over in opinion best and worst episodes of Peppa Pig in my opinion. I will began with the top worst.

Top Worst

5. Guinea Pigs

One thing I find so interesting about a show like this is that it portrays all MAMMALIAN animals to have advanced evolved minds and personalities that humans have in our real world making them anamorphic. The ones who just stayed plain animals are the birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc. The only reptile as I see that did evolve to human form is crocodiles or alligators. However, some mammals so discovered so far, did not get advanced evolution and here we see guinea pigs are one of them and so far from others we see that the hedgehog, platypus, koala, whale and maybe other sea mammals also just stayed instinctive and plain. I’m wouldn’t be too surprised with the marine mammals not evolving but the land ones? A little bit strange! For those who say all the time that animals are better than people, suppose in a world like this, characters could be saying that birds and reptiles are better than mammals. LOL. But back to the episode, it’s fine and clearly defines my life looking after my 1st and 2nd grade class pet guinea pigs who were to honest WAY cuter than these you see here. The problem I see in this episode is that the show shitting on screen. Is that even appropriate for a young kids show? It’s natural part of the body but that doesn’t mean we should be exposed to seeing this on TV. Clearly and mainly little kids.

I think I better add this. Many theories are claiming that Madame Gazelle is a vampire due to having not have aging when hearing about her long time teaching, house shown and a Halloween episode. Well, she’s quite a friendly vampire but fangs are never shown and how does she survive daylight? More about her is shown in this episode.

I’ve got a softer theory that Madame Gazelle started teaching while in her 20s which was around the same time the parents as kids were in her class and by the time Peppa and her friends are in her class, she’s in her 50s. Retirement usually doesn’t come along until about your mid-60s. So I would say teaching for more years to come would be a 10 or so more years. But let’s get back to worst episodes.

4. Mummy Pig at Work

Here is another episode that is mostly okay and funny but only has one part that I don’t find appropriate for an animated preschool show. It had to do with the game Peppa and George were playing, Happy Mrs. Chicken. They used FART SOUNDS whenever Mrs. Chicken laid an egg! That’s something you really don’t want to use in a young children’s show!

3. Potty Training

This episode shows I would guess some tips for when a child learns to use the toilet and all but it leaves quite a long way shock. What do I mean? It looks SEVERAL seasons later to figure out that George was still potty training! “Mummy! George has done poo poo!” Does that mean all this time he was still in diapers? I mean producers really should’ve thought about airing this episode much sooner.

2. My Cousin Chloe

Here is an episode that shows more of the bossy and annoying girl stereotype. That is Peppa and NOW her cousin Chloe teasing George about being too little to do or be good at the grown up kids activities they tried to do. And I always looked at this and it makes me think how hard it must be for little kids and big kids to play together. They have different thoughts on what they want to do! About the loving to jump up and down in muddy puddles. Is this a bit of parody of pigs loving to roll around in mud?

And now the worst Peppa Pig episode is…..

  1. Piggy in the Middle

This clearly shows all of it! Peppa and her behavior teasing her little brother on being too little for some activity and doing it all wrong! Not only making fun of her parents + grandparents and rude to her friends but the worst thing I see is the way she treats poor little George! Although to wiki and I can see why, his crying can get very annoying and his tears are like a sprinkler. But the part about this that bothers me is you guessed it, the pop culture habit of making the girls (whether protagonist or not) the annoying and bratty character everyone hates. Buzzfeed even describes her savage moments.

You’re not going to slice her throat and turn her into bacon are you? People claim for Peppa to be a bad influence a bitchy brat like I describe in the struggle behind female characters! Although I’m sure those fat shaming and old age mocks are really meant to be cheeky four year old jokes.

Plus this also what looks like the rule habit from common pop culture of having the sisters always being the unlikable brat and the brothers being the ones we feel sorry for!

Buzzfeed describes more proof from Max and Ruby which I might talk about for another blog:

Come on pop culture!!! Knock it off! Not completely but THINK ABOUT IT! This is not going to get the female population to look strong at all and is bad for the female population who wish to have a Bill of Rights!

Speaking of that I must say this! You might be familiar with Arthur Reed. The long running TV show that was based on the book series has ENDED a few months ago and I cannot believe it has been around since the year I was born! Many have made tributes to it and the impact it has been for decades. I hate to sound harsh but I am actually glad the show has ended! Why? Because it was another franchise that showed so many of the girls as jerks over the boys being the good ones. I will prove it to you! First we’ve got Arthur’s bratty little sister DW, then we have the two monkeys, Francine and Muffy who are also labeled as nasty bitches as well as sometimes Prunella the Poodle. Then the boys are often aside being labeled as the more good characters with the acceptation of Binky who was looking like a school bully at first but then softened up! Way to go on an unfair situation like that for us girls to still be left in the unlikable dirt! As a matter of fact the creator and author of the franchise based DW on ALL OF his sisters giving the feeling that it must’ve made him secretly a women/girl hater which would explain this kind of portrayal. It’s not going to give the female population rights as I said and it’s a bad target to those girls like me who wish to be loved and successful!

I’ve got a bit of a theory before I move on why pop culture does this to us: When it comes to the toy world, sometimes it is pointed out that girls have lots of more cool stuff to choose from but it can also sometimes be the opposite because men have more jobs opportunities, and when a movie was made for both genders, often times the merchandise ends up commonly being marketed to just boys. On the other hands, girls and women need more to keep in shape and fit it. Jewelry, makeup, much more clothing types + accessories, a bunch of hair care, salon trips cost more for women, menstrual care, etc. Because girls and women require and need so much, pop culture and writers get the idea that it is completely OK to make the female characters annoying, bratty, bossy, etc. cause them to be hated or being a bad influence. The more needed, the more they’re gonna want and then the more likely they will become spoiled. That’s one thing that I also think the creator of Arthur Reed was behind. It may also come down to the stigma that girls and women are more emotional due to health standards and all. But for my argument, it doesn’t help the female population and their self esteem, including MINE.

But anyway, back to Peppa Pig and let’s go over the best episodes.

Top Best

5. Mummy Pig’s Birthday

This episode gave me lots of inspiration for what I hope for on my 30th birthday and as a matter of fact, it’s almost exactly what happens on my 30th birthday in the universe where I am married to Rodney and have robot kids! Chocolate cake, a fancy dress for a present, decorated living room, breakfast in bed, all that!

Except, honestly Daddy Pig! You really think you should put the same number amount of candles as Mommy Pigs age? Yet three is barely enough! Honestly, it is never mentioned to viewers but Peppa does react to how really old she has gotten to be. My guess is Mommy Pig is turning around somewhere in her 30s. When you’re a kid around 1-10, using the amount of candles as the age you are turning is a long good tradition, but when you get to be WAY older than that then it’s downright IMPOSSIBLE! No bigger amount of candles would fucking fit! Well there are birthday number candles out there you can use to spell out the age such as building the number 16 or 25. That’s a good thing to switch to the older you get! And I suppose 3 candles if you’re turning somewhere in your 30s is fine since it’s a multiple of that.

4. Tide: Ballet Lesson/Lost Keys

I was hoping there would be an episode where Peppa takes ballet lessons and it has given me inspiration for my series. This seems to be tradition for girl characters taking dance classes like this. But I like it! It’s fancy and I like fancy A LOT! The only time I took a dance class was in the summer of 2004. Only 8 years old and at around the same time my British grandmother died.

The other episode shows a very difficult situation we all face but this one is a most definite tough situation but this makes it funny.

3. Tide: Picnic/Noisy Night

The first episode shown was pretty funny! Especially when Daddy Pig was being chased by the wasp! The only thing I would not recommend is feeding bread to ducks or strawberry shortcake. It’s not very good for them as I figured out. For Peppa making fun of her daddy having a big tummy, that’s what many pigs are known for. Wiki claims for this to have lots of bad messages about what to do around bees or wasps and to keep eating when not hungry. We’ve already got a bunch of cartoons out there that show bad messages on what to do around dangerous creatures! Don’t be so hypocritical! The only flawed message in here to me is the feeding to the ducks.

For the other, who would’ve thought that noise would put a baby to sleep? As a matter of fact, I was told that when I was a baby visiting St. Croix in the Caribbean back in late 1997, I trouble getting to sleep and going for a ride in the car is what helped. But in this case, I thought it was funny when Daddy Pig set off the house alarm. Many say this episode is annoying too because of some of the sounds and Ms. Rabbit had no reason to come. But think about it! When an alarm like that goes off, the fire department or police may come in case there really was an emergency. In this case, it told Ms. Rabbit that somebody might be robbing Chloe and her families home. The alarm sound is annoying according to wiki but lets be honest, house alarm sounds are always annoying! In real life especially!

2. Polly Parrot

Another hilarious episode! The end especially! Peppa and George are obsessed with chocolate cake as I can see and so am I believe it or not.

Before I get to the number one best I would like to tell some funny and weird honorable mentions and events. At one point PETA protested a Peppa Pig live show about animals being treated like us and not using them for consumption. But since what does an anamorphic children’s show have to do with the meat industry. Is it all because of Peppa and her family’s species being one that is badly abused? Look I can only think that if humanity didn’t happen, some animals like these would become like us as you often see in a show like this otherwise it would make the world boring if you think about it more. Is that the world PETA is looking for? Or do they are other activists just want it all completely instinct! Anamorphic nothing! This is why I wish for a species that was just as advanced as humans are but are more gentle with their environment.

Another thing is that they even have anamorphic vegetables! The main being Mr. Potato! I mean how did that happen? In fact his show even has a theme about the animal children needing to eat healthy singing, “Fruit and vegetables keep us alive! Always remember to eat your five!” But I don’t know what the five that is being talked about is. And plus, isn’t a bit strange for a group of vegetables to encourage kids to eat vegetables? They don’t expect the kids to eat them do they? Sometimes it’s shown that the anamorphic veggies show exposure to cannibalism which seems kind of freaky for kids to view. As a matter of fact, to make fruits and vegetables easy for me to eat and not have to worry about putting them as half my plate all through the day, I put them in a shake every morning to make sure I get their nutrition for the day and have that complete. Plus, it’s called intuitive eating!

Okay now, finally the number one best episode of Peppa Pig is…..

  1. The New Car

Absolutely hilarious! It reminds me of the Monsters Inc. short, Mikes New Car in which my mom and I found so funny! I certainly wish I could have a car like that blue one!

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Is That Vegan Teacher An Alien In Disguise?

Many months ago a thought came to my mind wondering what if there was documentary that discussed vegan animal rights activists through the years and what there real identity might be comparing their criticism. It could be titled, “Plant Based Conspiracy” and it’s slogan could be “Are these animal activists our friends or foes?” It will deal with talking about how these guys are not actually trying to make the world a better place in particularly for humanity and that they are more likely trying to make sure the human race is destroyed. It will also point out people who have been major examples of this including PETA and a bunch of others.

Karen is one major example of proving this theory. Other animal activists are secretly this too and Karen is using these loud and hard core activists like Deep Vegan, Vegan Gains, Joey Armstrong, Ed Winters, Erin Janus, Emily From Bite Sized Vegan, Freelee the Monkey Bitch and even PETA as targets to who she wants her followers to look up to because they are the key to the harsh goal she and all those others are really behind. They also put together a theory of a human-free world ideology when it comes to their goals that they say they are after and what would it really lead to. This whole ideology of this type of activism is that humans are seen as the full devil to nature, the Earth and especially, non-human animals. The key idea is how did humans become so dominate that they turned out to have fucked up the planet, take the lives of other species to live and why does it have to make us survive better?

Because the human brain somehow developed to be complex and process so much that no other species could do. In this case in the extreme animal lovers, environmentalists and vegans mind, it isn’t the result in having something unique, having dominate views, and a way to make it so that the less dominate species could have a solution to their tough times. It’s result of life destruction. In other words, humans don’t deserve or never deserved the planet we live on. These guys beg for us not to eat or consume animal products despite that some people would have tough time with a vegan lifestyle when it comes to certain health conditions or TVT’s idea of a living kindly world would mean a lot of inconvenient sacrifice for humanity. If you were really to plug all this in, then the idea of destroying the human race would all make sense.

Now let’s just take the dairy industry for example. These guys always argue that the dairy milk, cheese, ice cream, butter and others didn’t belong to you. It wasn’t yours to begin with. It’s for some other animal that is domesticated and are probably being fed wrong comparing to what these animals were eating when dairy farming first got started thousands of years back. But these morons just end up looking constipated and just say that they will pretend not to hear that or not know what any of those words were. It’s just like when the left hears some points of view on what is going in the world by a conservative. This comes down to part of the conspiracy theory I’ve got.

People could argue that the daughter was being the kind one but I can imagine many at the barbecue party may find it weird without any meat.

Something similar happened to this happened in elementary school where one kid was found to have been allergic to peanuts. Because of that, a sign was put on the tables saying that no peanut products were aloud and that means peanut butter wasn’t aloud. One inflexible person made up the rules for everyone else! Although I never got in trouble with having my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my lunchbox. But speaking of that, nut allergy is very common and not only do reactions happen when eaten but when a person is near nuts or so depending how high the allergy is. When it comes to veganism, nuts just so happen to be an important part of the diet. But what about those with an allergy? Imagine what would happen if someone sent someone like Karen a picture of a child or so having an allergic reaction. I doubt she would care and would bet she would make a mocking argument like when someone accused her that a friend of theirs died trying to be vegan.

This proves it that people like her are actually putting humans at the bottom of the list to care about and are wanting us to be a weaker species. She’s trying to make sure that all non-human animals always come first. At one point during an argument about stopping animal testing, Karen said that it doesn’t matter if it is going to have humans struggle to find ways to be healthy or even get cured basically telling that obviously she doesn’t care if you live or not. That shows one side of an animal activists true identity and Deep Vegan even argued over when it came to those with a close no win system during the 9-11 attack when someone is either going to burn in the fire or jump out of a building and be killed for hitting the ground so hard, he said, “Why should I care? You don’t deserve to live!” This is more proof of my theory. People like them are putting what they always say to be the villains are at the bottom, that is to say us mankind.

What they are using as forces of veganism onto everyone for is a death trap. Whether someone is going to do well on the diet or not, and be forced into lots of sacrifice like what TVT always kicks us into doing when it comes to wanting for everyone to be like her, she deep down knows that this will possibly lead to a low survival rate for humanity and I believe other activists know this too when it comes to our history.

They wish to restore the Earth before humanities existence. Before humanity, we had dinosaurs and a world without unique language, music, and all of our unique inventions. In other words, it’s always complained that world would be better off without us. The Earth was green and peaceful without a dominate and advanced species like humanity is today and there were only wild animals living through instinct doing the same natural thing over and over again.

I believe TVT and other activists including PETA want us to GO BACK to that world or even go back to when the first humanity was at it with struggling in the wild, living in CAVES, and taking out the part with eating meat + hunting. Where does this leave humanity? This is one powerful message that should be thrown into a documentary like I described should talk about. Despite all the BS about humans ruining the planet + other species, and whether a world like that sounds more peaceful or not, it would also be a little boring in many ways if you were to think more about deeply.

Would any of you think that the world would be boring without MUSIC? I’m gonna say that music is one thing would never would’ve existed if it weren’t for mankind. No other species could’ve bought incredible things like that to the world because they don’t have the developed minds to figure it out. Also, there would’ve been no unique language and in that case, NONE of the species all over the planet today would’ve never had gotten their names if it weren’t for humanity. Like, the nurse shark got it’s name for an interesting reason. So did the killer whale! All of these animal and plant names all came from the idea of mankind. And not to mention, not just the Earth but ALL OF the planets in our solar systems never would’ve gotten their names. Most of them were named after roman gods expect our planet Earth which from some other name of another language meaning something else. Think about that! All of the words and names that we say all the time, NEVER would have existed if it weren’t for mankind! You may as well say that the Earth would be better off without any words. Without humanity our universe is completely NAMELESS!

The true agenda to animal activists like PETA and TVT could be reveled in a documentary like I am describing. You can almost look at these types of people and leave possible guesses to what their next argument will be about. And technically I’m going to say this, if you were to dig deeper and look at what the animal rights activists CORE ideology is, it may be likely that it would make regular people refuse to be vegan or follow their commands. Just about all animal activists are truly like this as I believe but only people like TVT and Deep Vegan are those showing the real agenda behind their goals or at least shows it close enough. With people like this in the world, we’re facing an interesting but terrifying time in history. I’m sure that if people like Karen told our stone-aged ancestors, what she says today that animals live here with us and not for us, they NEVER would have survived and from there, humanity would not be where we are today. But is humanity really ready to go this way? Animal activism is so different than what regular vegans are. I’m sure if you were to ask a vegan that didn’t go around complaining to others about their lifestyle and lived to be happy with what they are doing that if it is fine that humanity is on top of the food chain, depending on what they did the lifestyle for it would be yes or no. But technically they would probably understand history and why mankind had to get where we are now. I think for TVT and other hard core activists point of view, they would perfectly prefer if humanity were IN the food chain or not as strong of a species at all. Just a plain boring instinct species like zebras and bison in the great circle of life waiting to be eaten by a predator. So in my view, that is their real goal. Not only do they hate their own species but most of all they are looking at mankind through global eyes. What they are wanting to do is right the world as what they see as being going around the wrong way for 300,000 – 2 million years ever since human life began and start doing on what they see as cruel just for survival.

And from all the evolution of humanities fascinating discoveries about the world (like discovering it to be round and not flat), to our great development to cultures from agriculture, to having evolution of dogs and other domesticated species, to inventing movies, music, animation, health care, charity, religion, and all those unique creativities that no other species could think of to doing, TVT and her other animal activist friends would love to see all that come to an END.

