What’s Happening with Disney Live-Action Remakes

This is going to be my second blog talking about the live-action remakes of classic Disney films that have been going on so much lately. I am basically going to be talking about my thoughts on them and what it coming out. Before I get into that, I am going to share a video below that may tag in with what I am going to be mentioning and talking about:

I’m not gonna lie but the opening bit with Mickey Mouse singing a remade lyric to “Part of Your World” was well….. GOOD SHOW!!! *claps*. It is what inspired me to make a music video with Mabel singing that same tune singing about wanting to be a part of TV real media and not just an OC character on the internet:

Now on that first one, some say that it Mickey being evil while it also says some things that are so true. Disney did struggle to keep popular with their original movies back in the early 2000s. Another thing I am not going to lie about is that I was actually very excited when I heard Disney was going to by Fox. I knew it had to include Blue Sky Studios. However, with the recent result with Blue Sky being shut down, perhaps it was not such a good idea. I was quite upset when I heard that news. As you know, I am a HUGE fan of their film, “Robots”. I can only imagine all the BSS characters outside the studio disappointed about their workspace being bankrupt and don’t know where to runaway to. Someone should Devinart that! That is not to say, that does not possibly mean that there characters could be taken over by Disney along with the reason why I was excited in the first place. Why? Because I knew it would possibly mean that characters would start to appear in Disney Parks. I bet you know what I am about to get to there don’t you! Well, lets move on!

Now I will be talking my thoughts on each of these makes so far. I’m surprised to know how well “Alice in Wonderland” did at the box office. For me I’m kind of a mix of liking it and not caring for it. As far as I understand, the original Alice in Wonderland, (that is almost 70 years old now) did not do well when it first got released but did better on a re-release which is kind of interesting.

2014’s, “Maleficent” was rather cool but that is not to mention, it began the one thing I am so proud of for Disney to do. It kind of shocked me to know that each of the Disney Princesses are teenagers because in each of the animated films, they all sound like they are in their late 20’s or 30’s. It mostly definitely has to be because of the women who did their voices. Aurora is supposed to be 16 and says so throughout the film. Unlike the original movie, this remake chose an actress that totally looked that age and find that rather cool to watch. As a matter of fact, I kind of like to see what these beloved Disney characters would look like if they entered the real world.

Then there’s Cinderella in 2015. Saberspark claimed that it was a forgettable one. I sort of disagree half way. My mom loved it and it’s one of my favorite Disney classics. Half of the movie was quite cool but there were some parts about it that rather disappointed me. For one part, they didn’t included Cinderella’s loved bloodhound, Bruno. I loved him as a kid and many of the animal characters gave the entire classic memorable and loving moments.

Now Lucifer on the other hand, did have an appearance as a long-haired solid gray cat. He didn’t real steal the show all that much as he did in the original classic. In that case here, I think can show you a real life Bruno:

Now there is a spoiler alert here! Another thing that happened in this remake that I found kind of childhood wrecking is when they had the king die during the climax. Isn’t that the last thing he wanted to happen in the original?? He hoped for his son to get married all this time because seeing his grandchildren was the one thing that was on his “Before I die” to do list. On the hand, keep in mind that this movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh and I really like him believe it or not. And Lilly James totally looked like what Cinderella’s age was meant to be which was as far as I know, 19. Her ball gown was really cool too that I want one of my own.

The Jungle Book in 2016 was indeed darker and as far as I know with that, so was the original book! Disney was told to not to even think about using all the dark stuff from the book in the original animated movie back in 1967. That explains it all! When I saw the remake I didn’t expect King Louie to be so gargantuan. However, I must say that I did learn something from this remake that I never even thought before. That is that the female honey bees are the ones that sting. The males do not have stingers.

I have not seen “Pete’s Dragon” and I have not even seen the original movie. I haven’t seen “Alice Through the Looking Glass” either.

Beauty and the Beast is next in line and as I mentioned before in a previous blog from almost four years ago, I actually loved it. Therefore, I’m surprised to hear that it did well in the box office. Perhaps you should go check out that blog to see more. For what Saberspark said about Emma Watson, I didn’t mind her singing and of course, she looks like Belle in the age she was known to be which was 17. Paige O Hara from the original film made her sound 32 or something.

The Winnie the Pooh adaptation film, “Christopher Robin” was actually very cool and once again, I am very heart-warmed to see my most favorite actor, Ewan McGregor acting in a kid-friendly film once again. I explain more of that in my blog about Beauty and the Beast.

Sabersparks video came out before Dumbo, Aladdin and the Lion King were released, but since that time has come to pass, I will mention my thoughts on them.

For Dumbo, there is another spoiler alert. The films ending was changed to have Dumbo and his mom sent back to the wild or so and away from the circus torture. It was all because of PETA. Yeah, one of the most hated organizations out there! Although coming to look to when Dumbo was about to leave, he seemed to not have wanted to leave his children friends that soon and keep thinking of having one last minute with them. That is not to say but even though the elephants got their happy ending, the horses and a few other animals in the domestic zone were still used to perform in circuses and according to the horrifying tones from animal rights, they want all animals out of entertainment + everything else whether raised in the wild or not. There were no talking animals in this remake of course. That explains why Timothy Q Mouse only had a small role being stuck in the cage.

The remake of Aladdin was okay to me and Mena Masssound who had the title character role was kind of cute. However, I still can go towards the original film which will be 30 years old next year. Robin Williams still wins over Will Smith playing the Genie.

The Lion King was fine too but there were a few strange changes as always, but hey! It’s a new generation! As Saberspark said, it’s not really much of live-action because it’s all computer animated really. That’s because of those people from animal rights again! It would’ve been hard to train real African animals to make this film and a lot of abuse. What’s weird is, having real animals in a movie is considering cruelty when they should really be treated like actual celebrities. I might have to save this for another blog. Anyway, the cub Simba was so cute! Another thing is, I can understand why the animators did not have any animals stand up on each other during the “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” scene. If that was too difficult, I accept and understand that. Instead, Simba and Nala had a bunch of other animals join in while running around.

A couple more has come along too! One of them is Lady and the Tramp. Believe it or not, I actually hoped there would be remake of that Disney classic, it was one of my favorites. There were some scenes from the original that were not put it and that kind of disappointed me, but I did enjoy it anyway. For one change, they took out the Siamese Cat song and replaced it with a completely one + the cats looked like a whole different breed. Another is that the unnamed baby boy was changed to a girl named Lulu.

Mulan, I haven’t seen yet but I want to of course. I noticed the absence of Mushu, the dragon that was voiced by Eddie Murphy in the original 1998 film, and I was kind of disappointed in that. I do understand however that Disney was trying to come close with the actual Fa Mulan legend story. Although I think I can show you Mushu in real life here:

I understand that there are many more on the way and there some of course that I do not think deserve a remake. For example, Peter Pan. There already is a live-action film of that!! It came out in 2003 and was made by Universal but it is SO CLOSE to the Disney classic. I haven’t seen “The Sword and the Stone” but I would like to at some point. From there, I don’t know about a remake of that. Wasn’t “The Black Cauldron” a failure? In that, I don’t see why that could need a remake! And Robin Hood, wouldn’t it be a little too difficult to get the animal character form into a live-action remake for the classic story?

I’ve noticed that some have said that I remake would ruin, “The Little Mermaid” but for me, I actually can’t wait until that one is made. It’s another popular Disney Princess film and seeing Ariel in a live actual showing an actress that looks like a teenager, would warm me. I also want to see how Eric would look in real life. And of course, seeing an CGI underwater world that looks totally real.

Pinocchio might be kind of interesting, especially wanting to know what a new version to “When You Wish Upon A Star” would sound. Tom Hanks is supposed to play Geppetto and that sounds rather cool. I also hope that Figrao the cat and Cleo the Goldfish will make to having their appearances.

Now “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is possibly going to be a rather interesting when it comes to the thought of that because that was Disney’s first animated feature film and the very first animated feature EVER. But go ahead! I kind of hope for every Disney princess movie to be a remake.

Now believe it or not, there is one movie that isn’t planned yet but I would like to see a remake of it anyway. That is Pocahontas! I would like to see what Meeko and Percy would look like as real world figures.

Now there are mixed feelings for this one that I noticed was in the production of a remake. That is, “Lilo and Stitch”. Parts about it sound rather weird and what’s even scarier is that the original film was one of those Disney animated films that has a memorable moment for me when it was released. Most of these original Disney films that were remade so were released at a not so big timing for me. I was either not born yet, too little to see it when it was first released, or I have seen it but I was just too young to remember much. Lilo and Stitch has all those OUT! I totally remember when it was released and I saw the movie over and over again in theaters. So would a remake possibly wreck a great moment from my childhood? Well, I will put it too hard to the test and I will just have to wait and see. Although, yet I know that Stitch going to finally have texture, and that’s something that you can’t really do with 2D films. Below is a fake photo of what the live action Stitch would look like but it really isn’t:

Don’t you see? He looks like a Gremlin!!! What would Joe Dante say about this?? Well, never mind him. For some evidence I’ve found, he’s a supporter for Interplanetary Speciesism which I so wish to end!!!

And speaking of that there is something that Saberspark mentions that I so agree has to DIE. I mean, yes, be SHOT TO DEATH! That is the stigma that animation is kids. People think that taking sacrifice to what they do as kids such as watching cartoons and animation is the big way of becoming an adult or really, independent. It’s just not true!

But anyway, don’t think I am weird but I am fine with these remakes and I understand what Disney wants if they wish to be successful just like how I want to with Mabel. Bring it on!!

A Different Dimension 2 (Drillzer’s Revenge)

I was told that I should continue my fanfic, because one of my relatives wants to know what it is like for me to visit Rodney’s dimension. So here it is!

Chapter 1

I could not believe I was in a familiar-looking dimension run by robots. It seems that Rodney wanted me to meet his parents first which was the reason why the teleporting device took us to Rivet Town.  “This place definitely reminds me of Charles Town,” I said. Rodney held my hand as we walked over to his old home where he grew up. I was feeling a little bit nervous. I didn’t know if Rodney’s parents were going to like me or not. The last time I talked to my father on the phone and told him about Rodney, he did not sound all that pleased with the relationship of a human girl and a robot as a couple. But it looked like this was going to be the complete opposite. 

Rodney rang the doorbell as we got to his old home. His dad, Mr. Copperbottom answered a moment later. “Hello, son! How I’ve missed you!” he said to Rodney while hugging him. “Hi, dad, I’ve missed you too.” Rodney said back before Mr. Copperbottom noticed me. “You must be Kaylee. My son told me all about you!” All I could do was giggle and blush as he touched my right hand. We were both invited in. My eyes rocked back and forth as I glanced around.  “Lydia, they’re here!” Mr. Copperbottom called to his wife. “I’m coming!” said a familiar sounding voice. “Rodney, I’m glad you could visit! We’ve missed you!” Mrs. Copperbottom said as she hugged Rodney before noticing me. “Mom, this is Kaylee. You remember me telling you about her haven’t you?” Rodney tried to say. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Kaylee.” She said while gently shaking my hand. “Thank you, you too!” I said back with my cheeks still rosy. 

I still couldn’t believe I was meeting the parents of what has been known to be the love of my life for all these years, even though I was still not exactly sure where it was going to lead just yet. This was most totally unbelievable. It is as if the other couple’s parents have grown an acceptation with the odd couple. I decided to rest my purse down so I could glance around some more. I felt like spinning around gracefully and acting like a princess, however, I could still feel my ears burning as if Rodney was still talking about me. Then Mr. Copperbottom noticed what Rodney had with him. “Where did you get the kazoo, buddy?” he asked. “I found this in Kaylee’s roommate’s room and she let me use it. Well, actually it was her boyfriends but he almost beat up and didn’t forgive me. I stood up to him and he said I could keep it in a rude way though.” Rodney told him. “Well, I am proud of you son. Why don’t you have a go on it for us?” Mr. Copperbottom asked Rodney. “I don’t know, I would hate to make Kaylee explode again.” His parents did not understand what he meant. “The last time I played this in front of her, she turned red and nearly set off like a bomb.” “Oh come on! I have faith, you son!” “Alright, here goes.” Said Rodney before playing another familiar tune on the kazoo. I stopped and froze. My whole body once again felt so tingly and I felt so tongue tied again. I literally thought I was going to wet myself too! 

It wasn’t until a few seconds later when Rodney noticed my expression. He immediately stopped and ran over to me sounding worried. “Kaylee! Kaylee, are you okay? Don’t blow up! Do you see you what I mean?” His parents just laughed thinking this was coming to be shown as a good thing. From there, I could not speak up until Rodney touched me. I let out a huge breath. “Kaylee, don’t scare like that! I thought you were going to…” “I’m fine Rodney. I told you, when you play that kazoo, I just feel so in love that I…I..I” “I think, what she’s trying to say is that she loves you so much that it makes her heart sing.” Mr. Copperbottom tried to explain. “Yeah! Yeah! Your son is just so adorable!” I finally said. 

Just as I was expecting, they all appreciated my statement. “Kaylee, I want to show you my old room.” Rodney said to me. “I would be more than glad to.” I said back. We held hands as he lead the way! I feel like I could not go anywhere with Rodney if he did not hold my hand. His metal did not feel so cold for being such a sweetheart. His room was like a workshop with all the old tools and blueprints that he used to use in his childhood. “You really did have quite some talent.” I said. “It’s come such a long way. This is where I hope my creations will go.” “I believe in you, Kaylee.” Rodney told me. “I really appreciate your support, because there were times where people had put their doubt on me.” Once again, Rodney and I made out until we were both called down. 

Mrs. Copperbottom wanted a moment with me. While I wasn’t listening, Rodney seemed to have wanted to explain to his dad about why I am so important to him these days. “Rodney, I really like Kaylee. She seems very nice and loves you very much.” “She’s a wonderful girl indeed dad, I just feel very sorry for her for some reason.” Rodney tried to explain. “What is the reason, son?” “Her father, as far as I know, does not except our relationship, and Kaylee has told me that he really has a hard understanding her needs. She wishes she had a guy in her life that easily meets what makes her comfortable. Kaylee says, that someone is me.” “I am very proud of you for taking care of her. Kaylee may be a human girl from a different universe but I understand why you two have love for another. You’ve got so much in common!” 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Copperbottom and I were all over discussing Rodney being so cute and how perfect he was for my important needs. “I really appreciate you taking care of our boy.” She told me. “Rodney has always been someone I wished I could hold close.” Both of us came over to the guys and reunited with our final thoughts.  Rodney’s parents have already grown a love for me and accepted our relationship very well. Then all of the sudden, the alarm I set on my phone went off meaning I had to get back in order to be ready on time for my internship work tomorrow. “Oh no! I really wish I could stay longer but I have to go.” I said. “Oh yeah, that’s right! She’s got an internship to work on first thing in the morning tomorrow.” Rodney tried to explain. Believe it or not, Rodney’s parents actually hugged me before I left and hoped to see me again. 

“This was a wonderful visit!” I thought. Rodney and I held hands once again as we looked for a spot to use the teleporting device. He told me to hang on to him as we were about to zap away. Rodney blew his kazoo as we both disappeared back into my home universe. “How come you do that every time this happens?” I asked out of curiosity. “I’ve discovered that it helps for the device not to break easily every time I travel.” He told me. “Interesting!” I said back while blushing before I heard that springy rumble.” “Whoa! Was that your stomach churning again?” Rodney rubbed his tummy as if he had consumed anything in so long. “Yeah, Kaylee I’ve run low on fuel.” He said before we both giggled. “Could I get you anything? I’d hate to see you run low on energy.” “I’m fine Kaylee, I have to go too but I’ll come back as soon as I can.” I hugged Rodney and we kissed each other goodbye. Then I ran into the entrance of Ava knowing that Hartley had to have been waiting for me. Little did I know another adventure was going to happen soon. 

Chapter 2

Hartley was there to greet me as I came back in the room. “You’ve made it just in time!” She said. “Just in time for what?” Well, I really thought this would be a good night to go to Dino’s, cause I have something I want to ask you about.” I was totally up for that and I was quite curious about what she wanted to talk to me about. “Could we be back, just so I can get to bed on time in order to be ready tomorrow?” “Of course we will!” Hartley said back. “I think I better change.” I said. “These clothes are feeling a little wet and sweaty.” 

So I changed and then we left the house at 5:30, which should give me plenty of time. When we got there and after we were seated, I asked Hartley what she wanted to talk to me about. “Well, I can really see that you and Rodney have grown a major attachment for each other.” She began. “Well yeah, really I started out as a huge fan but then he found me and saw how much we have in common.” I tried to explain back. “I met his parents today and they really seemed to have liked me and respected Rodney’s love for me.” “That’s so great to hear, Kaylee! What I was going to ask is, you aren’t thinking about getting engaged are you?” 

I felt my jaw drop! “Engaged? Oh no! Not yet!! He still hasn’t met my parents!” Our beverages were served and then we ordered a pizza to share. “Anyway, the last time I talked to my father on phone, he doesn’t seem to accept our relationship. He’s treating this as if it is against the law for a human girl and a robot boy who is practically human to be in a relationship.” “Aww, that’s not fair.” Hartley told me. “Right? There must be a way I could prove this! It’s not about what type of species or so you are, it’s about what qualities someone has that makes you feel comfortable to be around.” I explained. “I think you’re right Kaylee.” She said back. 

“I was growing a little concerned about this odd couple relationship too but I didn’t want to tell you. Although right now, I am growing to think that I can see why you think Rodney is your one and only.” “Yeah, well it’s more than that.” I went on. “He seems to keep thinking about me all the time ever since we’ve met. I know that, because he said so earlier today. I am just so glad to hear and I am glad you understand. What are best friends for?” We both giggled before our pizza was served.

But what was happening in the other dimension? Rodney still had to get prepared to be become the new CEO which was in nearly two months from now. It’s the exact same time as when my summer internship would be over and I go home. This was a big job for Rodney and he needed Mr. Bigweld’s help to prepare. However, a new rival had been approaching. A nasty robot called, Carter A. Drillzer or Drillzer for short was on for seeking revenge on my beloved for kicking Ratchet out of office and having him sent to jail. He somehow really liked Ratchet’s policies, because with weak outmodes running around, it made Robot City look less strong in which was considered scary to him. Drillzer was also wealthy and rich with greed, so he had enough money for those expensive upgrades and liked the idea of everyone being the same as him. 

With outmodes being recycled into more upgrades, it meant more for him and more space for him too because other robots were not getting in his way. With this gone and reserved, could think of nothing more but to kill Rodney who was almost there to taking over Bigweld Industries and since he was the one responsible for getting Bigweld’s policies back to business in which he hated.  Rodney was discovering this it looked like his ceremony would be delayed until Drillzer was taken care of because who knows what disaster he could cause. 

Chapter 3

My internship was looking great! WB has made the decision that my ideas are very original and something they wished they had thought about before. All these guys needed now was to get the money to make this series. I’ve been hired to be the official writer of the show since I officially created it. With that, Hartley and I made a deal that I can live with her and just go back home for a couple of months when this summer internship is over. However, every day I wondered what Rodney was up to in his dimension and his job is going with becoming CEO. It seems we both had big jobs ahead of us. Two different worlds had something in common and now officially in love! At least I loved Rodney this much, I am just not exactly sure if he’s feeling the same way for me 100 percent. 

This brings me to today. Hartley has finally decided to go shopping with me! Only this time, we were going to shop at a Galleria mall in Glendale. There’s quite a lot to see here nearly as much as the Town Center. Hartley and I got to shop around as I have always wanted. From there, we went into many stores where we both tried on some crazy outfits. However, I usually bought at least one item or two from each store to create a full outfit sooner or later. Today it was a white denim vest from the Gap, a halter top from Loft, polka dot shorts from Banana Republic, a beret hat from Bloomingdales, an orange floral skirt from Zara, a yellowish-green jacket from White House Black Market, aqua green slide sandals from Call it Spring, shades from Target and a few jewelry items from JCPenney.  We both got lunch from Charley’s Philly Steaks in the food court. When there, Hartley still wanted to know more about how my relationship with Rodney was going to turn out.  

But what I did not know at this time was that Rodney and a few of his rusties friends, Fender, Lug, Diesel, and Crank were coming into our dimension and ended up on the third floor of the mall. It turns out, Rodney needed my help to stop Drillzer’s evil plans. “So where do you suppose this one you call, Kaylee is?” asked Fender. “I don’t know if she’s here or not but my teleporting device tells me she’s here,” Rodney explained. The group searched each floor and rode the escalators up and down to find me. They looked in a bunch of stores starling people while also taking pictures of them at the same time. Beepers were going off too and things went really crazy when they came to the Apple store. But while that was happening, Hartley and I were getting some pictures in the photo booth. “This is so going in my scrapbook!” I said after we got the pictures. We both headed over to Godiva. Hartley went in to get some treats but  I waited outside because I was already hurting after all that walking.  I could tell that it must’ve been crowded because she was taking a while. 

Chapter 4

While I waited, a boy that looked like he came straight out of university sat right next to me. “Hey gorgeous!” he said. “Why are you here all alone?” “My friends in there getting some treats!” I explained. “I feel really tired right now to have to go any further. I needed a break!” “Well that’s too bad!” he said back. I looked over at him and he was actually quite handsome and seemed pretty nice. Although I wasn’t too sure what to expect later on. “Well, I am Kyle by the way.” He told me as he shook my hand. “I’m Kaylee!” “Ha! Our names start with the same letter!” he said before we both chuckled. Kyle and I talked for a few minutes.

 He was apparently from New York and knew a few things I did. I thought this was going to be the first time I ever found someone who really likes me and I am about to love back. That is until he figured out my support for capitalism. “Wait a minute, are you a Trump supporter?” he asked. “Well, I am conservative, yeah! Capitalism is not what the mainstream media says!” “I don’t believe you!!” Kyle cried out. “You racist little %#@&%! You were beautiful until I found out what you support!! The destruction of America!” “No! We’re not destroying America, you leftists are!” I tried to shout back. “Your policies are what are destroying this state and I am pretty sure New York will be next if you guys don’t learn about the positivity of capitalism!” “Capitalism is evil!” Like many leftism supporters, Kyle was too stubborn to teach. He began trying to beat me up and chase me as I ran in circles. Hartley came out and was horrified. I screamed in fear! 

Rodney while still at the Apple store heard my familiar-sounding call. “Guys, come one!” he told the rest of the group. “That’s Kaylee! I know it’s her!” then ran to find me and followed my voice. They all came over and finally found me in trouble. Rodney’s Wonderbot had the time to shine and sprang into action. He flew and attacked Kyle to save my life! That’s when Rodney came running up to me! “Kaylee! Kaylee!” he cried while giving me a hug. “Are you okay?” he asked. “This guy right over here tried to kill me,” I said back. 

Kyle noticed and saw the others looking like something familiar to him. “Well! Well! Well! If it isn’t the anti-capitalist robots!” he let out. “It’s the pro-capitalist actually!” Rodney said back to Kyle. He was about to lose his cool in front of my beloved. “What were you doing to my girlfriend?” Rodney said, sounding disappointed. “You’re girlfriend?” Kyle laughed at us as he found out we were an odd couple. I could see Rodney was feeling very hurt inside. “Don’t laugh at him, you coward!” I cried.  I think the mall cops heard the screaming and commotion. Kyle, being the left-wing Mr. know-it-all was about to say that I was the one causing the problem but then I told them the truth and what Kyle was doing. He was the one who was not tolerant and did not believe in freedom of speech. From there, he was arrested and dragged away out of the mall. 

The rusties came up feeling rather excited that they were finally meeting me. They were even surprised that I already knew their names. “You’re more gorgeous than I have ever pictured.” Said Fender as he shook my hand but squeezed too hard. “Ow! I’m flesh and blood, not metal!” “Yeah, please be careful with her.” Rodney tried to say. “Oh, sorry, I forgot!” Fender said back. “Rodney, what are you doing here?” I asked, sounding a little shocked. “I came here because I need your help, Kaylee.” He told me.

“What do you need help with?” “There’s someone in my world that is out to get me!” Rodney tried to explain and went on. “He’s about to try and seek revenge because he wants Ratchet’s policies back.” This was beginning to sound very familiar. Crank joined in. “This guy is about to get us all outmoded again!” he said “And he wants to kill you too, Rodney!” said Fender sounding like he was about to cry dramatically.  I was horrified and knew I had to help. “You’ve got some great skills at telling the truth, Kaylee.” Rodney told me. I was in for coming them. Everyone felt excited that I was coming. From there, Hartley gave me the chocolate bar she bought for me to save for later and told me she would take home all of my shopping bags while I go and save the world. I thanked her and told her that I promise to come back.  Rodney held my hand as we all ran and found a spot to zap away into the other dimension. But then I stopped that they’ll have to wait a few minutes because I had to use the bathroom real quick. As I ran for it. Some of the others wondered what I was up to. Rodney tried to quietly explain what all happens when it comes to humans like me when it comes to personal stuff.  He learned it all from me and Hartley, however, the others were a little bit grossly horrified but not too much. 

I came back sooner nor later and we could finally get going. When Rodney blew his kazoo, it had Fender come out with a fairly miracle thought. “I swear! I need to get one of those!” 

Chapter 5

We have all landed in Robot City and I was not too sure what we were supposed to do first. “How are we all going to find this so-called Drillzer?” I asked. “He could be anywhere!” “I do believe she has a point.” Lug replied.  That was just before we all turned around looking as if we were outside a metal building, he was bound to be working in. Drillzer also had some science skills to get his way. With that, he could use a tracker to hear messages from Ratchet who was in prison, and can look where his arch-enemies were up to. What was Drillzer’s evil mission? He was going to sneak into Bigweld Industries and drop a bomb on Rodney so that he would take over just like Ratchet always wanted. That way, he could bring all the outmode misery back into the city. 

