If Humans Were Space Invaders

In our galaxy not too far away, the fourth planet of the solar system called with an alien community known Martians. Quite a lot have not understand them since their planet was all rusty red and named after a God of war. But in reality, these lovable green creatures are much like you and me. As a matter of fact, they are intelligent and had big brains to help them think deeper about anything, including on ways to survive without harming other inhabitants or their own planet. Therefore they are mostly social but sometimes shy and the type if emotions and reactions we do. The young ones too love to hang around and play with each as much our children do.

Mars as you can see, was not all that scary but that prejudgment on other planets from happening. That is where this story begins. A teenage Martian boy named Brady (Bra Dee) has always been curious and has always wished to be a great hero someday in order show that his planet was not as bad as many others thought. He also wanted to do something that will impress his love interest, Alexa. He lived with his parents supported him but have warned him that it can be dangerous work. Brady had an older brother named Daniel who was also always there to keep his brain working were super close to each other as well as best friends.

But one day, a very big adventure was about to began. Brady and Daniel were out star gazing and thought they saw a comet. However, this was no comet. It was a NASA rocket shop about to make a land on Mars. And there it did. Stepping were 3 greedy astronauts from planet Earth otherwise known as humans. Their names were, Seth, Richard and Camilla. What was their mission? To take over planet Mars so it would a place for humans to live on. This meant destruction of the Martian towns and communities, as well as terrorizing and killing them off!

Brady and Daniel did not know what they was but they had to investigate. “What do you supposed that was?” Brady as Daniel. “I have no idea but it is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. I believe we should start heading home.” They did not known at this point that their family and the whole community was in terrible danger.

The brothers have walked pretty far and along the way, Brady spotted the rocket. “Hey look, Daniel!” he pointed. He walked up slowly to find out what it was. No one was there and Daniel somehow felt frightened of this sight. “Oh no!” he said. “What’s up, bro?” Brady asked.

“This ship could only mean one thing!” Humans have come to invade us!” “How do you know?” asked Brady. “What are humans anyway?”

” They are creatures of the planet Earth that have been known to be massive destroyers for over centuries! Thanks to them, so much of their planet became unhealthy and they even wiped millions of other types of Earth creatures.”

“Daniel, where did you learn all this from?”

“I studied it in science class!” he replied. “Worse? There’s been horror stories about them coming to kill us all so they can take Mars all to themselves. It won’t make things any better! If humans can destroy other creatures and entire planet of their own, they might just destroy our planet too and US!”

“Daniel, don’t be a scaredy cat! What can go wrong?” When all the sudden, a massive kaboom were heard in the distance. It was in the distance of where home was. Brady and Daniel saw in the distance. “Isn’t where home is?” asked Brady as he looked at the destruction sighting of smoke. “NO!!” Daniel cried. They all ran as fast as their legs would carry them to notice that a quarter of their town has been destroy including their own home. They found their baby sister, Molly crying for her mother. Daniel picked her and they all continued to look. They found their parents, one by one dead.

Brady and Daniel were terrified and did not know what do to. Brady’s robot dog, Hubble came running and acted out what he saw. Daniel was always confused by his motives but Brady was super smart enough to know what Hubble was saying. But first they decided to burry their parents and form a small funeral ceremony. Molly has now fallen asleep and held on to her alien teddy bear which was the only thing she had left. After it was over, Hubble finished what he was saying. It turns out, he saw some strange looking creatures with funny costumes and a machine was able to demolish a quarter amount of land. Brady explained all what Hubble was trying to say to Daniel.

“That’s the humans!” he said feeling terrified. “I told you bro!” They all had to make a run and warn over as well as stop the humans from destroying other parts of the planet. Brady did not know to do at first but they all made beeline for another part of the town that has not been destroyed just yet. On the way, the got distracted. “Hey Daniel? Do you smell something weird?”

“Oh dear! I think little miss Molly needs a diapee change.” Daniel cooed. The two did not know where to find a fresh diaper, but there was a little shop along the way. “Could you please keep a look out in case they come back?” Daniel asked his brother. “What about Molly?” He asked back. “I will take care of her.”

Brady did has he was told but from there, he saw his school crush, Alexa in the distance. He stared at her as she flipped are hair walked down as if she were on a runway. He felt too shy to go up and talked to her but he did end up day dreaming about being together one day. “HEY BRADY!” He got startled being woken up by his brother who had just come back from changing Molly.

“Oh, Daniel you scared me!” “Bro, we have to go over to the police! They’ll know what to do!” The station wasn’t too far. Brady and Daniel told the officer what they saw and what they believe is about to happen. But the officer was did not feel too interested or think this was real. That did not stop the two of them to force the reality of it. “Fine, fine fine! We’ll see what we can do!” the officer said back.

The came out the station and their elderly neighbor, Mrs. Penny, crying on the bench. Brady did not like to see her this way and has never seen her this upset. He went up to ask what’s wrong. “Oh, hello boys!” She said. “It’s horrible! My house has been destroyed and I did not know what it was. I even found my husband George dead!” She continued to cry and blew her nose.

Brady and Daniel knew what she was talking about and told them that the same thing had happened to their parents. “Oh my gracious!” She cried. “Are boys alright?” Mrs. Penny hugged them both. “We are fine now, Mrs. Penny but we are out now trying to warn everyone about this disaster because it is likely they are going to destroy our entire community.

Mrs. Penny was on her way to stay with some friends of hers in the town they were in. She offered them to stay too since she knew they needed one. The brothers thanked her and even made a promise to take extra good care of Molly. While there, everyone had a meeting about what they thing these humans were up and what they were all going to do in order to defeat them. Mrs. Penny had known many other aliens from different planets about how pre judgment Earth humans have been of their kind and have also had great tips on how to overcome evil duties. She knew a Venusian from planet Venus that love could easily come their way when heroic missions are done.