Can you imagine if ONE person or small group could do that in a short amount of time just by massive FORCE? I’m sure that if people like that took over the world, humanity would be struggling to keep up with their work due to the lack of protein, humanity would be dying off easily depending if the vegan diet is working for them or not, our pets would dying off too (especially cats would be forced to be put to rest because they cannot be vegan), and basically what many don’t stop to think about is that the term vegan would no longer be special and even cease to exist because everyone is doing it and with that, it’s lost its meaning and becoming something just plain. With that being thought about it really makes TVT, Deep Vegan, PETA and other animal activists seriously despised. And if they can reach their goal which is only easy said then done, they really wouldn’t care. Why? Because they will have achieved the world that they are trying to get and want to see + plus do what no one else in history was able to do, not even Hilter made it his goal ruling Germany + the entire world. With that being said and with animal activists comparing animal agriculture to the holocaust, if you think about it, it took a load of fighting military soldiers to end the holocaust. It was not stoped by peace protestors and activists.

I would believe that if TVT and other animal rights activists achieves their true goal of shrinking the human footprint and see humanity struggling to survive because of their control, they’ll vindicated by their conscience that says to them, “Well done! Humanity is finally disappearing from the Earth which will be the greatest gift ever given to her and the animals. The animals will be thanking me for this!”

Now all this here, shows the definite summary of the whole reason why I have strong believe in Earth outsiders! If you know what I mean, I wish that there was a species out there that was just as dominate and smart as we are but yet was much more environmentally gentle and would probably give us true answers to how humans and nature can live peacefully WITHOUT any inconvenient sacrifice.

Sorry if the end was giving you goosebumps BUT keep in mind, most us that are reading and watching this today will be long gone when this happens and it’s more than a billion years from now and so it will never happen our life time. So enjoy the wonderful world as it is today! But still, people have lost faith in their own kind. It’s said how something is going to make our species go extinct and then someone will point out that humans deserve it because we destroyed the planet and even watch this video saying it’s just too bad that humans are ruining it. In fact, this is exactly what I was talking about in my blog about robots taking over the world and why that’s not such a scary thing. Artificial Intelligence gave humans what they deserved! And I can only see that people like TVT would wish to kill all of humanity before they become so immortal that they start to travel from the Earth and start going into and moving to other dimensions as time and time moves on that they will even start destroying them too.

Plus, if humanity is going to loose faith in themselves, then that’s the big reason I say it’s time other planets in our solar system had more helpful species living on them. Speaking of this showing on the form of the universe and the feeling of humanity loosing faith in their kind, it sounds like it fits in with this argument about religion vs science.

Such a shame 😦

The previous video really does show Maria’s problem and it completely ruins religion in knowing that there was a super intelligent and purposeful creator behind it all! And the bible even states that mankind was bought down here for a reason and not a major accidental mistake. As well as you yourself could a have been bought here for a good purpose too but non of it has to be the same like what TVT wants us to do is us all being animal rights activists which would completely make life for humanity boring as well as making other animals rulers. Also, before you loose faith in your own kind again and wish to be another animal, watch this video below!

I want to go straight to heaven or be reincarnated as a cartoon alien if only it were possible. Those poor hamsters! I remember having a friend who had some gerbils who were having babies and noticing the parents beating up and harming their children and I didn’t understand why. It shows that the animal kingdom is not always peaceful when it comes to raising babies. With the pandas that’s some proof there that zoos are not always that cruel when it comes to some species. Humans actually can look after them if they do not survive well in the wild. And with those poor shark fetuses, gosh it would make saving shark species so much easier if they wouldn’t eat each other and just let one be the winner to be born.

Speaking of that as I said before, why do you think humans have to do EVERYTHING when comes to saving an animal species? Why can’t they learn to outsmart farmers, woodcutters and all of that like what you see in many cartoons?

This leads to something that should be mentioned in this documentary and that his how did extreme animal activism come to be? My guess is that part of it originated in the Hindu culture where they worship ancestors and believe in reincarnation where as their lives would come back as a chicken, cow or some other animal. It is the reason why cows are sacred in India and why you’d find a lot vegetarians there, because they believe that when it comes to eating those animals, they are eating their ancestors. And somehow it started to catch on becoming even more extreme going from that kind of belief to a belief that all animals think and feel the way humans do which in many ways doesn’t seem all that possible.

In fact, as much as people like TVT and other activists say things about God not wanting us to eat animals and a bunch of others acting like they are religious, they are secretly atheists who do not believe in the bible and even think it should not be even followed due to things that is said about animals. With them, it is the ANIMALS that are God and used as worship figures.

Plus it’s just annoying when TVT points out for us to change our religion like we’d change our underwear. It’s like saying change our political party views like we’d change our shirts. Absolutely disgusting and rather disrespectful for those who’s religions are really important. Someone is out there wishing for all of humanity to think the same and do the same + have all non human animals be more important. This true identity could also be revealed in a documentary like this.

That guy with an emoji face terrifies me. You can already he was trying to make the viewers shit themselves to prevent his argument on colon cancer. But seriously, really there are already many arguments that show the truth on what the real health problems are.

PragerU showed us nearly the same thing about how the government made you fat and people Vegan Gains as I showed in a previous blog made fun of them like they were just telling lies and should not win over him. Similar to how the scientist who tried to debunk that fat doesn’t make us obese or give us heart attacks but it’s sugar. Mic the Vegan tried to rudely debunk it too even saying that the rise of eating sugar was also when cheese consumption rose which tells that he had been following Dr. Barnards speech. One the those doctors along with many other famous ones who have taken the cherry picking advice from vegan activists so they can get money and team up to support them on destroying the human race. That is something that could be revealed also in a documentary like I describing.

Much like how hard core lefitsts try to mock PragerU as liars, people like “What about B12” fight back to Xozodiac!

And guess what happened? He commented a rude message in the comments saying that he expected better and that this guy is also eating animals for his own pleasure! I can already tell that he not liking it that people are digging into the activists true identity. As a matter of fact, I think this user should be called, “What About Vitamin D”.

It’s been already argued that women seem to choose a vegan diet more often than men do. Why do you think that is? My guess is that it is either something to due with health reasons or that there are more women that love animals more than there are men. However, when men go vegan and become activists too, they seem to often get even more big of bullies. When women do it, they become emotional cry babies and when men do it, they become bullies who laugh in the face at anyone who tries to debunk their arguments. But not only that but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that most vegan activists are left leaning too due to being so obsessed with environmental problems. And most of them are also atheists too due to them seeing death as a completely horrible thing and that humanity was put on the Earth as a big mistake.

Many argue that I shouldn’t read comments. Although I must say, that never to read them on a video about animals the environment for sure. BUT, that’s also where I do detective work. It’s interesting to hear that human teeth are like sporks. This just shows that vegans have most likely cherry picked from the human digestive system to make an all together excuse that we only should be eating plants. But I knew it all along that the human body was never meant to digest grass. Proof that they are only trying to force us into their lifestyle so they can get their beloved animals out of our duties. And once again, What About B12 looked and commented on this saying Xozodiac is so weird not to do debates and just hiding in an echo chamber when he’s doing the EXACT SAME THING. You can already see that these hard core vegans are so stubborn that it may be likely that they are hiding something. That is that they don’t care about human health. Whether you like it or not, proof here is shown that we are mostly omnivores and people like this still argue that we are herbivores because of our body types.

Don’t you know, that’s exactly why humans started to invent and use tools? Since we don’t have sharp teeth or claws, it made it easier for our ancestors to prepare food such as ripped flesh and also to crack open nuts and maybe even hard fruit rinds. We’re not the only animals that use tools so don’t stop and wish to take that away from us so that we just eat food that is easier for us to use without tools and just use our hands and fingers instead! Chimpanzees, the closet animal that humans relate to use twigs to poke into termite nests then eat the insects that cling to the twig when it is pulled out. Egyptian vultures drop stones on ostrich eggs to break them open. Otters balance stones on their bellies to use them to crack open clams and other shellfish. Many other animals use tools but you have to be a super smart creature to figure out how to use tools in an advanced way. Yet, there are lots these activists complain about that humans are the only animals to do certain things like drinking milk from other species when yet, that also a part of survival when it came to the first times in agriculture. But there is lots that humans do that other species don’t do as I may have said before such as going to school and using money to get what we need to live. And some of all that was beneficial.

Many animals grasp objects with their two front limbs but we humans are the only animals that do not WALK with our two front limbs unlike other primates or animals. That includes chimps and apes. The front limbs are our arms! Once the humans began to walk on their legs only, our hands became free to make things and tools were the first to be made.

When it comes to cooking, that was an accidental thing made come to think of it. Our ancestors or pre historical people discovered that some food tasted better when roasted over the fire and also making it easier to eat.

We tamed wild animals for food more than 10,000 years ago. Doesn’t anyone know that agricultural and a lot of our cultures we have today never would’ve existed today if it were for domestication of animals and even some plants? It was a big step to developing all of this! Farms soon lead to villages and villages lead to developing cities.

Before agriculture started, humans had to hunt and gather food. That meant moving around constantly to follow food supply. It wasn’t easy to survive though. But to tend their fields of animals, the famers had to settle in one place for long periods of time.

Sometimes testing animals lead to well known items that important today. Batteries were discovered to work when a dead frog twitched while being touched with two different metals at the same time. They reacted with the moisture in the frogs body and the metals made a chemical reaction that created electricity to make the frog twitch. And from there, batteries were invented.

So it’s all proved that nature isn’t prefer and as a matter of fact, it was never perfect and never will be.

I knew it! Vegans fart a lot because of all the beans! One of my absolute worst of all textures! So there is proof there that plant farming can be polluting that environment too and I even learned that pollution is involved when it comes to bananas and strawberries. There is also proof shown by this guy on how TVT had a point on monkeys being abused to grab coconuts for our consumption but it seems ridiculous because couldn’t they just use machines? But seriously, it all comes down to the point that TVT and others do not care about human health and survival. She even made a statement to someone on how the best thing to do I cannot remember is to not eat at all which is really harsh. Argument stated! She wants to destroy us all!

Even more is said here:

Taking the words out of my mouth! Animals live on instinct and they don’t care or even KNOW that there are people out there trying to help them. They just look at surroundings thinking that it is what it is. Otherwise, they can’t remember what happens often.

Also what’s next? Are they going to say people who died in the Pearl Harbor attack deserved it? The sinking of the Titanic? And are they are going to mock such great people who were known to be pure of heart like Pope John Paul II and Princess Diana that they deserve to be dead because they weren’t vegan? I mean YUCK! These activists are so SICK and OBNOXIOUS!

About the part on once being an omnivore. Another thing to consider about hating children and wanting to kill babies like what Vegan Gains threw a temper about at one point, YOU were once a child! You started as a baby and then had a time of being a kid before becoming the grown up you are now! Are going to look at a picture of yourself as a child and feel disgusted + wish to kill it? Then that would erase you! Seriously!

Yes, I knew it that people like this will not be able survive without other people and they don’t care they are mankind when they say they hate mankind. Which leads to my title question. TVT even blocked Xozodiac most likely because she didn’t like to hear his debunks and it was coming into reveal what her true goal is.

It wouldn’t make since that a single individual would hate on all of the others of their kind UNLESS they were something else disguised as a human like an alien. So is That Vegan Teacher an alien hiding in human flesh? It’s most likely so! I can assure that Deep Vegan, Freelee the Monkey Bitch, Joey Armstrong, Vegan Gains and many of those other hard core ones are all hiding alien invaders that are out to kill the entire human race just to save non human animals!

TVT and all many others act like they never had a childhood and that makes this theory kind of make since. They grew being someone else we don’t know about! Plus, more detective work and Xozodiac’s video on what would really happen in a vegan world. TVT commented something like, “I’ll eat the Earth!” If she really means that, then it would be no more than possible that she’s secretly an alien invader wrapped up in human skin and flesh as a disguise.

Oh great 😡 Now it’s been revealed! It is as if these vegans have pealed their human skin off to show that they are really an alien species called muons and have taken humans to be slaughtered in honor of a way of revenge for what we did to animals. And what the hell are quarks? Are they the Muon alien version of dogs?

Also, when it comes to babies and people that are disabled, they are going to grow up one day and learn the basics and mechanics in life! Non human animals never do that at anytime in life! That’s part of the difference.

Another point is that I can imagine that if muons were slaughtering humans like this, they would be smart enough to find ways and ESCAPE the farms + outsmart the muons while also making protests themselves. The animals we farm don’t have the ability to do that, so what’s the point? How do these guys know they don’t want to die if they cannot even escape on their own and protest themselves on us our changing lifestyle?

Plierce Gorman and based on Pierce Morgan by looks and the interviewed one’s voice sounds very familiar. Activists have gone on Good Morning Britain to have Pierce Morgan interview them and then Morgan gets made fun of for not agreeing with the activists. I can imagine that he would have an appearance in this documentary I am talking about based on his experience and see if he agrees with my theory. Joe Rogan, Lierre Keith and Temple Gradin can also be in the documentary to discuss this cause if people like this saw my conspiracy theory, I cannot imagine why they would not agree.

Still obnoxious here! There have been some data that laser machines were able to hear the screams in plants as well as proof that plants can somewhat here you.

AND what about plants like the Venus Fly Trap? How do they sense a bug is coming?

Proof is shown and it is no more than likely that a hard core vegan will watch and say that they will pretend not to hear that or say, “Delete this video, NOW!”

If a film like that comes out, all of these extreme vegan activists will start going rogue and scream. They might even laugh at it and be like “You can’t say that! This is ridiculous!” Much right wing media is put out, then leftists fight back.

What a bunch of babies! Don’t you know that your leftist propaganda is owning almost EVERYTHING around? Let me tell you this but my mom told me that when Fox News was being created about 25-30 ago, she was so excited because it was going to show stuff the Republicans agree on. However, leftist still wish to shut things like that down even though it feels like a lonely world for conservatives because the left owns everything and believe it or not, conservatives make up the majority but silent. Even wiki put Fox News as one of the worst shows ever to exist all because of the disagreements they have and that it rather shows that people are after the lefts unknown to be evil plans.

We live in a scary society where the left forces us to panic about the environment and when it tries to get debunked, someone on the left will make fun of it as a lie showing that they will do ANYTHING to win with ruining our generation.

I HATE THIS GUY SO MUCH! Cats kill small birds! The wind mills kill big birds that often endangered you son of a bitch!

DUDE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! AND STOP TALKING TO THESE GUYS LIKE A BULLY!!!! This is just the big hypocrisy the left has. So we cannot control Chinas pollution but we can control it here? No wonder these blame the US for everything! The point is that if we control the pollution level, it still won’t help considering that China is still putting out a massive amount. Not to mention but I should say this, Scott Adams the creator of the comic strip Dilbert was even made fun of and told people shouldn’t listen to his argument against climate change because he’s not a scientist!

But can I argue that they’ve taken the politics views and used it as a way to make money? As I said, they will do anything to WIN in scaring us away. The animal activists are not doctors either.

And speaking of that, TVT teacher wishes for people she falls her students to take pictures of their urine and stool so she can tell what they need if something is wrong! How gross is that? It’s like she thinks she’s the doctor trying to help when really, she wants us DEAD! Karen doesn’t care about your health!

What I said about activists arguing against a documentary like this being released is that they will get angry and make fun it for being a lie as if they are the big extremists wishing for themselves to be right all the way! It’s just like what Dinesh D’Souza experiences with his documentaries.

This documentary for half of it really shocked people and it made them learn their but on the other hand the left and the media call out to it as the one of the worst documentaries ever made and even got awards for the worst anything really proving what big of cowards the left is filled with,

This was full if nasty reviews and worst awards of anything too and as you see, when someone on the right tries to make a documentary on what they see, they left will do anything to act like it’s a lie.

Lots of documentaries on leftist hysteria is made and I don’t know what is to be said on that but when the right tries to get their points or debunk them, it’s loud enough to make an argument back proving how extreme the left is.

Although the next time you watch a documentary arguing on animal rights and going vegan, remember that anyone can make a documentary on anything making it sound better or worse than they really are. That’s what propaganda is all about.

Many vegan documentaries have been pointed out to be wrong themselves like the creator of Earthlings didn’t really mean to force veganism on everyone, Dominion is debunked saying that not all factory farms are as bad as they say (despite vegans arguing that human animal farming is impossible showing proof that what they really want is domestication gone and obsolete.), and documentaries like “What The Health” and “Conspiracy” have been argued to give wrong messages. Any others follow. It is just cherry picking on health problems against animal products when really too much of anything is not good for us is one thing.

So what do you think would happen if a documentary like what I am talking about here is released? It could reveal the core ideology of animal rights activism. That is to take domestication out of our lives and destroy the human race!

Not to mention but shocking arguments are made about how honey bees are not really the big benefits to our plant life:

Sorry if this ruined your childhood and this guy really does seem to ruin every movie as well as food and games. But it makes me wonder if the bee argument is just propaganda made by the extreme environmentalists and that the honey bees are killing what are the real pollinators. Big thing for what Xozodiac says on his argument on how the vegan community is still harming bees. They could also be harming other insects too.

Not only that but I can only imagine people like TVT, Deep Vegan and many others would use time machines to change history so that the world would never have turned out how it is today. Much like how this brat in this here Jumpstart game did just so she could get an A on her history test. This is only the first part.

I’m not going to lie but Botley’s voice is so cute! And I like to see how a nice robot would be able to save human history. But anyway, these insane activists could go back in time to when cheese became the new and most loved topping for pizza and change it to poisonous berries instead. Or they will ice cream made out of some other random item as well as hamburgers and do so much so that we never use animals for everything. They may even kill our ancestors so that we never evolve! Who is stop them?