Outside, we were all thinking of a plan on how we were going to track him down. “We have to split up!” said Rodney. “How’s that going to work?” asked Fender. Crank came up with an idea. “Me and Fender will go distract Drillzer’s army. Lug! Diesel! You two go set up Drillzer’s trap.” Diesel made an expression as if he was saying “You got it!” Crank continued. “And Rodney,…” “Whoa wait!, I cannot leave Kaylee!” Rodney tried to explain. “Alright, you and Kaylee keep track of a Drillzer and make sure he doesn’t catch you.” Crank finished.

Inside Drillzer’s office which was also a lab was a jar filled with Madame Gasket’s ashes after she was singed down in the Chop Shop furnace as if he grew major support for Ratchet after the loss of his mother.  But right now he was seeing me through his tracking crystal ball and was clearly seen as if I was Rodney’s major supporter. He had another awfully nasty plan to take me down too. Drillzer had an army of robot minions to help him get toward his evil goals. Fender and Crank’s job was to distract them from knowing about the others tracking down Drillzer. Fender had a trick up his sleeve to do the Irish Caleigh dance in front of all of them. I guess he took it from something Rodney told him when talking about me.  

So were Rodney and I up to? We were going on with a conversation while trying to track down Drillzer. “Rodney, what about that other robot girl, you had a relationship with? Cappy I believe was her name. Whatever happened to her?” Rodney just sighed. “Kaylee, I should’ve told you before. When I came home from being in your dimension, I saw her with some other man. I went up and asked her what was going on and she told me that I’ve been gone for so long that it drove her interest away from me. Cap could not hold on to her feelings for me any longer as if she thought I wasn’t coming back. I was so bruised when I found out it was too late that it made me start thinking of you more often and I really wanted you back. It was to my mistake that I never should’ve left.” 

I gave Rodney some comfort. “I am so sorry sweetheart,” I said just before I hugged him. “It’s not your fault Kaylee. I’ve begun to realize that you’ve got more to offer. You are a much better singer  too.” I could not help but blush. Then all of the sudden, Drillzer found us! “Well! Well! Well! If it isn’t Copperbottom and his skin flesh love maiden!” “Kaylee, don’t listen to him!” Rodney tried to say while holding me back.” “No need to fear, I’ve got a gift for the lassie,”  Drillzer replied. “Really? I want to see!” “Kaylee, don’t do it!” Rodney tried to stop me but Drillzer forced us both to do as he commanded. While I was escorted, Rodney got terribly worried, so he went down to find his rusties friends to get help. 

Drillzer had a trick up his sleeve in which I did not know about. I felt like Sleeping Beauty because this was going to lead to no good. Drillzer had lead me to his laboratory. “This is magic wishing potion!” he said while holding up a steaming bottle of liquid. “You can have anything you want just by saying what you wish for.” “Really?” I asked. “I’m not kidding!” Drillzer said back. “Go on! Take it!” I took the steaming liquid and thought about my wish. “Don’t wait!” he snapped. “Say it out loud!” I knew just what I wanted. “I wish with all my heart, that society would accept an old couple like me and Rodney getting married someday.” 

“Very good, darling,” Drillzer said. “Won’t your true love be so proud?” “He sure just might…” but that steam I was breathing in was making me feel I was going to pass out. I couldn’t keep my eyes open either. Before you knew, I couldn’t help but lie and slept like a rock. It felt like I was putting into another one of the biggest deep sleep of my life since the operation I had on my feet. I could sense nothing!

Chapter 6

(Rodney on Narration)

I knew Drillzer was up to no good and I knew I had to warn the others! Fender and Crank were still finishing up their distraction show when I warned them while Lug and Diesel thought they had just finished the trap. Everybody was shocked when I told them that Drillzer got Kaylee. My Wonderbot was the first to have found Kaylee and when I arrived, Drillzer came in out of nowhere. “Copperbottom! You think you had the right to defeat me? Well, I don’t think I’ve already gotten away with half of it!” “Where is Kaylee?” I shouted. “Oh, Ms. Flesh and Bones! Ha Ha! She undercover and shall never hear from you again! BWA ha ha ha!!” Drillzer moved out of the way revealing Kaylee fast asleep on the floor. 

We were all shocked! “Kaylee! Kaylee answer me please!” I bent down and tried to help but she was completely unconscious and she couldn’t hear me. “It’s too late blue boy!” Drillzer interrupted. “She’ll never be able to hear from you now! Guards! Get them!” “Oh no, what do we do?” Fender cried. “Run for it!” Crank said back. I couldn’t leave Kaylee, so I had to carry her as we all ran out of Drillzer’s secret hideout. “Where do we take her?” I asked while we ran. “She needs to be safe from Drillzer!” “Aunt Fanny’s boarding house of course!” Lug suggested. I couldn’t agree more. Drillzer’s guards were catching up to us and nearly tried to take Fender by the leg. Diesel whacked him and dragged Fender along. We ran as far away as possible until the guards lost us. Kaylee was still unconscious and we had to get her to shelter. Soon, we arrived at Aunt Fan’s where she was waiting for all of us. Fender’s sister, Piper was also still there waiting. Both of them noticed Kaylee wrapped in my arms. “Rodney, is this Kaylee? Is she alright?” Aunt Fan asked me. “Drillzer has done something to her,” I replied. We found a spot to lie her down, which was the living room couch. 

Aunt Fan still had my hoodie I got the first time I met Kaylee and had her rest her head on it. I took off her crossbody just so she would be extra comfortable. I put it to her side but Fender and Diesel seemed fascinated by it and started to dig in.  “What do you guys think you’re doing?” I asked, trying to protect Kaylee’s supplies. Diesel found Kaylee’s iPod and took off the ear set before playing a tune. Fender found Kaylee’s perfume tube case thinking it was a battery. “Ahh, an old battery to keep going forever and forever!” he said. He also dug in and found her hair comb and didn’t know what to do with it.  I tried to stop them until I could get everything back to place. 

Piper walked in, curious about my sleeping girlfriend. “Do you think she’s okay, Rodney?” Fender stood up. “I…I don’t know sis.” I sat there with Kaylee holding her hand and spoke to her hoping she would be able to hear me.  

“Kaylee, the day that I met you, I had no idea what to think. Your world was different but you were the best part of that whole experience. I’ll never let you go and I remember when you didn’t want me to leave your dimension. The truth is, I was deep inside having a hard time finding a way to have to deal with saying goodbye myself. But I knew that I had to get back prepared for my new job.” Piper was looking on with a little jealousy as she still had a crush on me but tried to keep it to herself. I continued. “I’ve decided that I should invite you to my ceremony. I just hope you can make it. It will be the first night of a ball under my name if only I could, I’d ask Mr. Bigweld to add a part for you. I’ve also thought about something that is going to sound weird and I just wish your society would accept. If only there was a way, I’d have your society let us marry someday. I know you’d want that and I want to make you happy more than anything besides making my world a better place like Mr. Bigweld always did”. Kaylee was near it all and it looked like she was waking up.  

Chapter 7

(I’m back)

I thought heard Rodney’s voice. He was saying something about inviting me to a ceremony and wishing that society would accept it if an odd couple like us got married. All I could do was blink my eyes. As I was about to wake up many others around me were acting relieved with joy. “She’s alive!” Fender cried out. “Kaylee!” Rodney said to me as he hugged me. “Thank goodness you’re okay!” I noticed that I was in a different room. “What happened?” I asked. “How did I get in here?” “It was Drillzer! He tricked you causing you to knock out unconscious.” Rodney told me. 

I noticed Aunt Fanny walking up pleased to be meeting. “So, you’re the girl Rodney had been talking about all this time.” “Yeah, that’s me,” I said. It was about time I had to call Hartley so she could check in on me after this experience. I found my bag right next to me and got out my phone. But when I tried to call, there was an error message saying that there was no signal. Then I remembered that it was definitely possible that my phone wouldn’t work while I am in another dimension. “Is there something wrong Kaylee?” Rodney asked me.  “My phone doesn’t work while I am in another dimension but I’m okay.” 

Just then, Rodney noticed a scar on the back of my foot. “What’s this?” he asked. “I remember you said you had sensitive feet. What exactly did you mean?” “Well, I had a hard time getting my feet to point straight when I was younger. There appeared to be a weird bone connection in there causing them to go crookedly. I could not go on like that so I had surgery to get them straight. That’s where that scar you see came from. “ I could see that everyone around me did not know what to think. “Does it still affect you today?” asked Crank. “If only my feet weren’t so sensitive in the first place, I probably would’ve been able to ice skate or play soccer more easily back in my childhood. Even though today, I’m kind of concerned something bad could still happen.” 

Then something else came back to my mind. “I almost forgot. What happened to Drillzer?” “We all escaped him to save you.” Fender told me. “He’s up to something to do with our relationship.” Rodney joined in.  “Shouldn’t we think about going back to our mission?” I asked. “Not yet, I think you need some time to recover, Kaylee,” Rodney told me. Then it happened again! His abdomen sprang and rumbled! Aunt Fanny knew what to do. “A springy tummy can only mean you need some of my homemade goodies!”

“I also meant to ask you, Rodney, did I hear something about inviting me to your ceremony?” “Yes, Kaileigh! I am inviting you to my ceremony where I become CEO.” Rodney told me before saying when the event is. I immediately added it to my calendar. I sure did hope my parents would let me because it would just after I got home to the East Coast. I hope I will have something good to wear since this was a ball. “If I get permission, I absolutely will come to your event, Rodney,” I said. He gave me a hug and we both made out once again. 

Little did I know that Drillzer had a plan to put me to sleep forever so that I’d never go after Rodney once he drops the bomb on him. Back in his lab, he was back to the drawing board and had another trick up his sleeve. 

Chapter 8

A little while later, I was ready to get back to our mission. This time, Fender let Piper join us and I was so on the roll. Wonderbot somehow knew where Drillzer had to have been at this time. He was at Bigweld Industries ready to trick my beloved. It took us a little time to get there. I felt like I was a little low on energy, so I decided to consume that candy bar Hartley gave me just before I came here.  But I threw out the wrapper, it went straight to Drillzer and it made him immediately that I was here and alive. From there, he saw us and changed the plan. “Why wait? Instead of crashing the ceremony I’ll strike that blue boy today and put that flesh girl in the business.” 

Once again, we all had a separate mission. Rodney and I were once again sticking together! Everybody, there was thinking Rodney was arriving early to prepare for his big day which is weeks away. They wondered who I was too. Pretty soon, Drillzer found us both again! “Well, I see your skin and bones girl is back and running!” “Nobody is messing her!” Rodney confronted him. But Drillzer used force to get me in his hands. “I’ve got another surprise for her!” he said. Drillzer dragged me along! “Don’t worry Copperbottom! She’s just getting a little check-up! I’ll bring her out as soon as we’re finished!” Rodney did not like the look of this had to go warn the others again. For me, I wasn’t so sure what it was this time. 

“Have a seat, sweetheart!” Drillzer told me. “Now close your eyes.” I got worried that he was going to stick a needle in me, but I felt my top lifting up and some tickling on my back. With that, he began a conservation with me pretending to care about my love life with Rodney. “So, this Copperbottom boy is your fiancé, A?” “Well, sort of.” I tried to say. “I just don’t think the society where I come from is going to accept it.” “Oh, what a shame!” Drillzer said back. “You and that oh so adorable blue boy look so perfect for each other.” “Yeah, we really do have so much in common. I’m thinking that I want him to ride on the plane with me when I go home in about a month.”

“Okay, we’re done! Now open your eyes!” I didn’t see any difference. Drillzer let me out and said, “Go, live your dream!” I ran out not knowing what just happened. Rodney and the others were nearby and they came out all worried sick. “Kaylee! Are you okay? What happened in there?” Rodney asked me. “I have no idea, but Drillzer and I were just having a conversation about…” “Something does not look right.” Said, Crank. He noticed that my chest had lumps. “Those are just the iconic human female…” but then Fender lifted up my top and saw a bomb. Everybody freaked out! “There’s a what on me?” It turns out, Drillzer knew all along that I’d be sticking together with Rodney, so he strapped the bomb on me so it would kill us both and from there, he’d take over. It was going to explode in 45 minutes. We had to find a way to get rid of the bomb before we can defeat that menace!

Chapter 9

Rodney and I had to make a run for it! Meanwhile, Fender was making a fuss all over the place that there was a bomb nearby. All the robots began screaming and looking for emergency exists. Just then, we were coming up to a familiar-looking someone. “Mr. Bigweld!” yelled Rodney while seeing him in the distance and still holding my hand. “Rodney! What are you doing here?” he asked. “Drillzer, is in here somewhere. He’s out trying to assassinate me! Oh, by the way, this is Kaylee, the girl I told you about that was from that other dimension.” 

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” Bigweld said to me “But what’s with all the commotion the rush?” “Drillzer strapped a bomb on Kaylee.” Said Rodney. “I think he’s trying to kill us both!” I said.  “What? It can’t be true! That Drillzer has been seeking revenge on us for years ever since we re-opened Bigweld Industries!” “I know, I cannot believe he’s about to assassinate Kaylee too!” Rodney told him back. “Kaylee, how much time is there left?” I checked the bomb and noticed it was 30 minutes. Rodney and I had no time to waste, he to get rid of the bomb. 

Both of us had to keep running! All over, we noticed a crowd, running and screaming knowing that a bomb was nearby. Then Rodney and I stopped to think about what we were going to do. He asked me to lift up my top to see how the bomb could be unattached. It was strapped on me pretty tight but that did not stop Rodney. At last, it was finally untied and we just had to find out where to throw this. It was down to 20 minutes and time goes by so fast these days. 

We found some of the rusties still going around in panic mode. “How did you get that off?” asked Fender as soon as he noticed that the bomb was off my chest. A bunch of Drillzer’s guards were after us! They tried to get Rodney and me separated! I cried for help and I couldn’t breathe. Rodney whistled, causing Wonderbot to come flying and attack the guards. I was free to breathe again but we still had to get rid of that bomb. The rusties battled over Drillzer’s guards while Rodney and I still looked for where to throw away the bomb. 

I noticed that the bomb was already shortened for 5 minutes. The guards must’ve made a hard touch! Rodney could think of nothing more than to throw the bomb out of Bigweld Industries. We had no time! It was going to set off any minute! As soon as it was down to 2 minutes, I started to get really scared. Just then from way down, we saw a bunch of other robots all crowded up before they finally noticed us hoping for something heroic to happen. Drillzer came running and tried to pull me away. There was only 10 seconds left now. It was time! Rodney threw the bomb out of Bigweld Industries and landed into a sewer hole somewhere out in the city. I could hear a crowd cheer before I saw a glow of flames come out from a far distance. 

Drillzer drove himself into losing his cool! “Impossible!” He had no idea how a bomb set off from a far distance. Rodney and I knew he was going to try and hurt us in a new way. I didn’t know what to do but Rodney apart for me. The next time I see Drillzer I had to kick him off but somehow, I had to hold on to Wonderbot while he flew. “I’ve got to go hide, Kaylee but I will find you. I promise!” Rodney told me before I hugged him. Wonderbot took me flying. Without further ado, Drillzer had found me and started shooting nuts and bolts. All I could do was fly high until I could finally swoop back down, kicking Drillzer off and fell, landing into a pile of old scrap! I guess there was some strength in the shoes I was wearing.

Wonderbot could not hold onto my weight any longer! He accidentally dropped me causing what felt like the biggest fall of my entire life! I tried grabbing a hold of something but then my hands slipped. Luckily, Rodney saw and was able to catch me. I knew this had to be the moment where we kissed. There was a crowd cheer once again! It was as if Rodney had saved the city again, even though I helped somewhat. 

Bigweld came out to know what was going on and knew that Rodney had to have done something to save Robot City once again. “It wasn’t just me Mr. Bigweld, Kaylee helped.” Rodney tried to tell him. “Kaylee?” asked Bigweld. “How did she help?” The crowd stopped and took a look at me rather puzzled about how a human girl could save the robot world. I never felt so nervous! “It’s quite a complicated story.” Said Rodney. “I better help explain this anyhow.” Rodney cleared his throat before continuing. “I’ve seen Kaylee’s dimension. She comes from a universe where a similar problem is happening just like we all had years ago and what would’ve happened again if it weren’t for her. Kaylee’s dimension was being taken over but what she called, “Leftists” and how terrible their motives were for her country. Her future home in particular was suffering thanks to the leftists. The place where she wants to work had been crawling with so much homelessness and abandonment. As Kaylee explained, the leftists made taxes go higher so nobody could afford anything and that the only way to save the city she wanted to be in was for residents to vote the other way, in which she called Conservative.  Both of us did everything we could to save the city. After that, I knew she would be able to stop Drillzer who nearly tried to kill me and would’ve put us all back into the nightmare Ratchet once led us to.” 

The crowd gasps all frightened as if they now knew something awful almost happened. They all started talking to each other too.  It was time Rodney had to announce what I deserved. He cleared his throat again and told Bigweld, “I think Kaylee deserves a place in Bigweld Industries.” “I will tell you what kid, we’ll make sure your ceremony has a spot with her name on it.” “I am sure she would really appreciate that. I was inviting her to the ceremony anyway.” I heard the whole thing and I felt like I was about to cry too. Rodney saw and held his arms out knowing that I wanted to embrace him. I ran up hugged him and we both heard the crowd as they were looking at us as a cute couple. 

I had to invite Rodney to something of my own. “How would you like to have a plane ride to my hometown with me, which will be in a few weeks?” I asked. “Well, I’ve never ridden on a plane before, in your human in particularly but I guess it would be worth a go.” “Great! I would love to have your company while going a long-distance travel adventure and you will get to meet my family once we get to our destination.” Rodney felt immediately onboard with the idea after I told him but now it was time I should be heading home. I never took a break to go to the bathroom while visiting this dimension. I knew Hartley had to have been worried about me by now.  This is where I had to say my goodbyes. They were glad they finally met me and hope to see me again soon. I knew it would be a possibility. Rodney and I held hands as we found a spot to use the teleporter. He told me to hang on tight before he blew his kazoo and zapped away. I gave Rodney one last hug before I ran back to find Hartley in our apartment. It was already 7:45 once I came home. At least it wasn’t a night where I had to wake up the next morning. 

Chapter 10

The weeks passed very quickly. I was on the roll for going back to the East. Rodney arrived on his teleporter for our trip home just in time! I said my goodbye to Hartley and said that I’d see her in a few months. After packing the trunk and on the way to Los Angeles Airport, Rodney told me that he has never really been on a plane. I told him that it will be fine and this might just be a new experience for him. It was still dark out, but I was so glad to have Rodney in the seat next to me so I felt less scared. 

But first I had to return this car I rented! Rodney and I held hands the whole entire way until we got to security. While during the middle of it all, there was a loud beep. Since Rodney’s whole body was metal, he left a few concerns. Somebody had to take one of those handheld metal detectors and scanned him everywhere while I was still getting organized. I told her that he is a robot from another dimension that was practically sentient. One of those behind security even recognized him. “Hey wait a minute! You look familiar! I haven’t seen your movie in a while!” He ran out to Rodney and told everyone else that he should be let on the plane because metal like this was special. They all saw the point and Rodney and I were free to go. We held hands on the way to our gate once again. 

Rodney asked me about what was going to happen exactly. “Kaylee, are you really sure this is going to work?” I knew he had to have been concerned about whether my parents would like him or not. “They all know who you are and they’ll love you!” It wasn’t too long before our gate started to board and we were called by the group. The flight attendants were a little shocked and amazed by Rodney. We kept holding hands all through the jetway and getting to our seats. I was really seeing that Rodney was one the greatest hand-holders I’ve ever known. We had to let go as I was putting my suitcases up but held hands again as we sat down. I hoped that no one was looking at us as we made out. Then I noticed Rodney’s mohawk was slanted again and I fixed it. Even though I already knew the rules on what to do in an emergency, Rodney seemed to have been all ears during the announcement as we were backing up. We definitely had to hold hands as we took off. “This is going to be a 4-hour ride.” I told Rodney. Star Wars was playing on the TV in front of us and this felt like our first movie date. One of the flight attendants serving me throughout had her eyes on Rodney as if he were mysterious and cute at the same time. During the time on the flight, there was a parrot nearby sitting on a man’s shoulder. Rodney saw it in the distance not knowing what to think. It even said “Hello, metal guy!” at him. Rodney felt shocked and tried to get my attention but I was asleep with my headphones on and couldn’t bare to wake up. 

This was not a direct flight home. We landed in Charlotte NC at this time. “We’ve got one more flight to go,” I said. “That wasn’t so bad.” He told me. While walking to our gate, Rodney glanced around as we tried walking through the terminal to the concourse on the other side. He looked up at the giant mobile full of flying objects. At one point a beeping cart was about to run into us and we both had to move.  We passed and stopped looking at the airport club. I told Rodney that I’ve been wanting to be a member very recently. Although I wasn’t too sure on what to do. Just as I knew I had to use the ladies’ room, Rodney told me that he would go in and see what it was like. I was a little worried but I wished him luck anyway. 

The man at the counter was all scared with a shock that a metal-made guy was in the club. “Excuse me, sir, I have a friend who wants to be a member, do you know how..” “Who the #%$& are you and what are you doing in here??!!” “I just need help figuring out how to become a member.” Rodney tried to tell him. “Whatever or whoever you are, get out of here!” This guy was clearly not approval of robots asking for membership. “But sir..” “GET LOST METAL-MAN!” he yelled. Rodney just sadly walked out. “O-Okay,” he said.

I had just come out. “No luck, Kaylee. They threw me out.” It wasn’t too much of a big deal because this wasn’t really the day to do so anyway. I knew that we had to get to our gate immediately because it won’t be too long before it boards and I was worried about it getting full before both of us could even get on.  The moving sidewalks really helped us with getting there more quickly. I thought about getting a smoothie from Jamba Juice but I didn’t have time. We had to get to our gate! Just like the first one, we made it just in time. This flight was also successful! At last, we had our final destination! The last step was to get my luggage at the baggage claim. It took a while to find out which of the carousels it was going to come at. That is until one of the lights blinked and went off. 

Everything was ready to go and I just had to remember where I parked my car when I came up here months ago. It wasn’t too hard because my car easily stood out. It wasn’t too long before Rodney would meet my family. I could tell that he looked a little nervous inside as we drove all the way out. It was already nearly 5:30 when we got there. 

Chapter 11

Rodney was feeling more nervous than ever. “It will be okay, sweetheart,” I said just before I noticed some family looking out the window knowing I was here. I knew they had to have been up to something. As I walked through the door and into the living room, there was a huge welcome home surprise jump for me. I could not believe it! Only it wasn’t too surprising since this was the very first time I have ever been away a long distance for the longest time without any parents with me. I saw lovely looking decorations and there was even a “Welcome Home” cake for me. My mom and Aunt Debbie were there as I was told from a text because they wanted to welcome me home and they wanted to meet Rodney. Everybody hugged me and asked where Rodney was anyway. I knew he had to have been still outside. I went to go get him while dad put my luggage in my room. 

I told Rodney to come inside and that there was nothing to be afraid of.  I held his hand as we both walked in. They all applauded and cheered as they saw my long time crush walk in with me.  Brinkley, the family dog mom bought with her on the trip, walked over and sniffed Rodney from his behind, making him a little puzzled and nervous at the same time. “It’s okay Rodney, she’s just checking you out.” Even Peli, my dad’s girlfriend, Phyllis’s cat seemed to have grown interested in Rodney by rubbing his fur on him.  “They all already like you,” I told Rodney. I told everyone that I was going to go change. They all approved and told me they will take care of Rodney while I’m dressing up. 

Mom was the first to go with questions. “So, Rodney, I was wondering, what is your favorite thing about our human world so far?” he told her “Well, I don’t really know, but so far, it is your daughter.” She seemed very heart-warmed by that before asking, “Do you ever get cold with just your metal body?” “Well, no, not really. We sort of adapt to it.”  Then mom asked, “If you could ever try human food, what would you try?” “Oh, I really don’t know.” “Poser isn’t it?” dad said. “Poser?” asked Rodney.  It was his way of expressing a tough question that’s hard to answer. Some of them wanted to test out some things on Rodney with some of the crunchy appetizers available right after they heard his belly rumble and spring.  They tested him out with pretzels and tater chips. It didn’t bother his body proving that only sticky or soft foods such as cake will gum up and damage his mechanical insides in which he will know feel like an upset stomach to him and will need expensive surgery. 

Aunt Debbie had some questions for Rodney too. “Is your dimension do you suppose our future of the Earth or is it on another planet?” “Well, while visiting this dimension, I saw a map that looked kind of like ours from my dimension so, I have to say it might be yours too. Although, I am not exactly sure if this is the future or not. Only my ancestors or so could know that. I guess it might be just a dimension of an alternate world.” Aunt Debbie had more to ask. “How does it differ from our dimension? “As far as I see from here, not everything is metal-made and you guys have different body functions plus, you don’t need to use parts to dress yourself.” They all laughed. “I might learn more in the future.” “I also wanted to ask you if your species is immortal?” Aunt Debbie asked Rodney. “Um, I am not fully sure about that but as far as I see, we do occasionally need new replacement parts and they can get out of function as we get older.” Then, believe it or not, Aunt Debbie asked if she could hug him. Rodney blushed and didn’t mind. “You’re a better hugger than I thought you’d be. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” 

It was Phyllis’s turn to ask Rodney. “Rodney, I’ve been wondering, what is your favorite animal?” “I don’t really know much about that either, but so far, I am pleased by the way your pets here are treating me. I might learn more on that in the future too.” “How would you like to go boating with us at one point while you are visiting?” “Boating?” Rodney asked. Phyllis decided to show him dad’s boat which was outside. He seemed to have thought it was spiffy. Meanwhile, I was looking for something to wear, and it took me some time because I wanted to look gorgeous for Rodney in case dad ever let us have a dance in which I knew he would.  I chose my yellow chiffon dress. I could tell that I might have lost weight by using meal replacement smoothies as I put it on. 