Brady smiled thinking that he might have a chance to get the love he wants from Alexa. Mrs. Penny also told them that an alien from Jupiter once that heroic missions will always remain legendary and a bunch aliens from Saturn once said the same thing. That said, many aliens from Uranus were always very ashamed about the Earth always making fun of their planets name. “Those humans are nothing but menacing trouble!” Daniel blurted feeling angry.

“I know it looks that way and I can tell it’s about to show here too.” She replied. Brady picked up Hubble to rest in his lap. Mrs. Penny made so much encourage to do what he could and knew they all had to stop those humans from ruining everything. Just then, everyone heard some screaming. The saw in the distance from out the window, massive destruction going. Right when doing so, they all saw the astronauts for the first time.

Brady could not take it anymore! He felt determined to stop them. Daniel tried to stop him because it was too dangerous out there. Hubble followed after. Brady made it out anyway and stood in the middle of town. “Stop it, you cowards! Your destruction of the red planet ain’t going to get you..” But then Brady all of the sudden began to pass out and fall into a deep sleep.

It wasn’t too long before, Brady woke up to find the 3 humans staring down on him. He found himself surrounded by glass as if he was inside a glass dome. “Well, well, well! Who would’ve thought a Martian could try to a hero to stop us from getting our new home!” Richard said as he kept looking. “What?” asked Brady. “Oh wow! He speaks English! Ain’t that charming?” Camilla commented sarcastically.

“How could you do this!!! Why are you taking up our home?” Brady felt determined once more.

“Take it from here!” Seth shouted. He cleared his throat and began talking about their mission and why it was all happening.

“Our planet Earth has grown more and more unsustainable due to all of humanities high maintenance needs. We are nearly loosing our honey bees who we’ve depended on to make our needs for life. Humanity population keeps growing and we are running out of space and it’s not safe anymore with such a nasty atmosphere. Over the years, your planet Mars was once like our planet Earth eons ago. We figure that making a home a here for humanity would benefit our chance of surviving. Which involves killing you all and rebuilding of land! We cannot compete with a bunch of strange…”

Brady cut him off. “YOU MONSTERS!!!! You expect us to trust you on what you might do once you take over? If you could ruin the Earth then you could easily pollute Mars too!” Seth and the other astronauts just laughed. Brady grunted and began to kick his way out of the glass. “Camilla, that germ eliminator! That ought to fix this ugly creature!” Seth ordered her. “Right you are sir!” She replied.

Camilla poured some in but this stuff was not what the humans were expecting. Brady began to grow strong and superhero powers developing in him!

Meanwhile Brady knows for sure that his brother has been kidnapped and has had the whole town come around him to plan the humans defeat.

Brady has become so strong that he and the astronauts fight. Hubble comes in with his strong senses leading to know where he was. Pretty soon everyone gets outside the ship to reunite with Daniel and other town members. Brady throws a bolder at the rocket in which showing evidence that Richard and Camilla were already slayed but Seth, the big leader was still on the run with some weapons. Daniel began to join the fun.

Seth still had a bomb to set up that will eventually kill the town. However, Daniel snatches it and throws it Brady. The two ran fighting each other. The bomb was almost about to go off. He outsmarts Seth by placing the bomb in his pocket and making a run for it. The bomb quickly explodes soon after.

A big hole was made in the ground. Daniel and the rest of the town came to see what was left hoping that Brady surviving. Once he finally emerged in a coughing fit, there was a loud cheer.

From there, Brady was considered the hero saving the Martian community. Even some children aliens looked up to him.

“I knew you could do it, bro!” Daniel told him. Just then, Alexa came up and thanked Brady for saving the planet. He got real nervous. “Oh don’t be shy Brady, I knew there was a hero in you all along.”

Alexa kisses him as another thank you and asked him on a date. Brady said yes and is excited that he finally came into contact with the love of his life. And so on, Brady’s high school bullies never saw him the same again and became by far the most famous hero of the red planet.


Message: Stereotyping aliens is WRONG when we do not even know them yet! HUMANS are the true villain!

Full Reason to Why Interplanetary Speciesism Must End

Last year I had a dream where I talked to someone about why I have a belief in extraterrestrials and why I find it wrong to treat them as dangerous threats through media. What I mean is, making it seem as if anything that is not from Earth is evil and a threat to our planet. It’s discrimination against our planetary neighbors if they even exist or treating them as second class citizens. I cannot give up believing they exist and I can imagine that they might not be the scary and vicious creatures fictional works often portray them.

The truth is, having only ONE planet in the galaxy that supports life but yet has TOO many types of species trying to keep it to themselves makes this universe absolutely sad and depressing. What do I mean by that? What I mean is, we humans are so high maintenance that it’s making us tear down forests, pollute and kill other homes of other creatures that share this planet. We even kill and enslave for no reason according to many animal rights activists. Those like PETA say that we are the most unkind, selfish, cruel and dangerous species living on the planet and many also butt hurt that all humans must go to hell and should be extinct. Then the air, animals and everything else would sigh of relief if all humans were gone. Although, it kind ruins the idea of intelligence since we are also so dominate and are able to build complicated stuff no other species can do. But we have to compete so much with other species and even though it’s said that Earth was created for all life and just human life, it’s so hard since we are just too high maintenance.

With that, I think to myself, “Isn’t there any kind of species out there that was very much like humans in a way that they are dominate and can do so much others can’t do while at the exact same time didn’t pollute or harm their own planet?” They thought TWICE before looking for ways to survive WITHOUT doing anything to destroy their home. As far as I can see, that kind of species is no where to be found on the Earth and so that’s where I believe in ALIENS. I like to believe that they are especially very intelligent and more environmentally gentle at the same time. That makes them seem like creatures of other planets do a lot we never even thought to do.