And I can also see that they would be like what Vegan Gains threw a temper about on killing babies. People like Deep Vegan and TVT today would be forcing adoration to everyone like how Freelee did with forcing all men to get vasectomies, and would sneak in and kill all the babies that are first born, not to take the mothers milk but to BUMP OFF future generations. People like this I feel already have begun that and it is terrifying.

I figure I must add this that will totally debunk the theory about Vegan Karen arguing on you will be going to Hell if you don’t follow her commands!

Now this totally makes since! Every person should be taught about what wisdom is! And with this being said, it shows proof that what Vegan Karen, PETA and other animal activists are doing are on the road to hell paved with good intentions. Therefore just like the defunding of the police coming at the cost of major crime disasters, this type of move is deep downright VERY foolish. While they think they are doing is just having the good intension of saving the animals which they believe the God they are worshiping deep in their minds, it will lead to quite a lot negative outcome for humanity like all that I said above! Pets too! And plus, a world of veganism won’t save animals completely either. Thousands of dollars will need to be paid for billons to be put in a sanctuary and what if no one can completely provide medicare and food for them? Stop breeding them you might be saying? I hate to say this but if we stopped breeding them in this time, humanity still would struggle to survive and may as well end up being killed off. So mankind STILL is not ready to go this way and it might take hundreds of years to. Not to mention but the longer an animal is domesticated, the more self-sufficiency is lost. They become way too dependent on humans to provide for their care. Dogs are the biggest example! Cows and sheep probably too!

If you were to be wise and lead yourself to a place where dreams come true, think of it as how could animals and humans be happy at the same time? That answer is not veganism and that answer is still not around yet. It’s going to take time! But this is exactly what I hope the true aliens will have for us if they would ever come to see us. Plus, perhaps having a replicator like in the Star Trek universe!

So if a documentary like I describe is released, I will be no more than happy to watch knowing that I might be right on the animal activists real ideology. But hey, that’s just a theory! Not a film theory! Not a food theory! Not a game theory but a real life conspiracy theory! Though I can feel it deep in my bones that this is all true from my detective work.

Alternate Timeline for Girl in Robots Alternate Story

First of all, I watched a video about an alternate universe on what would’ve happened if Toy Story failed when it was released.

While it make look interesting in some ways, I mostly do not like this alternate animation timeline! Especially since Billy Crystal turned out to be the BEST Mike Wazowski and Mike Myers was actually a perfect choice for Shrek + I am thankful for his final design to this day! Also, I kind of liked Shark Tale, a lot that is. This why I no longer look at movie reviews as I explain in a previous blog. So I want to keep timeline in what we got for real in my opinion.

And even though Pixar was the one in our timeline to release the first computer animated film that was a massive success, it’s really NOT their fault 2D has disappeared. It was the esteem in other companies that killed it, especially Disney.

The worst thing about that timeline is that nothing is said about Blue Sky Studios and it could only mean it was never formed and that there is something that I do not want to erase!

So it’s time I go on to create a better timeline that doesn’t deal much with the film industry but only deals with the life of a mysterious individual girl which would be me in this case. But does Blue Sky’s creation come out of the way they if one of their films is seen differently. I will just say this! Originally, their first film was supposed to be a film based on a William Joyce book called Santa Calls. But that didn’t work out and instead in our timeline, we got the announcement of Ice Age. So what if in this alternate timeline of mine, Santa Calls did actually come out successfully? That makes me think that other Blue Sky Studios creations we might know today such as Ice Age, Rio, and the CGI Peanuts film would be PUSHED BACK to far later dates and thought of much later. Meanwhile, Robots would only just be a dimension that nobody knows exists and is only discovered by the one human girl that wished for a better life leading to her being a part of it. The rest of the animation and film industry is normal and the way we know it today. But this alternate timeline mainly focuses once again on me as the character from my Wattpad book. I already talked about the reasons why I wish I was born 10 years earlier so let’s get to it with the timeline.

1986: Me as the character is born on whatever date the reader is during this year in Tampa FL. For me it would be May 12. Throughout the year I live through what all babies do during their development.

1987: I learn to walk and crawl later in the year and I’m a still developing baby but one thing different is I get chicken pox at only a year old. This was in the month of August. Plush ornaments from McDonalds of Gus and Jaq from Cinderella are bought during Christmas.

1988: Terrible Twos happen! I’m introduced to Sesame Street in April and Mr. Rodgers in June. Part of my first introduction to Sesame Street was seeing Luis and Maria getting married (that’s where I first learn about marriage)

February 1989: The start of the time on Sesame Street when Maria was pregnant with Gabi (This is where I first learn about where babies come from) I never missed an episode during this time and funny enough, the episode where Maria goes into labor premieres on the day before my birthday + the episode where baby Gabi is first scene and born premieres on the day of my 3rd birthday.

March 1989: I’m successfully potty trained and get a cookie as an award. (Nabisco Almost Home! I go after them almost anytime there around until Nabisco stops making them.)

May 1989: I get a set of dress up accessories mom bought for me long ago but decided to wait until my 3rd birthday to give them to me. I also get a Power Wheels car (Barbie Corvette) + my first tea set. Beautiful cake I obsess over that grandma made for me as a part of the bakery she and mom used to own!

Late May 1989: I switch from crib to bed. My room is also redecorated beautifully! For the most part that is.

June 1989: Now and for the next ten years, we go to Sunday church service and then to buffet meal at Ryan’s Steakhouse. (Every other week when there is time that is.)

July-August 1989: I start getting surrounded by big girl toys such as dolls like a few Cabbage Patch kids, Holly Robbie rag doll, Pretty Penny Chatter Box, + baby accessories like a stroller, cradle, etc. Of course, I’ve got a teddy bear and bunny in that collection.

September 1989: My parents go through massive terrified reactions to Hurricane Hugos destruction South Carolina. They got worried about going through a similar and since Florida is known for many hurricanes each year, while at the same time didn’t wish to disappoint me by leaving completely, they decided to go to a different part of Tampa that farther away from water and would build a hurricane proof house there.

November 1989: The Little Mermaid is released and is the first movie for me to see in theaters! (Before the theater, I try IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for the first time. During that night, I take a bath with my new Miss Piggy’s Pink Bananas Bubble Bath.

December 1989: I get a new girly cassette player + small baby doll accessories for Christmas. My first time helping make Christmas cookies by hand. Plush ornaments from McDonalds of Flounder and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid are bought.

Early April 1990: Trip to Grandma’s! She serves me Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies she made before we arrived + also lets me use her old Pillsbury milk mug. Just like many grandmothers do for their grandkids!

May 1990: I receive my very first Barbie doll on my fourth birthday. As well as many sets of clothes and accessories, a My Little Pony set and a My Little Pony Lunchbox in honor of my preschool years coming up. The biggest surprise was my very first bike! Duncan Hines cake too + ice cream!

Late May 1990: I try Nathan’s famous for the first time.

Early June 1990: I try a Whoppers Milk Dud and then get so obsessed with them that I am stopped in order to make sure I don’t eat too much.

June 1990: While at McDonald’s I notice a McDonaldLand special playing on the TV called McTreasure Island. I was glued to it the whole way and distracted me eventually curing my hiccups that I probably got from drinking my soft drink too fast.

July 4, 1990: Fun 4th of July!

Mid July 1990: Mom makes some fudge out of Betty Crocker icing in which was found out as new trick. I almost gave myself a stomach ache from eating a lot of them.

August 1990: Preschool starts!

September 1990: Mom gets a double fudge brownie mix from Duncan Hines on sale and I really love them when I try them (once baked that is)

December 1990: I get a Barbie dream house for Christmas! Magic Mansion that is. I also get gift sets of Jean Nate Petite Nate beauty products.

February 1991:My father becomes CEO for airline! From there lots of money is being made not just for me but to construct the new house I didn’t know about yet. Also, family super bowl party with me just playing around with my Barbie doll workout gym set but I get some of the pizza that was ordered for the party. Grandma also baked some Tollhouse cookies that she bought with her in which I very much enjoy.

March 1991: I try Denny’s for the first time!

Late March 1991: I try Arthur Treacher’s located in Nathan’s Famous for the first time.

April 1991: Preschool class watches that exact same McDonaldland special I saw on the TV at McDonald’s the previous year. Mom tries something new making some chocolate chip cookies with jelly beans in them. I help and love them a lot!

May 1991: I get a music box from Grandma for my 5th birthday. It made me want to take dance lessons.

Late May 1991: Preschool graduation!

June 2-8, 1991: Family goes to Atlanta and Charleston (see many famous sights) (Stay at Atlanta Marriott Marquee & Charleston Place)

June 19, 1991: I start taking ballet class where I meet my long time best friend Liv!

July 1991: I start watching Full House and the Olsen Twins become a big idol! I kept track of what all was knew with them!

August 11, 1991: The three original Nickelodeon cartoons premiere. Rugrats sooner nor later becomes one of my favorite show.

August 19, 1991: Kindergarten starts and I see that Liv is joining me

September 1991: Liv and I attend a birthday party for one of our classmates at Chuck E Cheese. Actually, he has the whole class invited!

November 1991: Beauty and the Beast is released and we go see while on Thanksgiving break. The theater ticket booth was very crowded! Go to Pizza Hut afterwords and then I come home to have a tea party with my dollies. That is not to say months later, I get a kids meal from Pizza Hut and receive a Beauty and the Beast puzzle celebrating it’s home video release or something.

December 14, 1991: My ballet class performs The Nutcracker in which Liv and I are a part of.

December 25, 1991: I receive a Princess Diana doll + a stuffed unicorn.

January 1992: First baby tooth is lost when I bite into my McDonald’s cheeseburger!

Late February 1992: Get some Duncan Hines Microwave Cupcakes!

March 1992: Trip to Chuck E Cheese and I get a Barbie doll Porsche with the tickets I won. Big one! Liv and her family are there too.

April 19, 1992: Very fun Easter!

Late April, 1992: I attend my grandparents golden anniversary party! I got so obsessed with their 3 layer cake!

Early May, 1992: Build one of the best sandcastles ever made in my lifetime on the beach.

May 1992: 6th birthday is celebrated at McDonald’s and get a pizza like they used to have as an experiment at the time. Liv and a few classmate friends come along and then we go back to my house for cupcakes which were in the shape of the number 6. One thing I receive a Barbie The Look music cassette.

June 1992: I go to Summer camp in Alabama for a week + Kindergarten and ballet class ends

July 1992: Family visits St Louis (Try Steak N Shake while there and see the Gateway Arch) (Stay Hampton Inn nearby the landmark)

August 1992: 1st Grade starts

September 1992: I get ice cream at Baskin Robbins for passing my very first spelling test!

October 1992: I dress as a princess and go trick or treating with Liv as well as a couple of kids in her neighborhood.

November 1992: Aladdin is released on Thanksgiving break + mom and go and see it. Afterwords, mom takes me shopping around and in particular buys me an outfit to wear on Christmas + we go to Burger King too because they were giving out Aladdin toys. I get Abu the monkey! Mom also gets an Aladdin magic up for me that changes color when cool at some point. Did I ever get any Disney Princess dolls in this alternate universe? Yes, only the franchise had not been formed yet at this time. Princess characters were only dolls and merchandise promoting their own movies.

December 1992: Family goes to Switzerland before Christmas and is where I see my first snowfall. Receive Tyco 3-Minute Ice Cream Maker. Someone thought I deserved it due to the sore throat I had a little earlier between Christmas and the Switzerland trip. Another thing I receive is a Barbie dream boat!

February 1993: Me and Liv attend one of our classmates birthday parties celebrated at McDonald’s (That’s right! The way it was promoted in the 80’s and 90’s!)

March 1993: Liv’s young twin siblings are born (Jonah & Annabelle)

April 1993: I fall off my bike while trying to catch up to the ice cream truck. The guy in there still saw me and ended up getting ice cream anyways.

May 1993: Family tries fried chicken from Hardee’s being sold at the time

June 1993: Family visits DC (Stay at Double Tree)

July 1993: Family visits Philadelphia and Toronto. I get free Simpsons cup at Canadian KFC and try Friendly’s in Philly. Stay at Days Inn in Toronto

August 1993: 2nd Grade starts and another long time best friend Janice is met and moved to hometown

October 1993: The Nightmare Before Christmas is released and an interesting Halloween Adventure happens with me and my friends. This year I dress as Tinkerbell!

January 1994: Janice has a new baby brother (Mica)

February 1994: Friends and I attend classmates birthday party at Discovery Zone

March 1994: I try Popeyes for the first time

April 1994: Family visits Houston for 3 days (Dad is on a business duty while mom and I go look around downtown one day and then we check out Peter Piper Pizza. Mom and I see the Galleria Mall the day before.)

Late April 1994: I have a first communion!

Late May 1994: Family visits Memphis (Stay at Best Western)

June 1994: I spend the entire summer taking skating lessons! The Lion King is released and I see it in theaters during the summer. I get a toy Simba from Burger King + a chocolate bar from somewhere promoting The Lion King and the soundtrack I listened to on my cassette player at the time.

July 1994: Dad has three day business trip in Mitchell South Dakota. Mom and I have to go too. While there, we stop at a McDonald’s in which contained an animatronic Ronald McDonald. I was freaked out inside but I didn’t tell anyone. Some little kid in there pressed the button and all the different shows played. It was hard not to listen! (Stay at Super 8)

August 1994: 3rd Grade starts

December 5-9, 1994: Week of learning about the different national holidays around this time of the year. Tuesday the 6th, even though Janice is a Christmas celebrator, she has a great aunt who celebrates Kwanza and comes in as a guest to teach us about the holiday showing us all the important props. Do an activity with beaded jewelry too! On Wednesday the 7th one of the boys in our class who us Jewish teaches us about Hanukah by showing us the props such as the menorah and what the holiday is all about once again. Get to play dreidel and try some latkes. On Thursday the 8th, Christmas is talked about by one of the other students. Christmas cookies are bought in as a treat!

December 25, 1994: I receive an Easy Bake Oven set for Christmas + EZ 2 Do Friendship Twister

1995: I get an Easy Bake Mix N Make Center at some point.

February 1995: Visit somewhere in Connecticut for 3 days

March 1995: Family meal at Shoney’s with grandparents.

April 1995: Family visits New Orleans

May 1995: I get my very own first phone.

June 1995: Pocahontas is released and family visits Walt Disney World! Lots fun there + I had just been learned about the real Pocahontas in my past school year so it was a good timing. I get a Percy the Pug toy at Burger King as well as a chocolate bar promoting the movie and try ice cream cups from Nestle known as Cool Creations. While promoting the home video, I get a Meeko puppet toy from BK months later.

July 1995: Family visits Seattle (try Jack In The Box while there)

August 1995: 4th Grade Starts

October 1995: Tries breakfast buffet at Shoney’s

November 1995: Toy Story is released and I go to see it with my friend Liv and her twin siblings who ere two at the time. Mom comes with me! Also, this was during Thanksgiving break. We go to Burger King for their toys afterwards and I end up getting a chocolate bar promoting the film later on.

March 1996: Family dinner at Applebee’s

April 1996: Family visits NYC for 3 days

May 1996: 10th birthday (Party Lisa Frank themed)

Late May 1996: Braces are put on

June 1996: Family visits Chicago! There I meet the real Princess Diana who was there to raise funds for cancer. (Stay at Embassy Suites) I try White Castle while I’m there too + The Hunchback of Notre Dame is released. After seeing it, I want to visit Paris even more! I snuck a chocolate bar promoting the film into the theater in which nobody cared. I get a Quasimodo toy at Burger King after the movie and try this versions Nestle Cool Creations too!

August 1996: 5th Grade starts

September 1996: Blue’s Clues has debut and is discovered that Liv’s twin siblings are major fans of the show. We watch it with them from time to time. Janice’s brother is a fan of the show too! Liv and I both had a crush on Steve for a while, as of about 4 years. But Liv and I don’t realize and reveal it to each other until September 21.

September 27-30, 1996: Family visits London. Dad is there for a business trip mostly but it left me and mom to tour around different places. Live Action Remake of 101 Dalmatians is released at a good timing 2 months later!

October 1996: I discover Sabrina The Teenage Witch and becomes a favorite of mine growing up.

October 26-27, 1996: One Day trip to Ft. Lauderdale + eat at a Fuddruckers (Stay at 6 Motel)

November 1996: Space Jam is released. Though I am familiar with Looney Tunes and all during this time and rather did like Marvin the Martian, I do not have the strong brain in here that would make me have a full on crush on him. No Aspergers here! Didn’t stop me from seeing Space Jam.

Black Friday 1996: I try Church’s Chicken for the first time while out Black Friday shopping.

1997: Loreal Kids Shampoo is launched and I tried it for only 2 years before becoming a teenager.

March 1997: Family dinner at Red Lobster.

March 24, 1997: I try out my roller skates for the first time I got for Christmas months before.

April 1997: I start joining a youth soccer team until August

Late April 1997: Day at the Beach with friends + get some Sonic drive-in

May 15, 1997: I score a goal at soccer practice! I meet Janice’s new lab puppy somewhere.

Late May, 1997: I discover Clueless (TV show) and becomes another one of my favorites growing up.

June 1997: Family goes to Six Flags + Hercules is released! I thought it would be worth seeing sense I have already studied a lot Greek Mythology. I see it with Liv and heard twin siblings. I sneak a chocolate bar into the theater promoting the film again! We go to McDonald’s afterwords to purchase a Hercules movie plate with lunch. I walk in and I immediately hear Hanson’s “MMMBOP” on their background radio. A few days later I try this versions Nestle Cool Creations too!