Phyllis took Rodney back in and then dad noticed that he bought his kazoo with him. “Hey, Rodney I see you got one of those kazoos!” “I found this in Kaylee’s friend’s room that was left behind by her boyfriend. He let me keep it but in a rude way.” Dad then said “Why don’t you give it a shot for us?” even though the music was pretty loud. He went to turn it down so everyone could hear Rodney. “I..I..well.” Then Rodney remembered that I wasn’t around at this time because he knew I would have that feeling of exploding again. From there he decided to give it a shot in front of my family. “Okay here goes.” Said Rodney before clearing his throat and taking a breath. “Alright, let’s go baby!” dad blurted out. 

I could hear Rodney playing the kazoo all the way from my room but I tried to ignore it so I could finish my pampering. I was trying to put on my gold shoes and looked for jewelry I can wear too.  The decision was made in all sorts of colors in my jewelry. I went into the bathroom to get my light-up makeup mirror, so I could look at myself while I waited for my spiral curlers to curl my hair and do my makeup. At this point, I couldn’t wait for Rodney to see me, and at last, it was finally time. Aunt Debbie came knocking on my door wondering what I was doing. 

Chapter 12

When I came out, everyone was amazed, including Rodney. Dad announced this caused for a dance. Some furniture had to be moved to give us room. He played that Leonard Cohen song, “Dance Me To the End Of Love”. I could not believe that Rodney actually managed to give me a romantic dip at one point. I’ve never had that before but it easily made me chuckle before picking me back up and swinging me around.  Just as I thought, everyone gave us applause. 

From there, dad was beginning to accept my relationship with Rodney, just because. Odd couples really can happen occasionally. But then sadly, Rodney had to leave because he had to get back to work with becoming CEO. I was bummed out and I felt like I was being left behind but then I remembered the event he invited me to was in two days and I would definitely see him again. I hugged Rodney before he left on his teleporting device and I was called to join in for dad’s roast dinner. There I talked about going to the ball. Phyllis, mom, and Aunt Debbie had an idea that they would help me find a ball gown to wear tomorrow. I could not have felt better. 

Just tonight while I was getting ready for bed, I heard a knock at my glass door leading to the porch. I could not believe my eyes, but it was Rodney! He came in and told me that the others said that he could spend the night. I didn’t know what it was going to feel like with having a metal guy sleep with me but it wasn’t that bad. We talked for a little bit while lying down. I cleared my throat and asked Rodney if he was set up for his big day. “I am feeling a little nervous but Mr. Bigweld is helping me get the hang of this job.” Then I told him, “I am very proud of you.” 

In the morning, I was told to get ready to go find the perfect dress for the ball. While out I did not know what to choose from out of all the lovely colors I saw. But then I found a lovely combination! A shiny gold top dress with a long light pink tutu skirt! Everyone knew that this was the one I was going for! It had to be wrapped in plastic to be kept safe as it was put in the car. 

Chapter 13

Right on the day of Rodney’s big day, he came out of his dimension to get me. He thought I never looked so beautiful when he saw me wearing my new dress, hair in a bun with a tiara, and everything else. It felt like a night of being prom queen, only better. Rodney never looked so handsome with a tie on. The ball looked so lovely and just when it was announced that Rodney has made it, he was announced to come on and make his speech. I could hear a few robot girls nearby saying “Aww! He’s so adorable! I know I wish could just run up and eat him!” I could see Rodney was getting the attention of many girls. 

Believe it or not, Rodney added me to be a part of this. I was invited up! Everybody looked at me and said “Ooooh! Ahhh!” as if I were the bell of the ball. Being up there wasn’t so bad. Rodney told everyone his story of getting to this point and how proud he is to have come this far. That was before I cleared my throat and said my part. “I am very proud of this whole event too, and this is just like a dream to me. It’s great to have been a part of this impact and I hope you all can accept an odd couple.” There was an applause as if they did accept. I hugged Rodney and then we both walked down as the dance had just begun. 

I went over to another spot to wait for Rodney and relax my voice. Fender came by told Rodney that he finally got a kazoo of his own before showing him.  Rodney took his out and the two could not help but hum a tune on them at the same time. “Oh no!” said Rodney! “I better be careful with Kaylee around,” Rodney told Fender that he better go over to find me as he promised. 

 But just as he was almost there, he ran into his old girlfriend, Cappy. “Hey there, cutie! I’m very proud of you.” She said. “I’ve thought about what I did and I really should not have run off with that other guy. I really did promise that I would never leave you. Could you forgive me?” Rodney wasn’t sure what to think. “Well, yes, I most certainly do forgive you…but..” “What’s the matter, Rodney?” He turned his head at me in a sad look as if he was worried about what I was going to think. Cappy saw what he was after. “Oh, I see. You’ve already found someone else that has your eye. She does look very sweet. I forgive you, Rodney. I understand how you feel.” He felt so much better and hugged her as if it were a thank you. Cappy went over to me telling me that I looked beautiful and to take good care of Rodney. I could see her walking out to what I bet was that other robot she went off with. 

Finally, Rodney took my hand to the dance floor. All the other robots stared at us as if we were the center of it all. I could feel the love in the air as we made out. This might have been the most magical night. “Rodney, I am just so glad you could come close to me.” He told me “It’s an honor for you to be here.”

Rodney vs Marvin (Who is My Most Comforting Crush?)

So what is my point for this blog? I bet you might be able to guess by the title as always. However, it’s not most of all what you think. The topic of this blog is EXPLORE the inside stories on my side with two of my favorite animated characters (ones that I show love interest to) I am not going to try and rain on your parade by I am going to definitely explain the full backstory.

Before I get into any of this I think better share this below with you. In this crossover spoof, both my animated crushes are battling against each other!


Here is a more detailed one:


Okay, so what do I have to say? Well, for what I must start with, I showed this to one of my friends from the Marvin the Martian fangirl clique, and apparently she told me that she cannot imagine Marvin as Zurg. Neither can I sort of I guess, it’s a little of an over the top evil situation. HOWEVER, there is something I do rather feel very proud of about this spoof’s. What is that? Easy! Marvin’s arch enemy hero in here is an all- time cutie like he is, charming, soft-spoken, intelligent + has way more qualities that a TRUE HERO would have and NOT an uncivilized dimwit that’s just not charming at all. Of course, I am talking about Blue Sky’s Rodney Copperbottom! I also better mention that I would’ve had the minions play the alien trio. And to make it more interesting to know, I MYSELF would’ve wanted to play Mira Nova.

So where do I go from here? I think it about time that I talked about how crushes like this came to be. So when I first saw the trailer for “Robots” in theaters back in late 2004, I thought that the film looked so funny and so far, Fender (the red bot voiced by Robin Williams) had so many funny lines. I wanted to see the trailer again and I did later on. Cardboard cutouts were beginning to surround too as months went by. I didn’t know how much of hottie Rodney was going to be UNTIL I actually saw the movie! I was in second grade at the time and I cannot believe it’s been almost 16 years!

I thought to myself that Rodney was attractive for a metal man and mom finally caught out about a month or two later that I had a crush. I hoped for many to understand my reasons for loving him. I mean, his cyan eyes truly sparkle, plus his nose and mohawk is cute + just a brave, friendly and heroic robot. It had me melt to the ground! Years later I began to realize that I was a sci-fi lover just like mom has always been. But that is not to mention, my love for Rodney lead me to having a major crush on his voice actor, Ewan McGregor.

He really deserved my love due to that and plus he I literally was seeing that Rodney was voiced by the cutest guy in the world (at least to me), plus, he’s famous for Obi-Wan in the Star Wars prequels who is another famous sci-fi hero. I am feeling a little worried about McGregor today but what I here with his divorce and everything, but I do still deep down think that he’d LIKE me if he met me. I cannot believe McGregor is turning 50 on March 31.

So where does Marvin step in?

When I first discovered Marvin, I watched my Looney Tunes Gold Collection disc three. “Haredevil Hare” was also the first cartoon in which I saw him. For about 3 days I watched it in the morning and then took a nap in the afternoon while wearing my iPod and thought about him and thinking I was falling in love. I didn’t know the little Martian dude had a name yet and I didn’t know that he had more appearances. I’d daydream about him and thought his uniform was so sexy and was cute when he blew that trumpet. 

When I began seeing him in the line up in LT DVD’s, I knew he had to be around more but he had his eyes narrowed + I did remember him saying something about blowing up the Earth in that episode. I figured out his name later on and also looked up some LT bobbleheads. I found a Marvin the Martian computer sitter and read in the description “shown with his gun and with an evil look”. That’s when I started to feel worried and thought “Don’t tell me this guy is evil!” At that point, I refused to believe he was a villain so I wouldn’t feel humiliated, but after watching “LT Back in Action” everything changed! 

Over the years, I realized how many fans loved him and did see him the way I did. That’s where I began to realize that this was all completely fucked up. In began the production of Mabel and wanting to show Marvin in a new dimension JUST for those fans. Believe it or not, it’s been about 10 years since I first created Mabel.

You might be asking, why is having a crush on an evildoer embarrassing to me? The answer definitely has something to do with the atmosphere I grew up in. I grew up believing that just about every villain in a drama or fictional work was hated and had the feelings in us to hope that the hero will defeat them. If I had known WAY EARLIER that there are many villains out there that are loved, and people find funny + hard not to resist, I would NOT have felt embarrassed in the first place! That’s what I learned from mom, she may told me that she did not like bad guys just like I promised to keep myself as through the time, it turns out she actually liked FUNNY ones. Marvin is one example! But for some reason, I was still embarrassed! Well, the thing for the most for people think of as weird if having a cartoon character crush but that is not to realize that cartoon crushes really DO happen. Now I must say that they really good part about loving a cartoon character, is that you don’t have to worry about sudden death to them or bad troubles they’d get into with fame going on around them. I probably wouldn’t be mentioning that part to a group BUT WHAT IF we are talking about favorite LT characters? I mean, at one point one of my good friends, mentioned that her favorite character from High School Musical was Sharpay, and the girl in front of her was like, “Why Sharpay? Sharpay is so mean!” That got to me inside and I think to this day that the same thing would happen with my love Marvin.

And plus, I can highly see that society does not expect this. From what I know, fictional works are here and haver a goal to make viewers care about the characters problems and that way they can identify with them. The viewers are supposed to want the heroes to succeed and the villains to suffer. If that happens, the work is comedy but basically if evil wins, it’s a tragedy. This is not what I feel when I watch Marvin in an LT work. When he suffers near the end, I see the work as a tragedy because I love him so much. But that is where it gets embarrassing because society does not want that. In fact, if Marvin suffers when playing the villain in a crossover spoof, then it’s a tragedy to me and even I even begin to look at the movie that was being spoofed on it a WHOLE different way. It got more triggering for me whenever, my family and I watched a movie and my stepfather would “boo and hiss” at the villains. It shows the point I am making of the toxic atmosphere I grew up in when it comes to love for the baddies.

Even though I am told that my love for Marvin is beautiful, it doesn’t feel beautiful in many ways. How is loving someone who attempts mass mundicide, mass murder, genocide, abuse, theft and kidnapping BEAUTIFUL??? From what I hear from those, words especially from one of my friends and what Villains Wiki says about Marvin, it only makes me wish to be the do-gooder lover again. However, it’s definitely NOT in the LT franchise!

To make matters even worse with what has surrounded me, I will tell you a passed story experience. When I was in 8th grade, we did a whole class reading that talked about the legend of heroes appearing in comic strips, dramas, etc. Basically not only superheroes but unsung ones too. It all talked about all the importance they’ve got with our culture and impact in fictional works as I can assume. But then something happened during it. One of the most triggering moments came when the book told us to picture that we are in hands of a villain and we need a hero. (Exactly what’s happening with the COVID pandemic today) The story seems to really let out that the villain is actaully the most important character of a work from what I learned outside of school. However, what’s even more important in my eyes is the way viewers are going to feel and how they can understand the storyline. Now the real most scary moment is when it asked me if I have a hero. That got me embarrassed because I was majorly having my crush on Marvin at the time and after all that’s read there, it just doesn’t feel logical to have a cartoon villain as my hero. Others could think it’s weird too as I fear. With our culture of the land of “heroes vs villains” it leaves me to have an embarrassing way of romance with Marvin. Then a few months ago or a couple of years later when I look back on my love for Rodney, I remember what an easily charming character he was and also had so many qualities that make me love him. Unlike that Duck Dodgers, Rodney is what I call an example of a TRUE hero (while he’s rather also a zero to hero type due to what all he was going through as a dreamer) But anyway, he’s friendly, speaks well, handsome, etc. This is just the kind of someone I would want to marry. Having Rodney as my hero feels more logical to me and if I were to have bought him up during the reading, you know what. Plus, reading it would not have felt triggering for me.

Now I must also mention that I came to realize that I have so much in common with Rodney as I explained in a few previous blogs + being an incredible role model when it comes to pursuing what I wish to do in life. From there on with seeing Rodney as one of the most friendly + heroic characters I’ve ever known, it makes THIS trailer rather disturbing:

This is EXACTLY what I see whenever McGregor played the villain or antagonizing character in one of his films! I see Rodney as a killer robot! It’s a scary and horrifying sight for me and it ruins my childhood! Not only that, imagine if you end of seeing an evil Obi-Wan. That would be truly disturbing! Yeah, I know actors have the right to play all sorts of characters with different personalities but what about me and my poor mind of thought!? That’s exactly why seeing Ewan as the nice guy I know he is in person was the only way to help me feel better plus, let him see me clutching my Rodney doll!

Not only that but I’ve seen Rodney himself make crossover spoofs with him playing characters that I find very more suitable for Marvin to play. As I explained in a previous blog, Shrek is one of them and now he’s about to make a Despicable spoof with him playing Gru. Many of these characters have so much that I know Rodney would never do! I wish for his hero side to stay in my heart.

And now I will say something about Mabel and what her experience is. She remembers back from when she was a baby when her parents were looking down on her saying “One day, you’ll have a brave hero come rescue all your problems and soon you’ll have your own true love.” With that, it gets Mabel into thinking that her parents would not be pleased with her being a couple with an evildoer if they were still alive. But that doesn’t stop her from helping Marvin with his problems. I guess a message that you’ll be learning from my series is that anyone could be your hero no matter what kind of personality thoughts they have.

For those my friends who don’t know Rodney as much as you’ve known about Marvin, I’m going to show some screenshots of what I find some of Rodney’s cutest facial expressions:

I thought his expressions and positions on the video game cover and DVD pack were also cute:

I should probably share this but warning, it contains some language that may be offensive for young children. I should start by showing this:

Believe it or not, all those images were made BY ME!! Rodney must’ve found them on Devinart and decided to make it all into this. The truth is, with McGregor having musician talents and Marvin happening to do so too, I wanted to see if Rodney can charm me and have me blush like that as much as they did. So I must say that I thought he would look really cute with a kazoo in his mouth and plus they are easy to play (that would give Rodney less stressful time of practice). That’s how I got the idea for part of my fanfic I wrote not too long ago. Although, whoever is playing the kazoo, I either get annoyed enough to have my eyes roll or a feel so tingly that I explode like what Rodney is doing to me here. I even feel like I am going to wet myself. I nearly did when I saw this video above! It made me wish that Rodney would hug me.

That might be all for now, but let me know your thoughts in the comments on this whole experience and what you think about me having crushes like these. I hope you learned something from this.

VeggieTales Real World Movie Script

As I said before in the previous blog, I would post my script I made up for the VeggieTales movie of the characters roaming around the real world would be posted. It’s not 100% complete but it’s what I’ve gotten so far. I’ve got ideas for the soundtrack too. Phil Vischer, if you are reading these, I hope this plot is appealing and you’re able to think about bringing this to life.

Bob: Okay Larry, it’s time for the theme song.

Larry: Are you kidding Bob? There’s no theme song today.

Bob: What? What is it this time?

Larry: Today we’re going to the real world!

Bob: The real world? Are you sure about this? How do we even get there?

Larry: Aw c’mon Bob! Don’t you want to see the home of the children who watch us? 

Bob: Well I guess it would be interesting.

Larry: Well then c’mon I’ll show you the way.

(White screen falls down into real world scenery.)

Bob: Larry? What just happened? 

Larry: I just used my imagination to bring us here! Why this must be the real New York City. Take a look! Real humans, a real city, real life living, real….

Bob: Larry, I don’t know if this is the safest place for us. You know..

Larry: Are you kidding Bob? This is great!

(Larry starts to sing a song about coming to the real world and what its like. Bob joins in later. )

(They run into Kevin Clint. [Rob Patterson])

Kevin: Who are you guys?

Larry: Oh look Bob! Even the real humans want to meet us. Hello I’m Larry the Cucumber and this is my friend Bob the Tomato.

Kevin: Yeah right! I’m Kevin. See ya!

Bob: Gee Larry, these humans seem a little impolite.

Kevin: (turning back) Welcome to New York!

Larry: Hey Kevin! Can we come with you?

Kevin: No!

Larry: Aw c’mon! We want to see more parts of the real world.

Kevin: *thinks for a moment* All right! Come along.

(They walk around the city)

Bob: So uh Kevin, Have you ever faced any life problems.

Kevin: Oh you have no idea! I’ve had thousands of them!

Bob: Well, you know God is always looking out for..

Kevin: GOD does not EXIST!

Bob and Larry: What?

Kevin: I’m an atheist! Can’t you see? 

Larry: What does that mean?

Kevin: It’s just a fancy way of saying nothing is possible. None of my dreams have been a success in my life.

Bob: Oh Kevin, We’re so sorry. I’m sure we can help you.

Kevin: You just try but you won’t get very far. You know I’m going home now.

Larry: Wait Kevin! I always wanted to see a real human house. May I come with you?

Kevin: (grunts) Fine!

Larry: Hey Bob, do you want to come.

Bob: I’ll be fine Larry. I want to tour around the city some more.

Larry: Okay, well you’ll keep in touch right?

Bob: Of course I will.

(Larry walks with Kevin to his car and drive over to his home in the suburbs.)

(As they’re driving into the suburbs.)

Pa Grape: (Drives by them) Afternoon Larry!

Larry: Oh, hey there.

(They pull over into Kevin’s home.)

Mr. Lunt (Outside in the front yard next door.) A hoy there Larry!

Larry: Uh hello. What are you doing here?

Mr. Lunt: All of the gang has followed you into the real world.

Larry: Oh, well.. That’s nice. Isn’t it cool?

Kevin: (calling from inside) hey Mr. pickle!

Larry: Oh well, it was nice seeing you. (Walks in)

Mr. Lunt: Hey, you too!

Larry: (too Kevin) Hey by the way, I’m a cucumber!

Kevin: Pickles ARE cucumbers!

Larry: huh?

Kevin: Cucumbers are every now and then are spiced into pickles by being dipped into stuff like salt and vinegar.

Larry: (faints)

Kevin: Unbelievable!

Larry: (cell phone makes text message sound.) (Answers it) Oh look a text message from…

(Note pops up on the TV.)

Larry: Bryce Martin of Charleston SC. (reads) Dear Bob and Larry, have you ever heard of the last supper? Can you tell me more about the.. Huh? The Holy Grail? He wants to known what it means. And he wants to know where it’s thrown. Kevin!

Kevin: What?

Larry: I.. I just got a message asking about where the Holy Grail was thrown. Apparently I have no idea. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go out of town.

Kevin: To where?

Larry: Charleston.

Kevin: West Virginia?

Larry: No, South Carolina.

Kevin: That’s hours from here! Do you even know how to drive?

Larry: Could you drive me there? I might need some help with the mystery solving. 

Kevin: Are you crazy? I’m not a detective! Plus I don’t care about this Holy Grail!

Larry: Please?

Kevin: Okay but this is the last straw.

Larry: I won’t ask you take me anywhere again. Whatever you say.

Kevin: Good. Just please don’t be so silly. I need lots a concentration to drive.

(At a café in the city)

(Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot and some of the other Veggie children are at a table together.)

Junior: Since when does the real world get so confusing?

Annie: I don’t know this is our first time here.

Junior: But I can’t even understand what the menu says.

Laura: I did hear that this world might not be the safest for us.

Percy Pea: Gee, There must be some way we can survive here.

(Screen moves over to another part of the café, with Jimmy and Jerry Gourd. While moving over, we see the parent characters interacting with each other at another table.)

Jimmy: Listen here, this nation is supposed to have food all over the place so we better make sure we keep up with the appetite.

Jerry: Jimmy I… I’m not sure that..

Jimmy: Oh but the real world is AWESOME! At least so far.

(Screen moves over again to another part.)

(Meet Danny Ansley [Emma Stone], looking at her computer)

(Bob enters and sits in the seat in front of her.)

Bob: Excuse me miss, I hate to be a bother but..

Danny: What do you think your doing? Can’t you see I’m busy?

Bob: Yes, but I just need help with..

Danny: I don’t have a time for any chitchat.

Bob: Is there anything wrong?

Danny: Bob the tomato? (Acts shocked) I watched your videos as child. How did you get to the real world?

Bob: It was Larry’s idea.

Danny: Where is he?

Bob: He’s visiting with our new friend Kevin Clint.

Danny: Kevin… I know that guy we went to school together.

Bob: He was kind of rude to us.

Danny: Kevin has a little trouble with believing. Maybe he’s just a little shy too.

Bob: (cell phone rings) (Answers it) Hello? Larry?

Larry: Bob, I just got this note asking about the Holy Grail.

Bob: The what?

Larry: You know. That cup Jesus used to drink out of. 

Bob: What about it?

Larry: Bryce was asking about where it’s hidden and what it means.

Bob: Larry, that’s a tough situation to respond to. We don’t even know where it is.

Larry: That’s what I am trying to tell you Bob. I’m going out of town to find it.

Bob: What?

Larry: I’m in the car with Kevin. He’s driving me to Charleston SC.

Bob: Oh my gosh! Hang on Larry! I’m going to catch up with you! (Hangs up) Miss what’s your name?

Danny: My name is Danielle but you can call me Danny. Everyone who knows me does.

Bob: Danny, that was Larry on the phone. He’s going Charleston. I’m afraid I have to go. I must catch up with him.

Danny: It’s a long way. Do you have a car?

Bob: No.

Danny: I can drive you there. But first I will have to make a trip and pack. 

Bob: Oh well, thanks.

Danny: I always have to make sure I’m traveling in style.

(They walk out of the café.) 

(We move over to the other side of the world in Australia where Health Scientist Dr. Igor Quack [Javier Bardem] is up to no good.)

Quack: Curses! Fat kids! Fat kids! I’m sick of it! Why don’t parents make them eat their vegetables? 

Co-Worker 1: Well, sure you know children’s taste buds have not been developed in order to handle bitter tastes. 

Quack: Bitter tastes? Hmmm. Wait a minute! I’m glad you said. I have just decided to create a juice that give children a full serving of vegetables with plenty of protein and sugar with no calories. This will be sold all over the world and we will be rich!

Co-Worker 1: Sir, how is that possible? How will a juice for the whole world fit into one juicer?

Quack: That’s why I created this!

(Reveals the giant juicer.) 

Quack: Behold! The Health Master 3000.

(Co-worker 3 dumps in a bunch of oranges and apples.)

Quack: It can shred skin, pop the seeds, remove pulp and cut through any fruits and veggies deep just like a professional would. Junk food obsession is over! Bwa ha ha ha!

(Quack puts a glass underneath the part where juice comes out. Juice comes out into it.)

Quack: (Tastes the juice.) Mmmm! Children are gonna love this!

Co-Worker 2:  But sir that will nearly have to take up all the produce in the world to make plenty for the world.

Quack: (Looks his computer) What’s this? (Discovers the popularity of Veggietales and the characters in the real world.) Talking vegetables? No wonder kids won’t eat healthy! Hey I remember. My daughter hated those dudes! I know just what to do. Those little nincompoops are going down! This Health Master 3000 will be the death of VeggieTales! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! 

Co-worker 1- Dr. Quack, how will we get them?

Quack: I have new minions. They’ll take care of those freaks.

Co-worker 1: Where are they? (Looks behind him) Penguins?

Quack: Yes! All of you, GET THOSE VEGGIE FOOLS NOW and bring them here!

(Evil laugh goes on) 

(Back to the other side. Larry and Kevin are arriving in Charleston.) 

(At the French Huguenot Church, singer Amy Grant performs “Thy Word” until Kevin interrupts her so he can get some information about the Holy Grail.) 

(I don’t know the dialogue part for this scene).

(Back in the Suburbs of NY, Bob is interacting with Danny while she is trying to pack for adventure.)

Bob: Danny, are you sure you’re going to need that much? We’re just going south. 

Danny: (Danny packs like a fashion girl like what you see all the time in movies) I have never been good at packing and I never know what I might need.  Have you got everything?

Bob: I packed everything I needed just before Larry and I entered your land of real things. Gee I thought this world wasn’t going to be appropriate for us to enter but it’s actually quite interesting to see where our videos were sent to over the years. 

Danny: Okay I’m ready. No wait! I forgot my camera! (Runs to get it.)

(Bob looks into the camera silently.)

Danny: (comes back.) Okay now I’m ready.

 (They walk outside and see Danny’s purple Mercedes Benz.)

Bob: That’s a nice looking car.

Danny: Thank you. I won it recently for winning a contest in high school. (Opens the doors) Hop in.

(As they are driving, Keith Green’s “You Put this Love in my Heart” plays. Both sing along.)

Danny: Oh no! I can’t concentrate with this! *turns off the radio* This car also has some neat features.