But yet, humans cruelly treat them as if they were evil and just dangerous to have near by. With that, people are scared to believe about aliens existing and invading planet Earth. But how do you know who they are if you haven’t even got to know them yet? It’s pre-judging! They might just come to Earth to tell us all the mistakes humans have made and what we can do better to survive without being harmful. In that case, we’ve got more of our own kind to fear more than Earth outsiders.

That said, I wish to prove all this. The LT franchise in my mind seems to be one of the biggest showings of interplanetary speciesism. If I were an alien and I found out about the franchise having only one major character being from outside of the Earth and yet happens to be the franchises most evil and dangerous villain while it also has a VERY MINOR collection of aliens as friendly but don’t get mentioned or appear so often, I’d feel PATHETIC. It makes it look as if Earth outsiders are not allowed to be heroic stars.

Other fictional works as we may know follow too but nothing in my eyes compares to this. I remember at one point in my astronomy class, my professor called Venus, Earth’s evil twin. That’s so dumb to say, because even though it’s very hot, it’s the brightest planet in the milky way. Besides why do you think it was named after such a beautiful and kind goddess?

Marvin the Martian has always given perfect examples of interplanetary speciesism and seems to go about stopping it himself. At the beginning of Bugs Bunny’s Lunar Tunes, he says that the Earth made so much statements about destroying the Martian community as if he has seen that humans have been stereotyping aliens as evil and want to torture them. That leads to him wanting to blow us up. Yeah, once you see so much of something, they become stereotypes. That just goes to show that alien abuse is probably worse than animal abuse because they have the brains to think about seeking revenge on us which would not be so good. I find it groundless because since it’s already so often said how cruel and dangerous humans are, there is no need to make different species from other planets look worse. I say that, because there’s got to be a very smart and environmentally gentle creature out there.

Another example is when Marvin interrupted a Kids WB promo of Men in Black. I don’t really know much about them but as far as I have learned, they are a group protecting the universe and it’s portraying aliens as that stereotype + wish to torture them. That’s where Marvin says “What about Martians in dream?” Therefore, he did not like to hear anything about those Men in Black dudes. I guess better show you what I mean :

This is an example of aliens wanting the right to live and all that. From there I have created a new PETA. Only, this one is about Earth outsiders and how we must learn to tolerate them. You never know who someone is unless you get to know them. That’s why bringing Mabel in as a friendly Martian for the LT franchise is important to me and if I ever have a TED talk presentation, I would show other companies what this is all about. Marvin’s brother Martin as I talked about might also be an example of making a franchise like this not look interplanetary speciesist. Whoever I was talking to in my dream, this is what all I was trying to explain and I hope others understand.

I understand if there are nice aliens through media but evil is shown to be more common in them and this site on Marvin the Martian proves some of it. 


The problem with ET and Alf are that they are not nearly as intelligent as I believe that they must be. So if aliens were to be portrayed as not evil, they end up being as just Earth curious, and the curiosity can get them to look not so intelligent. So I guess only evil ones are intelligent! How cruel and pre judgmental can humans ever get!!  Hasn’t anybody ever learned that you really do not KNOW who somebody really is UNLESS you get to know them?

I’m looking back on Space Jam and I notice that it has interplanetary speciesism living all over it. Why? Because it is shown to have another big evil alien group going against the main protagonist Earth character Looney Tunes.  And why was Marvin the referee? Filmmakers thought that since he was a Looney Tune AND an alien, he wouldn’t be necessary to belong in any of the teams so being a referee would show that he is in between. Therefore, that completely shows that Marvin the Martian is basically the ONLY well-known Looney Tunes that is from OUTSIDE the Earth. Yet, portraying him as a villain and like the most dangerous and true threat of all shows that Earth outsiders are never allowed to be heroic stars in a franchise like this. 

The thing about Looney Tunes is that it is a rather SUDDEN showing of interplanetary speciesm and that is REALLY BAD if you think about it.  Characters are divided into different categories of species, we have farm animals like pigs, ducks and chickens, forest + wild animals like rabbits, coyotes, frogs, mice, chicken hawks, roadrunners, penguins, gophers, skunks, and Tasmanian devils, there are pet animals like cats, dogs and canaries, and of course humans. They’re ALL Earth inhabitants! Some are bad and some are good but immature. But what if we were to go OUTSIDE of the Earth and look at all characters that are thought of and remembered easily? Well, we’ve got one Mars inhabitant who is a villain and is made to be the most dangerous and true threat of all! Then we have some of his minions like the space dog and instant Martians that look like chickens but they don’t get remembered as easily as Marvin the Martian who also appears in more lineups. So from there, it shows that Looney Tunes is a very interplanetary speciesist franchise who doesn’t believe that Earth outsiders can be heroic stars.

I understand that when Marvin was created, humans were obsessed and worried over aliens existing and killing us. But that’s a big mistake! As I said, you never know who somebody is UNLESS you have really seen or got to know them! Prejudging is WRONG! Discrimination on non-Earth creatures is WRONG!  It just makes HUMANS look like the true evil threats and even though we hurt and exploit other Earth inhabitants, we go WAY further when we look as if we try to do it to aliens.  There’s got to be something dominate and environmentally gentle out there as I said and that’s why I believe in aliens and like to think that they are more intelligent and careful with everything than we are. With that, it is groundless to make them look WORSE. 

“Looney Tunes Back in Action?”, some of you might be wondering. Yes! That’s definitely interplanetary speciesism too!

With Space Jam 2 being released 2 days from now, I can imagine that there is going to the same thing going on in there.

I would say Invader Zim shows Nickelodeon’s way of promoting interplanetary speciesism.

Look on Wikipedia to see a list of documentaries that talk about Earth’s environment and how humans are destroying it + those that talk about animal rights.

With those all over the place, it makes me want to jump in about the thought that if you really think that the human race is an atrocity, then it really is groundless and there is no need to make aliens look terrible.