Late July 1997: Family moves into new bigger hurricane proof home I currently have in the alternate story after several years of construction. Celebration of moving is done after most things are set up and put away. Grandma had chocolate cream pie for us as part resembling what she and mom used to sell at the bakery they used to own.

Early August 1997: Winning soccer team goes to Cici’s Pizza to celebrate!

August 1997: First day of Junior High and meets another long time best friend, Lesley! All of us have fun together through the years and I am like the official leader due to being the wealthiest.

August-September 1997: Princess Diana dies. I woke up 2 hours after bedtime hearing the news on Saturday August 30th and hear mom crying. When heard the news she told me to just go back to bed. I was too tired to cry. Funeral is watched the next weekend. During the school week, one of our classes gives an assignment for us based on this tragic event.

January 27, 1998: Day off from being sick with a fever of 105. I call Liv and she told me she was sick too and at home watching the Blue’s Clue’s marathon with Jonah and Annabelle in which aired that day. I decided to watch it myself knowing about it even though I was 11. All that mattered was being close to Steve while feeling sick. I wanted to get up and kiss the TV many times but I was too weak. Take a bubble bath that night to heal although I ended up being sick at home for the whole week. I’m better the next. The illness was much likely to have been caught from someone else.

March 14, 1998: I start taking horse back riding lessons

March 25, 1998: Day at the beach with friends! (picked up some Subway to take to the beach with us along the way)

March 30, 1998: Braces come off!

April 1998: Disney Magic Cruise Line has just been launched and family immediately vacations on it.

Early May 1998: Liv and I are assigned to make something for the school bake sale. Both of us help each other make cupcakes over the weekend.

May 29-30, 1998: Sleepover with friends! Play spa days & Truth or Dare + watch movies with great snacks of course. Popcorn and Dominos delivered pizza just like about we always do! For something new we make ice cream sandwiches and Liv wanted to do something similar again after the fun we had cupcake making.

June 9, 1998: Mulan is released and me and Lesley go see it! Get our nails done afterwords! I also get the Mulan funpack later on! Also, Janice announces to be going Space Camp for a week.

July 4, 1998: Fun 4th of July party!

July 28, 1998: Puberty starts!

August 17, 1998: 7th Grade starts

September 1, 1998: The Wild Thornberrys premieres on Nickelodeon and becomes another one of my favorite shows.

September 11, 1998: Barn dance celebration at horseback riding location

October 12, 1998: Student day off for unknown reason. Liv tells me again that a Blue’s Clues marathon is happening and is watching it with Jonah and Annabelle. I turn it on to watch myself so I can witness some love with Steve. Afterwords, Liv, Janice and I go shopping at the mall to play around at Limited Too of course and to see if we could find a birthday gift for Lesley who has a birthday coming up. We wanted to get it over with just because! BK in the food court too!

October 16, 1998: Major success on math test!

November 1, 1998: Me and the girls go out for Lesley’s birthday at some Mexican place. (Parents drop us off) Ricky Martin’s “La Copa de la Vida” plays in there at one point.

November 1998: A Bugs Life is released and I see it thinking it would be worth a shot if I saw Toy Story. It changed on many insects, especially ants. Also, The Powerpuff Girls premieres on Cartoon Network and becomes one of the only original CN shows that I take for granted. The rest of reruns of old retro cartoons.

Early December 1998: Family visits Sydney Australia

1999: A get a call from Liv one day telling me to turn on the TV to Nickelodeons Figure It Out Wild Style because Steve is on there as a contestant.

February 5, 1999: Me and friends go to TGI Fridays by ourselves to celebrate Liv’s birthday (parents drop us off)

March 1999: Burger King Big Kids Meal is launched is prefect timing when almost 13. I immediately go to give it a try. Foodaholic here!

March 22, 1999: Day at the beach with friends

March 25-28, 1999: Meet cousins at Universal Studios Orlando during Spring Break. (Stay at nearby Holiday Inn)

April 10, 1999: I win a horse show.

May 1, 1999: Spongbob Squarepants has Nickelodeon debut!

May 1999: 13th Birthday! Parents left me and my friends to hang out at Johnny Rockets and then me and the others came back home for cake. Parents gave me the money for Johnny Rockets. Spongebob also starts airing. Star Wars Episode 1 is also released and I go see it.

May 28, 1999: Use my Limited Too gift card I got for my birthday during a shopping spree with Lesley and Liv. It was Lesley’s idea though. I asked a joke if Steve will be there.

June 1999: Horse back riding ends + Tarzan is released! Later on, I get the funpack for that too.

June 11, 1999: Sleepover with friends

August 18, 1999: Back to school / 8th Grade starts

September 6, 1999: Me and the girls go to Golden Corral to celebrate Janices birthday (parents drop us off)

October, 1999: The Amanda Show premieres on Nickelodeon and becomes another show I take for granted.

November 1999: Toy Story 2 is released. Like the first film, I see it with Liv and her twin siblings.

Black Friday 1999: Shopping at the mall and bumped into Liv at The Gap. I was asked if I saw Steve on the Blue’s Clues float during the Macy’s parade the day before.

December 2, 1999: Me and friends go see a Backstreet Boys Concert.

December 3-6, 1999: Family visits Colorado ski lodge

2000: Disney Princess franchise is launched but even though I might be too old for most of their products I am coming to that age group to where most of the princesses are starting with Snow White who was aged 14 in the movie. That is what makes this interesting!

January 2000: Special millennium party!

February 19, 2000: I get my ears pierced.

February 26, 2000: Mall trip with friends

March 25, 2000: I help Liv celebrate the twins birthday at Chuck E Cheese

April 15, 2000: Friends and I get pizza at Cici’s.

Early May 2000: Quick one day trip to Savannah GA! Dinner at Carey Hillard’s! Stay at Sleep Inn

May 10, 2000: Janice tries out for gymnastics! She shows me some moves on this day and lets me try on a leotard while I’m visiting her lesson.

May 20, 2000: Me and the girls spend the day at water park.

June 3, 2000: End of Junior High and me and the girls throw sleepover over party. Get Papa Johns Pizza and Blockbuster movies as part of them.

June 17, 2000: Girls and me along with a couple of guys go to bowling ally!

July 19-23, 2000: Family visits Rome! I see all famous marks and meet Pope John Paul II getting a blessing from him.

Early August 2000: Easy Bake Oven breaks and from there, I knew it might be a good time to start learn actual cooking.

August 14, 2000: First day of high school and meet the fourth long time best friend Tiffany. Funny enough, Dora the Explorer has Nickelodeon debut on the exact same day. Also I join the cheerleaders.

Early September 2000: Me and friends see Brittney Spears Concert

Late September 2000: I’m invited to go to Los Angles with Liv for the premiere of Blue’s Clues Big Musical Movie. I leave for the airport immediately after school which turned out to be a half day.

December 2000: The Emperors New Groove is released. While on cheerleader team, I notice the basketball capital sort of looks like Kuzco.

2001: The Bratz dolls are launched and I look at them in the toy department to find fashion inspiration for myself and my friends.

April 2001: Family visits Spain and Portugal

May 2001: Turn 15 and Shrek is released. Being told it was a major hit so far made me want to go and see it for myself. I also outgrow my kids makeup and Roseart Glamour Gear collection and decide to move on to more grown up cosmetics. Get some with the money I got for my birthday.

May 25, 2001: Slumber Party with besties!

June 2001: Moulin Rouge is released and I sneak out to see it with friends. At that moment, I realize I have a crush on Ewan McGregor.

July 2001: I visit Mall of America and cousins join. Try Village Inn elsewhere in the town some other day.

August 2001: Sophomore Year starts and start working on drivers license.

September 11, 2001: Attack happens

September 14, 2001: Also, International Plaza and Bay Street Opens and I check it out with my friend Lesley a week later on the Saturday the 22nd.

November 2001: Monsters Inc is released! I see this one with Liv and her twin siblings too!

December 2001: I receive embarrassing Christmas gift from grandparents. When I do appreciate it, parents think I am just being a spoiled brat when I really think it is too young for me. A unicorn sweater! Even more embarrassing when I to wear it on school picture day. Other than that, I also received hair mascara and other cool things as well!

2002: My Scene dolls are launched and are also used for fashion inspiration.

February 2002: Lesley has a new little sister adopted from Cuba. Alejandra! 8 months old!

March 9, 2002: Liv takes me with her + younger twin siblings to McDonald’s. The reason is because Ronald McDonald was visiting the one in our town that day and the twins wanted to see. I got rather scared at first but I was fine. Although I did accidentally get salt in my eye after rubbing it with my salty fingers. Ronald seemed to have had a catching eye interest in me (because I’m such a pretty girl of course LOL), and I learned to just live with it.

March 15, 2002: I complete my semester self portrait in art class.

(Spring Break) April 5, 2002: Major pool party with friends!

April 29, 2002: License is given!

May 3, 2002: Buys new bikini at K Mart.

May 4, 2002: High school beach bash happens!

Mid May 2002: Sweet 16! Shop the day before and Lesley gives me the dress just before the party the next day. Get my car too! Star Wars Episode 2 becomes the first movie I see in theaters that involved me driving there myself.

June 2002: Lilo and Stitch is released and is the third movie seen that involved me driving to the theater.

Mid July 2002: Weekend Slumber Party!

August 2002: Junior Year starts

September 2002: I go on a dinner date with a guy that I really didn’t care for at Fazoli’s but he just had over to much interest in me. He had atrocious eating manners that I easily lost my appetite.

October 2002: Tiffany and me get manicures and pedicures together.

Late January 2003: Me gets PDA and laptop at Best Buy.

February 14, 2003: Wear chic Valentine’s Day outfit to school.

February 27, 2003: Mr. Rodgers dies and it has me cry (Since he was a part of my preschooler year childhood)

March-April 2003: Super fun Spring Break! (Throw pool party one day and go to concert karaoke bar on another)

May 2003: Finding Nemo is released & junior prom comes

Early June 2003: Throw an end of school year dance party!

June 2003: I sneak out and get an expensive salon treatment, including a new hairstyle. My stylist complimented that I have pretty natural highlights in my hair. I was in big trouble unfortunately with my parents but then we all got over it.

July 2003: Fun Fourth of July celebration

Early August 2003: Really fun back to school shopping spree! I get a new video camera at Circuit City, then to Arby’s.

August 2003: Senior Year begins

September 2003: Unexceptionally meets what used to be my arch enemies in middle school but got better in high school, triplet girls, Kenzie, Phoebe, and Alexis at mall while I’m out on a solo shopping trip.

Early October 2003: Me, Liv, Tiffany and Lesley meet at book store cafe.

October 2003: Last Homecoming game for me + Super fun Halloween Party!

November: Elf is released and I see it one day! Also, Liv invites me to see Looney Tunes Back in Action because her older brother did. It was the theater in the mall and while I was waiting for them, I did some shopping.

Late December 2003: Attend cool new years party.

2004: Barbie launches a Fashion Fever franchise and I use that too for fashion inspiration

Late January 2004: Me and all of the girls go for a girls night out at a restaurant with a karaoke/concert stage.

February 2004: I attend Valentine’s Day Dance

March 2004: Lesley, Tiffany and I visit International Plaza and Bay Street

April 2004: Attend BBQ party for soon to be high school, graduates.

Mid May 2004: 18th birthday! First of shopping cards are also received!

May 22, 2004: Prom night! I become prom queen! A day off was given on Friday for Juniors and Seniors to have time to prepare for prom. On that day, I went to see Shrek 2 and pick out a dress.

June 11, 2004: High School Graduation!

Late June: Becomes brattier due to not seeing 4 best of friends for so long.

July-September 2004: Several hurricanes come about but they don’t affect my area too much in this timeline.

Thanksgiving 2004: Get into really bad behavior during celebration

Black Friday 2004: I sneak out of the house for a shopping spree + I come home having a major argument with dad leading to me making the strongest wish ever made.

November 27, 2004: I discover teleporter in backyard which sends me to Robots dimension.

I am stuck there for 4 months and so I missed the time when the famous Tsunami happened. But back in my dimension, Amber Alerts and emergency searches from the police to track me + possible kiddnapper suspects are out everywhere in my town. This includes help from my best friends team and their families.

March 11, 2005: I am suffering from malnutrition but by then I meet Rodney which changes nearly everything for me.

March 22, 2005: What was meant to be the ending of Robots goes on but it wasn’t the end of anything here. But I was almost at near death. By then the device is fixed and I am sent home only to have myself passed out and in a coma. I’m then sent to hospital!

April 2005: Pope John Paul II dies while I’m still in coma.

May 21, 2005: I finally wake up from coma!

June 12-13, 2005: I am released from hospital and back home. Then I find the device again which eventually lets me reunite with Rodney.

June 15-17, 2005:We have our first date and then I attend a grand opening of Bigweld Industries ball. But then dad breaks my device and forces me to never see Rodney again.

June 25, 2005: Mom brings back KFC dinner knowing that I need to eat. Even though I enjoyed it, I am still having hard time eating once again especially now that I was now forbidden from ever seeing Rodney again.

July 15-16, 2005: Rodney and me reunite again after making a device of his own so he can come and see me. Then he shows me our new mansion in Robot City where we end up living together for years to come.

July 20, 2005: Rodney and me help his father with his own new diner he was about to open after quitting his dishwasher job at Gunk’s.

July 24, 2005: Rodney also finds at my house, the 25 old home video tapes that were filmed long ago as of movies of my lifetime and childhood. He decides to look at all of them with my parents in just one day while I’m out shopping or so.

July 28, 2005: Rodney and me work on first new invention at Bigweld Industries.

August 2005: I start working on getting my previous lost weight back once more.

September 2005: I see evidence that my reproductive system is working again.

October 2005: Rodney’s parents meet my parents

November 2005: Rodney and me date at a ballgame

December 2005: Me and Rodney have two movie dates on separate days. Plus, I become pretty much back to my normal weight.

2006: Throughout practically the whole, even though nobody has asked Rodney and I when we will get married, some of the the other robots and even some of my friends prepare in case we ever decide on marriage.

Late January 2006: Me and Rodney date at a Robot City event. We also work on another new invention.

February 2006: Rodney shows me around the town he grew up in.

March 2006: Rodney and I go to a museum in our town.

Early April 2006: Me and Rodney double date with Fender and Loretta Geargrinder.

April 2006: Rodney and I have a picnic at my town lake. New invention gets worked on.

Late April 2006: Me, Rodney and a few others go to mini golf park

Late May 2006: Me and Rodney attend Robot City disco party!

June 2006: New invention being worked on!

September 2006: Rodney and me are engaged!

Late September 2006: Engagement Party at parents house!

Early October 2006: Separate Engagement Banquet given by Bigweld at his mansion!

Late February 2007: Wedding invitations are sent out.

March 2007: I watch Lady and the Tramp on a TV movie channel and make a decision that the menu at my wedding reception should be Italian. Then I see a commercial for Fazoli’s that gave me lots of inspiration. I also decide on what I want my wedding cake to be like.

Late March 2007: Other supplies and decorations for the wedding as well as other upcoming celebrations start being organized. The music for the wedding is decided too + plans for our honeymoon are worked out.

April 14, 2007: Bridal Shower! Lesley gives me crystal shoes for something borrowed and tells that her little sister would be happy to be the flower girl. Mom gives me diamond and pearl necklace as something old to wear.

April 20, 2007: Wedding dress is picked out at David’s Bridal. Bridesmaids have their outfits ready and so does the flower girl.

May 2007: My 21st birthday celebration!

May 25, 2007: French Rehearsal Dinner! Robots get their mechanic meals so it’s a fit for everything.

May 26, 2007: Our Wedding Day (Rodney & I)!

May 27, 2007: Rodney and me travel to Rio as our first honeymoon trip!

May 30, 2007: Rodney and me travel to Las Vegas for second part of honeymoon.

June 2, 2007: Rodney and me travel to Paris as third part of honeymoon.

June 4, 2007: Home time! But then it is discovered that another evil robot, Drillzer is at to finish what Ratchet had started.

Rest of June 2007: I am captured and almost killed but then rival is defeated.

Early September 2007: Trip to San Fransisco and Hawaii happens. Also, our first baby is conceived.

September 2007: Rodney starts reading about what to expect from a pregnant human woman + what to prepare for when raising a baby as well as getting advice from his own father.

October 2007: I go to the doctor and I first hear what sounds like the babies heart beating or just in case if the baby was going to be a robot, it was mystery if the sound represented something else.

November 2007: Ultrasound is checked to notice a sphere. Also developing a little morning sickness! Announced that Bigweld is retiring and is going to have Rodney be the new CEO.

Late November 2007: I start to feel the baby moving inside of me. It feels like the movement of a massage chair coming from inside. It takes a little while to finally get Rodney to touch it. He always wants to feel but for the first few times, he misses it. He gets frustrated but keeps trying and then finally gets to feel. The baby especially moves a lot when Rodney and I kiss + when there is great music playing. This is when I first know that it’s going to be a sucker for music.

March 2008: Baby shopping begins!

April 2008: Baby shower! Ultrasound is checked again to notice a cube.

May 2008: First Mother’s Day celebration for me!

June 2007: I start nesting! That is cleaning up the house a lot to prepare for the baby to come.

June 27, 2008: Wall-e is born!

LATE June 2008: I get a message from Pixar saying that what I have to star in their movie being worked on is what they are looking for. Wall-e is sent to work on film.