Bob: *looks at all the buttons* what do they all do?

Danny: I’ll show you. *presses one of the buttons causing Bob’s seat to flip over.

Bob: Oh no. (While flipping it back over.) How long before we arrive in Charleston?

Danny: . We’re nearly half way. You know I think better start contrating on the road. You and Larry have been so helpful in my childhood that I am will to help you….(Air conditioner turns on.) (Danny jumps) Hey! Enough playing with the buttons! 

Bob: Oh Danny I am so sorry. I was just feeling hot. (Turns off the air conditioner.)

Danny: Loud noises can startle me if you didn’t know.

Bob: I understand Danny *sounding sad*.

(Car is then shown to driver far away from the viewers.)

(Larry and Kevin are still getting information from Amy Grant. When she hands them a 20-dollar bill, Larry is a little confused. She tells them about Notre Dame in Paris and will be the one to tell about the Holy Grail just keep the dollar with them and do not lose it.)

(Jimmy and Jerry Gourd are walking around in Charleston.)

Jimmy: Well I must say, the south seems a little nicer than the north.

Jerry: Yeah I agree, there’s warm weather, there’s more peaceful sights, there’s….

(Quacks penguin army captures both of them.)

(All of the characters roaming around in Charleston are captured at this point.) (Including Archibald) (Bob and Larry are still out in about in the world.)

(Now we see Danny and Bob arriving in Charleston. They have some Chick fil a products in the car showing that they must’ve drove through while on the way. Matt Redman’s “Better is One Day is playing on the radio.)

Bob: So this must be Charleston. It’s beautiful! (Sees Larry and Kevin in the distance.) Hey isn’t that Larry?

(Danny pulls over at them.) (She rolls down the window.)

Bob: Wait! Danny! We can’t park here. The sign over there says so.

Kevin: Danny? What are you doing here?

Danny: My new friend and I were following you. We thought you and the cucumber could use some help. Hop in. (They both get in her car.)

Kevin: (shows Danny the $20 bill.) I just got this from a lady at the church. She said that if we hold this up to the ceiling at Notre Dome, it will show us the mystery to the Holy Grail. I think we’re going to have to go to Paris. 

Danny: Paris? Oh I always wanted to go to Paris. It’s the world capital of fashion! 

(In the back seat.)

Larry: Bob, look what I found while I was in the church.

Bob: (Looks at the Newspaper talking about Quacks new invention.) It looks like this guy is coming with a… wait a minute it’s says something about us too. 

Larry: I know but it doesn’t make since. 

Bob: Well Larry, I think… (Stops and they both began to notice that someone out there is trying to capture and kill them.)

(Bob and Larry scream at each other, scared)

Kevin: What’s going on back there!

Bob: This is terrible! We have to warn the others! This trip is going to be more dangerous than I thought.

Kevin: Seriously, what’s happening?

Larry: Someone out there is trying to kill us! Drive you guys! We have to run away.

Danny: Sure we can we have to go to the airport anyway. (begins to drive away from the town.) 

Larry: Where are we going?

Danny: To Paris.

Bob: How will we get there? It’s too far.

Kevin: We’re on our way to the airport.

(In Dr. Quack’s laboratory)

Co-Worker 1: Sir, we found someone for your collection. (Jimmy and Jerry Gourd are brought in.)

Quack: Why hello you guys, are you ready for scanning?

Jimmy: Uh no

Jerry: Are you going to kill us?

Quack: Pipe down! (Scans them.) Well you are one of the best sources of Vitamin A.

Jimmy: What do you mean?

Quack: You guys are meant to bring beautiful, smooth skin and also give shining sparkling eyes.

Jerry: Well sure, we have….


Jimmy and Jerry: (scream) (Taken to another room.)

Co-Worker 1: There’s another one.

(Archibald is bought in.)

Quack: Ahhh, let’s see what you have to give. (Scans him)

Archibald: Wh- what do you think your doing?

Quack: Complete! As you see, children do not get enough fiber in the their diet. You will be able bring some improvement to help them with their thoughts and overall energy. 

Archibald: Fiber? I don’t understand.

Quack: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(Archibald is thrown into a hanging cage and notices a bunch of other Veggie tales characters are in hanging cages too.)

Archibald: Oh this can’t be good.

(At the Airport)

Danny: Have you got everything?

Kevin: Of course I have everything can’t you tell?

Larry: Do you think Dr. Quack will find us here?

Bob: I, I don’t know.

(As they try to go through security.)

Policewoman (looking at the screen.): What is that?

Policeman (next to her.): Sir, I think we’ve got a weapon.

Leader Policeman: Hang on (looks around in Larry’s suitcase and pulls out a chocolate bunny.) I’m sorry. No outside food on the plane. 

Larry: What?

Leader Policeman: It will end up carrying a bunch of bugs leaving germs everywhere. You certainly don’t want that. (Throws away the box.)

Larry: Gee, that was in case I needed a snack on my trip.

Bob: Larry, time to go.

Larry: See ya!

(They walk outside and get on a private jet charter.)

Larry: Wow I like it in here! It’s like we’re completely famous in the real world.

Bob: You told us so Larry.

Larry: Oh.

Danny: This is to die for! It’s fancy Nancy all the way!

Kevin: I supposed so.

(Flight Attendant gives instructions.) 

Larry: Who knows what it’s like on a real airplane.  What could happen?

(As the plane takes off, Bob and Larry scream.)

Kevin: Guys cut it out! It can’t be that bad.

(After the plane takes off.)

Bob: Well that wasn’t so bad for our first real plane take off.

Danny: Ow! My back hurts. Has anyone got any frozen peas?

Kevin: I think I might have some in my.. (Notices his backpack has moving bumps and tips over. What the heck is going on? I know I have frozen peas in.. (Unzips it.) 

(The French Peas pop out.)

Jean Claude: We may be peas but we are not frozen!

Kevin: (yelps and bumps his head on the overhead compartment.) Ow!

Bob: Kevin, are you all right? (Notices the peas.) What are you guys doing here?

Phillipe: Ahhh! Mister Bob!

Jean Claude: (looks around.) So this is the real world jet?

Phillipe: We like it.

Kevin: (takes out an ice pack.) Well I have this. (Hands it to Danny.)

Danny: Thanks. (Puts on her headphones and falls asleep.)

Kevin: (ducks while trying to sit back down.) Ooo ah oo ah ha ha! Don’t want to do that again.

Bob: (Sits back down in his seat and cell makes text message sound.) 

Larry: Bob what’s going on?

Bob: Someone has an issue. It’s a note from Lucas Hepburn of Los Angles California who says his friend Ryan has problem. He says that Ryan doesn’t believe in God and thinks he’s making excuses for it due to his selfish behavior and doubting everything people tell him.

Larry: That sounds like Kevin. 

Bob: Sounds like we another mission to do. Tell everyone that not believing in God is no excuse.

Larry: But Bob, we’re on vacation in the real world. How are we going to teach another lesson?

Bob: I know this is a time for us to learn but we can still teach the real world a little something.

Larry: Oh.

Kevin: (Turns back.) Did someone just mention my name back there?

Larry: Yeah, it looks like someone else is having the same life problems you’re having.

Kevin: And what might that be?

Larry: Uhhh.. Being a doubting Thomas?

(The French Peas are watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail [in silent motion] with Edith Piaf’s “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” in the background.)

(Back with Bob and Larry discussing the problem.)

Kevin: What did you call me?

Larry: Uh, nothing.

(On a smartphone, a video of Ewan McGregor dressed a tomato is playing. He gets kicked the stomach. The French Peas laugh their heads off at it.)

Bob: (Peaking over) Poor tomato.

Jean Claude: Ha-ha that is hilarious! 

(Airplane Beep goes off.) (Danny wakes up.)

 (At Dr. Quack’s lab.)

Quack: Where are the rest of my recipes? They could any in the world!

Co Worker 2: Mr. Quack sir, got news. It seems that some of your ingredients are heading to Paris.

Quack: What? (Sees the characters on the screen.) Bingo! Just what I was looking for. Now which one of them shall I get first? I suggest get that tomato and that cucumber! They are worst trouble out there!

Co Worker 2: Sir, I’m afraid we should get the peas. They’re easier to catch.

Quack: I don’t care! Catch just try to capture all of them!

(Back on the plane announcements are made in preparation for landing.) (As soon after they land, they’re on the metro on the way into the city. The peas ride on Danny’s shoulders the whole way.) 

(They get into the Notre Dame and a choir is singing.) 

Bob: Larry do you still have the dollar?

Larry: (Looks around.) No, I think I lost it!

Danny: (sounding bored) I put it in my purse. (Takes it out)

(Kevin holds up the dollar and see’s a map of Israel.)

Kevin: What’s this?

Bob: What do you see Kev?

Kevin: It’s a map of Israel.

Larry: That must be where the Holy Grail is.

Jean Claude: Did you say the Holy Grail?

Danny: (Sounding annoyed) This is going to be a very pleasant day.

(They still discuss it until they see penguins.)

Bob: Are those penguins standing behind us!

Larry: *Looks and recognizes their position according to what he found in the news article. Those aren’t just penguins, THEY’RE MINIONS!!!

(Penguins see them.)

Larry: Kevin we have to get out of here!

Kevin: What? What now!

Larry: It’s Minions!! Lets go! (Pushes them to leave.)

(They all run out and take one of those small European cars.)

Kevin: At mercy!! What is going on with you?

Larry: Just drive! Anywhere but near those penguins!!

(They take off all over Paris.) (Avril Lavigne’s “Runaway” plays in the background.)

(They pass an outdoor café in which Madame Blueberry and Petunia Rhubarb are sitting at.)

Madame Blueberry: (sees them go by.) My word!

(They drive down bumpy stairs.)

(The music stops as soon as they run into the Eiffel Tower.) (That’s the end of the chasing and the car has stopped.)

(Everyone pants)

Bob: (feeling dizzy) Well that was hard-core. 

Larry: (looks around) I think we’ve lost them.

(French police sirens go off.)

Bob: What’s going on?

Officer: Are you guys okay? We saw you in the distance.

Kevin: (talking to them with the window rolled down on Danny’s side.) We’re fine, we were just being chased and had to get away.

Danny: (Touches her shoulders.) What happened to my sweetie peas? (This indicates that the minions got them.)

Officer: Can to you describe to us what was chasing you?

Danny: Our friends back here said they were penguins.

Officer: Penguins? What the?

*In the backseat*

(Bob and Larry roll down their window.)


(Everyone in the park acts shocked.) (They come up as fans taking pictures and wanting autographs.)

Larry: More attackers!

(It begins to thunder shower.)

(In Dr. Quack’s science lab.)

Co Worker 1: Sir, we found them.

Quack: Bring’em in

(They do so.)

Quack: (Notices) Ohhhh! Bonjour Frenchies! How what a success! 

Jean Claude: How dare you bring us here?

Quack: Oh you’ll see. Now lets scan you.

(Peas look at each other in funny surprised looks while scanner goes.)

Quack: Okay my machine says you are filled with a good source of Vitamin C. Kids will never miss another day of school again because you give them what it takes prevent immune system issues.

(Peas start laughing.)

Jean Claude: You think we can stop the illness.

Phillipe: Why it is a natural…

Quack: SILENCE!!

(Peas have the funny surprised look again.)

Quack: The immune system needs your help.  

Co- worker 1: There’s still more.

(Enter Junior Asparagus who was probably captured elsewhere)

Quack: Another asparagus? Why this going to be a helpful fiber boost!

Junior: (scared) What are you doing?

Quack: Oh you have no idea. Why children everywhere need your good old minerals. 

(Junior is thrown in the cage in which is the same one his parents are already in.)

Junior: Mom, dad! I’ve never been so scared. What’s he going to do to us?

Dad Asparagus: Uh gee I don’t know. 

Junior: Oh Bob! Oh Larry! Wherever you are!  You better hurry! *He knows already that they are the ones who can definitely save them all.*

(At a hotel in Paris.)

Larry: What are we gonna do? Our friends are being kidnapped. Bob, you were right. Maybe coming into the real world wasn’t a good idea.

Bob: Oh don’t worry Larry. We’ve still got a little ways to go.

Larry: Oh yeah, I bet you’re talking about the Holy Grail.

Kevin: It will never be found!

Bob: There’s no need to doubt everything Kev. There’s always a change for good to rise up against the bad.

Kevin: You’ve got to be kidding!

(Danny comes out in a bathrobe and towel on her head after taking a bubble bath sometime in this scene.)

(In a royal town in Israel)

Kevin: Guys? Guys I don’t think I can go any further! It’s just no use!

Larry: But we’ve got to find the grail!

Kevin: I just want to know whether Jesus even existed.

Bob: Kevin, you may not believe that but it doesn’t mean something isn’t real.

Kevin: I know finding that cup is really important to you guys. But what’s the point if it’s going to take us forever?

Larry: (See’s a market with a Holy Grail for sale.) Hey! Look! It’s the Holy Grail! We found it!

Bob: Huh? Where?

Danny: I think there’s a rock in my shoe.

(Kevin and Danny sit on a stool.)

Kevin: Let me take a look. (Takes off Danny’s shoe and shakes it.)

(Khalil the Caterpillar falls out.)

Khalil: Eww! Does anyone ever wash their feet anymore? (Slithers away.)

Kevin: (still shaking and tiny rock falls out.) You’re right you did have a rock in your shoe.

(Bob and Larry at the market.)

Larry: I can’t believe it! We’ve come all this way and we find our real prize for the very first time!

Bob: Larry I don’t think…

Larry: (picks up the grail on the counter.) This is great Bob! We can finally…(notices a “Made in Hong Kong” label on the bottom.) Oh no! This is a phony!

Lady at the market stand: Is there anything wrong?

Larry: No ma’am. (Puts the fake grail back.) I’m good.

(Bob and Larry walk back to Kevin and Danny.)

Danny: Any luck you guys?

Bob: Nope.

Kevin: I told you! This is like looking for a needle on a haystack!

Larry: Yieek! A needle on a haystack? Why would anyone look for one of those?

Bob: Larry, that’s just a figure of speech.

Larry: Oh! Looks like I’ll just have to pray.

Kevin: Are you crazy? He can’t hear you!

Bob: (Notices a hole with a down staircase.) Do you suppose that will answer any of our questions?

Larry: (see’s it.) Yes! Oh thank you God! He’s answered our prayers!

Kevin: Oh brother!

(They walk over there.)

Larry: Gee, it’s looks a little spooky down there.

Bob: Larry, God is still looking out for us.

Kevin: He is not!

(They all walk down and come to a little gate at the bottom.)

Larry: Say, what’s this?

Bob: I don’t know Larry.

Kevin: It’s a dead end! Come on let’s go!

Bob: No Kevin! This is no time to throw in towel!

Larry: (Sees a code wheel.) Look at this.

Kevin: What is that?

Danny: Wait a minute; I think this might have a code to it. Let me see here. (Turns the wheel.) 

Kevin Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

Danny: Of course I do. (Gets the right code and the door opens.)

Bob: This must be a secret passage.

(They walk through.) (A TV roles down.)

Larry: W-What’s going on?

(Mr. Nezzer appears on the screen.)

Mr. Nezzer: Attention everyone! Reporting this is the cave of holiness. Here you’ll find lots goodies from the bible. In particular, the Holy Grail is thought to be hidden here.  You see it was… (TV turns to static.)

Bob: What just happened?

Larry: Oh don’t know. (Gasps) Doctor Quack must’ve taken him!

(Bob and Larry scream.)

Danny: Relax you guys!

Larry: Oh, right.

Kevin: How are we going to find that cup in here? It could have been buried anywhere. 

Larry: That’s why I bought my tracking device. (Pulls it out)

Bob: A medal detector? 

Larry: Yes! We’ll find it in no time! Wait a minute. I forgot I packed two. (Pulls it out)

Bob: Well I-I guess I could use that one.

Larry: Sure you can Bob. (Hands it over)

(As they start searching)

Kevin: You know you’re going to have bad luck finding it in here.

Larry: Don’t be silly Kevin. It’s got to- (Detector beeps) I think I’ve got it! (Starts to dig and finds a coin.) Ahhhh! It’s just a rusty old coin!

Danny: Could you keep it down? Someone might find us in here.

Bob: (Detector beeps) I’ve got it! (Digs and pulls out a ring.) This isn’t it either. (Throws it)

Danny: (Catches the ring.) I think I can use this. (Puts it away.)

Larry: (Detector beeps) I’ve done it again! (Digs and finds a makeup brush.)

Kevin: Guys, I told you! It’s no use!

Larry: Kevin, when will you ever learn that not believing in God is no excuse to disbelieve everything else?

Kevin: What? That’s reality!

Bob: You should be ashamed of yourself Kev.

Kevin: Guys, what’s the point?

Bob: (comes closer to him) We are trying to say that your excuses will not get you any far. Look, you may not believe in God but he’s still out there knowing you’re alive and he’s looking down on you with great plans for the rest of your life. Even if something does go wrong that, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world or anything. Also, be nice. No matter what, God wants us to be kind to everyone. That includes you. As Larry and I always say, God made you special and loves you very much. Even you Kevin. 

Kevin: That was a beautiful speech you just made. I could cry but I just can’t and I don’t know why.

Bob: You learn something new everyday Kev. You always do. 

Larry: Come on Bob! We still need to find the treasure!

Bob: Oh yes right. (Tries to walk up to Larry.) We have to- (Stops and the detector beeps.) I’ve got something.

Larry: (Comes up to the same spot.) Could this be what we wanted?

Bob: Lets find out together.

Larry: This ground is a little hard. (Cracks it open and it comes off like a lid.) (Sees the Holy Grail) Bob, we found it! Ick! It’s all rusty. (Pulls it out.)

Bob: Larry, you know that thing has been around for thousands of years.

Larry: Oh, I knew that. Hey look it’s got a little message on it. (Tries to read it.) I have no idea what this says. It looks all mixed up.

Danny: Let me take a look. (Looks at it) You’re right. This message is in Aramaic. 

Bob: Let me take a look. (Reads it) It says. I am the way. I am the life. Let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God, believe also in me.

Quack: Well, well, well! Somebody has revealed the secret. He he he he he!!

Larry: Dr. Quack!

Quack: I’ve got you now!

Danny: What the… Who are you?

Quack: Why, I am Dr. Igor Quack and those two friends of yours belong to ME!!

Kevin: Oh these guys are nothing. They’re just…

Quack: You’re not gonna last an hour. 

Larry: Oh yeah, well will this do any good? (Shows the Holy Grail)

Bob: Larry, No!

Quack: Is that what I think it is? Hand it over!

Larry: No!

Quack: Yes! If you don’t give it, everyone will know the Holy secret and kids will never be healthy. (Takes out a reversing remote.)

Kevin: What are gonna do?

Quack: You guys, all of you are coming with me!

(Quack presses a button zapping them out of the location and all end up in his science lab in Australia.)

Larry: (Looks around.) Where are we?

Bob: I have no idea Larry but this doesn’t look like a safe place.

Larry: How could you do this to us?

Quack: I should have known this was coming. My daughter Gina, had lots of issues. She hated vegetables.

Gina: (in flashback) I HATE VEGETABLES!!!

Quack: Even you guys.

Gina: (in flashback) (Points to Bob and Larry on TV) Especially THOSE GUYS!!

Quack: Yet she was very picky.

Gina: (in flashback hits and punches her plate of veggies and screams.)

Quack: All she wanted was danger and junk.

Gina: (in flashback) WHERE’S MY COKE?!!

Quack: (flashback begins to stop.) Gina became nothing but the champion of dangerous medicine and beverages. Before you knew it, she was gone.

Larry: That’s horrible. At least her troubles are probably over by now and-


Bob: (looks at Larry with a mad look.)

Quack: Something tells me, every child will be like her if they don’t eat vegetables. And that’s why all your friends are (turns on the light showing Bob and Larry all the other VeggieTales characters in hanging cages.) DOOMED!!

Bob: Guys!!

Junior: (Calling down) Bob! Larry!

Bob: You won’t get away with this.

Quack: I already have. Hit it!

(Dr. Quack sings a song about what the characters have done to children and preparation for their death. It’s the same tune as The Bunny Song.)

Bob: That was the worst song ever. Worse than the “What have we learned” song.

Larry: Where’s Danny and Kevin?

Quack: That’s not important now. Guards lock those two up and start up that machine now! When the bottom of your cages open in 1 hour you all will fall in and this will only hurt… A LOT! Ha ha ha ha! (Walks out of the room.) 

(Everybody screams.)

(Kevin and Danny are in danger too. They are about to be locked up in a room and not escape. They are being tied up together not facing each other.)

Danny: Have you seen the grail?

Kevin: No. It might be lost again.

Quack: (walks in) And you guys. And you will not escape. 

Danny: Why are you doing this?

Quack: Oh don’t ask me. Oooh, what’s that I see in your pocket? (Pulls out the grail hiding in Kevin’s pocket.)

Danny: (to Kevin) You had it? 

Quack: Not anymore. (Throws it)

Danny: NO!!

Quack: Ah ha ha! Make your self at home. (Walks out of the room with his co- worker leaving Kevin and Danny alone in the room.)

(We are back with Bob and Larry being chased by Dr. Quack’s penguin minions around the room.)

(Larry hides behind an old closet while Bob is still trying to get away.)

Larry: Man, this is all my fault! I never should’ve planned to come here!  You were right Bob.

Bob: (Still being chased.) Larry I need your help! 

Larry: What would God ever do? What would Larryboy ever do? Hey wait a minute. (Changes quickly into Larryboy.) Yes! I am that hero! They call me Larryboy! (Pops out from behind the closet.) Take this you kidnapping penguins! (Starts shooting a laser, which scares the penguins away.)

Bob: Ha! Way to go Larryboy!

(Everybody cheers.)

(In Kevin and Danny’s room.)

Danny: (crying) What are we going to do? The Grail is lost again and our friends are in danger. No no no no! We are totally blowing it. 

Kevin: You know… Bob was right. I was a little over the top and rude over my beliefs. 

Danny: (Trying to stop crying.) You really mean it? 

Kevin: Yes I do. I really never did know any better. 

Danny: Neither did I years ago.

Kevin: I’m sure we have all been that way. 

Danny: No more than that, could you help us get out of here?

Kevin: I will. No doubt about it. Stand up for me please.

(They both stand up with the rope still tied around them.) 

Kevin: Can you feel where the knot is?

Danny: (nods)

Kevin: I can too. Help me untie it for me.

(Both work together to untie the rope and get themselves out.)

Danny: That was a piece of cake. Now we have to look for the Holy Grail- AGAIN.

(In the Veggie Tales characters room.)

Petunia: Larryboy, you’ve got to get us out of here!

Archie: I’m still your butler, Alfred. Please help us!

Larryboy: You’ve got it! But how?

Bob: I assume the key is in one of those drawers.

Larryboy: (sees the old dresser) I’ll find it.

(Searches through each of the three drawers.)

Larryboy: Where is it? Where is it?

(Key is found in the middle drawer.)

Larryboy: Oh there it is.

Bob: Larryboy, how will you get up there and how will everyone…

Larryboy: I bought a jet pack with me. (Pulls it out) It’s fully charged to last in a half hour. (Looks at everyone in the cages.) I will come and open your cages. Then I will swing you guys and don’t jump out until I’ve got the signal that you will land safely on the stand right over there.

(Everybody cheers.)

Larryboy: (starts up the jet pack and begins to fly.) I’m coming there after you! You first!

Archie: Ahh yes! We are still a team!

Larryboy: (swings the cage) Now jump.

Archie: (Jumps and lands on the stand.) I’m still alive! (Walks down the stairs to the ground where Bob is.)

Larryboy: All right. Who’s next?

(With Danny and Kevin.)

Danny: (Searching around the room for the Holy Grail.)  I can’t find it? Where could it possibly be?

Kevin: I’ll tell you what. I’ll keep looking for the grail; you call the cops.

Danny: Okay then. (Runs over to the phone.)

(Kevin still peeks around and lifting up everything.)

Kevin: Come on baby, where are you?

(He finds the Holy Grail in a pile of thrown out metal.)

Kevin: I found it baby!

(In the other room all the characters have gotten out of the cages and just a couple more to go.)

Larryboy: Okay you guys.

Jimmy: Are you ready Jerry?

(Jimmy and Jerry jump out and scream. They land on the stand safely.)

Jimmy: Hey, we’re alive!

Larryboy: Almost there. Just one more. (Jet pack makes a beep sound telling that it’s almost out of fuel.) Uh oh.

Petunia: Larryboy! You still have to get me!

Larryboy: No! Hold on Petunia! I’m coming! (Fly’s over)

Bob: Hurry your fuel is going low!

Larryboy: (While unlocking and opening the cage.) Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Hey I’ve got it!

(All of the characters notice Larryboy carrying Petunia out and over to where everyone is.) (Fuel goes out just in time.)

Larryboy: Phew! That was a close one.

(Cages open from the bottom like Dr. Quack had said but no one is in them any more.)

Larryboy: I have to take care of that machine. (Walks up the stairs to the stand.)

Archie: Larryboy! What do you think you’re doing?

Larryboy: What’s this? (Pulls out a hairdryer.) This will take care of everything!

Scooter: No! No! You use a hairdryer to chop up in the juicer! You’ll blow us all up!

Larryboy: Stand back everyone! (Throws the hairdryer in the juicer and runs down.) Hey where did my hairdryer go? Oh well.

Archie: Look out everyone! There’s going to be a massive…

(Juicer explodes)

Archie: Explosion.

Pa Grape: You’ve saved us again!

(Everybody cheers)

Quack: (Wakes up and see’s the characters out of their cages in the security camera.) Holy Lima Beans! Those Pea brains! That is Impossible!

(In that room.)