If you have seen the movie, “Happy Feet” there is a part to it that reminds me of my argument. The penguin characters in the movie have looked at humans and have be calling them, “Aliens” through out the whole thing. Mumble, the main protagonist of the film discovers that the humans are taking their fish they need to eat. Yet, humans take it to eat them too but in the end, everyone discovers the penguins telling them that they are taking too much fish and need to leave it for them. Many argue that if only humans were that kind to do that + know the fish is not ours and that a vegan diet it the way to go (even though it has not worked out for hundreds of people and plus our pet cats definitely eat fish and is part of their natural diet). WB behind Happy Feet whose the same company behind Marvin the Martian, isn’t about time to stop and think that maybe making humans and other earthlings look like victims over aliens isn’t so necessary anymore? Humans are already ruining the planet! Let’s create creatures for other planets in our solar system who are just as intelligent as we are but are careful with what they do!!!!

Not to mention but they made a documentary about the arctic and global warming effecting it called, “To the Arctic”. I can make the exact same argument there.

That is not to say but there is something about vegans that I have been discovering lately that makes it a possibly to what they are really behind I better add to this. They DO NOT care about human health! They main mission is about saving animals. When it comes to those self righteous ones who have criticized about those people who have not done so well on a vegan diet, it only proves so. They only pretend to care about our health so they can get us to go on their diet so they’ll get exactly want which a world where humans are not harming animals.

The vegans take information about what happens is you consume too much dairy, meat or any other animal product, (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and others) and take it as if it is completly harmful to our health and we should not consume it at all when it reality, too much of anything can cause certain health problems. They do same thing with comparing our teeth and our digestive systems to plant eaters when it’s also proved that meat is what made us the dominate species we are today. Those famous doctors you are wondering? Well, it’s possible they are exactly like those scientists who dove into the politics idea of climate change to help make money. They say it strictly that they are telling the truth about it all to hide from that possible theory I’ve got. Doctors have fallen for the vegans militant argument here and have taken it to support. When someone does not do well on the diet, how do they react? I assume it’s terrible. It just proves that human health is least vegans actually care about and are only trapping us so they can get their animal saving mission accomplished which will never happen.

Not to mention about them saying that there is not humane types including dairy, (even though that I deep down see that the whole reason behind the baby stealing is because cows and goats are being fed corn and wheat and not grass because there is not enough land of it anymore. Grass is part of what made them make milk on a constant basis. I’ve seen some evidence. So I am not making this up.) But this just proves a possible feeling. If you were to put it all together to what vegans do and say, it shows that it is only possible that they want animal domestication completely obsolete. Yes, that includes pets. I’m not ready for that.

Anyway, let’s get back to the main argument of this blog. I so think that it is time sci-fi was told in a whole new way which is the big reason behind my cartoons. For my Mabel cartoons, as an alien growing up on the Earth, she notices how humans portray and expect aliens to be all around her. Mabel proves over the years that not all are what they think and are actually more environmentally gentle. That’s where she also helps Marvin. I’ve got a bit of a message in my cartoon. Be NICE to aliens! They might not be as scary and vicious as many think + are actually more environmentally gentle. 

As I know, many could be thinking, “Why do you have to be so serious? It’s cartoon and meant for entertainment!”” This has nothing to do with PC culture and being wrapped in cotton wool. It’s about modern day logic. We’re in a generation now where humans are always being complained about being a selfish, greedy and unpleasant species that never should have existed on the planet even though we’ve bought so much to the world that no other species could have done. It it beginning to look groundless to keep the stereotype of aliens. The universe needs a species that is dominate and intelligent but more environmentally gentle.

And as I said, Mabel and her friends would give proof that girls love sci-fi too and doesn’t have to be targeted at just boys. A big possibly as I could imagine to make that happen is by bringing a bunch of alien girls into the spirit of fashion, princesses, etc. That is where Mabel comes in! That is not to say but I actually learned that Mabel had an origin of meaning “Lovable” in Latin and that is so accurate to her. Now part of this video below is going to show something I may have shown you before but I have another argument against. 16:01-16:29

But I would also like you to look 6:24-6:39 because it wasn’t alone.

“He’s from Earth and he wants to keep it that way.” That’s nice way for CN to promote interplanetary speciesism by almost like saying that Earth-outsiders cannot vote or be a candidate. Plus Yogi isn’t all that charming as Marvin is. I’d rather vote for Rodney or no more than that, I’ll make one of my own up.

‘Barbie likes to say, “We girls can do anything!” and “It’s a great time to be a girl!”

I hope it doesn’t mean cannot choose certain crushes.

VOTE FOR MABEL THE MARTIAN!! She knows that it doesn’t matter and wants to give you the right to it.’

Part of this a joke to the LT themed Barbie dolls I talked about in other blogs.

After I got a note at a point saying that Mattel may have not wanted Barbie with a bad guy from LT, especially the one with the most threat but that REALLY doesn’t matter, I completely began to see Barbie in a WHOLE DIFFERENT WAY. This all showing that a cool fashion girly girl should NOT be with or love Marvin the Martian and that’s where I feel ashamed to love him. FUCK Mattel! At least Marvin could not be narrowing his eyes around Barbie and just make him SMILE and look like a hottie.  Plus, I can see that Barbie looks like someone who likes POLITE + charming guys and Marvin sure is one as long as others are not mean to him.

I hope for Mabel to take it all back and PROVE that many girls love Marvin and don’t think he’s a menace. We fangirls do not deserve to be left out. Mabel will have Marvin EVERYWHERE for her franchise. 

For those who say that would rather have their daughter with someone who has a lot gross habits behind them and not one with crimes hidden in them, let me just say I would not want EITHER ONE OF THEM!!! This is kind of what I talked about in my blog about the reason why I so love Rodney and feel better to remember how charming he was + back on my mind. It’s a TRUE HERO in my eyes.