July 2008: I am back to working at Bigweld Industries but then end up launching a magazine franchise which has Rodney worry. I’m trying to get as much attention as he is.

October 2008: Wall-e comes home only for the holidays!

December 2008: We travel to ski lodge in Colorado and then come home for Wall-e’s first Christmas.

January 2009: Wall-e is sent back to work on film.

June 2009: Wall-e is released at a later dating in this timeline + me and Rodney go to premiere. After that, Wall-e is free to come home and stay with us forever! Then his 1st birthday happens!

July 2009: Rodney becomes CEO and state of him and myself is unveiled.

September 2009: Wall-e attends English for young children lessons!

October 2009: Rodney, Wall-e and me tour Moscow for day using his teleporter.

November 2009: Rodney and me tour India for a day using teleporter.

February 18, 2010: Bradley is born or built really.

2010-2011: Bradley is cared for all for what a robot infant and toddler needs! Wall-e gets lots of care


April 2010: Me and the girls reunite and go to Miami for 3 days for a high school 10 year reunion celebration.

June 2010: Bradley starts sleeping on his own in crib! Wall-e decides to sleeping his room with him.

August 2010: Me and Rodney stay and tour Stockholm for two days.

February 18, 2011: Bradley’s 1st birthday! Celebrated with a party with some of Wall-e’s friends and cupcakes.

July 2011: Bradley starts walking!

September 2011: Me and Rodney go tour a Savannah in Africa for a day using teleporter

October 2011: Me and Rodney tour Egypt for a day using teleporter

2012: Bradley goes into terrible twos!

May 2012: Me and Rodney visit Hilton Head Island!

June 2012: Me and Rodney tour Boston MA + tour Atlantic City NJ another day!

2013: Bradley becomes majorly interested in space and sci fi!

January 2013: Me and the family stay in Jamaica for 3 days.

June 2013: Bradley gets to see SuperMan Square in Metropolis IL

July 2013: Me and family check out Rhode Island.

August 2013: Me and family check out North Star Mall in San Antonino TX!

September 2013: Me and Rodney check our Nashville!

May 2014: One day tour of Norway!

July 2014: Me and family stay and tour Tokyo for 3 days.

September 2014: Rodney takes Bradley to first day of school where he meets long time best friend!

April 2015: Bradley starts taking piano lessons!

June 2015: Me and family check out Williamsburg VA!

July 2015: Me and Rodney go check out Cleveland OH’s Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

August 6, 2015: Sophie is born!

May 2016: 30th birthday for me is celebrated!

June 2016: Bradley tries out for baseball and basketball gaining him a long time interest.

August 2016: Sophie receives first unicorn gift on 1st birthday.

September 2016: Bradley has his first overnight sleepover at long time best friends house!

November 2016: Me and family see Grand Canyon and a few other parts of Arizona.

February 2017: Bradley gets a skateboard he gains major interest in

March 2017: Bradley learns to play the saxophone.

April 2017: Sophie helps me plant flowers for the very first time! Me and family visit Hershey PA for 2 days.

May 2017: 10 year anniversary celebration! Me and family see Kentucky Derby.

June 2017: One day tour of West Virginia!

July 2017: Mackinac Island tour and Indianapolis tour!

September 2017: Sophie starts talking but not in full complete sentences. Bradley starts 2nd grade and meets other good friends who are robot twin brothers.

Late September 2017: Visit San Diego Zoo

February 2018: Bradley gets really cool remote helicopter for 8th birthday. Bradley also finds his crush a week or two before Valentine’s Day. A robot girl who moved into his school around the time. It was hard to get her to know he existed.

June 2018: Wall-e’s 10th birthday celebration!

July 2018: Me and family stays for 2 days in Malin + see Mount Rushmore and Music Museum in South Dakota.

August 2018: Sophie’s awesome 3rd birthday celebration!

Late August 2018: Me and family see Neuschwanstein Castle and a few other parts of Germany by traveling with teleporter.

September 2018: Bradley starts 3rd grade and begins facing bullying issues from some older robot boys. Sophie also starts taking ballet lessons.

October 2018: Super fun Halloween for the kids!

December 2018: Family goes on Bahamas Cruise and is back in time for very fun Christmas.

Late February 2019: It is decided that Sophie should have a first communion even though a robot! Most of those happen at age 7 but Sophie is somewhat different. Human clothes and accessories are put on her to help blend in.

March 2019: Rodney and Sophie attend daddy & daughter dance!

April 2019: Family trip to London!

Late April 2019: One day New Mexico tour!

May 2019: Trip to Crater of Diamonds in AK!

June 2019: Family trip to New York. Bradley got to see Yankees game!

July 2019: Sophie sees Enchanted Woods Winterthur Museum & Garden + Kansas City Toy Museum

August 2019: Sophie’s first day of preschool and also meets very good friend + a few others.

October 2019: Tour of Stanton Hall

2020: Pandemic happens but in this timeline I have a dimension to be in that is COVID free.

2021: Bradley becomes into Tik Tok.

2022: Bradley turns 12 and Sophie is almost 7.

June 2022: Sophie sees worlds smallest park in Oregon.

I will stop there on where we are today. I don’t want to go further and I just cannot tell why. Happy Independence everyone!

Why I Wish I Was Born 10 Years Earlier

I wanted to make this for so long and now I finally have the strong power to finally get it off my chest! For about almost 5 years and technically it grew ever since last year! And that is the thought on what a different life I would’ve had and probably how much more fun it would’ve been to have been born 10 years earlier.

For those who read my Wattpad book on the alternate story to the 2005 movie, Robots, as other readers like I have experinced already, some people especially if they are looking at the second book I made so it shows the readers life accomplishments + the years it happened and they may have happened before any of the readers were born. For example, the reader has their 16th birthday in 2002 and that could the same year as someone else when the reader was born. You might like the way it is for real but however, the reason why I made the mysterious reader, (otherwise my character as those who I know might like to think it could be ) is born so much earlier is because I had to make the story more logical. I find that it is only fair that these alternate stories take place back in the time when Robots was first released or almost finished. Because if it took place later then that, I probably would have already known who the characters were when I first arrived in their dimension because a film like theirs would’ve already existed. I wouldn’t be looking at their universe as a strange and unfamiliar place like what the reader in other alternate stories is usually going through. To go with that I also thought how could I make it so that the reader is living in the time when the movie was first or close to be released BUT is also around Rodney’s age so she can be a couple with him. My thought was that I could make it so that at least for me, I am born a decade earlier which was already something I kind wish. Now this could be my chance! I was born in 1996 but for the alternate universe or any other reader, I have gone back in time to be roaming the Earth since 1986.

If some readers are not really pleased with that idea, keep in mind that the author who wrote that is only making an alternate reality and it’s just story + the writer is also wishing it were a reality which is what I will talking about for this blog. Here is why I wish I was born a decade earlier! For the main part of why, I feel there is SO MUCH that existed in the past that I feel like I’ve missed out on and would’ve been grateful for. I will also be mentioning how myself as this fictional character I am has lived with it.

Number 1: Growing With The Olsen Twins and Other Cool Child Celebs

I mentioned before in a previous blog years ago about them and how they give such icon to child stars through the years. Not only that but they have always been not afraid to talk about their personal life as they grew up in what looked such a fun time to be especially a teen. The Olsens of course were born in 1986, ten years before me, and I just look at them now and think how much fun it would have been to grow up with them at the exact same time. I could’ve read about what they were up to every week and think that I am going through the same thing. I also wonder about the famous events that happened when I was little and wonder what it would’ve been like to have been a little older at the time and I wonder the same thing for people like these. I will be getting to a few of them later. Other famous people like Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes were born in the same year and I think about what it would’ve been like to have been in the same age group as them. Then I have other celebs like Hilary Duff and Zac Efron who would’ve been a year younger than us at this point and I think that would be fun too. As the character, I grow up admiring the Olsens and wish that I could be friends with them all this time!

Number #2 Saturday Morning Cartoons?

I always hear about the joy Saturday morning cartoons bought to the older generation but if I were around a decade earlier I am guessing I would’ve been able to experience a little bit at the time just to see what they were like. But no more than that, in the late 90s and early 2000s, (back when I wasn’t even in grade school yet), Disney has a block that would run on ABC once a week called “One Saturday Morning”. I am kind of wondering what it would’ve been like to have been older to understand the experience of that even though I probably would’ve been in middle school by the time it was launched. But about behind the angry parents reason, I would have to say that this why I believe every show should have at least ONE character in a show that’s pure good and likely to have positive influence on children. Speaking of animation:

Number 3: More Time for 2D

I am starting to imagine and wish that I was around longer to see more 2D animation in theaters. Not just anime but REAL traditional animation in the US! Not only that but imagine living through the ENTIRE time of the Disney renaissance starting with The Little Mermaid in 1989 and ending with Tarzan in 1999. As the girl in my alternate story, The Little Mermaid was probably the first ever movie I saw in theaters. And imagine what it would’ve been like for me to see Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Mulan when they were first launched in theaters! I feel like I would have had more time to experience the difference between 2D and 3D. That said the first computer animated and Pixar film, Toy Story would’ve been released when I was 9 years old. If that were so, I could’ve been shocked to see something different and probably would’ve been able to understand why people would grow to see more of something different. I would also be kind of experiencing Pixar the way I am in real life with Illumination. Despicable Me, their first film came out when I was 14. Not to mention but once I get married to Rodney as the girl in my alternate story, I even give birth to someone who would eventually become a Pixar star.

I am also not talking a different experience with those but also with Disney Post Renaissance films. Imagine what it would’ve been like to have first started high school when The Emperor’s New Groove was released, I think to myself. And Lilo & Stitch was not the first but probably the 3rd movie I ever went to see in theaters that involved me driving myself to the theater because I would have just turned 16 and got my car + license.

Number 4: Past Food & Snack Items Never Experienced

This commercial is only one example! But indeed! I wish I could’ve been alive when McDonald’s was at it with their pizza experiment. As the fictional girl, this is how I celebrated my 6th birthday. But there are other items that are no longer around today that I wish I could’ve been around to try. Hardee’s used to have fried chicken from Roy Rodgers, Burger King once sold silver dollar pancakes, KFC used to have chicken nuggets, Pizza Hut even used to give out toys for kids. Speaking of that, I also would have loved to experience the old full service Pizza Hut! Even Wendy’s used to have pizza at their SuperBar in like the early 90s. Fast food and even full service places used to give out really low price deals at time which would’ve made it more fun to be kid at those times.

There are also snacks that I wish I could’ve experienced like Butterfinger BB’s! And plus, I wonder what it would’ve been like to have been old enough to understand more and try foods that were advertised when I was very little such as Team Cheerios and Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup. Of course, one other thing that would’ve been interesting to experience is the Burger King Kids Club. Yep! Great Food! Cool Stuff! Kids Only!

Number 5: Young Children’s Shows Too Hard to Outgrow

Too much preschool education shows has developed over the years and as a 9-12 year old, too many were around already that they were so hard to outgrow! That lead to what would’ve been left as me with a bully target. One big reason is because of having Aspergers and that I slowly age in the mind. When I was 9 I was more like 5 on the inside. But nobody possibly would have been able to except that. Speaking of that, my character in this alternate story doesn’t have Aspergers or Autism. She has a perfectly beautiful and normal mind! And of course for real, I was an actual little kid by the time Blue’s Clues has it’s golden years. But as much as a great show it was, I mention a previous blog about there being a bit of an issue. So I wonder, what if I just grew up with main original two popular young children’s shows, Mister Rodgers and Sesame Street. I would think that it would kind of would have made it easier for me not to get too exposed to much of all the other new development for younger children when I was already getting too old. So you might be thinking that I missed Blue’s Clues in my alternate life. Well no! Actually, one of my best friends I named Liv had two younger twin siblings that were fans of the show and we would both watch it with them to keep them company when I came to visit or could be visiting me. Liv and me both had a crush on Steve and at that point, it would make it kind of nice having someone by my side knowing I wasn’t alone.

Number 6: More Time to Be Alive for Princess Diana

I feel I have been living my entire walking life over people grieving the loss of such an incredible princess! I say that because according to my baby book, I was first learning to walk around the time Diana died. I cry when I watch this video! Those children who got a hug from Diana were so fucking lucky and I am really jealous! No matter what anyone says, I feel like I’ve missed out on someone I would’ve been grateful for to admire but some of my UK family says I would’ve been sad if I were old enough to found out about her death. Even if I were as old as 11? To be honest, I am even MORE sad in my reality on I would’ve loved if only I had been able to know. Also, don’t get jealous but as the girl in my alternate story, I met Diana while I was visiting Chicago a year before her death and she touched me all over like I was the most precious little girl even to have been seen. Many pictures were taken! But then on the night of her death, I was asleep but then I heard the news and woke up to see what was happening, when I found I was told to just go back to bed. I was too tired to cry. All the teachers were upset when I got back to school and I would’ve just been starting middle school at the time but when I told them about meeting Diana the year before it made every one of everyone around me excited and jealous at the same time that it made me kind of popular to the school.

Speaking of this, I should probably mention that I have had several dreams for the last few months about going back in time to save Diana. I just think that it so sad to have died that young and not have a chance to get to meet her daughters in law and grand babies (which many say she would have loved) William once said that he keeps reminding his children how there are two grandmothers in their lives. And I wonder if George, Charlotte or any other of todays royal children wish they had a chance to see their incredible granny.

That is one thing I wish HBO’s short-lived series The Prince could have shown! It was strongly hated due to it looking like it was mocking real important people and would be especially mocking Prince George. But wasn’t it supposed to be an adult cartoon? In that case, he’s too young to be watching a show like that right now! Thanks to its hatred, it only lived for one season. But whether or not it sounds like the plot, HBO really should’ve thought of an episode where George and one of his siblings grow curious about what it is behind their uncle Harry’s stress with the world and their Grandpa Prince Charles low popularity despite wanting to be king. When they here more about their Granny in which they never met, it leaves George into wishing that history could be changed so he could’ve met her and make it so that hopefully it would’ve be so crazy like it is. Many point out and I agree that George sounds like Stewie Griffin and what is he famous for? Time Machine building and traveling back in time, right!

So what if George had the chance later on to have someone build a time machine and so he and maybe his other two siblings end up going back in time to get a glimpse of Diana and hopefully try to rescue her. I can imagine how much of a happy surprise Diana would be to know that she already has adobe grandchildren in her future. If anyone at HBO is reading this, that probably would’ve been an interesting thing for viewers to see. Or if ANY media company out there is reading this, they think about making a story like what I described, it would up for an alternate reality for the royals that is by far less depressing! Not only would it make my day but it would bring the audience as I can imagine tears of joy!

Number 7: More Time for Great Travel

Since the evil COVID had spread and since the left got into insanity making the US be separated into blue and red states, I feel like it has made a major and big effect on being able to travel to the places I’ve been wanting to visit all my life. I can only imagine that I would have had WAY more time to do all that if I were born a decade earlier. As the character, I actually got to do A LOT of that in my childhood due to my dad having CEO business trips that required my mom and me to go.

What places am I talking about? Well, let’s start with in the United States! I want to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona, stay in a ski lodge in Colorado, Hawaii (very badly), Chicago, maybe Kansas, the place where the Kentucky Derby takes place, Boston, Plymouth Rock, The Mall of America, Las Vegas, The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Hershey PA, Philadelphia, Mount Rushmore, some parts of Texas, Memphis TN, Nashville maybe, the part of Utah where High School Musical took place, and Seattle. Basically seeing every state would be incredible! But my dad hates blue states and the way the left has destroyed them I am scared of has an effect on me being able to see what I want to see. And I want to see Miami Beach and New Orleans too and with all this talk about how using sea levels due to global warming is going to have those places underwater, I get the feeling I especially need to hurry and visit them NOW.

But that’s not all! I want to go to some parts of Canada too such as West Edmonton Mall (The largest mall in North America) as well as Tornoto because one of my Devinart friends loves there and it’s also where the Nelvana headquarters which has created a lot of great shows from my childhood. Outside of North America, I still want to see Sweden, and as a new one came to mind, Norway. I hear Milan is supposed to be fun too. I’ve been to Paris before but I don’t feel like it was as good of an experience as I wish it would have been now. But those Muslims are preventing me from going again! I cannot forget that I want to see Sydney Australia pretty badly right now. There are also some spots in New York I still want see. Speaking of that, nobody knew that 9-11 was going to happen before it did but that doesn’t mean I still would’ve loved to have been longer to have an experience with seeing the World Trade Center. Nobody knew COVID was going to happen either but if anybody were to think about it and look at their window and realize how much dislike China has grown to have on rich cultures like America and European you might wouldn’t have had to think that they might have gotten away with it to do something bad like this effecting the entire world too! Same thing with leftists!

Number 8 Growing Up with GREAT Shopping Experience

As I said before about the Olsen’s, they were into shopping at malls and as far as with many American malls suffering at this time due to fucking online shopping, people are loosing the joy of traditional shopping. Compared to many past teen movies and even teen doll franchises like Bratz, Polly Pocket, My Scene and Barbie, it would make me come to believe that shopping at the mall was the typical thing a teenage girl would love. But is it true today or a thing of the past? I may be 26 now but I seem to still enjoy shopping malls a lot for some reason, but would I have had way more time to experience more of it if I were around ten years earlier, or no more then that, get to experience iconic stores from a decade or two ago that I so wish I could’ve experienced, like Wet Seal, Deliah’s, Sam Goody, KB Toys and Limited Too? My guess is, 95%!

Better Time for Parties?