Junior: But what do we do about Quack?

Larryboy: Gee I don’t… (See’s a massive clothes dryer.) I know.

(Now we are at the part where Dr. Quack is about to be outsmarted.) (The massive dryer in now in place of where the juicer was and he doesn’t know. The room is dark.)

Quack: (Comes in looking for them.) Are right you silly little produce. Where are you? I could just squeeze those little lives out of you.

(Flashlight turns on pointing to Laura.)

Laura: You hoo! Over here!

Quack: (Runs after)

(Flashlight points to Madame Blueberry.)

Madame Blueberry: No! You hoo! Dr. Quack sir!

Quack: (Runs up the stairs.) Come out! Come out where-

Jean Claude: Booyah! (Whacks Dr. Quack in the butt with a shovel.)

Quack: (Falls into the dryer and screams.)

(Lights turn back on.)

Larryboy: (Comes out.) Dr. Quack, I think those clothes are too big for you. (Sets the dryer to shrink.) Let’s shrink them up a little.

Quack: (Spins around in the dryer.) NO! THESE CLOTHES ARE LINE DRY ONLYYYYYY!!!

(Larryboy opens the dryer and Quack falls out with his clothes all too tight.)

Quack: Ouch! Why you little nincompoops! 

(Cops barge in.) 

Larryboy: He’s all yours officer.

(Cops pull Dr. Quack away.)

Quack: (Screams real hard as he’s pulled away.)

(Kevin and Danny come back in.)

Kevin: Are you guys ok… Hey how did you get out?

Bob: Larry, Uhh Larryboy worked hard to free us all.

Larry: Indeed I did.

Kevin: I’m proud of you.

Bob: Kev, we are proud of you.

Kevin: For what?

Bob: For becoming more self-confident.

Danny: He helped me free us both from being tied together in the room full of junk.

Larry: We knew you could do it.

Bob: Hey! Lets see if that computer over there could show us a verse.

(The “What have we learned “song starts to play but only for short period of time. It turns off by a click of the no button of a cell phone. This gives is us the thought that it was a cell phone ringer.)

Phillipe: My bad!

Bob: Someone forgot to turn off their phone again. Mac do you have a verse for us? Uh Mac?

Danny: Don’t be ridiculous. That computer ain’t alive.

Bob: It’s okay Danny. Mac can be a little shy.

(Verse appears.)

Bob: (Reads the verse.) Because you have seen me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed. John 20, 19-31.

Larry: So, what does that mean?

Bob: The bible says that no matter what, even if you don’t believe that doesn’t mean there are excuses to be disbelieving in everything or being mean to others. We should all keep in mind to be kind and trust what will happen. Stay on the positive side! Also, even though you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Larry: Your right Bob. We should all keep the positive side.

Bob: That includes you too, Kevin. Tell your friends that.

Kevin: Oh I will. I know just what to do from now on.

Junior: I forgot to ask. Did you find the Holy Grail?

(All the characters are begging and are excited to see the Holy Grail.)

Annie: Come on, show us the Grail.

Kevin: I’ve got right here. (Takes it out.)

(Everyone goes crazy and excited.)

Bob: Wait a minute.

(Everyone stops)

Bob: Dr. Quack was kind right about kids having health problems these days.

Mr. Lunt: What do we do? Children can’t eat us.

Larry: Well I hear that kids don’t get out for physical activity much anymore. They would rather watch TV and play computer games. That’s why I created this. (Shows his invention of a machine where children can pretend to ride a bike and watch TV at the same time.) See, now kids do their favorite indoor-activities and exercise at the same time.

Bob: Larry, I think there already is an invention for that.

Larry: Oh, well the children could cuddle us.

(Everyone gasps.)

Bob: Larry, how will that work?

Larry: Well, I understand that the human body likes to be touched and hugged. So, I thought maybe if the kids cuddled us, our vitamins would be injected into them. It’s a little term I learned recently. Osmosis!

Everyone: Osmosis?

Larry: Yes, Osmosis. So what do you say?

Bob: I guess it’s worth a try.

(Everyone cheers.)

Danny: I’m proud of you too Kev.

Kevin: Shall we?

(The two are about to kiss.)

Jean Claude: Hey! (They freeze on kissing.) This is a kid’s movie. No kissing aloud!

Phillipe: I sure could use one.

Danny: All right. (Picks the French peas up and kisses them in a French tone accent.)

(Everyone laughs)

(Bob begins to narrate)

Bob: So, that some’s up our mystery adventure in the real world. But there is still more to come. (Showing Dr. Quack at the judge.)Dr. Quack believed that he didn’t deserve to go to jail. So the judge ordered him to do community service.

Judge (Phil Vischer): Dr. Igor Quack! I find you guilty! You are now sentenced to 20 years of community service! 

Quack: No! No! No! Noooooooooooo!!

(He is now shown cleaning up a produce aisle at a grocery store.)

Store Manager: Hurry up now! I want this aisle clean in 10 minutes!

Quack: I’m going as fast as I can! (Gets a 7-11 slushy dropped on him.) AHH! SON OF A BRUSSEL SPOUT!!

(The French peas up above laugh hard.)

Jean Claude: Take that Cingle! (Blows a raspberry.)

(At an event in NYC, kids are in line to socialize with the characters and get vitamins from osmosis)

Bob (narrating): You are probably wondering, did we ever go home to our own world? Sure we did but getting back wasn’t as easy as we thought.

Larry: (runs himself into the front of the camera and face is squished.) Oops! That’s the real REAL world. Hey wait, don’t go! You haven’t seen my name on the screen yet! (Slides off.)

(During the credits, “God of Wonders” by Mac Powell and Danielle Young, “Come, Now is the Time to Worship” by Phillips, Craig and Dean, and some other song sung by the Veggie-tales characters play. Also a bunch animated drawing of the characters will fly by.)

My Life Experince With VeggieTales

For this blog, I will be talking about a children’s cartoon that has made a major impact on my life! To go along with this, I will be sharing Saberspark’s video about its production + the rise and fall. It’s more than an hour long but I would encourage you to watch the whole thing so you will know what I am talking about for each part.

So I must admit now that I never knew even atheists watched this show. However, part of the lessons being taught are something that give me the bad feeling that non-christians are taking the important life skills as if they are not important, and not believing in God is just the excuse. That’s part of what I will explain at the end of the blog. So, please wait for more info.

I remember seeing that book “Me, Myself, and Bob” in a Family Christian store. The cover was quite interesting but when mom saw it, she told me it was mainly for adults talking about the shows creation. Although, I bet I am old enough to read it now. It seems that Phil had a lot in comoon with me in his younger years. Our weird imagintive thoughts to be specfic. I never knew this company behind the show had gone broke so many times and struggled to make money for production. I also found it funny that it was shown to Nickelodoen at the time when they were on the hunt for their 3 original cartoon shows (which in the end turned out to be, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy and Doug) but they did not accept computer animation by then. That doesn’t mean they would in the next decade or so 😉

I never knew until NOW that the episode “King George and the Ducky” was based off an extra dark point in the bible. King David sent a guy to the front lines of a battle so he would die and then David could hook up with his wife in which he wanted. I also never knew most of the hidden adult jokes. However, I did figure out that Monty Python had lots of influences for this show about 4-5 years ago. I should’ve know that even young adults and grown ups love VeggieTales according to what is said in the video.

Now, I think I will explain how this show came into contact, with ME. I remember seeing a few merchandise in some store in the mall and I am quite sure it was the Family Christian bookstore. According to my parents, it all started when one of our friends told them about VeggieTales and how their kids loved it. They decided to introduce it to me. From there I got a few plush toys and the very first VeggieTales video I even owned. However, it was not an actual show, it was a sing along video! One those videos where mulitple songs from a TV show or movie that put lyrics on the bottom of the screen sort of like if it was a karaoke. This is here was the first video I’ve seen and owned:

Many other vhs tapes soon followed and were collected. “Madame Blueberry”, “Rack, Shack & Benny”, “Dave & the Giant Pickle”, “Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space” and many more. Heck! I even left a few for my grandparents to own and then I’d come and watch them every time I visited. Those videos were as far as I can remember, “Are You My Neighbor”, “Where’s God When I’m S-Scared”, “LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed”, and “Josh and the Big Wall”. I collected CD’s too and listened to them on my Hello Kitty boombox and listened to them on the radio in the car. At one point “Where’s God When I’m S-Scared” was my favorite which was also the very first video ever made. It has a great message on why you don’t have to be afraid no matter where you go. But today, I think I actually figured out the my favorite video is “Josh and the Big Wall”. The whole story is interesting on having to stay in the dessert for 40 years and after that, being stuck with giant wall blocking the way. That would lead to some weird steps for taking it down. But that was just the message. God’s way of dealing with life don’t always make sense but they are important to remember and follow. Walking in circles around the walls of Jericho is one of them. The songs in that episode are awesome too. However, I still do not understand what the Promised Land is.

The show only comes back to my head every few times.

I found the character’s unbelievably easy not to fall in love with and rather cute. Well, maybe at this point there are some creepy bits occasionally. The puppets Saberspark showed in the video were kind of weird. I’d rather go for the plush. Bob and Larry were characters I really admired + adored and looked up to even for comfort support. Although today, I think my favorite characters are probably the French Peas. They’re really funny and so cute and I mean Minions (Despicable Me) cute. Way more likable to me than Pepe Le Pew! Not to mention but the peas wore Roman helmets just like *YEAH* Marvin the Martian in a couple of episodes. Mainly “Josh and the Big Wall”. That is not to say I’m rather interested in the idea of how France has such a big culture of love and Paris is like the fashion captial of the world. I want to go back to Paris for a much better experince but there are muslims everywhere right now and it was so tragic to hear about the fire that struck Notre Dame last year. But lets get back to the topic of this blog.

I cannot believe that VeggieTales started to struggle BY THE TIME I DISCOVERED THE SHOW! It had to have definitely been in the year 2000 (20 years) when I discovered it according to my estimate memory. I was only 4 years old.

The part about Lyrick Studios and Phil really liking Dick Leach totally explains something. I remember seeing that logo on the first many of the vhs’s I had. BigIdea had a verbal agreement with Lyrick at the time but they never did sign the contracts to give distrubtion rights which explains why I never saw the logo again in many future owned shows. It was not legally binding as Saberspark said. That is not to say, I collected many DVD’s of the newer episodes too. As said in the video, Lyrick was being sold to the company, HIT entertianment which ALSO explains something. HIT Entertianment owns childrens shows I remember as a child including, a few Barney & Friends VHS tapes, Angelina Ballerina and for the most and biggest one I was ever a fan of that my parents also totally adored. The British show, “Kipper the Dog” which was based on a collection of book series by Mick Inkpen. Starting with my first Kipper VHS tapes, I SAW the Lyrick Studios logo and thought “Hey wait minute! That’s the logo I saw in my first few VeggieTales tapes!” I didn’t understand what was going on until I saw this video. Now I know where my childhood went 😮 Of course, BigIdea left Lyrick becuase they did not want VeggieTales with HIT Entertainment. Then Leach died after it was sold which is just a shame as far as I can see 😦

It’s interesting how BigIdea thought the VeggieTales movie “Jonah” would save the company and it struggled for money to be made a couple of years earlier before it was released. I saw it in theaters and actually kind of liked it. So it is kind of sad to hear that it failed. This is why I choose not to look at movie reviews. Just because many viewers didn’t like it doesn’t mean I would feel the same way. I was 6 years old when it came out.

You know how YouTube has a way of when you put the curser over the red line showing how far you’ve come in the video, it shows pictures of where this spot would lead to, and there I saw Rodney (YES! My metal-made boyfriend from Robots) on 50:48. I thought, “Rodney, what are you doing in there?” As it turns out, Saberspark explained that BigIdea employees were leaving by the end of 2002 to go over to Blue Sky Studios while Robots was being made. There they can help with the production!

I remember when VeggieTales was being shown on TV and I thought it was kind of interesting. However, when it comes to “VeggieTales in the House” and “VeggieTales in the City” I couldn’t stand it! I hated the new character designs and so much was ruined from my childhood! It was just too glossy and I do not mean lipgloss!

I’m glad to hear that in 2019 a lot of the original stuff was back to work and that gives me a chance to explain a thought I’ve been holding onto for YEARS. I really wish I could announce this to Phil if ever possible. The cover of “Me, Myself and Bob” made me think if there could ever be a film featuring the characters in a live action world surrounded by you know, real-life humans. I originally thought of myself being in it but NOW I have something different in mind and have a more developed idea.

This could also teach those who doubt on everything, there’s always good to happen according to God. Yes, even atheists should know this. The thing is, I’ve known an atheist who just saw suffering in the world and might have been taking it as an excuse to be rude to others as if God did not exist expecting us to be nice to others. Yet, I can also see as I talked about in previous blogs that many of these militant vegans have this problem and don’t even think we should follow what’s in the bible. In particularly, the part about eating meat and other animal products. But to me, parts in the bible that talk about, forgiving, accepting opinions, self esteem, not having to fear and many others could follow and that would be absolutely awful. I’ve noticed that many of these vegans are just rather pretending that all we do to animals is a sin that God does not want but in reality, they have no religion at all. If they did in my personal beliefs and logical thinking, if they were religious, they wouldn’t be seeing death as a 100% horrible thing.

But let’s get back to the thought I had for BigIdea. What if there was a movie where Bob and Larry go to the real world (ours) to see all it has and check out where their fame is coming from. Along the way, they stubble upon new friends and end up on an important mission. The mission was to solve a mystery from the bible about the Holy Grail. They go all over the world with their two new human friends to find information and even see if they could find the actual grail itself. All the other characters end up roaming around the real world too in different spots.

Meanwhile, an evil health scientist has a plan to kill the characters by blending them in a juicer and use them to make a juice so that kids can consume their vegetables and not have to struggle with the taste. He has the belief that VeggieTales and its lovable characters has caused kids to not want to eat vegetables making him want to exploit them all. He captures nearly every single one of the characters putting them in hanging cages and it’s up to Bob & Larry to save them. Now I think I should probably introduce the main human characters our VeggieTales heroes come to contact with. I thought of castings for them too.

Kevin Clint (Rob Pattinson) : An atheist college graduate, who due to his atheist point of view has high doubts for nearly everything. He’s rude to Bob and Larry at first about God not existing and how there is no one out looking for good to rise against. They refer to him at one point as a “Doubting Thomas”. Later one, he is taught that he has no excuses to make personality wise no matter what his beliefs are.

Danny Ansley (Emma Stone) : Another college graduate who knew Kevin from school. She’s loves fashion and other things most girls her age love + has deep thoughts on helping to succeed. Danny knows the VeggieTales characters by heart and becomes interested to want to help them with their goals while visiting the real world.

Dr. Igor Quack (Javier Bardem) : The evil scientist who wishes to exploit each of the beloved characters by putting them in his juice. His main experience comes from his deceased daughter, Gina who lead a very unhealthy life and was quite spoiled throughout. Quack believes that every child will end up like her if they don’t eat their vegetables.

Maybe I will post the script in another blog. See you next time!

A Different Dimension 2 (Fan Fiction Written by Me)

I wrote this fan fiction story recently. It took me about a week to finish it. It features me, (with a different spelling for better pronunciation) as myself and Rodney Copperbottom from Blue Sky Studios, “Robots” (one of my beloved crushes)

Note: The reason the title has “2” on the end is because another user on Devinart already had a fan fiction like this featuring Rodney and it was called “A Different Dimension”. I wanted to do one of my own and make this one better!

Chapter 1

This story begins with me. I first came to Burbank one week ago. Here, I have come to pursue my career for the entertainment industry. I am here for the summer to get a WB internship. There I will get my chance to present my ideas for them and what difference it could make for the world of entertainment. I had not yet had the chance to completely explain but one of them promised me that they would let me show them whenever there is a good time which none of us know yet when there will be. My old friend I’ve known since third grade, Hartley Griffin has let me stay in her apartment with her while I’m here for the summer. I was so excited to be together after we’ve been far apart for nearly a decade. So far, we’ve had a pizza party by ordering from Little Caesars, watched Moulin Rouge while sharing a china bowl of Orville popcorn and only done one pillow fight but I also really badly wanted to go shopping with her at Burbank Town Center, visit Santa Monica Beach, and go to a night party but she’s working nearly every day and is spending so much time with her boyfriend, Todd Bradley who seems like a dork to me.

That is another problem I have always had. Boys my age from the real world are almost always at below average for me. It makes it hard for me to find a boyfriend and love interest. It rather prevents me from being boy crazy too which is supposed to be a good thing while unfortunately drags me far away from where my peers were heading. That is not to say that I do wish to get married but with boys being so uncivilized or obnoxious, it has me under a total struggle. I have had more love interest a few actors that are older than me and a few fictional characters including a humanized robot character who seems totally up my ally if only it were a reality to be with him. Depression wasn’t going to go more severe on what yet was about to come.

On a Friday afternoon, Hartley and I were driving back to AVA Burbank from the studio to work on my internship and we stopped at DIY Home to get some flowers for our apartment. Just as we were about to pick some purple bedding flowers, I saw something peculiar in the hardware section. Hartley didn’t want me getting into any trouble so she followed me while carrying the plant. This looked rather familiar too. It felt like a dream too because I thought I was walking towards that robot boy I had a crush on for 17 years. It was him! I didn’t know what to do. Hartley looked very amazed and shocked too. She remembered my love for him ever since. I could do nothing but touch his shoulder with my right pointer finger. Both of us startled and I toppled over a bunch of items behind me. An announcement came up from above. “Clean up on isle 5!”

“Are you.. you’re Rodney Copperbottom! HA! I never thought I’d see you!! OMG!” Rodney glanced at me rather puzzled. “How did you know my name?” he asked. “You’re in movie here in the real wor… Say what are doing here?” “My wonderbot was messing with my teleporting device I created. I tried to stop him but the device got so screwed up that it sent us both here. It’s broken again and it looks worse than it did last time.” “Could I see?” I asked. As I took a look, I could definitely see what he meant. It looked like there was a badly damaged circuit. “I am looking for ways to fix this” Rodney told me. “I bet we can do it.” Hartley joined the conversation. “I’m Hartley and this here is my best friend Kaylee. She’s a huge fan of yours.” “Well it’s nice to mee..” Just then we all saw Wonderbot getting into a fight with one of the cats that roams around in the store. One of the employees had a broom. I wanted Rodney to stand back because I wanted to handle this. As I tried to grab his Wonderbot, he got behind and pulled my hair! It hurt real bad! “Stop it Wonderbot!” said Rodney. He grabbed him back and thanked me for taking care of him. I thought he needed a place to stay since it might take days or even weeks to figure out how we can fix the device.

I asked Hartley if he could stay with us. She told me that we do have a third bedroom for guests in which I already knew. I turned to Rodney. “I thought you could use a home away from home. I don’t know how long it will take to fix your device but we will do our best.” “Thank you that’s very kind of you and I would be more than happy to stay with both of you.” He could already tell that I had so much to give him. Hartley payed for the flowers and packed them into the back of her car.

As Rodney and Wonderbot were riding in the backseat they looked out the window wondering where they were. “Where exactly are we?” asked Rodney. “You’re in Burbank California.” I told him. “This isn’t exactly my home. I am originally from Charles Town which is on the other side of the country but I am here for the summer to get an internship and hope to present my ideas. Actually I came here from some other town that is also on the other side which is currently another home of mine right now.” “This sounds very familiar” he said. “You remind me so much of what I had in my past days.” “I’ve seen it all!” I told Rodney. “You were wanting to become an inventor and present some ideas yourself.” Although I was a little embarrassed to tell him that I secretly think we were made for each other.

Hartley pulled into the parking lot of AVA. We all got back to our room and I showed Rodney where he will be. I could tell he appreciated what both of us were doing. Hartley and I wondered how we were going to find a way to fix the teleporting machine. I knew that Rodney had family and friends that had to be missing him by now but I was so happy to have found him and let him stay with us. I didn’t want to have to think about letting him go just yet. As night begin to roll I made sure Rodney was doing okay. “Make yourself at home!” I told him. We both told each other good night and then I went back upstairs not feeling too sleepy. I was excited that he was in our house. I knew I had to write all this down in my diary. Once that was off my chest I finally dropped off and began to catch some Z’s.

Chapter 2

The next morning I found Rodney and Hartley at the dining room table still trying to figure out what is wrong with the teleporting device. I joined them as soon as I came out of the kitchen with my breakfast power smoothie. This was going to be harder than Hartley and I thought and knew that only a scientific professional can help with this. None of us knew where we were going to find one. I could tell Rodney was starting to look worried. “It’s okay, we can still fix it.” I told him as I rubbed his back. Hartley had to leave for work leaving me and Rodney in charge.

I really wanted to go to the mall which was 11 minutes away. I just sighed. “What’s wrong, Kaylee?” Rodney asked from behind me. “I wish I could spend more time with her but she’s always working and is spending more time with her dorky boyfriend almost every day. There’s a mall a few miles from here and I really want to go.” Then I had a thought that I could take Rodney. I thought this might be a day where I could show Rodney around our land. “Perhaps you could come with me. I’d like to show you around our dimension.” “That sounds wonderful!” he told me. As I finished getting ready, both of us walked into the parking with Wonderbot following behind us. There Rodney got to see my purple Mini Cooper.

Rodney glanced at it as if it were very spiffy. “Nice car!” he told me. “Thank you, but it’s not exactly mine. I rented it for while I am here for the summer. When I found it I thought it would fit me perfectly because it sort of looks like my actual car that’s back on the other side of the country. Plus, this stands out very nicely so I don’t get lost in a parking lot.” We both chuckled and got in. Then I put on my sunglasses and plugged in my iPod so we could listen to my music through the radio speakers. Wonderbot seemed to really like listening to it as I could tell by his dance moves. But I had to keep my eye on the road. We pulled into the West parking garage and parked on the second floor. That made us enter the mall on the middle floor through Macy’s. This had to have been our first stop. Rodney glanced around as if he wasn’t sure what to think at first. As I looked around I tried on a couple of chic outfits, including a purple chiffon top with coral skinny pants and a rainbow striped dress. Rodney didn’t mind while I looked around although he wanted me to come out when I had something different on. Through the looks of his sparkly cyan eyes, he seems to look as if he was already liking me. Butterflies were flying around in my stomach! I have never felt this much joy in such a long time.

I finally settled a hot pink dress with a couple of colorful linings around the waist, the end of the skirt and straps at the top. It looked like something a cheerleader would wear! I found a few accessories too including a lilac purse with a plastic heart at the front, a floral Kate Spade hat along with a blue stripy bracelet and colorful drop earrings. There were so many good deals and sales around here. The last item from here was a Juicy Couture fragrance set.

I swiped my debit card and carried it all in a huge plastic bag in which might consolidate with the rest of what I get. The fragrance was all wrapped up like a present. I was quite glad that I saved a lot of my recent birthday money before I arrived here. I told Rodney that my birthday was last month and I was saving up to shop here. Rodney and I walked out into the main mall and our next stop was Fashion Nova. I saw a very punk style outfit on one of the mannequins and looked around for them on the rack so I could try it on. Rodney and Wonderbot glanced at me looking surprised as I came out looking like a punk girl from the fitting room. I wasn’t exactly sure if it was my style or not. That didn’t stop me from purchasing some embellished jeans.

As we walked out, a beeper went off as if there was a huge metal detector. I told the employees that nothing was wrong, I just had some friends that were metal made. We stumbled into Aldo where I tried on some really cute velvet fuchsia sneakers. “I am a size 8.5.” I told them. I love shoes but every time I purchase a pair, I had to walk around in them first before they could be purchased. I whispered to Rodney, “I have sensitive feet!” He stared at my feet while wearing what I was about to purchase wondering why my feet could possibly be that way. He did not know just yet about the operation I had on them more than a decade ago. The employees handed me the shoes in a large box going into another plastic bag. Rodney and I walked into H&M and I put together a cute outfit to try on which included a pink cowboy hat. The only thing I really ended up purchasing from there was the denim vest. I looked at Rodney and I thought he needed to fit in with our society.

We walked over to Hot Topic and I knew there had to be something in there. I wasn’t too sure what size he was but I had to guess a small. I told Rodney to wait outside cause I wanted to surprise him. “Take you time.” He told me. I looked around at some men’s hoodies and found a dark blue one with white lining. It was a “My Hero Academia Training” hoodie. That looked like it would be up his ally since he was totally my hero. After ringing it up I walked back out and found Rodney still waiting. “Hey” I told him. “Oh hey!” he said back. “Want to see what I got you?” I pulled out the hoodie “You’ve been my hero for so many years, Rodney, so I thought this hoodie might suit you.” “Why, thank you, Kaylee. I really like the design.” He said. “I want to see how it looks on you.” I helped him put the hoodie on. Rodney just chuckled and said “Well, how do I look?” I blushed and said “You’ve never looked so cute and cuddly!”

We walked passed a sunglasses kiosk and I tried on a few. Then I decided to try a pair on Rodney. His smile with the dark killer shades made him look so hot that I could literally burst in flames. I ended up buying those for him as well.

Rodney held my hand as we rode the escalator downstairs. I didn’t want to have to tell him about my fear of them from my childhood. I wanted to take a look in Old Navy. There I tried on a brown cotton dress with skinny jeans. I found a polka dot stretch headband that looked cute with it. Once again I ended buying one thing which was a really cute floral cardigan that was on clearance.

Rodney and I came out and walked over to the food court. I might have been hungry but Rodney told me he wanted to look around some more. I told him that he could do so while I was back here. “Just be careful, okay?” I told him. I knew he would be anyway and headed over to the Sbarro line. I walked over to the cleanest table I could find with my NY style cheese pizza slice, breadstick and diet Pepsi. But where was Rodney? He was at the top floor looking around the All Amusement Arcade.