And of course, Mabel is also a character I hope that very few will look at as annoying and horrible like what I discussed about when it comes to a lot fo fictional female characters. It will bring the female population confidence. She’d be like Princess Diana. Not to mention but I could make up a cast list to who each of them represent from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s Barbie franchise.

Mabel – Barbie

Marvin – Ken

Nina – Midge (Because she is the one to have a baby in the show)

Martin – Allen

Milly – Teresa

Cheyenne – Chrissy

Lilly – Kira

Marcia – Kelly

Serena – Kayla

Maizzy – PJ possibly

Crystal – Unsure

I could also put in one of the annoying female characters I talked about in here to make people vote for Mabel.

If I were to go over for an internship at WB, I would have to show them everything I’ve got. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Including comments from girls who have a crush on Marvin and how they wish he had more importance + everything else. The idea behind Mabel + her series and merchandise is also on the list to show.

What Princess Diana Means to Me

So what do I have to say about this? A LOT!!! The truth is, I’ve been thinking a lot about Princess Diana lately and unbelievable legacy she’s had on the world. There were quite a lot of sad moments she faced too as I understand in I feel like I can relate to.

Gosh she was so soft-spoken! Something that is comforting to me and enough to make me want to listen to this interview when I am asleep! I want to say now that when I found out my child would be a robot I was very relieved. LOL

Watch as much of this documentary as you want you may learn a lot!

Absolutely incredible! Watching her interact with those fans even the children is so heartwarming for me. It’s no surprise why the public loved her so much! Some of the other royals felt rather jealous and think that she was an abomination to the rest of the royal family. At least that is what it says in the series, “The Crown” Now I know this is a drama and not a documentary but I guess it’s bringing some possible theories about what happened behind it all.

I’ve got to admit but KNOWING that there was a woman out there that was nearly the entire loved and admired really brings me confidence. For one question asked, “Do you think you could have a cup of tea with her?” Well, as I would answer I do love tea parties. For thing I understand is that Prince Charles did say that it would’ve been far easier to have had two wives. He seemed to have been jealous over Diana’s popularity as shown in here. After looking at all the hated female characters being brats or labeled as annoying and letting the love go to one of the guy, (George over Peppa Pig, The Ed’s over the Sarah, Arthur over DW Reed, Max over Ruby, Charlie Brown over many of the Peanuts girls, Chuckie and Tommy over Angelica, Little Critter over Little Sister and so much else), it gives it the look that in reality, it’s mostly the guys abusing the girls and being pushed back so the females can show there love and be loved. But it’s more than that, Diana was a woman that even my mother thought was amazing. It really helps me feel good inside over those other popular women out there that are secretly assholes, such as Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi + not to mention some other overrated leftist women in America. Then there are the conservative ones who are kept out of public and deserve a lot love but yet are demolished so often. Diana is someone that not only the British admired but as far as can see, both the left and right side of America also did. I’m apparently a British-American and I see that America follows a relationship with the UK.

And it said all over that Prince Charles did not treat Diana well all because of his love for Camilla. “So why marry?” as many are saying. Let’s do keep in mind that William and Harry never would’ve been born if it had not been for their marriage. From looking at Diana’s wedding photo and the time she had Prince William, she looked so much like a teenager. This is what I can’t stand about troubled marriages and divorce! Especially if they had kids. The couples and others forget to realize that their children they love so much never would’ve been born if it had not been for their marriage and falling in love. While it should put this influence on the children as they get older. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WITH YOUR LOVED ONE! Otherwise the next few generations would make the family look very yucky. That’s what I would say to William and Harry + hopefully, a similar problem does not happen in their marriage.

I already know that for myself after knowing so much of the horrible situations in my parents divorce.

I can totally see that the day of her death was so much like 9-11 even for those who didn’t know her. I so can agree that Diana was too young to die and that accident was very preventable.

I have a friend who is a fan of Elton John and wonder if she’s ever seen a clip of this. Yes, this is very sad the one part that made me cry was during a shot of this in the documentary called “My Mother, Diana” when some lady yelled “DIANA, WE LOVE YOU!!!” when the casket passed by. It’s also shown in here:

I feel really bad for William and Harry losing their mother and following her coffin was one of the hardest things ever done for them. It is rather said many times that this horrible event was planned all along:

Naughty PAPARAZZI!!! I can see that it would’ve taken A LOT of work for hero to foil all those plans. I had a dream recently where I went back in time to save the princess. Of course, I also had a helping me out. What’s wrong with having an Egyptian as the stepfather of the future king? Did the royals think it would affect his life or what? There’s something the public could point out is racist but I’m shocked they haven’t. And why would someone want their former spouse killed so they can marry whoever is next? Shouldn’t the divorce be enough? It makes no sense! Can you imagine if William and Harry saw that video above? As far as I can imagine, this is something that someone would want to seek revenge on. It was all done on purpose! And it’s a shame that Diana never got to meet Kate Middleton and her 3 grandchildren.

Some say that Charlotte looks like Diana when she was younger and I can imagine her feeling the way Holly Hobbie did about her great grandmother who was the original Holly Hobbie:

So where was I when Diana was killed? I was still a baby and only a year old! And according to my baby book I found a couple of years ago, I was first learning to walk at the time of her tragic death. It is very shocking to me! Sometimes I wish I were ten years earlier so I could’ve been around longer during Diana’s lifetime. I feel like I’ve missed out on something I would’ve felt grateful for once again and know how it feels to lose such a wonderful person like her! Someone once mentioned to imagine being hugged by Diana due to her the care she showed. Or no more than that what I say, imagine being held on by her while still a baby because that is where I was.