Are people or even school even throwing parties anymore or are they going extinct thanks to stinking social media? Thanks to my Aspergers, parties can be overwhelming for me but all depending on what they are, these days I’ve been wanting to throw parties with my friends for so long. But what if I were born a decade earlier? Something tells me I would’ve had a higher chance of throwing one, being invited to one or even having one going from another friend. As the character that’s not an Aspie, parties probably would have not have been too overwhelming for me unless it’s a big family gathering and not a group of peers.

Number 10: The Fun of Being a 90s Kid & Early 2000s Teen

All this 90s and Early 2000s stuff is so cool for sure and I also wonder what a life would’ve been life growing up before the bang of the internet and social media existed. Well, more like when those things were first developing. I would be growing up with early computers, flip cell phones, PDA’s, CD players, Sony cameras, and maybe even much more of Blockbuster! That sounds like a fun time to grow up, be a kid or teen! Saberspark, the guy that made a couple of the videos above said that he was in middle school when the beloved Nickelodeon show, Spongebob Squarepants had its debut and come to think of it, so would have I in this alternate universe and I wonder what that would’ve been like. As I could also see, the early 2000s released LOTS of unique hair and other beauty products especially from Conair and a little bit of IGIA. Whether they looked ridiculous or not, it makes it look like styling your hair and all was fun in those days!

Just a couple more things to show!

Sorry if you had to go over to Youtube to really watch it! I remember this playing on the radio a lot when Iw as little kid but imagine being in HIGH SCHOOL by the time it came out! It would’ve been interesting since thats what the song talks about.

These were high school class of 2004 and as the character in my alternate story, I am also class of 2004. Since I didn’t have Aspergers, I probably would have not as much overwhelming problems making me have to repeat grades, so I was able to graduate the normal way. What’s wrong with not graduating the normal way or what’s wrong with being an Aspie? Well, that’s a good topic for enough blog but for now I will just say I feel like I would not have refused to miss out on a lot would’ve had fun with AND I would’ve given my parents less trouble.

Another thing is that I would rather have been done with my childhood and adolescence by the time the 2008 recession happened.

The Problem with Anti Heroes

I know it has been a very long time since I’ve written a blog and this might be the longest amount I’ve ever waiting to think about what my next one would be about. Whenever something very strict pops into my head, that is usually when I get the feeling to get it off my chest.

For this blog, I should discuss why I have a bit of a problem with anti-heroes. That’s easy for me to say! For the most part, they rather RUIN what drama expects from us! I can see that it often confuses the audience on whom they should route for. To make things more fair in my point of view, I get confused on what is the right way for me to go.

And when it comes to anti-heroes, it is often then argued by social media that THEY ARE the true villain of a work. This video about Disney characters will say it all!

That leads me to another argument about anti-heroes, they make TERRIBLE role models! But some of the characters listed above to me are not all problematic to me but let know your thoughts in the comment whether you agree with some of these or not. But seriously, you can always argue about the mysterious reader girl from the book I wrote on Wattpad as if she’s the real villain due to being shown as a spoiled brat and the causing the mess she got into that started it all. Think about that! Speaking of role models, I will get to the impact on me in a moment.

To go along with that, let’s have a look at the list of villains that are argued to be actually right meaning if they are really a victim.

Well, way to go! More is ruined with the idea of drama! Is it not hard now who to route for?

This is EXACTLY the problem I have talked about in many previous blogs about just about almost every characters in the Looney Tunes franchise. When listing the villains, there are way too many and if you were more technical with behavior and all, pretty much all of them are villains. Even Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig have been assholes from time to time. When looking at something like that, it makes it hard to choose a character to look up to.

By what you may have read in previous blogs of mine, you probably already know where all that lies. And what if someone were to create a character role swap AU for a famous work? Someone did a Devianart on that with Robots which is pretty well childhood wrecking for me. I’m not going to try and hurt the creator or so but I am going to argue my beef with it. But let’s have a look at the plot first.

Robots (2005) Swap AU: Rodney Copperbottom

The user and a friend came up with a role reversal au for “Robots.” The idea was: what if Rodney and Fender swapped with Ratchet and Cappy? The outmodes become upgrades, hero becomes villain, upgrades become outmodes, villain becomes hero, etc. basically, the main four swapped roles. 

Rodney here becomes the CEO of Bigweld Industries. Orphaned at six years old, Gasket took him in and twisted him to be as cruel as her. (Ewww) Having this and the fact he witnessed his parents’ deaths, Rodney’s perhaps more insane than Ratchet was in the actual film. (Holy Shit :O) He has severe trauma, mommy issues, an inferiority complex – oh, and he’s not chill when flirting with Fender either. No restraint on the dirty side. But of course, there’s a sympathetic side to him… he’s got redeemable qualities.  

Thanks for ruining my beautiful relationship with Rodney, BITCH! Below is a link to the next part.


Robots (2005) Swap AU: Phineas T. Ratchet

Phineas T(anga) Ratchet and his father escape to Rivet Town when he is 13 to get away from Gasket, starting a new and better life. Mr. Gasket worked as a dishwasher for Gunk, and took whatever spare hand me downs he could get from neighbors and sales alike to give to his son, refurbishing it so he looked nice. As a result, Ratchet’s still a shark tank™ but rusted… actually, let me explain some design philosophy here. It is said Rodney and Fender seem as tall as Ratchet and Cappy, because of their extended joints. Loose joints = longer limbs. But when upgrades, joints are snapped tight, so Rodney and Fender are shorter. Ratchet and Cappy are taller from loose limbs, even more so than they were in the film. 

Anyway, Ratchet gets fed up with Gunk’s treatment of his father, deciding to go to Robots City in search of paying off his father’s debt and providing a better life for his elder. He’s an inventor, having spent his high school years up until his current age of thirty with his current invention: Wonderbot! It’s like his baby. His lil coffee pot. 

He meets Cappy at the train station. They hit it off. But of course, when he gets to Bigweld Industries, he’s in for a rude awakening: big fish is gone, replaced by a 19yo in a suit… and his past haunting him? Tenfold, no thanks to Gasket’s plans.

And yes, he and Rodney are adopted brothers. It would be quite a plot twist before the battle. 

While looking at this, it really reminds of the idea of how the Republicans and the Democrats switched role places in history. It used to be the opposite way around comparing to today with the Leftists pretending to be heroic when they are really still secretly evil.

Robots (2005) Swap AU: Cappy

Anyway, our action girl, Cappy gets to shine as the leader of the Rusties. Picked up by Aunt Fanny, at age 23 she’s the designated “sister” of this little outmoded family. Granted, she’s the only girl of the group, so it’s a given, but still doesn’t negate her rule (even if she’s the second youngest, technically). She’s a scrounger, but more responsible and logical than Fender was, though a bit hotheaded and snappy. She’s busy looking out for her ‘brothers’, specifically trying to find a voice box for Diesel and other spare parts, while suffering from falling apart – albeit, it’s just her left leg and her wheels. She doesn’t steal though. She takes what isn’t occupied, essentially. And she tries to get things fairly. She meets Ratchet at the train station while offering to be a tour guide to anybody willing to pay a good fee. The new guy bumps into her, she’s kinda annoyed but seeing he’s… well, new… she offers him a tour. And he accepts. 

And when it’s over, they’ve hit it off well. He pays her, and she starts catching feelings for him. They go to a coffee shop for a quick drink, make quick intros, and then shark tank is off to Bigweld Industries! ofc it doesn’t go well though. 

She catches Wonderbot and finds Ratchet in a can, rightfully pissed at a certain blue prick. She explains how Bigweld vanished, and Copperbottom’s taken over, but she didn’t tell him sooner cause she really thought he’d get in :(

The boxes of beads fall over after Ratchet finally gets out of the can, accidentally bumping into the stack. There, he and Cappy slip on beads and in particular, the latter crashes into a wall where her left leg falls off. She’s upset, because damn it, this is happening too many times and it’s getting concerning, because how long until she gets her foot caught in the junkyard? She needs spare parts… and then Ratchet offers to help. Cappy refuses at first, insisting “I don’t want to burden you” and “I can handle myself” but when Ratchet insists on his own, “But I want to help you though since you’ve helped me, let me return the favor”, she accepts his help. I must be out of my mind, she thinks, yet it feels so good to walk alongside him as she takes him to the rest of the gang, where she introduces him to the other rusties.

Not much else has changed for the Rusties, minus the fact Diesel and Lugnut are more openly dating here. I mean, they were in canon already (y’all can fight me on this *throw up noodle arms*), but y’know what I mean. Crank’s like, a bro to Caps (esp bc her backstory in this AU, OH BOY wait until we get to that…) and is even more of a pessimistic, neurotic nut. And a conspiracy theorist. 

Now I bet you can tell from what you already know about me on why I look at this as the WORST IDEA EVER! ESPECIALLY when good vs evil in the film are already portrayed as PURE & PURE (near pure really).

What do I mean? You will notice when it comes to Heroes and Villains Wiki that Rodney is place in a character that is pure good (which is by my definition is what you pretty much need to be considered a TRUE HERO) where we see Madame Gasket and Ratchet placed what is know as Near Pure Evil.

So with that being pure and pure + making the characters super easy for me to define, it’s super horrifying for me to roles switched.

What could be better? What about a role swap AU of the Duck Dodgers series? Earth residents become the main terrorists, the hero becomes the villain, Mars residents become the battling victims and the villains become the heroes or victims? With a good vs evil portrayal as an anti-hero and polite villain, that sounds like REAL role swap AU BAIT!

Plus, with a work like that, it also be one thing that will show how ridiculous this alien and Earth Outsider stereotyping is. Now to get to the point on how bad of an impact anti heroes have on my behavior. The Duck Dodgers series as far as I know started airing when I was in 1st grade. I remember that if you ever got in trouble for anything naughty or disrespectful, you would get something called, ‘strikes’. If you got three, you’d be sent to the principle, luckily I never got three but I did get usually one quite a few times, and I believe I got only two one time. If I can remember thoughts about some anti heroes were flowing through my head that working making me act badly. So if I can only imagine, if I were exposed to Duck Dodgers by the time it was airing, would’ve gotten many strikes in no time. I would’ve had the message in my head that it’s okay to be polite while also acting like a villain at the same time OR that it is okay to wish to be hero but while also acting like a naughty rascal or just plain uncivilized & bad-mannered.

The truth is, by that time I did not understand the difference between the way people with something funny in a cartoon or other works not being funny in real life. ESPECIALLY when it comes to actions my mother would often laugh it from my movies and shows. I would be taught not to do it for real but it was funny in there. That leaves me to always not understanding why something like any of that could be funny in fictional works but NOT in real life. As a matter of fact, I STILL feel that way to this day. And I also want a more valid reason why that is than just, ‘those works & motives are not real’, because that really doesn’t not sound like a true or specific argument. If there are any other children who feel this way and have struggled with understanding why, I feel very sorry for them.

And from there, this is exactly why I look at TRUE and pure good heroes as much better role models and positive influences for me. Rodney as you may know is one big example of that and is the reason I’ve loved him so much through the years + why a work like above is dream crushing for me. I’m sure many other characters on Pure Good Wiki could be considered my definition of a true hero too.

To end this, with the LT franchise having so many villains & anti-heroes, it makes it hard for me to get a positive influence in life on whom I should look up to and not being able to see what I fully consider the definition of a TRUE hero which is what a unique baddy character like Marvin the Martian deserves to be foiled by (a humane way would be even more peaceful to watch). As you probably already know that it’s exactly where the creation of Mabel comes in. No more interplanetary speciesism from the franchise too!

Blue’s Clues Fan Theory (Softened Up)

Okay so where do began? If you are familiar reading fan theories all, you might be familiar with these super dark fan theories on Blue’s Clues that most for on all us young people have a childhood ruined. Most of them have to do with Steve. Who I will mentioning about later and why his legacy leaves such an important spot in my life. They suggest things like Steve was once an insane school teacher and was pursed from town after that, was a serial killer murdering his own family, that those off camera voice over children are his own neglected kids, a CIA member and even under serious drug addition causing him to go insane with seeing a world of talking inanimate objects. No more than that, the theories also suggest that once Joe took over and went off to college, Steve was really going off to rehab or prison for crimes he’s committed. Nothing could give me bigger strokes than that! It’s all completely rather disrespectful on what was supposed to be creative educational show for young children. Those off camera voice overs were supposed to represent viewers and I guess the creators thought it would be weird just to have those answer times as completely silent like what Dora the Explorer does. And the whole reason many of the characters are talking objects is because according to the creators, many little kids see the ordinary as if it is way more than what is seen. Tracie Paige Johnson remembered herself during her preschooler years in an interview that she would talk to her sliver-ware making them become characters.

But many might be thinking what does a 30 year old guy talking to inanimate objects have to do with this like in the show. Actually, Steve was in his 20’s when the show was being made and to me he could most likely be being portrayed as a late adolescence like what is seen in a lot of todays drama. I’m going to save your childhood a bit by making a softer theory I made up on my own! There is no murder or drugs involved in this theory BUT it does involve spells and a backstory that is similar to the beloved Christmas film, ELF.

In order to make things straight I kept a memory of some flashback parts to the episode, Blue’s First Holiday where two movies are shown with the characters as babies. If you haven’t seen that episode, go have a look to see what I mean!

Let’s go back before any plots of the show even happened! Talking inanimate objects are seen all over the town and not just the yellow house on the tall hill. Could there be anything behind it that’s similar to Beauty and the Beast? Think about that! Talking household items were everywhere there too but were all just humans under a spell.

My theory suggests that the Blue’s Clues town universe used to be like ours, just plan normal! But some unknown character like a spell witch or fairy got into trouble with something and put a curse on the whole town that cannot be UNDONE making it so that a bunch of household objects come alive and start talking scaring off a bunch of people except for a few we know!

Let’s jump forward to a few years later when the main human characters were just young. So during Blue’s First Holiday, we see that both young Steve and Joe as a baby. But where are their parents? And it also seemed that the beloved spice couple Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper raised them themselves + all of the other residents that were talking objects.

My theory suggests that Joe and Steve’s parents were NEVER MARRIED and the two just broke up with each other. Each of boys never got to meet their father. By the time Joe was born, the mother was about to die of childbirth. From there, I come with the theory that the beloved and iconic house used to be owned by Steve’s grandmother who appeared in the episode Blue’s Big Treasure. The boys mom had them dropped off there for her to raise them just before her death. Let me admit that this one big reason I’m scared to get pregnant!

From events during the time of Blue’s First Holiday, grandma went off a few times like at that point and had Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper take care of the boys and other residents. The part on Blue coming to life by skidooing out of a storybook is still kept in here! So is the part on the first time ever playing Blue’s Clues.

So what about when the very first of episodes that premiered and that moment on? Well, I think that Grandma for some reason decided to move out and Joe did the same leaving Steve in charge of the iconic house and the other iconic residents. Where do the visiting kids come in? Perhaps they are mysterious neighbors coming for visits and playing the whole iconic game. Another thing, if any of you really think Steve does have some kind of mental problem due to the way he acts in the show, then I would guess there’s a bit of connection with myself. I’m pretty sure Aspergers in considered a mental health disorder. Also, if Steve did have a rough time making real friends causing him to talk to inanimate objects that we all went over was caused by a spell long ago, then I’m having the same problem. No people in my life end dependable or have time to be with me + proves how hard social life real is. Therefore, I end up talking to robots.

But then, Joe came back to be the one taking care of Blue right when Steve decided that he wanted to experience more by going to college just like I bet a lot of us did. That’s how my theory goes as I have softened things up not making it too dark or depressing.

 The truth is, Blue’s Clues was my ultimate childhood icon and my earlier moments I can remember in my lifetime like I bet many of you millennials are too. I look at it now and I wish for Steve to be more than a friend to me. Know what I mean?

So now I bet you might be wondering why I am so sensitive to things like this + getting my childhood ruined like that and why I really and most terribly HATE seeing my crushes being portrayed as serial killers. I will tell you and it will make you stop think about what you all have done!

I’ve had some rough experiences with men……. FROM THE REAL WORLD!!!

First let’s have a look at this PragerU video about why fathers are necessary.

Well, Dennis something very weird has gone wrong with me even if this works for others in which I do agree on. As you saw about what it is like for girls, fathers influence the girls about what they would be looking for in a guy they want to be with. Because of that, most girls look up to their own father as the figure of who they want in a man for their future true love. That’s not the case with me! I am the total opposite. My father nothing like what I want and I have a stepdad too that’s also far from that. I never had a brother and all of my cousins and uncles are non-local living. I have a grandfather that’s nice enough and close but for some reason is a little difficult to impress which can be a little tough for me to coupe with. From that, it frustrates me into thinking in who I would ever chose to look up to in life when it comes to me wanting to date and all that. 

I’ve talked about the crushes I have had through the years in previous blogs, but right now I think it would make it interesting if I would be able to go way back further in life to see if I actually did have a guy-figure that had been planted in my mind with what I want and has been in the back of it. As far as early childhood and would continue for the rest of my life. I come to realize that someone was Steve! 

That’s why theories like what I talk about above DESTROY part of what I believe was intended to be my boyfriend-figure of what I hope to find one day. And it’s especially more disturbing after the catastrophic experiences I’ve had with Marvin the Martian. That is not to say my childhood did also get ruined when finding out that Steve did actually make his way into a few adult content shows not after but during his career on the beloved children’s show. Things like being portrayed as someone committing murder on this TV show Homicide Life on the Street in 1998. He did it to someone who was bullying him in high school which sounds similar to the theory I have with Marvin.

That is not to say but I am glad rather impressed to see during his interviews and interactions with in person children, he’s actually somewhat nicer than people think due to that BS hoax about heroine abuse.