“Wow!” he thought with all the bright lights and what looked very high tech. He glanced at it all and tried some out. Many around him were wondering who he was. This was no ordinary looking guy. Only a few young people somehow recognized Rodney as if they might have seen him somewhere before. Meanwhile I was using the ladies room and when I came out I decided to go up to the top floor for a Dairy Queen double fudge chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard. About a minute after I bought one, Wonderbot came flying to me out of nowhere. “What is it?” I asked.” He was acting like he wanted me to follow him cause Rodney was in trouble. He took me down one floor and I found Rodney surrounded by a bunch of idiots at Victoria’s Secret. They looked like they wanted to torture him! Or maybe I just misunderstood that. I had to get him out of there anyway. This was telling me that we should go home. Rodney and I walked over back to where we came in. I dropped one of my bags and Rodney picked it up for me and helped me carry it. “I hope this will all fit in my car!” I said as we came back to my car.

Chapter 3

Rodney and I were back from the mall and Hartley was already back from work. She could tell by the look that I had bought so much. “I hope you had fun and I am very sorry I couldn’t join you.” She told us. Hartley wanted to see what all I got. I unpacked and she was very amazed at what I got and told me that I really did have a passion for fashion. Then she noticed Rodney in his new hoodie. “Where did you get that hoodie?” she asked. “I bought it from Hot Topic!” I told her. “I wanted him to blend in with our society.” “Kaylee has a point.” He said to Hartley just before we both heard a combination of rumbling and boing springy noises.

“What was that?” I said feeling a little startled. The sound was coming from Rodney’s spring abdomen. “That’s a sign that I am feeling a little peckish.” He told us. I knew it had to have meant that he was getting hungry. Rodney’s tummy rumbled and sprung again. “Well I wasn’t too sure about what you consume.” Said Hartley. “But I went out and got some nuts & bolts along with some mechanical oil.” Rodney seemed to have appreciated it that Hartley thought about what he would need. I realized that I had a headache and it was making me dizzy. I told them both that I was going upstairs to lie down. Hartley told me that she would feed Rodney for me while I did so.

I had no idea what has happened to me but I decided to go ahead and put on my satin lingerie. I took two pills to make sure the pain would kick in. I dosed off with my sleeping mask on after I took a gulp from my water bottle. I laid there and slept like a rock for about an hour in a half. But meanwhile, Hartley invited Rodney into her room. He clearly noticed that we shared a bathroom that connected with the two of our bedrooms. Hartley also had photos of her and Todd just about everywhere. He wanted to see my room next but knew that he couldn’t right now because Rodney knew that I probably wouldn’t want to be disturbed while I was trying to heal from pain. Just then he found something quite peculiar. Hartley noticed too that Todd had left his kazoo in her room the other day. Rodney immediately remembered his father telling him that he had one as a kid when growing up wanting to be a musician. “I think I remember that. You’re dad wanted to be a musician at first.” Said Hartley. “Why don’t you give it a go? It’s quite easy to play.” “If you really say so.” said Rodney before clearing his throat and taking a breath. “Go ahead!” Hartley said back.

That’s when I heard the sound coming all the way from my room. I was already thinking about getting up while I also wanted to investigate the noise. I slipped on my slippers and pink Juicy Couture robe before walking out. I could clearly hear it coming from Hartley’s room. I had never felt so tingly inside once I found out it was Rodney playing that kazoo. “He sure is so much better at it than Todd!” Hartley told me. Rodney turned to me still having the kazoo in his mouth and saw as if I was about to explode. He quickly spit it out so he could find out what was wrong more easily. Wonderbot was going in panic acting like he thought I was going to blow up. “Kaylee? Kaylee? Are you okay?” I was so tongued tied and beat red I couldn’t speak up. That is until Rodney touched my shoulder.

I exhaled hard and said “I’m so sorry if I worried you. It’s just you playing that kazoo made me feel so tingly. I mean, you’ve never been more adorable, Rodney.” “Kaylee, I meant to ask you. While we were in the mall, I saw a sign that said ‘Victoria’s Secret’. I was wondering if you knew what the secret was.” “You want to know the secret?” I said. “I’ll show you!” and I took off my bathrobe showing my nighttime lingerie I got from Victoria’s Secret months ago. Rodney blushed right when I did. It was as if we both made each other express love. Night was once again rolling and everyone had to get some sleep.

However, I decided to stay up and look at some magazines for a while and write about my day in my diary. Just then, I wondered what would happen if Rodney ever saw what I was saying about him. More secrets of mine were in it! I was already becoming so attached to him that I bet he was going to think that I do not want him to leave. I remembered that no one could get in because I am the only one who knows the lock code to open my diary. I hid it back in its safe spot and went back to sleep.

Chapter 4

It is now day 3 with Rodney staying in our apartment. Hartley once again had to go off to work. I decided to take Rodney over to Johnny Carson park. The park is named after a guy that had his performance here in Burbank. I wanted to try out my roller skates too in this new place. I got these about a month ago too because I wanted to see if I was ready for them after nearly a decade since my feet were operated on. As Rodney and I walked over into the park I found a bench and sat there while trying to put on my glittery skates.

“Kaylee, are you really sure you’ll be okay? I would really hate to see you get injured.” “I’ll be fine Rodney, my feet are not as weak as they used to be.” As soon as I adjusted my pads and pink helmet, I was off. Rodney immediately thought of his girlfriend, Cappy back in Robot City and how I could show my hot chick moves like this. Then he immediately got worried about what she would say if finding out about me and how much affection I’ve given him all this time. The ride was rather scary and fun at the same time but just then, I was about to run into a root from a tree. This caused Rodney to startle and ran over to catch me as I nearly fell. I couldn’t believe he just saved me right on time but after that, I think it was time I changed out of all that gear and just take a walk. As we were walking over the bridge we began one of the biggest conversations yet.

“Where was it you were from again?” Rodney asked me. “Charles Town!” I decided to show him photos of it. I took out my phone and scrolled through. “Although I am not really from Charles Town, I was born in the suburb city of it.” “That place reminds me of Rivet Town.” He told me. “Oh yeah! That’s the small town you grew up in isn’t it? Anyhow, my father moved somewhere else a few years ago and right after I graduated from college, I decided to live with him until I could get a place to live back here which is the spot on where I want to work. It’s just like how you did when you first moved to Robot City.” Rodney was beginning to look at me as if we had so much in common. He told me that he remembered when his dad gave him support to go live his dreams. “You know Rodney, you are so lucky! I wish my dad were more like yours.” Rodney wondered what I was talking about. “My dad didn’t really approve me too much for the fact that I would be moving to a left leaning blue state in order to live my dreams. He teased me too much on getting me to stay and so often forgets that I am old enough to stay up for as long as I want, sleep as late as I want or any of that independent stuff.”

“What do you mean, left-leaning?” Rodney asked me. “Well, California is under a spell to keep voting for a party who claims to know what is right for everything when really, they are ruining it.” I went on. “Due to leftists having taken over the state, it has left us with high taxes and a big government. Illegal immigrants are crossing the border from Mexico because they do not enforce immigration walls. So far I have not seen any wildfires happen while I am here but as far as I am concerned, the state does not manage the forests here when it comes to controlled burns to keep down on the dead leaves and branches on the forest floor. Houses were also built right up to the forest edges putting people in danger. Unfortunately, the left thinks forest management causes pollution when really, these wildfires cause even more pollution. But all these guys do is blame global warming for the reason wildfires happen as if nothing is their fault when it is. They’ve caused so much homelessness in the state too including Los Angales. Laws are not enforced and laws are passed to encourage the homeless to keep being homeless. The left has a huge obsession with socialism and wants to take capitalism away from us because they think it’s bad. What is reality is not what they think. In reality, socialism makes people selfish and lose their creativity. They loose their right to think for themselves too and let the government control them. Therefore without the creativity, people have a really hard time finding jobs to keep them living. That is part of what has caused the state to be a mess and they want to do it to almost every state around our country. Unless right-leaning conservatives like me can stand up for what they believe in, things will get worse but the left is just too stubborn and rather toxic to even stand up for. If the entire country or even the whole world becomes progressive like the left wants, people will lose their hope and just wish to give up or even cause suiside for themselves.”

Rodney was looking very concerned. “That’s…that’s terrible!” he said. “Why would someone force their views when it’s really destroying society?” “Well..be.. because they’re spoiled brats who hate our country and wish for it to be something else.” I could tell this was reminding Rodney of all the outmodes that were scattered on the street due to Ratchets horrible policies. “Some even think your movie is anti-capitalist when as far I am seeing, it’s completely just opposite.” Wonderbot was acting out in shock. “What’s he saying?” I asked. Rodney replied, “He says.. that’s not fair.” “Tell me about it!”

“My father thinks he’s the center of the universe and demands for California to a part of China. But what about where my job? Last week I was asking an employee at WB if they are starting to think about moving out of the state due to what a mess it has become but they said that they were not quitters and have been in that location for decades. It’s impossible for them to think about moving at this point of time. As far as my concerns, California deserves to be saved if where I want my career to be is not going to move out. I’m pretty sure others want to do the same thing as I do. If only we could get those brats to flee our nation and go form their own democracy somewhere else.” Rodney could tell that I had optimistic plans like he did. “I could tell your father knew that he wasn’t the center of the universe and had more respect for your dream. My dad is nearly the total opposite and it’s so painful. I’ve never had a guy in my life who I would strongly get along with and is more peaceful and soft spoken making me feel more comfortable to be around. I really wish to have someone like.. you with me.” “That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever told me.” He said back. “You.. really mean it?” Then came the moment I had been waiting for. Rodney held out his arms like he was wanting me to give him a hug. I embraced him for literally 5 minutes.

Then I checked my watch and noticed that we should probably get going because Hartley was going to be back from work early today. Rodney and I got back into the car with Wonderbot riding in the backseat. I noticed that my vehicle needed gas. We pulled into station 76 and I told Rodney that it will just be a minute. I got out and the car beeped like always. Rodney began to think about what all I had told him and wondered if maybe he could help save the state just like he did with Robot City. I came back into the driver seat and noticed Rodney looking concerned again. “You alright?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m fine, Kaylee. I was just thinking about what you told me.” “Really?” “I agree with you that California deserves to be saved. Your father is definitely wrong.” Rodney said to me. “I am just so glad I brought you in.” But then it was a moment like no other. We made out!

Chapter 5

We were back from another adventure! But this time, Hartley had Todd with her. I was getting a little worried about what he would do if he saw Rodney. Then I remembered that he had a kazoo that needed to be returned. Hartley greeted us back and Todd came with her. “Kaylee how’s it…” he turned and saw Rodney. “Holy $%#%! What is that?” “That is Rodney, he’s a robot lost from another dimension and he’s staying with us until we can get him home.” Hartley told him. “Oh great! You’ve got this freaky tin man in your home? Well, that just leaves bad luck for you both!!” “What?” said Rodney. “He’s not a killer robot!” I shouted. “Now stop acting like a militant jerk!”

Rodney had something to say. “Ahem, aren’t you looking for this?” he pulled the kazoo out of one of the pockets of his new hoodie. “What are you doing with my kazoo?” Todd yelled. “You left it..he” “Shut up!” Wait a minute I know you!! You’re from that freak movie about robots that conquered our world for themselves. You son of a terminator!!” “Hey no need to be so rude.” Rodney tried to say. “Listen here tin man! You’re going down!” Rodney didn’t know what to do but he put the kazoo in his mouth and blew one note every time Todd tried to punch him and then moved out of the way. “You know what? Keep the kazoo! But this is for destroying mankind and taking our…” “Todd!!” shouted Hartley! “Stop it! You know what, I can’t take this anymore! If this is how you are going to behave then get out of here!!” Hartley did everything she could to get him out of the house. “I never want to see you again you irritating #@$@$%@! Well Kaylee you were right. He is a dork.” Hartley told me.

I could not help but sob and run up to my room. I just really hated to see my beloved robot nearly get beat up. “No, wait Kaylee! I’m okay!” Rodney tried to tell me. Hartley told him to let her feel better by herself. I tried to dry my tears away the best I could. Right about then I decided to play with items I got from the mall yesterday and try them with a few that I already had. I turned on my iHome boombox with my iPod in it to keep me from thinking about that traumatic situation. I tried the jeans and sneakers on with my pink newsboy hat and stripy zipper hoodie, the floral sweater and hat on with my coral capris and blue metallic ballet flats and then the cheerleader-like dress with my white boots and faux leather choker. Right when I was taking a look at myself with the third outfit on, Rodney came in to see if I was feeling better. “Hey, Kaylee, are you feeling any better?” I said “A little. I’m very sorry about what happened.” “No Kaylee, I’m okay. I’m not hurt anywhere. My feelings might be a little hurt though.”

He looked around my room and noticed the pile of clothes and accessories I’ve been trying on. “What is all this?” he asked. “Can’t you see? I’m quite the shopaholic!” I told him. Rodney looked around some more and noticed my lava lamp, super star bed, Moschino retro phone case and my walk in closet filled with all my pretty clothes, shoes and all the accessories I collect. “Oh wow!” he said. “You’ve got the coolest room I have ever seen!” As far as I could tell, he was looking at me as if I were everything a hot chick could have.

There he found so much! Including my bow tube top, denim mini skirts, sweater with a flower sewn on, pink beanie hat, tennis dress, plaid bucket hat, chocolate brown handbag, palm tree t-shirt, peachy casual ruffle dress, black lace dress, plus, my collection of shades, purses, belts, scarves, jewelry and nearly all of my Juicy Couture products, including my charm bracelet filled with objects that represent my interests. Inside the closet was also my Betsey Johnson suitcase and Juicy Couture duffle bag I bought down here. Rodney was also discovering my creativity with some of the embellished clothing bits. I could tell that he was looking at me as if I were a fashion model. He also looked at my vanity, jewelry box and desk along with a hanging board filled with fashion sketches of my alien girl character I’m wanting to show and bring to life. “Being a fashion designer for dolls and children is another thing I hope to accomplish once I have my creations out in the entertainment industry.” I told him.

Rodney was really beginning to see my talent. “I remember hanging up ideas for inventions in my room.” He said. We both had so much in common. He even found my photo album book which was not yet full. Then I got very shocked to see Rodney looking rather embarrassed when he found my doll and action figure of himself in my room. “What’s wrong? It’s just you!” “I know, but they can’t seem to get my eyes right!” he said. I couldn’t help but giggle!

I was still feeling very sorry for Rodney due to the fight with Todd. I sat on my bed and patted a spot for him next to me. “So what all were you thinking about after I told you about the lefts horrible impact?” “I’m thinking that there should be an invention to stop those wildfires.” “You bet!” I told him. “There’s also a lot of pollution in many of these cities. You should think about finding a way to get rid of it.” “See a need, fill a need!” We said together. “Yeah, nobody seems to realize that this is a totally capitalist phrase.” Rodney left my room after Hartley called him to check something of hers out. I was still feeling bad inside. I decided to take a bubble bath and hope it would help. It always felt so relaxing! 10 minutes after I was all settled in. Wonderbot sneaked in through the door. I didn’t know what he was up to. He jumped with shock when he turned and saw me.

I was wondering if he got scared because I had my “Don’t look at me” facial mask on and floral head towel on my head. Then I completely realized that he went to tell Rodney that he saw something scary in the bathroom. I got a little worried but then Rodney walked in and we both startled again. “OH!” Rodney cleared his throat. “Sorry Kaylee, I didn’t know that was you.” “This is just my facial mask. I use it all the time when I..” Then I realized that my naked chest was showing. I grabbed a wash cloth to cover it. “Just personal business going on.” I told him while blushing. “It smells like beauty in here.” He told me. I knew it had to have been the bubble bath I was using. I had to get to bed on time tonight because I had to go to work on my internship first thing in the morning.

Chapter 6

It was the first day I had to leave the house with Rodney staying over. I was a little worried about Rodney and the fact that he would need to be by himself for about at least 5 hours. “Are you sure you will be okay by yourself?” I asked him. He told me “I will be fine and I’ve got a little something to work on.” I wasn’t all too sure what he meant but hours and days were about to go by just before I even knew what he was up to. Rodney had been thinking about inventing some new gadgets that would help with all of the problems the golden state is facing. He wants to help save it! I still did not have the chance yet to tell the company about my ideas.

Just as I was coming home, I stopped to pick up some groceries at Grocery Outlet. While walking around with my cart, I wondered if maybe there was a chance I could make something metal-like as if this was a way to win his heart through his stomach. But I didn’t want to have to worry about that right now. I wanted to know what he was up to. As I came in through the apartment door, Rodney helped carry all the bags to the counter. As I started putting things away I asked him, “What was the something you were working on while I was gone?” “I’d rather not tell right now.” He told me. “I want to wait until it’s almost done. I figured you might understand better by then.” It wasn’t until two days later when that was about to come around.

It did not start out that way though. I decided to go for a swim in the AVA apartment pool when I came back from working on my internship. As I always did, I laid down on one of the chairs to work on my tan. Rodney was finishing his project and wasn’t too sure when the best time would be to show it to me. As I was outside, he looked out the window and saw me wearing my hot pink tankini and Revlon shades. The second time he looked out, I was taking my swim and saw me the third time relaxing in the spa shallow area. I came back in all damp! Rodney was still finishing up his project and was nearly done but was getting a little bit distracted by looking at me.

He even came up and listened closely through the door as he heard me sing in the shower while washing my hair. Just as soon as he was finished with his new invention, Rodney went back upstairs to get me. He knocked on the door trying to get my attention but I couldn’t hear him because of the blow dryer. “Kaylee, my new invention is ready!” I turned it off and asked him to repeat that again. This was great to hear! I ran down while still wearing my bathrobe and saw what it was. “I created this to get rid of the air pollution facing the city.” Rodney told me. I was very amazed! “That’s wonderful! But don’t you think this should be tested first?” Then I had an idea. “Santa Monica Beach as far as I know is a rather beloved city over here and it is loaded with pollution. Why don’t we go up their on Saturday to test this?” “That’s a genius idea Kaylee, but I have other inventions I’m also trying to work on.” “Take your time!” I said back.

I could already see that progress was about to be made on saving the golden state. Hartley came home soon after that and she told us that we should all go over to a night club Friday night. I was totally in for it and I guess Rodney was too.

Chapter 7

On the day of the club dance, I made a really big dolled up adventure by myself. Meanwhile, Rodney was still working another invention he had in mind which I didn’t quite know what it was. So after I was finished with internship work, I headed for a little plaza. I went into a nail salon that had my name in it. There, I got a manicure painting my nails a pinkish red color with a dash of glitter as the top coat. I was pretty nervous about messing them up but so far I didn’t and I am pretty sure no one will really notice.

The next stop was the hair salon next door. From there, I was escorted to the sink so I could be prepared for my dead end trim. I absolutely could not wait for Rodney to see me once I was all prepared for the dance! I thought about getting some pink and blue hair streaks but I knew that would be too expensive. They put me under the dryer and gave me a Cosmopolitan magazine to look at. While looking in there, I saw a dress that reminded me of my sky blue cocktail one. It made me decide that I will wear that tonight. I also found a hairstyle in there that I decided to have made up after I got out. Once I did, they styled my hair into two space buns while also curling the down ends.

“Fabulous!” I thought. That part was checked off but then I felt hungry and craved Carl’s Jr. I still had plenty of time! So I drove up there and got a bite to eat. It was very tasty but after that double cheeseburger that was full of onions, I knew I had to brush my teeth before the dance. My hands smelled like French fries too. It was a good thing I bought some hand wipes with me in my purse. Some people around me were looking at my hairstyle and thought it was rather cool.

Once I got home it was almost time for Hartley to come back from work and we made a deal that we’d leave at 5:00. I had to run back up and get ready. But then Hartley came in through the door just as I was about to go up the stairs. She walked over to me and we greeted each other. “I thought Rodney would need to fit in at this party.” She said. “So what are we going to do?” I asked her. “I bought him a tie.” I looked at it as soon as she pulled it out. It had a wrench pattern to it which I knew would be perfect for Rodney. “Oh he’d look so handsome in that!” I told her. But I had to go up and get ready. Hartley had to do the same. “I will help Rodney get this on if you want me to.” she said. I couldn’t agree more.

While at my vanity doing my makeup and with the music playing from my boombox, I chose to wear a coral red lipstick that matched my nails as well as some very light blue eyeshadow which I know will match the dress I am wearing. From there, I put on stick-on faux lashes and topped it off with powder blusher and a spritz of perfume. I looked around in my closet and found the dress that I was wanting to wear. As I was looking at other details, I chose my multi colored striped flats, shiny silver evening bag, as well as my multi-color heart necklace and multi colored stud hoop earrings. Then I remembered the bracelet I got from the mall the other day. I took it out of the jewelry box and put that on my left arm. The last thing to top it off was a couple of rings for my fingers.

Hartley came knocking on my door asking if I was ready. I definitely was! As I came out, Rodney and I just so happened to be impressed by the new looks of each other. I always wondered how he would look in a tie. He never looked so handsome! I knew this would be a wonderful night but I did not know just yet what mischief Wonderbot would get into real soon while he was in charge of the house. Rodney and I held hands as we walked down to Hartley’s car.

Chapter 8

The three of us were arriving at the night club! I got a little nervous about getting a rape attack. “I’ll protect you.” Rodney told me as we held hands while walking in. Many people backed up as we walked by them wondering what some guy wearing a metal costume was doing here. At least they thought it was a costume. I was very ready to be the party queen! The music was so great that I wanted to dance the rhythm. Hartley remembered that I didn’t drink alcohol, so she went and got me a fruity virgin. It was okay but I wished they had fruit smoothies on the menu. “This place kind of reminds of the Bigweld ball.” Rodney told us both. “Although before I came here I was told it was going to be renamed the Copperbottom ball soon because Bigweld is retiring his work. He is leaving me in charge to be the new CEO.” That reminded him of when we were going to find a way to fix the teleporting device.

But just then during the middle of the fun, an announcement for volunteer karaoke was being announced. Hartley encouraged me that I should do it. But I felt a little too nervous to do so. “Kaylee, you’ve got a lovely voice!” Rodney told me. “I heard you sing a few days ago.” That’s when I realized that he must’ve heard me sing in the shower the other day. I decided to make a go for it because I wanted to express my feelings for Rodney with a song anyway. Hartley took me up to the stage. “Break a leg!” she said and took care of my purse as I asked her to.

I whispered to the announcer to play that Taylor Swift song “Enchanted”. “Sure.” he said to me. I cleared my throat and announced that I’d like to dedicate this song to a friend of mine out here. I felt a little worried to tell Rodney that I was wanting to be more than his friend. I looked at Rodney from time to time as I sang. Hartley screamed as it went on. There was a major applause when I was finished as if I were a total rock star. I came down to Rodney and he hugged me. A few others volunteered for karaoke too. He couldn’t believe what strong feelings I had for him. I could tell he liked me even more after that. A few minutes later, a slow dance was on. “I had never had a night more magical than this.” I told Rodney. “I mean more magical than my high school proms.” We both chuckled. Pretty sooner or later, it happened again. We kissed! I think I might have left a lipstick mark on him.

Just as I thought, only a few people looked at Rodney while clearly recognizing him at the same time. Some of them made fun of him while others tried to get a selfie to together using force. Someone even almost knocked Rodney out by throwing an empty glass at him. I once again had to get him away from all that chaos. We had to call it a night after all that trouble happening.

On the way, I started to think about the fact that Rodney would have to leave as soon as we fix the teleporting gadget. I felt worried that I would probably never see him again. Due to that, my stomach began to hurt and tears started to fall. Hartley completely saw once we got back into the room. “What’s wrong Kaylee?” she asked me. “Well, I just… I’m gonna miss Rodney when he goes home. I don’t want him to go! He’s the most perfectly romantic guy I’ve ever been with!” I continued to sob some more. “I understand.” She replied. “But you know he’s got a family and many friends who miss him already. And didn’t you hear that he’s got a big job he needs to come prepared for?” I couldn’t take it anymore. I just said my “good night” to her and went up to get ready for bed. It wasn’t easy trying to get over it and I didn’t know if I was going to fall asleep easily or not. That’s the reason I took sleeping pills every night.

Something tells me that I think Rodney overheard our conversation. He sure did! I could hear my door opening as I tried to sleep. I heard Rodney’s voice in a whispering tone. “Psst! Kaylee! Kaylee?” he said. I couldn’t respond. More was about to come! I heard Rodney clear his throat and he started singing a familiar song. I could feel him sit on my bed and stroke me as he continued singing that beautiful song, “The Sweetest Gift”. I pulled up my sleeping mask and sat up slowly a little while later. “I should’ve known you have such a lovely voice too.” I said. We hugged each other again and said our good nights. Rodney stroked me again before he was just about to leave.

Just then while I was wasn’t looking and sound asleep, Wonderbot came in with my diary. It seems that he snunk into it and managed to figure out the password. Rodney did feel a little worried about how I would feel because these were supposed to be my person thoughts and secret wishes. But Wonderbot forced him to see and showed him the parts where I talked about him. He felt glad that I was feeling a lot of love for him but grew over concerned that I started to mention how I wish he didn’t have to go. Rodney didn’t know what to do or how this could be handled.

Chapter 9

We had a mission today! Our goal was to test this new invention! Hartley announced a little while earlier that she ended up having a day off from work today and we were all going to go to Pacific Park on the Santa Monica pier. Finally we were going to do what I have always wanted to do with her and with Rodney with us, it would be even more fun. He decided that we should take Wonderbot with us so he doesn’t get into any trouble. I got a little perplexed. “What trouble?” I asked. Rodney was too embarrassed to tell. “Kaylee, I love your outfit!” Hartley told me. I was wearing a pretty crop top, pink capris, jelly sandals, star earrings, faux leather strap necklace, beaded bracelet and had a crossbody purse and sunglasses to top it off. That is not to say but Rodney had on the shades I got for him at the mall along with that hoodie.