The last part I want to say is that Diana has given me a lot of inspiration for Mabel in which I also want to be beloved. Especially by the fashions. Let me show you what I found to be some of Diana’s most appealing and inspiration styles:

This coming July would have marked her 60th birthday. I once again say that knowing that there was a women like her out there that nearly all of the world adored for a great reason brings me confidence and I don’t feel weird that nearly everyone who I meet feel the same way about me.

My Own Alternate Story for Robots/Wattpad Gives Me Self Confidence

To start things off, something terrible happened to me! Remember when I talked about those Wattpad books that were not finished? One of them was labeled ‘Discontinued’ and so I thought that meant the writer was giving up and not going to come back to it according the the message at the end where as the ending did no make it look complete to everyone reading it. But I could tell many wanted to know what happens next, EVEN ME.

So I thought I’d help continue the story and cover for her by writing one of my own a few months ago. Many loved it but then a few weeks ago she discovered it and was very very unhappy with me that I did not ask for permission even though it was unlikely she would get back to me even if I did ask for permission. And I noticed everyone felt sorry for her about how that happened and loved her book and all, but really all that she was doing to me, she was the one being a jerk. Because she was so unforgiving for me and even cut me off by muting me not wanting to hear from me again! She wrote all these butt hurt replies to me even thought I was only trying to help and thought she wasn’t coming back.

Really I swear! I did not mean to hurt her at all but for some reason she told me I did, but I am the one that’s hurt now by not forgiving me. I really wanted to know what happens next and I was also trying to be logical and go further into the story such as how the teleporter device got into my backyard. And when she told me not to tell her what to do with the story, it badly hurt me because logic is the one thing that’s important and I can tell that others would want it make sense too. This was the nastiest person I’ve ever talked to on the internet so far. Others didn’t forgive me too as I could tell because they blocked me as well. I got messages saying I cannot reply to this person. I had to completely delete and change my account there.

And I also thought it was completely time that a new alternate story ‘Rodney Copperbottom X Reader’ emerged that goes in with more detail with the reader also going into the point of view with other characters as well. But it’s still mostly the readers POV. Therefore I made my own my book! I am still very disappointed about what happened although at the same time, I can relieved that my book is getting votes and having a few good reviews.

I want this to be like the best one ever! I will leave a link to it below:


Notice that I added that it was done logically? I explained why above but there is more too.

I may have said this before I but I will remind you that it only makes sense that these alternate stories for me as the reader take place back in the time when Robots was almost finished or first released. Why? Because in my thought, if it took place later than that, I would’ve already had KNOWN who all the characters were when I first arrived in their dimension because a film like theirs would’ve already existed. Therefore, I wouldn’t be looking at their universe as a strange unfamiliar place like what the reader is usually going through.

This is why an old school flip cell phone, Sony electronics, CD’s, Conair beauty tools and other early – mid 2000s products are featured in this and not thing like todays smart phones. As you will or also saw, I added that 2004 tsunami event because that would’ve happened at some point around this time too.

You also might be wondering after reading some previous blogs of mine on why I made the reader a spoiled brat. That’s a very good question! Multiple answers for this!

For one thing, how did the device get into the backyard in the first place? I had to think of a logical reason for that it is only possible for the reader girl to have made a wish for her to get out of her universe and move to a new dimension. But why would someone make a wish like that? Easy! It would only make sense for them to be SPOILED! Plus, being away without food would make it a good lesson for the reader that she should’ve been grateful for what she had all this time because she’s experiencing what the poor often go through. Anyone know what I mean?

Besides it only makes it for a very interesting love story between a robot who’s parents couldn’t afford new shiny parts and other stuff for him but at the same time got through his goals and lived through it all anyhow + a spoiled bratty human girl who was getting so much she wanted all for a specific reason (although she reforms after meeting Rodney and becoming a couple with him).

Since this story is really a dream come true for me than I like to mention it to those who I know to pretend (Y/N) is me.

When I say I am portrayed as a spoiled brat in this book, I’m talking a certain kind of spoiled that not all of you might be too familiar with. You see, I was one who was mostly spoiling myself because I was going out and buying whatever I wanted without caring about prices and all that. I’m sort of like the Callum sisters or Aly and Aj’s character from the very underrated Disney Channel movie, “Cow Belles”. I could also say I’m like Poppy Moore who was a character portrayed by Emma Roberts in a movie called, “Wild Child”. Other characters I would consider were both portrayed by Lindsay Lohan. Anna Coleman from the 2003 remake of “Freaky Friday” and Ashley Albright from “Just My Luck”.

And while I hate to say but this is also a bit of a revenge story. (Just a joke!) Part of it has to do with seeing Rodney act out in some roles that have him do motives I know his real character would NEVER do which makes me uncomfortable considering that I’ve known him to be one of the most gentle characters after 16 years. Plus, some other alternate stories show him as a teaser but they got to know that he’s doing it in a loving way. So in order to keep his heroic side, what I were the one to do most of the teasing or having the more rude behavior side? If the media really think this helps gets the female population to look stronger than I may as well follow them. LOL

That’s also where the revenge joke comes in. It’s to take back the unlikable bratty young female characters I’ve talked about in other blogs and making myself into one that I believe most would be able cute or can’t help but feel sorry for based on the secret I am after which wanting to have friends.

Speaking of that, it leads me to the other part of this blog. Remember when I explained in a blog from a couple years ago about an alternate reality to Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Well, a few nights ago I was thinking of something in bed and I thought of Charlie having a sister that is just as well behaved as he is. I was thinking of them being twins but then a thought she’s actually somewhat older. Plus with that, it can make it interesting that she is the one that takes him to the factory as apposed to Grandpa Joe. Mr. Wonka develops a crush on her. Although it sort of takes away the thought of making this a not so juvenile sexist story but at least this character is still young and is not married nor has children. It’s as if to make it a good hope to bring my self confidence back and for other female audiences.