Now for more information, by the time Donavon Patton aka Joe came into the host work, I was about there to getting too old for Blue’s Clues. I was about to leave preschool and become a kindergartener which would soon lead me to actual grade school! My mom somewhat thought the new host was better do to being more innocent or something but this is one time where I say, you can’t always agree with your parents like I said before. And it makes me think that I was born at the wrong time that it should’ve been 2002 and not 1996 but I WOULD’VE HATED TO HAVE MISSED THE 90’S! 

So sometimes it makes me think that the world would’ve been a better place if I just didn’t grow up with Blue’s Clues and just be born 10 years earlier growing up watching the classic Mr. Rodgers and Sesame Street.  Which is by the way, exactly what I did with the reader in my alternate story to Robots.

But I still appreciate having had such a wonderful show in my childhood that would stick with me to this day and I actually feel so sorry for all of you guys who missed Steve after he left the show. By now, I wonder what difference there would have been if Nickelodeon just stayed with their original plan which was surprising to use a female host. Could this disaster not have happened? Although, that sadly cannot be changed. 

Speaking of Robots, people complain about Rodney being serial killer murder in the video game which is also disturbing for me to hear and is rather flawed.

Mind Pulp seems to be sick complaining about every movie video game! So they blame his father for telling Rodney to commit murder to anything that gets in his way (which are robots that are supposed to have deserved beating up because they could’ve killed him) + was a terrible influence. Let me just say that in the actual MOVIE, Rodney is so lucky to have a gentle father who understands him throughly which is something I cannot get my own father to be. His tips were just supposed to be about protecting yourself in the city or otherwise those other robot bullies could’ve killed him! Just like all video games you nimrods! What’s next? Are you going to call Mario and some of his friends serial killers for stomping on Gumbas and other any enemies that get in their way making them loose their life power? And those dogs at the beginning that were complained to be murdered were not just any dogs, they were ferocious guard ones that I can only imagine could bite a flesh wound in a human and tear my face off!

So there you have it! More showings of a crush that is supposed to be one the most gentle portrayed characters in fictional works being complained to be a serial killer! That’s the real twisted nightmare! Now that you know why this bothers me, you can at least try to help me take this all back and say I’m the smartest fan theory maker out there. Just a joke but really, I guess I am sick of seeing cuteness portrayed as a trap. It’s not fair!

That’s all I have for this blog! See you next time!

The Madness of That Vegan Teacher/Conspiracy Theory Detected

I was suggested months ago to talk this so user known as That Vegan Teacher and yes, she is another one of my WORST nightmares as far as I am about to discover. It’s been a long time since I have since I did a blog discussing how the vegan community relates to the left and this is almost going to be like. As a matter of fact, I have a conspiracy detected and I think this will explain the full thing. This blog is going to contain a lot of videos and some of them might be long just so you know!

For almost a year, I thought my vegan nightmares were about to be outgrown thanks to this conspiracy theory I made up but NOPE! It looks like they are still going on and out to torture my lifestyle! This witch here seems to be new comparing Vegan Grains and the Monkey Bitch plus even acts as if she is a member from PETA. She even happens to support PETA when looking at the stuff in her room and what she says about them.

Oh dear! Sounds like you’re at a funeral which what many vegan protests due in grocery stores. They come in throwing a funeral to the animals that were slaughtered which is completely ridiculous. I’ll tell you the difference between factory farms and the Holocaust! The difference with ending the holocaust is that we did not have to make any strongly difficult sacrifices in which turning to veganism is LOADED with! That I might talk about when it gets to the theory.

Do you know, spiders don’t get to see their mother when they are born. Their mom dies months before they hatch! We learn that in Charlotte’s Web. I wonder how scared they are not see their mother! Again the madness of the egg industry and I also don’t get! Why throw all the male chicks or grind them into bloody smoothies (a joke I got from an episode of iCarly)? Why not send them out to be used for something else? Also, birds don’t even urinate! And there’s another thing that might make it hard to get into the eyes of chickens! They are birds! Not mammals! What’s it even like to lay eggs vs giving birth? What’s it like to have beaks? What’s it like to have feathers? What’s it like to FLY? Only, chickens do not fly which is something too sleep on the next time you say that wings are for flying not frying.

Didn’t do anything wrong you say? Well, think about some people that might be afraid of chickens, turkeys or any other bird because of horrible experience they had with them. I saw a show recently where a boy was so afraid of chickens because of a past experience he had where a bunch of them flocked all over and pecked him on the butt when going over to feed them. He only had a rubber chicken companion to limit his fear. But supposed eating their flesh also helps. Plus, they are not all too cute cuddly which is a very big reason why most people don’t go about crazy over them.

One other thing is that I CANNOT REMEMBER ONE BIT of when I was born and when my mom first held me! None of us can! Babies do not have the developed brain just yet in order to remember that! How can the chicks remember?

I should’ve asked this years ago. How do you know these creatures don’t want to die? Sure living in a cage like that sounds terrifying but what I also cannot imagine is living a life without any choosing for goals and careers I want which is what humans do for living and the reason it feels as if our lives are so important. All cows do is sit around and eat grass all day! All pigs do is sit and play in the mud! All chickens do is well, live a life doing the same thing over and over again and it sounds pretty boring. So what’s it like wanting to live like that until your life is complete when really, there is barely anything to do that is meaningful?

So why do we label out dogs and cats as something that’s not food and horrible to even think about consuming? Probably because they live close to humanity in a way as if they can do almost anything we can, including giving us support.

Seriously? Well, here’s something that might change your mind on those with autism lady! Many people and kids with autism struggle with foods they and are often hypersensitive the taste and texture! So a vegan diet might be a struggle for a lot of them and even if they did, it would make it limit their food amount and that might not give them all the nutrients they need. If even they did try something new, they may not like it or even make them vomit. That’s how I am! As far as I can see, none of these major activists are PREPARED for people like me.

And here’s something else I have learned. Lack of vitamin D can be pretty dog on dangerous for those with autism or Aspergers but I cannot remember what the reason was. That’s a mineral as I know is hard to get on a vegan diet and comparing to my American Girl body book when it lists the foods to consume for each vitamin listed, not a single plant item was listed under vitamin D. All it said was to drink lots of milk and eggs, salmon and liver. Supplements? As I said in a previous blog, there is no study that says these supplements are really the best for the human body and it would only make so much since that your body would rather have real food.

As a matter of fact, there are many people out there that are angry with That Vegan Teachers nasty mocks as much as they were with others

Just what I was hoping to hear and he does even more responses!

That’s right! Christianity doesn’t seem to have anything to do with veganism! And we do not need a vegan world! What do need however is a world where there is more logic and no more than that, a world that thinks twice to that fact about how we portray aliens often when there really is no need to do that! And to be honest, are you not aware that if the entire world were vegan, then the whole idea or term would cease to exist? It’s just like if it were Christmas everyday! The holiday would no longer be special and there really wouldn’t be Christmas at all because the whole meaning would be lost and it would just be labeled as something everyday normal! Same thing if everyone were living a life with just plant-based items. And just like in Pixar’s The Incredible where Syndrome, the villain of the film was to sell merchandise that would make everybody super and therefore, it would loose its idea of being special.

Indeed! Real vegans do not go around talking about the animals and act like militant jerks about everyone following their lifestyle. That’s an animal rights activist! One other discovery I might have mentioned but I better remind you. It’s shown about how these vegan activists say that God didn’t put animals on the planet to be eaten even though if that were even true, then no meat-eating animal would have ever existed. And there is saying the bible that God put these domestic ones here for us on certain purposes and yet all we get from vegans is their eyes rolling and then we have people like James who say that it more work of the devil. But what do these guys even know about the bible? Most of these vegans as far as I know are mostly ATHEISTS. Therefore, they don’t believe most of the bible or even read it the right way.

That totally makes since because if they really were religious, they would not be seeing death as a completely horrible thing. Christianity believes in heaven and that all these beings end up in a better place after we die.

Animals are not ours when yet you own a DOG! Does that make any sense? No! And murder by definition only means humans killing other humans or it may also possibly mean a certain creature killing off another of your own kind. Like if you think meat is murder then let me ask you. Is swatting bugs murder? You don’t hear people say I murdered a mosquito after they slapped one and you don’t see Germ X liquid bottles saying that it murders a certain percent of germs.

Did I also just here say something about her comparing animals to black people enslavement? Is she a LEFTIST? It only makes sense again that most of these activists are leaning left and I have plenty of blogs for evidence!

And believe it or, That Vegan Teacher is even going around to others on the internet failing them for not doing ANYTHING she wishes for them to do as if they were her students and being like the toughest teacher out there!

Typical activist FORCING us to give up our careers, hopes, dreams and just all be vegan activists like her! Not fair! I have other things that I am fighting for that you will not even dare to care about! You know one way vegans are like the left? They fear monger us about the future!!!

Pollute the air with a car? Do you not know what has been happening since the pandemic? Fast food restaurants have been shutting their doors making people not able to go inside and the drive through is the only fucking thing available! Running more than one fridge? And there all you see, they are supporting these environmental issues which is has ALWAYS been something political and part of leftist hysteria proving that most militant vegan are leftists or liberals.

Let’s also not forget that there are lots of people out there who are allergic to peanuts or other nuts! Hows that?

And yet for Chick Fil A, we have a bunch of cows promoting it for you not eat them! That’s another thing you and other activists should stop and think about? If these animals really saw the world the way we do, they would be thinking deeply and thinking of ways to defeat the humans keeping them or even escaping like what you see from movies like Chicken Run and Free Birds. As a matter of fact, if women want rights, THEY go out and protest as activists, if people of other races want rights they do the same thing! So if animals want rights, THEY should be the ones escaping their pins and cages + writing up and carrying them in their mouths telling us about what they went through and what we should do about it if they even know that human choices even existed. But NO!! It’s always humans that have to do all the fucking work!!! There is something that proves that we are the only animal smart enough to figure out ways to save the planet and that is why we have to do all the work all though for one other thing. Saving the habitats of endangered species would be so much easier if the animals themselves would figure out ways to outsmart those who are destroying their homes. Same thing with hunters! But it’s always other humans that have to do all the work!

I can clearly tell you that people might easily be vegan much quicker if actual animals were really that smart enough to promote themselves because many would think it’s cute and that’s one thing you see all the time happening in Chick Fil A commercials. But since other humans are going all over the place with this BS, it’s making us look at them as if they have not learned a thing in their life and have no clue that everyone knows that it is not polite to force your beliefs on someone else. “Until their voices are heard, we will continue raise ours!” Well, these poor creatures voices will not be heard if it’s just you trying to promote but rather if it was actually them going out doing it!

Indeed! That Vegan Teacher sounds like she does want the world to have a reset button when it comes to no longer breeding aninals like this into existence! She wants a meter to crash and start over but this time humanity not existing! It looks like all vegan activists want that which is part of the theory I will be getting to later on.

“Why love one but eat the other?” Something you always get! You can also put a butterfly on one end and a cockroach maybe on the other asking “Why love one but SQUISH the other?” Plus it all has something to do with the history of their domestication. Don’t sue them at all? You may as well have not gotten a dog or any other pet!! It makes no sense and that’s another part of the theory I will be getting to near the end! Listen up for that but I’ve been doing some detective work!

We do not have to read the ingredients when we don’t have to and it would also make the video so much fucking longer! How were we supposed to know your assignment if you didn’t tell us before it was made in the first place! What the fuck does this lady expect!! Is she just doing this on purpose? Knowing that these people are not going to talk about what you want and from knowing it already and the you maliciously give them several X’s! Admit it now!

And there was some exposure there that Crayon markers and crayons contain animal fat! She’s not actually vegan! HOW MUCH WORK DO WE HAVE TO DO TO BE PURE KIND IN WHICH IS SO MUCH ANYONE CAN DO!! The part on coconuts and monkeys forced to be scared away is ridiculous! How much research to we need? We have to eat!! It deeply sounds like you want humans not living on the planet at all!

GROSS LADY!! YOU ARE SICK LOOKING IN SOMEONE ELSES TRASHCAN AND KEEPING YOUR CAMERA ON A NASTY RAW SAUSAGE AND OTHER PIECES OF TRASH!!!! And look at what the fuck she said about cats!! She clearly wants a world where humans NEVER existed!

Thanks a lot duded for comparing eating poison ivy to another plant we eat! And listen there! It seems like That Vegan Teacher is also encoring us to be RUDE to our friends and family or even possibly LOOSE THEM!! HOW PATHETIC!!!!

Thanks a lot for explaining why protein is so important XZ!!

And I should’ve seen this coming but she even tells us that you have to be vegan in order to get into heaven!

It’s just so obviously she doesn’t read the actual bible and is not even religious at all! Even people can also just IMAGINE what would really happen!

I hope every militant vegan gets their lesson from the bible learned if they ever do end up in heaven! Nice job TomRyan!

But what until you see this one! It’s even better!

I’m crying tears of joy! I’ve got butterflies in my stomach! She got EXACTLY what she deserved and hope other narcissist vegans get this and I hope this teaches that dude who said humanity is stupid a very big lesson. I have a deep feeling he is an atheist too!

And did I hear something about her thinking the 9/11 was a good thing? I should’ve seen this coming!!!

How DESPICABLE! The next thing you will want to hear is that any terrorist attack like that DECREASES the human population which seems to be what these activists love to see! The Monkey Bitch mentioned something like this in one of her cringe videos and so something tells me she thinks 9/11 was a good thing too 😡

As a matter of fact, it shown that we have a male version too or is he worse?

More evidence of the theory I will get too! Speaking of this, do you see what I mean? If you really think the human race is an atrocity, there is NO need to make aliens look evil!! That’s what I am up against so you clowns better leave me alone to be focused on that! Also no holidays? What do you want us to stop doing next? Using Christmas trees, just because they are cut down in the wild when they were meant to be a home for the animals? I can assume he has no friends and has a boring life! This is why nobody wants to follow this lifestyle! Heck, we already have hundreds of animal activists trying to CANCEL Thanksgiving!

“Humans R Trash?” Now there’s some PROOF to the theory I’ve got! Did I hear something about Halloween too? It looks like they want to cancel EVERY holiday?

I can totally see why this dude is called, “Deep Vegan”. He’s over the top and should be called “EXTREME VEGAN”.

OMG! She has a daughter who is just as nasty or worse! As a matter or fact, Pointless as he done more reviews on other vegan madness in which are also a big nightmare for me! And poor Bella! I’d like to adopt her so she can get out of the hands of this lady who is secretly abusing her!

Thank you, Raleigh! That’s something everyone should know! And that is just sick! Cutting off your hand or any body part to feed to a pet is just disgusting and it’s going to give me a lot of nightmares!

Let’s see some proof on something terrible she did when veganism made someone DIE!!

Major sacrifice going on because of this narcissist and many others! Another thing about the part on paying to kill! The meat is already there in the store when you buy it and so it is with other products! So then you hear that you are paying them to make more when yet, you may not be the one that buys the next few made but it might be someone else! So this why saying you killed the animal doesn’t make sense!

Dude, you’re taking the words out of my mouth!

Wait a minute! Was that Joey I saw in there! Oh my! I can just picture him getting married to a cow after all I see him do! Emotional less! Actually they might be more like aliens hiding in human flesh which is exactly what that Vegan Teacher, Vegan Gains and many others are! Joey was looked at as a crazy person as he went around in a grocery picking up foods on what to eat and what to not as I found a year ago!

I’m finally going to admit it now! I’ve had many cannibal nightmares but I so would not mind if Joey got eaten by cannibals! It would show him waht a life as an herbivore is usually like and what it would be almost like if we were not on top the food chain no more!

What Pointless says about doing jobs is exactly what I try to admit in many previous blogs and it’s almost close to the theory I have.

That’s a great idea Pointless! You can give out free samples of vegan food!

Disgusting with the first video! Do you want to know a possible reason why dairy got scary and how it was most for sure not always like this? It has been said everywhere that cows, goats and other diary animals eat grass to make the milk on a constant basis and that’s how it was always made for centuries. That is until the population grew so large and thus the demand got bigger. It probably getting too expensive or so to put the cows on field grassland farms and so how were we going to get the milk humans consume? Farmers thought, I know! Let’s have the cows get pregnant over and over again then take the babies so they won’t slurp up the milk we want while we feed them corn and wheat. And thus, that’s where the cruelty came in and it was all they could think of. I’ve talked to someone who knew someone who worked and owned a dairy farm and she said that it’s nothing like what these lunatics say. And no, she’s not a liar! She also agreed with me that eating grass is the best way for the cows to get milked and others do too. Plus, corn and wheat is not very good for their digestive system.

What’s similar to this is about chickens needing to be fed a certain type of grain in order to make the eggs we want but I guess there started to not there be enough that either so from there, that’s where the cruelty had come from. It was all due to the size of our population!

Killing another animal so you can feed another! No, that is not ridiculous! It’s animal abuse but you just don’t care because all you think about is those in the slaughter house and not what pets need! Let me just say that I am glad she does not own a cat! Because are obligate carnivore’s and need meat in their diet! But however, one vegan Youtube I just figured out owns like two cats is Hench Herbivore, that ugly dude that rather sounds like Jermey Irons! Those poor kitties have to live with that super hard core jerk! His real name as I figured out is Paul and he does not even look like a Paul! He looks more like a Richard!

Some other guy as I recently saw says that he notices him aging pretty fast and I can totally see that. I don’t remember how he says it worked but clearly, he also said to be cannibalizing himself! What kind of plant-eater is that? Self Cannibalism! Take that for those who say that you’ll live longer if you’re vegan or will look younger at an old age. Emily from Bite Sized Vegan looked like she was getting wrinkly and old to and Vegan Gains is already beginning to look that way. You know what part of it must be? Depression!