I could tell this was going to be a wonderful day. When we got to Santa Monica, we all looked for the perfect spot to test this new invention. I didn’t see any air pollution as if it were invisible. Rodney turned on the device and let it run for 10 minutes. The pollution might have decreased but nobody was reacting and to me, everything looked the same. But now, it was time to head to the pier. We all looked around and I began to wish that there was a pier like this back on my East Coast home.

Hartley wanted to go on the roller coaster first. “Oh I don’t know.” I said. “I’ve got kind of a sensitive stomach.” Then I realized that Rodney would be with me and that would make me feel more protected. “Well, I guess I could do it.” At least the ride did not have a loop that flipped you upside down and Rodney and I sat next to each other. I screamed most of the way and called out to Rodney. He screamed too and yelled out “I’ve got your back Kaylee!” When the ride was finished, felt all sweaty and a bit dizzy. Rodney told me it reminded him of the ride he took to Bigweld Industries. I knew exactly what he was talking about.

We came across a few games. Hartley won a stuffed orca after playing “Whack a mole”. I won a prize too, by playing “Role a Ball” and winning a stuffed Rainbow Dash pony. Hartley thought the boy at that stand was kind of cute. I guess he seemed a little nicer than Todd but for me he couldn’t get any closer to Rodney. Both Hartley and I got hot dogs at a stand and ice cream from the Scoops stand. She had a vanilla cone while I got cookies and cream. Right after I finished the last gulp of my soda and threw my cup away, I asked Rodney if he had other inventions that needed to be tested. “I do.” He told me. “I finished another just this morning.” “Well, I would like to see it when we get home.” Just then I heard that springy rumble again. “Are you okay?” I asked him. “I’m feeling rather peckish myself.” He said back. I had no clue what to do until Hartley announced that she had something for him. “I’m glad you’re always thinking.” He told her. I told them both that I was going to run to the ladies room and would be right back.

While I was, I began to wonder what Rodney meant when he told me about Wonderbot getting into trouble. But just as I was finished washing my hands, Hartley came running in to find me. “Kaylee, come quick!!” she said. “What is it?” “Rodney’s in trouble!” I got really worried and we both ran to help.

Two guys were messing with him! It seems that Rodney told them something about becoming a pro-capitalist and anti-socialist which made them mad. He remembered what he did with Todd last time and once again had that kazoo in one of the pockets of his hoodie. They tried to punch him and Rodney once again ducked and weaved while also blowing one note on the kazoo which began to sound like a familiar song. I couldn’t take it anymore!

“Stop it! Stop it! Leave him alone!” I cried. “Now who are you?” one of them asked. “Why are you guys so intolerant? Don’t you know what kind impact your political views have had on this beautiful state?” They laughed at me! It looked like Rodney didn’t want to see me get hurt. I turned to him not knowing what else to do as if they needed to be distracted if I wanted to finish my statement. Rodney whistled and got Wonderbot’s attention. He came flying and started attacking those fools. “You’re politics are destroying everything! Capitalism is not what you think it is and socialism is not what you think! They’re the total opposite of each other! Thanks to your actions, California is crumbling down when there is so much here that everyone wants to see and I’ve got a job down here that’s supposed to be my dream come true! The only way to save the state is if the right stands up for their beliefs but you cowards are just too stubborn to let us! All it proves is that you’re just a bunch of spoiled brats who don’t deserve to live here! If you really hate the way America runs, you’ve got to flee this nation and leave our constitution and everything else the #@%$ alone!” The attack stopped. “Leave the country? Why didn’t I think of that?” one of them said. “Yeah, go to Canada! No, go to Mexico, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, China! Just get out of our precious America!!!” I shouted. “Listen here lady..” the other tried to say back before Wonderbot started to act ferocious as if we really mean it and scared them off. “Way to go, Kaylee!” said Rodney and we both high fived each other.

Chapter 10

Rodney and I decided to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Hartley told us that she will wait. As we rode, Rodney began to look at my beauty. “Out of all the humans I’ve met in this dimension, you seem to dress the most appealing.” Rodney told me. “I like to hear that.” I said back. “Hartley says I would make a great fashion model and tells me she can imagine me in a beauty pageant and winning as the pageant queen. I don’t really know about that. I never really thought my body shape would be that appropriate or impressive enough. They always want women who look like hour glasses and I’m nothing like that. Even if I wanted to, it’s just so impossible.”

“No, Kaylee.” Rodney told me. “I think you look beautiful and you should really be proud.” “I guess so, but if only the managers would accept any woman to be a part of it all no matter what her body shape is. Looking like a movie star isn’t as easy as I wish.” “You’re more beautiful then any movie star I could ever know.” Rodney said to me. I didn’t know what to say but I just kissed him. “I’ve never felt so happy.” I said. “You’re robot world says it! You can shine no matter what you’re made of!” Rodney wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my back as if he was saying that I said it.

Then I remembered something I was going to ask. “Rodney, what was it about Wonderbot when you said he would get into trouble?” He still looked embarrassed. “Well Kaylee…… he found your diary while we were out and somehow figured out the password to get in.” “What?” I said in shock. “He showed it to me, and I noticed that you have said that you don’t want me to leave. Is that true?” Rodney asked me. “Well, I understand that you need to get back home for some important duties but yeah, I really wish you would stay. I’ve never loved anyone more romantically than you.” He hugged me again and the ride was about to come to an end.

Hartley found us and had something to say. “I just met a professor from the University of California that says he knows a lot of science and told me that he might be able to fix the teleporting machine.” Rodney looked very relieved. “That’s the good news but the bad news is, he’s busy with other things right now and we’ll have to wait a week from today before he can take a look at.” At least for me, I had more time to spend with Rodney. However, it was time to head back. “I’m really glad we came here!” I said to Hartley. “I just hope we can come back here one day to the beach area and I will be able to do some body boarding.” Hartley already knew we would be able to do that soon.

When we got back, Rodney immediately took me to see his new creation. It was a device that would help stop the wildfires. This would get rid of old leaves and branches without using fire. It would suck up all the ground junk and get turned into renewable energy. “I’m so proud of you for thinking about this Rodney!” I said. “Let’s test this tomorrow!” “Kaylee! Rodney! Come quick! Hurry!” we heard Hartley call us. We both ran to see what was going on. The news was all over us! They were talking about Santa Monica all of the sudden having cleaner air and wondering how in the world it came to be. Who is this mysterious hero and what will he do next?

Then it all of the sudden had a recording of me and Rodney fighting against those two left-leaning jerks. They had never seen a conservative stand up for their beliefs in California in such a long period of time while they were also referring to Rodney once again as if this was some man in a metal costume. It was also saying that many Democrats have seen this recorded on video and are already thinking about leaving the country after feeling scared as if a flying coffee pot was going to attack them if they didn’t leave. “We’re heroes!” I said.

“Kaylee, you’re like a movie star in this!” said Hartley. “I couldn’t agree with her more!” Rodney said back. “Really? This… this is just unbelievable! All I need now is to walk across the red carpet wearing my glamorous gown, furry boa and rhinestone sunglasses showing off my latest heroic accomplishment! Rodney, you helped with this! You can stand by my side.” It was time I got ready for bed. After I put on my pretty nightgown and did my personal business, I invited Rodney into my room to congratulate him for his good-doer action. “If it weren’t for you, I never would have thought about this.” He told me. We hugged each other good night and I dozed off while still feeling tickled.

Chapter 11

Another day of testing was about to come! I knew we were going to be in the forest for this job, so I have to wear my hunter boots I remember getting from Dick’s Sporting Goods store a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I bought them. I just did because I’ve always wanted to go on a campout. But no time for that! Hartley had to go back to work but said she will be back early this afternoon. On the way to the nearest forest, I noticed Rodney’s faux blue mohawk was slanted over. “Here, let me fix that for you.” I said before remembering that I had to keep my eyes on the road. He found the mirror above the passenger seat and noticed it. “Sorry, it does that sometimes.” He told me and we both chuckled. Just then, someone honked at us as if we were almost about to hit her. I turned out of the way and screamed. Then I rolled down the window and yelled “Sorry ma’am!”.

When we got to the forest, I asked Rodney if he had that invention of his with him. It was in the trunk! As we carried it over to the most appropriate spot I made hope that this will save the wildlife from all the out-of-control burns. I didn’t want to look, so I covered my eyes until about a minute later. “You can look now, Kaylee!” Rodney told me. The ground never looked so much better! But I still did not know what would happen with the energy it was recycled into. “Rodney, how will I get enough so the entire country uses these?” “I’ll write down some instructions I used to make these.” He told me. “Perfect! Then I can show them around so everyone will be inspired.” I was getting very excited and felt like we were making progress with saving California.

As we were walking back to the car, I asked Rodney something I never bothered to. “Just out of curiosity, what’s that thing on your chest? Is that a meter?” “This is a mood meter.” He told me. “What does that mean? Does it like express your mood depending on the angle of the hands?” I asked. “Sort of.” As we were driving along, we were stopped by a bunch of photographers and news reporters. “What is going on?” I cried. Rodney was brave to get out and confront them. Everyone was starting to go crazy like he was famous. As I listened, it looked like they recognized him from that incident yesterday and wanted to know what was happening. They also wanted to know what he was doing in a metal costume.

“This isn’t a costume.” He tried to say. “I am a robot from a different dimension.” The crowd gasps with shock. “I accidently ended up in this universe by a mishap and I’ve been trying to get home for almost two weeks.” One of the reporters asked. “What were you doing at that pier yesterday?” “Well, I have a friend here who says to have a dream of working for a company located down here while at the same time, she’s very disappointed by the way this state treats people on the right or something.” “You mean right-wing?” one of them tried to say back. “We don’t…” “No, let the cute robot boy finish his statements.” One of the ladies said back to him.

I knew I had to get out and join the party. “He’s telling the truth!” I started.

“Thanks to the state being so Democratic, it is completely being destroyed! The left and their toxic actions have given this place too many regulations on building, so thanks to that, contractors cannot build affordable housing because there are too many rules to follow. This state does not enforce laws that say it is illegal to hand around and live in the street and encourage people to do it by handing out money all thanks to the spoiled brats on the left. This is why so many people down here have grown homeless, they are doing drugs and making their disgusting duties in the street. You don’t enforce immigration laws either, and that makes illegal aliens flood across the border, causing even more of a strain on this state and state services – like schools, hospitals, roads, police, firefighters, and just about everything. These leftists just don’t care that their actions are just not doing anything good! As Victor Davis Hanson once said, ‘California’s labyrinth of zoning and building regulations discourages low-cost housing. Its generous welfare benefits, non-enforcement of vagrancy and public health laws, and moderate climate draw in the homeless. Nearly one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients live in the state, and nearly one in five lives below the poverty line. California’s progressive Democrat government seems clueless on how to deal with these issues, given that solutions such as low-cost housing and strict enforcement of health codes are seen as either too expensive or politically incorrect.’ He’s totally right! California, the state known for Hollywood, the home to many stars and so much that people dream about like me having to pursue a career for WB animation. Is it likely these things are going to move if this place just keeps crumbling down? From what I understand, NO! They’ve already been here for generations. If it’s going to be that way, the golden state really deserves some nurturing. There must be a way to help these poor homeless people who can’t get jobs and cannot afford a good life because of the high taxes here. If only conservatives stood up for what they believed in, it would’ve never had been like this. There was a time where California was once a red right-leaning state. Now it has crumbled down into a messy blue left-leaning state and I don’t mean blue like my new robot boyfriend standing right near me.”

They laughed and it looked as if they were actually laughing with me this time. I cleared my throat and continued. “If the state would just think about and be convinced to vote Republican and capitalists just thought about running the government, it would bring freedom of speech back not only for California but the entire nation. Capitalism is nothing like what the mainstream media has told us! Accepting capitalism and bringing down taxes is the only way to bring back this beautiful state. Being progressive only makes people lose hope and self-esteem! It is time to vote conservative! Save the state! And remember, none of our 50 states want to be a part of China!

They all seem to have thought my speech was beautiful and they all gave me applause. “My friend here is from a universe that once had this same problem.” From there, Rodney made his statements about where he came from and how it compares to my points. We also told them about our latest accomplishment with stopping the wildfires. As I thought, they wanted the instructions on how these devices could be made.

The reporters finally let us drive away as soon as we finished our speeches. Rodney and I had another heroic accomplishment today! Just as I thought, we were on the news again tonight! We watched it and I was trying to paint my toes at the same time with one of my Coca Cola nail colors. This time, it seems that after watching our speech, many stubborn leftists got extra scared and are already deciding what they should have done all along. Leave America! On the other hand, many have also agreed that the state deserves to be nurtured and not become like a third world country. Then they went on to talk about the discovery made about what we could use to clean the forests without burning anything and therefore, would stop the wildfires. We were discovered to be the mysterious heroes! It seems that the mayor of LA wants to know more about these inventions and how anyone could ever come to think of something like this.

With all this coming along, I knew that our heroic missions had to have been heading somewhere. I looked at Rodney as if he were my true hero. We made out again after we turned off the TV. This looked like an odd couple but this is where love occasionally ends up for someone like me. “Kaylee, I’m starting to fall for you.” Rodney told me. “I’m so glad you feel that way because I’ve had a crush on you for almost two decades. I’ve never dated anyone like you. I just wish society would not judge us if we went to a game, concert, or even dance.” We chuckled again and embraced each other before calling it a night.

Chapter 12

Another week of internship work was about to roll. So just today, I was combing my hair and while looking in the mirror, I noticed a blemish on my left cheek. I didn’t want Rodney to notice and freak out about it. I knew I had to cover it with foundation. I put it in my purse in case I ever needed it again. Rodney came in to wish me luck at my internship as I combed my hair some more before smearing on some strawberry lip gloss. But then I noticed it was raining out. “Rodney, I need you to stay in today. I don’t know what this rain will do to you.” I said as I put on my rain gear. “I’ll be fine Kaylee.” He said back.

It was a day like no other at work because something incredible happened. I was told that they saw me on the news yesterday and are really proud of how well I spoke as if this were like public speaking. Thanks to that and as a reward, they let me show all my ideas today. As everyone listened to all my unique ideas, they turned from the feeling of “No, we couldn’t possibly do that.” To “Oh wow! This idea is a genius and like nothing I’ve ever heard of! We should think about it and work into making money so we bring this series to life.” I felt so proud and I knew I had to tell Hartley and Rodney as soon as I got back.

When I left, the rain had stopped and it was all bright out. From there I took out my sunglasses from the tiny overhead compartment and put them on to keep protection. I felt so tickled that I finally got to announce my animation creations. Rodney and Hartley looked so proud and they all congratulated me. “You’re so lucky, Kaylee! When I first came to show my invention ideas, it took me forever to finally have it all happen.” Rodney told me. I knew exactly what he was talking about. Just then, my phone starting ringing. I couldn’t believe it, but I was getting a call from Lilly, one of my friends from high school.

When I answered the phone, Lilly told me she saw me on the news even though we were in different locations. “You did?” I said back. “That was quite some speech you made!” “That’s not all! I finally got to show my ideas for WB today and they’re looking their way to accepting it.” “No way!” said Lilly. “Yes, they did! My dream is about to become reality!” “By the way, did I notice someone special with you? He looked very familiar!” said Lilly. “Yes! That was Rodney Copperbottom! Don’t you remember that movie Robots?” “What was he doing there?” she asked. “He’s apparently lost after a teleporting accident.” I said to her. “His device is broken and I’m letting him stay with me until his device is fixed.” “I’ve got to admit but he sure is one heck of a cutie!” Lilly told me back just before I noticed Rodney sitting down looking all sad. “Well, I’m so glad you called, Lilly! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. We should get together when I come home.” “That sounds great Kaylee and I would love to!” She said back. We told each other our phone hang up byes and I went over to see what was wrong with Rodney.

I noticed that he was looking at a photo of his parents and friends from the latch of his arm. “Is everything okay?” I asked him. Rodney just nodded softly and I sat next to him to look at the photo too. “I know you miss them. You’ll see them soon. Just as soon as we get your device fixed. The day will be here before you know it.” Rodney hugged me as if he appreciated my comfort. “That was one of my friends from high school on the phone. She says to tell you ‘hi’ and hopes you get home safely.” I said to him while I started to feel a little shaky inside because I knew that this would mean Rodney would be leaving me soon. Then I noticed that his mohawk was slanted again and I fixed it for him this time. We both chuckled and made out once again.

Chapter 13

The days had gone by so fast and finally, we were going to see that professor from the University of California. Hartley reminded Rodney to bring the gadget that needed to be fixed. He was wearing his hoodie and bought the shades and kazoo with him in each of the pockets in case this was the time he were to go home. I was beginning to feel a lot of butterflies in my stomach at this point. When we got to the school, we all looked around. Rodney and I decided to hold hands. “Coming here reminds me of my college days.” I said to him. “I just hope this guy can fix your gadget.” “I sure do hope so too.” He said back.

We found the professor in a neat looking room. Rodney was quite interested and started glancing around like a kid in a toy store. “Well, this robot here seems more human than I imagined he would be.” The professor said to us. “Now let me here look at this little thingamajig.” Hartley handed over the device that she was carrying in her purse and he looked at it. “This is one unique looking gadget! I bet I can fix it.” Rodney and I glanced around as we waited.

During it all, I found a soda machine and got one out. After two hours went by, we met Hartley back in the other room still waiting and wondered how the professor was doing. Just then, he came out looking excited. “Eureka! I’ve done it! At least I hope so.” The device was finally fixed. Rodney smiled knowing that this was finally his chance to get home. However, I thought that maybe it should be tested to see if it works right. “I think we should test this to see if it really is fixed.” I said to them. Hartley agreed. “Well, I don’t think it would be safe to do it in here.” She said back. From there, we headed back to Ava and decided to test it outside the building.

We got back and put the device down to see what happens. “Why don’t you use that empty soda bottle you’ve got Kaylee?” Hartley said. I thought that would be the perfect choice. Rodney helped as we made our test. I closed my eyes and heard a shocking sound. When I looked, the bottle was gone meaning that it had gone to another dimension. This meant that the gadget was officially working again. We all cheered as if we made it work!

Chapter 14

However, after we knew that it worked, this meant goodbye to Rodney. Wonderbot came prepared. Hartley stepped up to say her so long to him. “It was very nice that you could stay with us. I am glad I got to know you and I am very happy for Kaylee.” She said to him. Rodney appreciated what she said. Hartley went back into the apartment and stood inside the front hall waiting for me. Just as I was afraid of, I was starting to cry. Rodney turned to me and noticed. “What’s wrong, Kaylee?” he asked. “Well….what I wrote in my diary is true. I don’t want you to leave. I wish you would stay and continue to be my love partner cause I…. I love you, Rodney….so much.”

I cried some more and Rodney did look at me as if he really cared about my feelings. “I understand that goodbyes can be hard.” He said. “But I do understand if you’ve got to get home to see your friends and family. And I know you’re about to get a big job of being the new Bigweld Industries CEO.” I tried to say even though saying it didn’t stop me from continuing to cry. “I’m glad you understand, Kaylee. But..” his smile turned to a sad look. “It does feel hard to say goodbye.” “Really?” I asked. Rodney nodded. “I love you too.” He told me. It was about time! I hugged him while still crying for quite a while. It did rather feel comforting as Rodney hugged me back. There was one last kiss to be made until he was on his way.

Wonderbot looked at us as if he were feeling the emotion nearly everyone feels for a couple at a wedding. I stroked Wonderbot to show him that I hoped he and Rodney would get home safely. We finally said goodbye to each other and I started to head back into the apartment. As I was almost up the stairs, I heard Rodney blow his kazoo before hearing a loud zap. I turned around to notice that he and his flying coffee pot were gone. This made me cry even harder. Hartley tried to give me comfort as I came back in and starting heading back to our room. I found some instructions Rodney left for me about the inventions he created. But I couldn’t stop crying. I felt like I was never going to see that blue robot again.

Chapter 15

5 days have gone by ever since Rodney left. Even though I am 26 years old and just got the job I’ve always wanted, I cried at least once a day all due to missing Rodney. Just being with him was the best time I’ve ever had. I dreamt about him nearly every night. I had one where he was competing in a ball game team while I was one of the cheerleaders. I had one where I was a graceful figure skater and he watched me in the audience and I even won a gold medal. I also had a dream where he watched me walk down the runway in a fashion show and one about where I was a dancing ballerina and he came over to be my dance partner at one point. I even dreamt that we were getting married.

This afternoon, Hartley was really beginning to worry about my feelings all because I once again cried over missing Rodney. It was very nice that she wanted to cheer me up. “Kaylee, I really hate to see you cry” She told me. “I thought this would be a day where we could do what you’ve always wanted. I thought it might cheer you up” That sounded very nice but I did feel as if it wouldn’t be the same without Rodney. “Do you want to go over to Burbank Town Center? That will help you feel better won’t it?” Hartley said to me. “No!!” I said back starting to cry even more. “You want to go get some pizza over at Dino’s?” “No!” I wasn’t feeling any better. All I wanted was for Rodney to come back to me. I couldn’t stand it! I decided that I wanted a cupcake, one of my most favorite treats. When I told Hartley, she told me about a nearby bakery called “Martino’s”. We headed straight for there.

Hartley said to me on the way in the car, “I know you miss him. But you know he did have to go home. He had family and friends that missed him after being away for two weeks.” “I know! I know!” I tried to say back. “But he was the most perfect guy I’ve probably ever been with!” When we arrived at Martino’s, the employees were looking at me and noticed my red eyes from crying. They wondered what was wrong but I just couldn’t talk. “She’s upset because her boyfriend left her.” Hartley told them. They felt bad for me as if they remember a time where they’re loved one left them. The cupcake I got was really good but I could hardly enjoy the taste that much because I was still feeling sad.

After we left, Hartley and I had to get some new flowers for our apartment at that same hardware store where I first met Rodney. I knew this was going to be an emotional moment. We walked in and I clearly remembered it all and all the memories were flowing through my head. Hartley and I were about to pick up some pink bedding flowers. Just then, I heard some familiar-sounding footsteps and they were getting louder as if it were coming to me. “Kaylee! Look!” Hartley tried to say. I didn’t want to even bother until I felt a metal finger touch my shoulder. I jumped feeling startled. I turned my back and noticed Rodney. I immediately gave him a big hug and I felt so much happier. “You came back! But why?” “I’ve been talking about you all the time with my parents and friends.” He told me. “They began to feel warn out and it made them wish for me to come and get you so I could bring you to my dimension.” “You mean they want to meet me?” I said back. “I’d love to!”

Hartley joined in. “Kaylee, you’ll have to be back in time because you’ve got another internship to work on tomorrow.” “I will, Hartley!” I said back. “Rodney, I’ve missed you so much and I’ve been dreaming about you every night just wishing you would come back.” “I’ve missed you too, Kaylee and I’ve been doing the exact same thing.” Rodney told me. We got back outside to be teleported. Hartley waved goodbye as she watched us. “Kaylee, are you ready?” Rodney asked me. “Duh!” I said back. As I held on to him, Rodney blew his kazoo as we both zapped away into the dimension where he came from. I had to speak up. “I’ve never felt so much joy in so long!” Rodney replied, “I’m always here to keep you in my arms.”

The End

Mabel the Martian Clothing & Accessories for Kids Brand

I have already drawn and designed some kids fashion merchandise that will be branded by Mabel the Martian, my character. There are a few other accessory and decoration merchandise I have drawn as well. Where would these fashions be available to buy? Possibilties are Wal-Mart, Justice and Amazon. They will also definetly be choices for use at Mabel’s Beauty Boutique, the theme park attraction.

The one on the left is a Christmas dress, in the middle: denim dress, and on the right is a puffy jacket the will have a matching one attached to it for your Mabel doll.

For your information, the dress on the right has sequins on the top and chiffon ruffles on the bottom.

In the middle is supposed to be a green denim jacket with a tying bow in the front.

So in the middle is supposed to be a snow jacket and on the right is a raincoat.

The pants in the middle are snow pants that will got great with the jacket above.

The denim skirt on the left contains a belt.

On the right is a top and matching cardigan.

The shoes on the left are supposed to have bows on them. In the middle are denim sandals with gem studs. On the right are I bet you can guess are boots.

The shoes on the left are supposed to be flats with a circle of gem studs on the front.

From left to right, a children’s ballet costume with duffle bag (great for dance class practice!), tankini, Mabel’s prom outfit as a costume for children.

Now here are a bunch of sleepwear sets!

From left to right: Ice Skates, Bedroom Slippers, Roller Skates

Here are some socks with bows and Mabel pendant dress up gloves

From left to right: Earrings, Heart=shaped sunglasses, duffle bracelet

From left to right: Hair clip set, hat, headband

Collection of purses!

Another children’s handbag!

Bucket hat!

Denim newsboy hat!

Digital watch!

Crystal bracelet!

Winter scarf!

Glitter sunglasses!


Light up Magic Wand!

This here is a full children’s costume!

So here are a bunch from the play cosmetics collection. We have a flower locket with bubble gum lip gloss, Heart ring with grape flavored lip gloss and a star bracelet with strawberry flavored gloss. Below is a cell phone with the following flavors: Bubble gum, Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, Cherry, Banana and Grape.

Mabel has sweet set cosmetics too. For the ice cream cones, there will be glittery hair mascara, body glitter, fragrance and hot pink nail polish. For the cupcakes, they will have either, body glitter, pink blush, pinkish-red lipgloss or purply-blue eyeshadow inside. In the middle is a whole cosmetic case full of shades of hot colors and shades of eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. This might be the makeup set that will be used in the Beauty Boutique.