To go from that, Wattpad actually made a bunch of those! Both versions of each of the movies are placed however for some reason it seems like the more recent one from 2005 has more alternate ones then the 50-year film which I am a little worried would frustrate some readers, especially older ones. So far my favorite is this unfinished one that features Charlie having a cousin named Erica who visits him during the whole event:


What makes this so interesting is that Erica happens to be my age and sort of almost looks like me compared to her height plus hair and eye color. I can also see she wears a lot of purple which is one of my best colors! So, close call!

Although a history on discovering this classic story from my childhood has an impact on it making my self confidence go down the drain.

I got in trouble the day my mom showed me part of the classic 1971 version but it was the only thing I could watch because after getting in trouble for something, (don’t remember what it was), I wasn’t aloud to watch anything. But gosh knows that discovery I made that would change it all for me!

Another time when I was watching the classic version was when my father was sitting next to me and he watched the part where Charlie’s mom kissed him on the forehead before walking out worried about finding a golden ticket. Dad told me how to see that every parent kisses their little boys and girls while he also added something to that he doesn’t have a boy, he has a little girl who’s me. Shouldn’t he stop to think on how the little girls are portrayed in here? Because it’s sure effecting my self confidence and liking myself! This leads me to another argument that I will come back to soon.

That is not to say but the 2005 version came out later that summer and there was a lot that I found interesting. For the most part, it has more that compares to the book which brings me to a quick halt. I’ve just learned that this was NOT a remake but it was just a film that Tim Burton made that was more based off the book. When looking at many who didn’t think it was as good as that classic version, it makes me stop and think that maybe people actually LIKE it better when the movies are so far different from the book in which I already know many complain about. This is one thing that makes NO SENSE AT ALL! This is such a confusing world!

I see kind of a best of both worlds. However, today I’ve realized that I don’t really like any of them. I don’t even like the book and it all comes down to the female character portrayal that I am surprised feminists are not arguing about.

Society says so themselves like what is quoted in “Miss Representation” and the video about “Good Night Stories fo Rebel Girls.” If you can see it, you can be it but you can’t be what you can’t see. Without a well-behaved young girl, that leaves me to not see that I can be a rule follower or be successful. Only boys have that decision. Girls do not have a choice but to be rule breakers and have a bad fate like all rotten children deserve. It proves that it is what I SEE that inspires my idea for what is possible for me in the world.

It’s just the situation with female leadership and having the power. That is where I see this classic story being compared to the problem with female presidential candidates as I got older. I see it as if it’s like Willy Wonka is looking for the next US president based on what they have that is right for the nation.

That’s where I bring that story idea I have for PragerU. For famous candidates go back in time to see George Washington (The founding father) and he sees through them on what is right for what the country needs and what it not. Four become dismissed for a particular reason leaving one to show that they’ve got what’s right.

I can compare Hilary Clinton to Violet in a way, not with gum but that fact that’s she’s stubborn and very competitive. In the 2016 election she was not prepared for loosing but just knew that she would win and it didn’t happen. I will compare Nancy Pelosi with Veruca in a way in which she has so much and even extremely wealthy. I can see her as a brat while dad just says that she really is evil. Pelosi has not run for president but something tells me she might in the future. YIKES!! Burnie Sanders has the role of being like Augustus. From hearing what dad has told me, he’s rather greedy on money and is horrible about the middle class. Al Gore has sort of the role of being like Mike Teavee. Not that he’s exposed to video games and TV but that he has a super big focus on how humans are destroying the Earth plus how climate change is definitely real + going to destroy the entire world. It’s happened many times with the coast cities being washed away from rising sea levels on how it would happen by the year 2000 all written in 1989. 2 decades have gone by and it has NOT happened. Gore still made a documentary about global warming anyway which many conservatives find hysteria and like the boy who cried wolf. This is a complete example of a no-it-all! I am leaning to George W Bush having the Charlie role comparison. My mom told me that someone she knew met Bush before and says that he’s like the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. On the other hand, leftists are blaming him for something and I can’t really remember what it was. On the other hand, compared to what my mother thought of him, he’s was great with our country and that’s something liberals and leftists just can’t understand.

You see, the four rotten children clearly represent the bratty leftists while Charlie shows the angelic Republican side. I am trying to say here is without a good girl in the group, who could’ve won with Charlie, it leaves me in the dirt thinking I have no chance of being a successful heroine or so as I said. And if leftists are going to think this story is sexist due to the two women getting some kind of fate and losing, those two women didn’t win because of their sex but because they didn’t have the right thoughts for what the US needs according to the constitution and everything else. It shows the message that the big reason we have not had a female president is because there are NO conservative women running as candidates. Media makes it look like all women think Democratic when there are so many conservative women around. They are ditched and that prevents them from running as candidates.

Now to get back to what I was going to say about my fathers statement. If you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter or even younger sister that you love so dearly and read Dahl’s classic story or watch either one of the movies, LOOK AT THEM, and think about them. Do they all deserve to look like unsuccessful rule breakers? HECK NO!!!!

That is something Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo didn’t think about when writing the Rebel Girls franchise. But I don’t think even their books would do any good. Why? Because most of those US leadership women shown in there as women who have changed the world or made a marking point in history are all left leaning. This is not a good sign. It could lead the young generation or girls to thinking that they have to be in a specific party if they want to be successful while it is also a party that’s already destroying America. It’s like a trap and we can’t let them get away with it!!

Isn’t there something better or way that they can know that political views do not matter on how successful you could be?

Bringing Mabel in as a lovable female character that many could possibly relate to would change everything while it could also bring down the stereotype of aliens. No more than that, it will also prove that even girls can love outer space and sci-fi.

See you all next time and Happy Memorial Day!