Now I am going to show you a video I found about the history of milk and while it doesn’t answer whether it is bad or not. It shows to some good advise behind the idea!

I knew it! When dairy farming first got started, it all began with discovering that certain animals were able to eat I bet he means useful and abundant stuff and turn it into milk! I bet that useful and abundant food had to have been you guessed it, grass! And I was told and it much rather is so that it changed evolution and survival! I did read that too that the Asian rate of being lactose intolerant has been higher than in North America and Europe. But yet, vegans still go about it being an excuse because they just seem to just care about the animals and there’s another part of what is going to be in the conspiracy theory. I’l so glad he mentioned lab milk too because I will definitely be so happy once that starts to boom out everywhere no matter what it does. Because other alternatives are either not the same or a life without it so difficult especially when you are a sensitive picky eater.

Now lets take a look at what this user says about meat:

Nice showing of history and he finally admitted it that too much of anything is unhealthy! But yet, does this user ever get debunked? Oh yes! Mic the Vegan reviewed and debunked a bunch of what they said about the health risks but completely ignored and never talked about the history part. He completely destroyed the part on moderation and as I can see debunks all over no matter how much information is discovered! And as I can see, he is clearly a leftist at heart! I can especially tell after watching his debunk of PragerU’s “How the Government Made You Fat”.

Want more proof on the vegan community being so much like the left? Lets have a look at what all these leftist brats have been doing to PragerU lately!

As you can see, he is so repetitive! It’s no wonder you’re so bratty! You don’t look at the bible! You admitted it that you’re woke! HOW EVIL CAN YOU GET??

A good world is a fair world? A fair world means everything is the same? A World is one with no humans so plants and animals can aim morally for the rest of time? OMG, YOU’RE SO DESPICABLE! As a matter go fact, you sound exactly what I think the vegans want! And to best honest, it seems kind off boring to have a world without us. Especially since we bought things like music and what’s a world without music? And what other species could possibly have made all these interesting creations?

Of course he would say that he likes how they promote Obama and that he would say his statisics in his speeches are the truth BECAUSE YOU LEFTISTS ALWAYS THINK YOU KNOW THE TRUTH!!!

Two mothers? What are you going to debunk next? Pragers video about why fathers are necessary?

Calling Prager stupid, dumb cunt, and dipshit show what a major little brat you really are and yet YOU are the one that doesn’t care about these issues!

I cannot believe how selfish you are!! She’s right! You think the electoral college is mess just because you leftists want everything your way and to take over everything which will destroy the country! You know it! It doesn’t matter how much urban or rural area there is! They still must count! As you can totally see with the left knowing what they are doing is wrong, when they don’t get their way, what they are deeply saying deep down inside is, “Thwarting evil makes me so angry!” because that is what they are up to and when someone like PragerU or anything else right-wing gets in their way, it shows that their evil plans are about to get foiled in which they strongly do not want.

This dude scared the freaking shit out of me! Especially when he axes through the wall and yells! Another idiot leftist making fun conservatives and just said that he hopes for us to move to a planet when there isn’t one! This guy should be on Santa’s naughty list! Climate deniers? Shut up already! Don’t you know how many people are and especially your g ones are scared all because of your horrible fear mongering?? You just don’t care do you!!!! And guess what, Scott Adams even tried to show the dark secret behind climate scientists and yet the left is still making fun of him and saying he’s not a scientists and lying. These guys just do ANYTHING to make it as if they are telling the truth and have EVIL WIN!!

If you think America is so bad, why don’t you just fucking move to another country you son of bitch??? At the beginning h’es really more like, “Well, well, well! PragerU! The fake university who thinks they can foil my evil plans to take down America! That ain’t gonna happen!” That’s what all these leftists are saying! I absolutely hate this guy! He evil replied to someone in the comments who admitted to be a republican and he replied that I hope you stop being a republican as soon as possible! Is it me or are there just as many know-it0all leftist Youtubers as there are vegan Youtubers?

Now let’s think about it! How many movies have you seen where the protagonist stands against the villain exposing him or her for what evil missions they are up to and the villain is like, “Oh, don’t be so ridiculous!” That is exactly what the left is saying too the conservatives who want to stop them from destroying America or possibly the entire world! Clearly, they don’t want to admit it that they want to destroy it but they know it deep down!

You just don’t care about the homeless do you?? Get out of the fucking nation! Nobody should have the right to change it!!

Right there sort of admits it but this dude seem to have gotten stuck and wished to not say anything about because it looks like he has been caught and doesn’t want to admit it. I think it is time to tell you what the theory actually is and how the vegan community can get away with it. Hold on to your hearts vegan Youtubers and animal rights activists because I’ve detected your real goals!

What if I were to tell you that these vegan activists do not actually CARE about your health and that human health is the thing they would least care about?

They are mainly on the mission to save the animals in a way in which the world doesn’t work! Like one thing I said before, it will take THOUSANDS of dollars to send billions of animals into sanctuaries and other places! Who’s going to pay for all that if no one is using them anymore?

When it comes to those self-righteous vegan types who have criticized about those who have not done so well on a vegan diet, it only proves so on this theory and that’s why it is only very possible. They only pretend to care about our health so they can get us to go on their diet so they’ll get exactly what they want which a world where humans are not harming animals. 

The vegans take information about what happens is you consume too much dairy, meat or any other animal product, (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and others) and take it as if it is completely harmful to our health and we should not consume it at all when it reality, too much of anything can cause certain health problems. Plus, it is said that some of your brain and hormone cells don’t work well if you don’t have enough cholesterol and fat helps you stay warm. Too much of those isn’t good for you but a little bit is okay. Vegans only try to make it said that we don’t need these products in order to scare us into veganism in which a lot of times does not turn out so well. And what happens when it doesn’t work out for someone? They YELL and say they are making bias excuses! Why do we think they are forcing us? Easy! Don’t you agree that saying there is no excuse in taking a plant-based lifestyle is almost like saying it is completely mandatory? That’s what it looks like force and it most certainly is!

They do same thing with comparing our teeth and our digestive systems to plant eaters when it’s also proved that meat is what made us the dominate species we are today. When someone doesn’t do well on the diet, it proves so that our bodies have developed to be used to it over the years.

Those famous doctors you are wondering? Well, it’s only possible they are exactly like those scientists who dove into the politics idea of climate change to help make money. They say it strictly that they are telling the truth about it all to hide from that possible theory I’ve got. Doctors have fallen for the vegans militant argument here and have taken it to support. When someone does not do well on the diet, how do they react? I assume it’s terrible and I can imagine they laugh at you and force you to keep trying. They label you as a denier and liar! It just shows and proves that human health is least vegans actually care about and are only trapping us so they can get their animal saving mission accomplished which will never happen. 

What kind of health problems? Well, I’ve heard that lack of B12 can lead to health issues and so can lack of vitamin D. Will these guys even care about that especially when it comes to how dangerous it can be for someone with autism? I don’t think so! They will just make it labeled as an excuse! Many girls have also lost their period and even have said to have gotten a lot of headaches on a vegan diet. No more, than that but people do also get sick and those militant ones still FORCE you to do so! There’s big evidence! My guess is, when people get sick from being on the vegan diet or even about to die, it makes the activists and self righteous ones happy because the death to that person would mean decrease in the human population in which they seem to wish would disappear and be removed from the Earth. So do you expect me to believe that these major animal lovers would care about human health when they really just seem to want all of humanity to die? I THINK NOT!!! That’s how this anti-human thing is working dude above!

The sacrifices? Well, YES! There is definitely lots of sacrifice for people are pressured to go into a plant-based lifestyle. They may be forced onto a diet in which is not working out for them or no more than that, force them to GIVE UP a lot they love. Including spending time with friends and family or even making friends. Many of them might invite them to go out to eat at a place that’s hard to vegan food or they may be offered to a party that is just the same thing. Or what if they are throwing the party and people are all bored by their servings of salad and all that BS? That’s a sign that veganism might make social life harder. It will also mean reading ingredients and giving up a lot of products that many do not have time for. Exactly like what you just saw about the Crayola thing! Where are people going to find pretty much anything vegan?

This would also mean in some way giving up certain talents. I explain in a previous about photography being one of them and I’m pretty sure there are others too. At least it will show a major example. Basically a lot of difficult sacrifice is made for veganism to many people and that’s why it is not easy as much as these simpletons say it is. Or do they know that it is actually hard for most people and are only saying it is easy to make a death or sacrifice trap for us? And what about those who are allergic to nuts or even nickel (which is found in a lot of plant tissue), and how that might lead people to a very limited food supply on a vegan diet? They don’t care! All they are about is the animals!

And how about like I said in my previous about the reason many people choose animal products for protein mainly because it is easier for them? We humans are not like most herbivores such as cows and horses who have the opportunity to just sit around and eat grass all day! We work and go to school and have very little time on our meal breaks! Why is protein so important? Well, protein keeps you from feeling hungry for long periods of time so that we can feel more energized and get work done more easily. Especially when you only choose the cheap plant based products which might be what most people can only afford, how much would you need to eat in order to get enough protein? It sounds like it would take forever! And who knows how much time you would have to eat all that and if not, you’re just going to feel tired and hungry all the time! So, the main thing about eating meat is that it is just the easiest way to get protein because it already has a big chunk in it to get your filling up time over with. I was in a class and we did a stop-motion project. One of the students showed a movie about how hard a vegan diet is. How there is for options and restaurants and all that and the feeling of being hungry all the time. I remember one quote from it, “I guess I will just get another salad.” Boring! Boring! Boring! That’s what I think of that and plus I hate salad! Cold veggies make me puke! But are people like That Vegan Teacher and others going to care about that? I most certainly doubt it!

Not to mention about them saying that there is not humane types including dairy, even though that I deep down see that the whole reason behind the baby stealing is because cows and goats are being fed corn and wheat and not grass because there is not enough land of it anymore. Grass is part of what made them make milk on a constant basis. I’ve seen some evidence. So I am not making this up. I cannot imagine why grass-fed milk cows could not be done humanely when think about that. Same thing whit backyard chickens. But these activists STILL say there is no such thing and no matter how much work people like Temple Grandin put into to show slaughtering done the right way, she still gets made fun of by activists and still think it’s cruel. “You’ve destroyed the brain of this beautiful animal!” “Just please go vegan, everyone!” People get so dramatic and show force as if they just love animals so much and are even using them as worship figures! This just proves a possible feeling.

If you were to put it all together to what vegans do and say, it seems like don’t like the idea of any of this and there is only one thing that they want also besides killing off humanity! What is it? Drum roll please!

Bingo! They want all domesticated animals out of our lives and obsolete! What else are we going to don with these animals if we are not using them for anything and no more than that, they certainly want our pets who are also domesticated out of our lives too. How is that possible? Think about it! Cats are obligate carnivore and need meat in their diet but what would happen if they end up stuck in a vegan human world? Should we stop owning cats? There’s good evidence that they may as well get rid of all domesticated animals. Yes, same thing with dogs and how many of them did not do so well on a vegan diet.

FreefromHarm even admits it on their site that they want a world in which pets cease to exist too and that shows lots of evidence of this conspiracy theory! Tofu Goddess said so in a video about pets not being vegan too. Deep down, the activists think the whole idea of domestication is cruel and enslavement! And so they want us to sacrifice giving up a lot and which may end up making all of humanity die out! That’s the world they are looking for! So, why do these guys say that this new lab grown meat and milk is ridiculous and people should just stick to BS veganism? I know why now! Because it will possibly foil their plan to destroy humanity! They will do anything to force you into a lifestyle you may or may not do so well on that might eventually make you sick and die!

If any of those guys and ladies are reading this and are saying, “No that’s not what we are trying to do! Don’t be ridiculous!”, back off! I know what you are doing and I have seen lots and lots and plenty of evidence of it and you don’t want to admit it in front of everyone because if you do, it will scare people away and then they will not choose the lifestyle you want them to do! As matter of fact, that maybe while people are not following veganism no matter how much info they watch. Because they do not trust what you are REALLY up to!! As a matter or fact, I don’t trust you no more!

But back to those others who are reading. The next time you see anything that says, “Go Vegan” ever again, try to think that maybe this is another progressive move which is most certainly not good for any country as proven by the right-wing party. In fact, that’s one thing, that vegan teacher has in common with any leftist! That is forcing us to be activists!

The vegan community think what they are doing is so heroic when really it is not very pretty, especially if you are not ready to see your pets and all go! I can assume most of you are not! If that is so, then don’t trust these chumps!

But anyhow, that’s just a theory! Not a film theory but a real-life conspiracy theory! But I can feel all the way down to bones that this is true!

You can tell that DeepVegan and so many other ones have already admitted it and even That Vegan Teacher admitted it! And so there! That’s what they really want!

Wait! Did you hear that about Jesus walking on water? She’s insulting Christianly and making it as if religion doesn’t EXIST!!! There goes some proof that she is not actually religious! Honestly, That Vegan Teacher sounds like she has not heard of the beloved children’s song in her ENTIRE LIFE!!!! Of course there’s no broccoli or kale involved in this! Seriously! Pigs & sheep have lived on farms for THOUSANDS of years! Where are they supposed to live if they don’t belong on a farm? I said before that how expensive it would be take every single farm animal in the world top a sanctuary! Nobody is rich enough to pay that much money and humanity may as well just go fucking broke!

Again with the sheering!! The sheep didn’t seem stressed while getting sheered and she still complains about ABUSE! Honestly, her X’s are making my ears BLEED! Shut the fuck up lady!!!! And the cow and the end wasn’t even stressing out! The milk was like a massage and treatment! I could see the grass everywhere and that must explain that she was a good cow to eat grass, because that is the way to go if you want them to make milk on a constant basis for human consumption! And yet, she STILL complains it was for baby cows or calves! But I don’t see any of them! That’s all happening because the cows are being fed wheat and corn which will not do anything and will only give them tummy aches!

There’s proof about these animals not belonging on farms and not anywhere around human contact. The vegans REAL goal is to UNDO animal domestication! GO ON ADMIT NOW VEGAN TEACHER THAT YOU HATE ANIMAL DOMESTICATION AND WISH TO TAKE THEM OUT OF OUR LIVES!!!! And she’s literally going on calling out these beloved classic anythings as lies to children and should be canceled or so!! She’s a fucking leftist part of the cancel culture!! What’s next? Mary Had A Little Lamb: getting angry that sheep do not belong as pets or are not treated like this for real??? Get a fucking grip lady or surrender NOW!!

Want more proof? Here you go!

More proof! She’s promoting us not to have kids and therefore it would mean an END to the entire human race! NOW THAT IS THE TRUTH THEIR! THAT’S THE VEGANS REAL GOAL! And it’s amazing how you go around complaining about animals having their throats cut open and slaughtered, when yet, you’re TOTALLY OKAY WHEN IT’S A CHILD WHICH IS REAL MURDER!!! It’s the official definition of murder! Humans killing other humans! Vegan Gains did the same thing in video about forcing others not to have children! Sure, I do not want to kids for many reasons but we should not force it on others! Truth detected! She wants the entire human race GONE!!

Should’ve seen this coming too! Euthanizing our cats or letting them out into the wild so we don’t have to pay for meat to feed them! Basically, us not owning cats at all anymore! What a hypocrite she is and more evidence that people like her want domestic animals taken out of our lives!

How disgusting! You’re going after a doctor who has got some much to say about veganism being right or not and That Vegan Teacher wishes for him to say something about the animals! There you have it! The truth is, the whole act is ALL ABOUT SAVING ANIMALS!! They don’t care shit about your health!!!

Again! Unable to control her anger over a kids show! She doesn’t want us to have any fun! No vegan activist does and no leftists does!

There you have! That Vegan Teacher wants is out to KILL the human race and undo domestication! Truth be told and I know it! I just wish this lady and Deep Vegan would be thrown in prison! If they cannot learn to face the history of reality or control themselves, people like this do not deserve to be in our world!

My robot boyfriend even managed to show what she deserves!

Okay so in the comments, one commented that he’ll never be vegan and Rodney mentioned that he won’t either and there is a bit of I don’t what I on that. I hope she or any other vegan Youtuber doesn’t criticize on this. Even if that Vegan Teacher finds this it would actually be interesting for her to say something like:

“Well, according to research, you are a character from an animated movie called Robots which takes place in a world free of humans. YAY! Although it doesn’t show animals leaving it to themselves but still. Oh, so you will never go vegan? Well, since you’re a robot then that’s okay because everybody knows that if a robot were to consume human food, it will damage their gears! And you know what, Rodney, you’re so cute that I think we should get married! You’re cuter than any evil human on this planet and if I married you, I would’ve have to worry about breeding another human into this world and giving it more problems! What are you waiting for?”

And then of course Rodney would so refuse and I’d be like, “NO NARCISSIST TRIES TO STEAL MY BOYFRIEND!”

But anyway, Vegan Gains and her as I discover seem to support each other and I have a bad feeling that Mic the Vegan is too and I could see on a thumbnail that he finally shaved his ugly beard off. Although he’s still not my date.

I’ll tell you what for those who say you cannot judge a book by its cover. When I see a militant vegan, activist or leftist whether they seem attractive or not, I IMMEDIATELY turn my head away from there hottiness and just see that these are people that would beat me up and judge me. So I immediately see who they are inside and therefore, I do not want them as my partner! So there!

So if these nimrods were to be more honest, it would go like this:

Be Vegan for:


For the Environment (Because we believe the left)

We don’t care about YOUR health!!

Prepare die all of humanity!