This here is a Mabel watch. I had an idea that if you buy a certain amount of certain dolls, you can send away for this watch.
Also from another set of dolls on a separate year, you can send away for this necklace.
This here is a jewelry box! Push any of the buttons to make the drawers up or have the mirror pop up to reveal Mabel.
This is a children’s hair dryer. It will come with clips and scrunchies for hairstyling fun.
On the left is a folding comb and on the right is a complete beauty set including a star-shaped hand mirror.
This is Mabel bubble bath! It will be bubble gum scented.
Here is shampoo which will also be bubble gum scented. It won’t sting if it gets in your eyes.

Now I think I will show some merchandise sets.

School Backpack!
Beach Towel!
Sleeping Bag!
Lunch Box!
Recliner Chair for kids!
Key Chain Set!
Four Wheel Luggage for kids
Music box featuring Mabel as a ballerina
Alarm clock! You’ll hear Mabel say something when the alarm goes off.
This is a lamp. I should’ve put Mabel in the chair but I just didn’t think about it.

I’ve also drawn some designs for play sets too.

This is photo booth for the dolls. You can stick your phone in the rectangle shape slot and snap some photos of Mabel and her friends.

This is Mabel’s Department Store set. In contains a couple of mannequins, spinning rack, jewelry + accessory counter, shelf for shoes and other accessories, changing room, makeup counter, checkout area and door that really opens.
The is the hair salon! It contains a tank in the middle to fill with water so the sink will really work.
This is a fashion show stage. It contains a doll stand on the moving runway. It also has a few backstage props. Dolls and fashions would be sold separately. The runway happens to have real lights too.
This is a whole ski adventure play set with a slide for Mabel to ski, snowboard or tube sled down on, a ski lift and stairs. Ski adventure doll, cabin and Chocolate Cafe would be sold separetly.
This below is a fold out ski cabin set. Below are the accessories and props it will come with.
Here is Mabel’s Folding House! I’m not sure what the inside would look like yet due to not knowing where everything will go.
Mabel’s Cruise Ship! As you can see I’ve labeled a lot on here. It will have buttons for real sounds on the funnel or so. The pool flips over to a dance floor too.
This is the grand hotel set! On the top floor, one of the beds comes up and reveals a hot tub and bathroom vanity. On the right on the bottom floor is a makeover salon with beauty chair and relaxing spa chair. I completely forgot to add the elevator and I so am not sure where it will go now.
This is the beach bungalow house! I’ve labeled a lot on here too and the walls contain seashells as wallpaper or something.
This is Mabel Space Station set. A Space Ranger Mabel doll is available separately for this but right now I can’t find her in my drive.

Now for some reason I’ve already been thinking about ideas for a Mabel the Martian themed birthday and I want to see if I can draw some of the supplies. I’ve also already come up with some ideas too. If I ever heard that a girl threw a Mabel themed party for her 6th birthday or so, it would totally make my day.


. Write to the guests and make it seem as if it was coming directly from their favorite Martian girl. You can add some confetti and accessories such as rings or tattoos inside the envelopes to give the guests a hint on what they would discover.


The birthday child can absolutely dress as Mabel. A full pink and floral dress would be available to buy. So would ballet like shoes with her picture on it as well as her star necklace and special flower clip. Make your child rule the party with a feather boa or tiara. Of course, a birthday ribbon will also be available.


. Put up a scene center in the party room where it brings Mabel and her friends in. Add some cut out dangles + pink, purple, green and blue streamers to fancy it up. Put in balloon bouquets of the colors of the streamers plus, star shaped ones. Make it seem as if Mabel herself made it to the party with a guiding balloon of her.

. Set up the table with Mabel on the table cover, plates, cups, napkins and everything. Fill them with party favors too. Put in the purse piñata with Mabel’s face on it as a center piece.

. Use Mabel tiaras as party hats for the guests.

Activities & Games

. Set up a dressing station for the guests to get dolled up with their hair, nails, makeup and accessories. Fill it with lipgloss, nail polish, nail stickers + gems, colorful hair extensions, mini combs, ponytail holders, bracelets, stick on earrings, necklaces, sunglasses and anything fancy.

. Bring out a light up disco ball to light up the room and make it seem as if they have traveled to a planet far away. They will see the stars of outer space. Dance away! The perfect music to use would be one of Mabel’s children’s cover CD’s

. Create a photo booth for everyone to get their pictures taken. Put Mabel in the picture too by using the guiding balloon or scene center. Use the pictures in the thank-you cards.

. Set up a station for the guests to decorate their own cupcakes. Use color mist, icing decorations, sprinkles, candy, fun picks, even berries. Use Mabel the Martian baking cups to keep the sprit going.

. As a pin the tail game, it will be either one where you get to fill Mabel’s purse, pin the tail on Alph-A or give Marvin the Martian a kiss. I think I’m leaning toward the Alph-A idea!

Treats and Set Ups

Bring out the cake or cupcake tower and use Mabel themed candles.

. You can set it all up as if it were like a tea party.

. If you wanted to make it an old fashion ice cream shop theme going with it (cause it’s something Mabel loves), you can add ice cream with a make your own sundae bar.

How to End the Party

. Time to bring out the purse piñata from the table. Fill it with candy and toys. The guests will take turns pulling one of the colorful ribbons to reveal the goodies.

. Have the guests take home some goodies to remember the party including pencils, erasers and notebooks.

Speaking of parties, I’ve discovered a couple of famous children’s salons called, Seriously Spoiled and Sweet & Sassy. These really give me an idea for how I want Mabel’s Beauty Boutique to go.

You should check out the websites if you want to learn more!



If you can think of anything to add to this according to what you’ve looked at above, please let me know in the comments. Mabel’s Beauty Boutique would definitely be a great place for birthday parties. I decided that one of the available hairstyle choices would be “Space buns”. Colored hair extensions, elegant updos and many others would also be available. I wondered if it would be possible for pedicures too besides manicures. Would it also be possible for girls to have on a bathrobe and slippers while this process is going? Of course, I just decided that you can either have an avocado or chocolate facial.

Gift packages would also be around. Plus with all the outfits and accessories that Mabel has in her boutique, girls can dress up as princesses, pop stars, movie stars, cheerleaders or maybe just buy a new glamorous outfit to wear on the fashion runaway or so. I want Mabel’s famous wedding dress to be a choice there as well.

My Reaction to “Robots 2” Written on Wattpad

So for this blog, I’m to be discussing these written stories on a site called Wattpad. Both of them are sequels to Robots which I mentioned before many times. It has been a movie I have been obsessed with for years. I better leave the links below so you can read them:



I felt like discussing how I feel about these fan-made sequels sense I am nearly like the #1 fan, I hate to brag. But before I go I better explain. The problem is, Robots was the sophomore film of the Blue Sky Studios meaning it was the studios second-made film. It’s just like what “A Bugs Life” is with Pixar. Apparently, most of those flims don’t get sequels so I have a real bad feeling that it is very unlikely. However, “Robots” has something very different unlike any of those. I want to know MORE about their universe + there are unanwsered questions wanting to know. Does Fender ever get his LEGS back? What happened when Bigweld Industries reopened? What’s it like for Rodney to work for this company?

Now I will get to my thoughts on this reading. First off, I really like the idea of how Bigweld has his retirement + spends a lot of his retirement days dating Aunt Fanny while Rodney becomes the new CEO. But for one this I would add and I REALLY MEAN IT. Robot girls are really likely to show + scream out themselves having a crush on him. You know how that goes! For one thing mentioned in one of them, I’ve always wanted to see how Rodney would look in a tie. What I also found interesting is those OC characters, Aurora and Alex.

For evil villain plans, I believe I had something else in mind that I told you before. Instead Ratchet still coming out to still take over everything, what if a new villain came to town? It was one who actually LIKED Ratchet’s policies and therefore was wanting to seek revenge for kicking him out of office. It shows a reference of reality to how greedy leftists are with what they want America to be while don’t realize how much destruction their actions are but they’re too stubborn to be educated about that.

I sort of had a dream about this but it’s mostly a thought. Although, I have a feeling it’s going to come out as a dream. That is, that spring wire in between Rodney (I believe to be his abdomen) made that, “Boing” sound and moved. Sort of like this:

It is his way of showing a rumbling stomach from hunger. I can imagine Aunt Fanny coming up to him saying something like, “A springy tummy can only mean that you could use some of my *whatever type of robotic cosumer product is in her kitchen*.” I don’t know if any of you think that’s funny but I certianly think it’s funny.

Okay, now it’s time that mention what all I have read in these two writing creations that has me nearly feeling green-eyed. Whenever there is a point where Cappy and Rodney are showing love with each other, including that time where the audience encouraged them to kiss, I bet you can guess how jealous at heart I am. I mean VERY!!! Sorry to sound like a spoiled brat but it’s just that Rodney has all these incredible qualities that I look for in someone I want to marry which is SO HARD to find in real life. Almost everywhere I look, NO human guy is the same! This gives me the feeling that maybe I am not in the right body + born into the wrong universe. Being a humanized robot woman would give me the chance to date Rodney.

That is not to say (and this might sound a bit weird or ridiculous), when I look at Revlon ad’s featuring Cappy’s voice actress, Halle Berry, it gives me the feeling that if I wore + used Revlon cosmetics and accessories, it would get Rodney’s attention. LOL!

As far as I know, Jean Nate is owned by Revlon:

Perhaps I should mention these too:

I guess another plus on getting attention is being a beauty pageant queen!

I can see that none of these were finished and I am quite disappointed. Just as disappointed when ChesterCheetosFan a user on YouTube never finished his “Little Mer Robot” crossover spoof which features Cappy playing Ariel, Copper from “The Fox and the Hound” as Flounder and of course Rodney as Eric. It totally has me blush but he only made it through five parts of the movie and has not posted a single video since last year. I was already enjoying this spoof and so far, the only time Rodney had his appearance was in the opening scene and knew more were going to come making him look even more of a hottie. With being a different species I kind of see my story and sort of like this. He has Madame Gasket as Ursula which is absolutely perfect. That is not to say that I am still rather jealous. I mean I wanna know Rodney’s reaction if he heard me sing and all that.

Don’t you see what I mean? I think that’s it for this blog. See you next time and Rodney, XOXO!

30 Favorite Childhood Commercials

For this blog, I will be sharing some commercials from my younger days that really got my attention and rather enjoyed. Although I will only be looking at from when I was 2-7, that is 1998-2003. Why? Because something about those times leaves some really huge importance. So let’s bring on!

  1. Frosted Flakes: Hey Tony!

There were lots of commercials with this song in it but this one above was probably the first one of my memory. I really do not eat sugary cereals all that much but sometimes on certain occasions, like when I travel I do. There were a few times when I’ve tried Frosted Flakes.

2. Cheerios/Dominoes Connection 24:00-24:29

I never had Team Cheerios in my childhood but I have had Domino’s. The pizza in that commercial always looked so mouthwatering.

3. Koosh Bubbles 1:56-2:23

I never had that toy but it looked like the ultimate bubble party I know someone like SpongeBob would love.

4. Burger King Kids Club with Mr. Potato Head/Cocoa Puffs Double Blast (0:33-1:32)

Those two commercials were connected exactly like that from my Blue’s Clues recorded vhs. For those US Olympic Winter tokens, I never knew about the olympics completely until I read a book about them in my 3rd grade class. I better say now but from my recorded vhs, a scary commercial played. I don’t want to talk about it now though.

5. Kit Kat:

My father always tried to get my attention by singing that song. I don’t know where he gets it from but this is the commercial that comes to mind.

6. Razzle Dazzle Rice Krispies:

Rice Krispies wasn’t a cereal I didn’t really have as a child either but I can easily remember commercials like this one.

7. Chef Jr. MORE CHEESE:

I always forget how cute Rigatoni the puppy dog was. I never really liked that texture of pasta as a little kid. Now I really like mac and cheese only made in a certain way. Same thing with lasagna + I know like Chef Boyardee beef ravioli but not when it’s cold. YUCK!

7. Both Hershey’s Cookies and Cream commecials

With the first one, the look on the kids faces sort of scared me. Right now I was recommend a YTP with Angelica from Rugrats in that commercials cause I know she would scream like that for sure with an empty cookie jar. Nothing really scared me about the second except that old lady was a little creepy. Cookies and Cream is now my favorite ice cream flavor. The Hershey’s bar? They’re good too but I eat them seldomly.

8. US Space Camp

Some of the sounds in this commercial were kind of creepy. It also kind of scared me when the satellite flew up. It looked like it was about to come off the screen. From looking at it now, this probably would’ve cool to experience sense I LOVE sci-fi. But what would others think if I had my Marvin the Martian doll with me? I probably would easily get sick on that multi-access trainer or whatever in was.

9. Coppertone Kids Colorblock

It’s frustrating how this was discontinued because it rather really does help if want to know if I a spot was missed or not. I ended up having the blue one but I could never find the original one in purple.

10. Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup (5:58-6:27)

It was kind of crazy how he would cut a hole in the middle but a Reese’s cup with an Oreo cookie in it sounds good. I wish they would be bought back. The other Reese’s commercial was connected right after the other as I remember back from my Blue’s Clues recorded vhs. It was quite silly how the agent snuck in. Another memorable one was on 3:40-4:10. There were quite a lot of “Got Milk” commercials and many were told as stories made up by young children like the one you saw.

11. Cookie Crisp:

I remember trying these only a few times. I rather miss Chip the Dog.

12. Elastic Plastic

I remember getting some but they easily deflated and kind of messy.

13. Burger King Big Kids Meal

I was never really old enough for a big kids meal by the time these were around and with the back to school supplies being connected in this one, I wasn’t even in school yet. I can already see the complaint about more food meaning kids being fat. Although some do need more food because they’ve a fast metabolism and its true for most young ones.

14. Loreal Kids Shampoo:

I loved the Loreal Kids shampoo when I was little! They came in so many great scents! There was also a styling gel and hair spray was a fruity scent. I remember a strawberry smoothie shampoo and that one had an ircredible smell.

15. Marvin’s Magic Drawing Board

Mom tells me I wanted one so badly I really don’t remember wanting one. I guess this ad came on so many times that once you see it so much, you want whatever it is. I hate to make this embarrasing but I was told that I would get one whenever I got potty-trained. As a review the rainbow art faded easily.

16. Fun Squeeze Butter:

By the time I got interested in this, it was no longer being sold. I don’t quite understand why the parents would think it’s gross but others should understand that it’s exactly how I feel about foods like rice and beans. BAD TEXTURES! Squeeze wise? It’s how I feel about mayo because to me it looks like bird poop. Blue or pink butter doesn’t bother me so much.

17. Easy Rock

I’m surprised this album is not on iTunes. I have one of those songs on my iPod and many of them I already know.

18. McDonalds setting in the Zoo:

I always felt so sorry for the zebra getting his stripes sneezed off 😦

19. Sears Air Conditioning

Whenever I think there is a broken air condition, I think of this commercial.

20. Oreo Creme Slide:

Its rather funny how the cops don’t notice the mess outside.

21. Fruit Roll Ups Tattoos

Those were all weird ideas! I crack up when the boy says “You’re a genius!”.

22. Nestle Wonderball:

I think I may have tried this before.

23. Phonics Game 1:39-2:39

I do not remember ever having the Phonics as a child. There were other commercials for this but this one above was the first one.

24. A1 Steak Sauce


I remember talking about that commercial before in a previous blog. Now I finally show you!

25. Nabisco Sportz Crackers:

Never had these but I like the idea of the flavors.

26. Better Blocks (watch 5:44-6:42)

I never had those but they looked like fun and one thing for sure I know might have fun with that is Marcia.

27. Another Rice Krispies Commercial / Kellogg’s Breakfast Mates (1:41-2:10)

I recently read something for my Marking class about Kellogg’s Breakfast Mates and why they failed. Since milk came with it made it confusing on whether this should be refrigerated or not + customers somehow did not think it was child friendly. Although at least parents would not have to wake up early so they can feed their kids. That is not to say, I really never did eat those cereals kids would mainly eat as a child. When I was a little kid, my two favorites were Life and Post Grape Nut Flakes.

28. Reeses Puffs (4:34-5:02)

It only took me a little while to figure out that I am not really a fan of sugary cereals nor am I a candy + snack person. However, if I see the same commercial so many times, it while only make me want ONE sample. The commercial on 5:03-5:18 I easily remembered too. It played AFTER the Nabsico Sports commercial I showed early. It was on my recorded Kipper the Dog vhs.

29. Sesame Street Kids Car Safety Ad (4:43-5:13)

I remember right before it was a commercial that was so creepy that I could’ve wet myself. I cannot find that one right now. Anyhow, this ad never said anything about airbags. That’s the reason kids sit in the back set! The special safety seat that Elmo had to sit in had a special name for it but cannot remember what it was and that one was definetly not a booster seat. I wonder why it wasn’t offically named in the commercial.

30. Polly Pocket Pet Land & Jungle Pets

That’s all for this blog!

How Robots Relates to Today’s Political Hassles

I knew that I had to write a blog about this because as I look at this movie when I am older while being exposed to political problems in our world today, I see a very similar relationship. As far as I can sometimes see, when coming across some underrated films, you may or may not notice a similarity with you or what is facing our world to this day. “Robots” is definitely one of them!

So let’s get to the bottom of this! What is the relationship with today’s political world anyway? Well, it has to do with America’s hassle with trying to keep the constitution the way it was intended for + political statements leading to many problems. Where do I start?

What happened exactly? In the movie, Ratchet had policies that made Robot City discontinue making spare parts and force them to buy expensive upgrades. If robots can’t afford upgrades, they are left to become outmoded and fall apart on the street leading to them being swept up by the sweepers and taking them to a very evil place called the Chop Shop. They’re melted down and recycled into more upgrades.

For a problem like that in reality, when Obama was president of the US, he made incandescent lightbulbs illegal essentially so everyone had to buy the led lightbulbs which are far more expensive. It’s all because of the left’s hysteria over the enviroment but it’s so over the top. It’s not fair for those who can’t afford the led. Without the money, I guess they are left to be scared of the dark 😦 Ratchet called those robots who can’t afford upgrades “Scrapmetal” and I am pretty sure a very negative statement like that was bought up towards those who couldn’t afford the led. It’s also similar to like how many leftists and liberals call someone “Racist” when someone disagrees with them. That is not to say, when Trump arrived, he reversed that decision.

I just so happened to have learned that the left is only over the top pretending to be so focused on equally for those of other races, but in reality, they are not:

Don’t you see? Leftism in a America is full of spoiled, hypocritical brats!

No matter how sophisticated PragerU tries to be when trying to educate us like this, liberals STILL call them out saying that they are making biased lies. The way I am seeing it, they are just making a bunch of retarded excuses cause they don’t like to hear the truth or are just too stubborn.

This is why the Democratic party is full of spoiled brats! Because of past failures!

It just so happens to show that Republicans actually do care about these types of problems but the left refuses to believe. This is all similar like in the movie where Bigweld, Robot City’s great inventor who cares about those who need spare parts, comes back into work bringing the city back to life. But too bad, the left doesn’t see the great impact Trump or any other conservitive has made for America and media continues to say all these negative lies about them.

Due to the expensive upgrades, millions of robots were outmoded on the street. When taking a look at what has been happening in California lately, I see something very relatable. So many in Los Angeles are HOMELESS and I am pretty sure New York City is having that same problem.

Now this is just AWFUL!!! This is what happens when the left takes over the cities and they just don’t care!!! Both cities I just mentioned are loaded with great attractions and so much to enjoy but leaving it to be like this ruins it all!

This is just too sad 😦

Failed Democratic policies? I should have known! I just so hope that California doesn’t stay like this forever because that is where the WB headquarters is which is where I want to work. Living close to where my job is just sounds only fair. Although I heard Burbank is supposed to be very cute. But seriously! Do these states have to keep running like this?? I certainly don’t think so!! If only there was a way to save these wonderful places and be the great spots to roam around like they are meant to be. About a month ago, my father stated for places like New York and California to be pushed out from the US and be apart of China. That sounds too harsh! What I would say is to do something about the citizens there supporting all of what’s causing the states to break down. They need to leave the country and go form their own democracy! Basically, we need to save the states from those idiots!!

Just like what Ratchet has done to Robot City, leftist policies have RUINED the golden state. It has made it a terrible place to live! Conservatives were too weak to stand up and do anything about what has been happening to their state just like in the climax of this movie, when Bigweld mentioned to Rodney that he left the headquarters, Bigweld Industries that is, because Ratchet got all too powerful leaving him to feel outmoded. He was left sitting in his mansion letting Ratchet make everything worse. But that didn’t stop him from coming back realizing that Rodney (my long time hero and robot boyfriend) was right all along that the city really needs him back. Like what Will Witt says, other states could become like that too if conservatives continue to be so weak and everything will continue to get worse if they don’t stand up for what they believe in. I can tell that so many leftists think that Trump is a real life Ratchet and that is so illogical if you think about it after all the PROOF PragerU has already explained about how toxic leftism is for America.

But yet, the left STILL continues to make their retarded excuses and make it seem as if PragerU is lying to us. The US was meant to be reserved republic not a total democracy! Leftists somehow want America to be a full democracy and because it is not, they hate the nation and are left to be spoiled brats. Just like I tried to say, so much is in California that is a part of what I want in my career and the main thing is the animation headquarters in Burbank and they’ve been in that location for DECADES. Who knows if they have another place to be or move to. If they don’t, that is a sign that the state should be SAVED rather then ditched from our country. Is it me or am I like a female Rodney? Another reason, why I wish we were made for each other. I will get to more of that soon.

So you see here? Ratchet’s policies are so similar to what the left does to America at least thats what I know. I have a conservative family so I feel the changes and all that.

Much more illogical thoughts on this movie really shows that leftists really do think they are never doing ANYTHING wrong. There are a couple of claims out there that say this film is an anti-capitalist message disguised as a kid friendly movie. From what I have been educated about thanks to my family being conservative, NO. This film is NOT anti-capitalist! It’s the total OPPOSITE!

Student calling the police: WHAT A TATTLE TAIL 😡

I’ve learned that socialism makes people selfish, loose their creativity + self-esteem, and lose their right to think for themselves + makes the government run them! That does not sound like that famous quote, “See a need, fill need”. What our heroes had to do was not anything like what Social Justice Warriors do.

Does this sound like what Rodney and our other heroes want in the movie? NO WAY!!!

Because the truth is, a progressive world would NOT be as good as so many leftists think. A world like that makes people loose their hope and can even influence them to make them commit suicide. This totally explains why the left’s policies makes cities like LA and New York City a homeless flooding mess, and plus they higher taxes which makes many people not able to afford anything! With that, it causes recessions too! That is most definitely not what Bigweld and his company want to do! Rising taxes is very unfair to the poor just like how it was unfair to treat robots who cannot afford upgrades like worthless pieces of junk!!

Also, someone pointed out that when Rodney tried to get through the gate to Bigweld Industries, it is as if he was a Mexican Immigrant and Tim the gate guard was Trump trying to keep him from getting in. Those are two DIFFERENT things!!!! In my understanding, those Mexican immigrants crossing our border could be bad and make harm to our environment. That’s why Trump and other republicans say that it is best that we keep them out. Rodney is NOTHING like a Mexican Immigrant! He just wanted to get the job he wanted and had no plans on doing any harm for the enviroment surrounding him. When it comes to Ratchet calling Robots who can’t afford upgrades, “Scrapmetal”, it is a racist thing to say? No, “scrapmetal” is more like the word “racist” as the left uses to determine many who don’t agree with their unknown to be NASTY ideas and I have already explained why his evil plans are so similar to what many Democrats have been wanting to do. So, NO! This movie is 100% NOT anti-captilist and if you still think it is, then you must be an uneducated spoiled brat!

The left wants the US to be communist which will completely destroy it just like how Ratchet’s evil-doer plans were literally destroying all of Robot City.

Madam Gasket, Ratchets terrifying mother and the films other villain may have quite a similar relationship in the demand of her son taking over everything. I can see them as Obama and Hilary Clinton. I’m pretty sure my family would agree and have other choices too such as Joe Biden + Nancy Pelosi or Elizabeth Warren + Bernie Sanders.

As far as I can clearly see according to most of my family, the left THINKS they know how to solve everything when really, they are just destroying:

Now here’s something that sort of might make sense and I can understand why a sequel to this movie would be interesting even though I am afraid it is unlikely going to happen. What if there was some robot who LIKED Ratchet’s policies and is yet on the evil plan into seeking revenge for kicking him out of office? That would show some realistic relationship to what those behind these bad damages are up to.

Now what was I going to say? I have so much in common with Rodney, the film’s adorable and handsome protagnist! That as I said explains why I have a crush on him. I’m from a small town too sort of. Well, really, the downtown area is kind of small and was at first a low populated city. I’m now growing up and wanting to move to where my career will be which would be near a bigger city and I am not giving up on it. Mabel is sort of like my Wonderbot cause she is an idea being presented to the professionals.

I better show you this clip because it is heartwarming for what I am hoping for:

When I leave home to pursue my career, I can already see this happening. A few weeks ago I found this too:

Liberal? R U kidding me?? D:

I cannot believe I found someone who feels nearly the exact same way! Although I found his statement on Rodney being a liberal character retarded even though it may be his way of thinking. I wouldn’t consider someone having to not give up on their dream goals as a liberal. That is not to say I have that EXACT same plush doll and I still have him today. There are times where I don’t want to stop hugging him!

In my young days and I sometimes still wish I could do a sex attack on Rodney. A showing love type. When he danced with Cappy at the end with their victory celebration and touched noses, I felt so jealous inside. This is what lead to that joke story I wrote about two years ago with me forcing myself to get pregnant with Wall-e. Take a look at my blog “Birth of Wall-e” to find out about it.