Okay, so what’s all the excitement? I found another Robots alternate story that features a human girl reader getting lost and then becomes a couple with Rodney. As far as I have learned, this girl who wrote it also has a crush on Rodney and is major fan of this movie. I will give you some links and proof:



And this here is the story:


Serend still has not finished this but I did write to her and she wrote back explaining how crazy things have been but will plan to work on it soon. I so cannot wait and I am so glad to hear that I am not alone! There are still many parts that she has not got to yet. Does the reader ever get home to her parents or what? I gave Serend some suggestions for the next few parts too. Now let me explain my thoughts for each of the scenes.

So unlike MaskedDragons version, it is shown at the beginning on what the reader has been going before ending up in Robot City. As far as I can see, if I were to put this in a reality it would be that my parents are moving into the place where my mom grew which is Charlottesville VA. Before that when it comes to moving from the city, we were living in the city of Norfolk. It seems that the reader did not want to move. As I can imagine, I wouldn’t want to move because I am leaving my friends behind.

It also says that the reader girl is 18. Could she have possibly already graduated high school? Once again, I would say to this that it only makes since that this is taking place back in 2005 when Robots was first released. Another thing, pancakes are definitely one of my favorites.

What else is different? I meet Rodney for the first time after my landing. I love how he is talking to me like a frightened child. It’s never said that the humans died out from war and sickness but it totally makes sense. I love that Aunt Fanny has a collection of human clothes and accessories inside a big close. I’m not sleeping on the but rather a different bed that no one uses. There was also a shower that no one uses but it all was there just in case.

Once again, I need help getting back and the only way to fix the device is to get Bigweld Industries to make spare parts again. Like the other one also, I help fix the other robots.

Like, the first story, I started to develop feelings for Rodney but felt determined not to tell him. It’s almost like the song in Disney film Hercules, “I Won’t Say I’m in Love”

I absolutely love the dress I pick out to wear to the ball. The shoes are nice too even though I do not wear high heels. It is said that I find many accessories and makeup in the closet as well. There better have been a hairagami in there because as I said in my previous blog, it is the easiest thing I can use to put my hair in a bun all by myself. Also, remember when I said that I believed wearing Revlon and using cosmetics + beauty products would get Rodney’s attention due to Cappy’s voice actress being in some ad’s? I’m thinking that it’s what I find in the closet. Let me show you some sample commercials:


Anyway, I would definitely feel goosebumps on my if I felt Rodney’s fingers on my skin. Rodney and I are once again introduced as a count and countess but this time, my name is given an official one. I would go with Marcella again. I absolutely would have loved to get Rodney to dance with me at the Bigweld Ball.

Just like I feel in real life, I was getting very jealous about the way Cappy was around Rodney. However, as you could see, I did try to hide that feeling due to Rodney and I being different species. But it turns out, Rodney actually did have feelings for me all along but I guess didn’t want to say it until later. That is not to say, he still seem shy when asking me if I wanted to come to the Bigweld Ball with him. I’m guessing Rodney is doing like what a lot of guys do around pretty girls.

I did not understand what Cappy meant when saying that she and Rodney have to send me into authorities. I’m glad Rodney stood up saying not to.

What is different is that I go for the chase scene by driving Bigweld’s limo the entire time. I did get hurt with hitting myself on the dashboard but I was not as damaged as I was in the other alternate story. Also, unlike the other alternate story, I join the army with Rodney to find and stand there against Madame Gasket. During the fight, it said that she was watching me from her perch and figured out I was human when seeing the blood dripping from me. I can hear what she would sound like when saying “GET THE HUMAN!!”.

But what’s very different is, after the final battle, Bigweld has seen that I was badly hurt and passed out, so I am taken back to his mansion to rest and recover. I wake up to see Rodney holding me in his arms in deep grief. A bandage was wrapped around my head and I had to rest for a week.

It’s very cute that Rodney worried about me when I tried to get up and when I ran so he could chase me once I was all better. I find it also cute that he says that he missed me even though I was away from him less than ten minutes just to pack.

It is a recently learning that the term lemon is a way of saying in social media that this scene contains sexual content. Guess what? Those did not bother me at all! When I read them to mom, she told me they were rather graphic and said not to read that no one else. However, when I told my good friend from college about this, she laughed and felt great about it thinking it was funny. That’s another good showing that grown adults accepting my needs are a thing of the past. Now it’s my peers that are feeling that way. Fuck it that they never have time to be with me!!

Anyway, it being shown that a PG rated kids film has been transformed into a story that has R-rated content. Although, it’s very different since this is sex between a metal man and a human girl. Honestly, this doesn’t bother me because I wanted to do this my whole life.

What I like a lot is that it is shown that Bigweld collects a lot human objects because it inspires him for inventions of his own when it reminds him of the humans attempt to invent the robots. So he’s got a lot for me!

Then the Rivet Town victory party happens! Unlike the other story, I go up with Rodney on stage and that’s where I meet his parents. I loved how the robots in the audience chanted for us to kiss.

At this point it is like “Kiss the Girl” from the “The Little Mermaid”.

I wonder why his parents didn’t mind that Rodney was dating a human and rather encouraged it. Maybe it’s because that could mean an interesting collection of grandchildren in their future. That said in my view, a Pixar star could be on his way 😉

Look, in real life, I do not want to have kids but being married with Rodney and starting a family with him is quite a different story. I’d would much rather my kids be robots than humans!

Serend stops at a part where Bigweld has sold a few of his old houses to the Rustie’s and Rodney and I get one of our own. The master bedroom is cool and the closet is especially awesome! I always wanted a closet like that.

When it comes to Rodney having a motor inside that whirls whenever enjoying himself, I can imagine it sounds kind of like this:

I may have mentioned that before but when reading this, I think of deciding on the fashion look of myself for each scene. I cannot wait until I find out what happens next! Serend, if you are reading this, thank you for everything!!!

More Awesome Childhood Commercials

Okay, I’ve got more commercials from my childhood I would like to share with you. The first two are going to be full commercial breaks that are exactly the memory I remember on them in order.

Watch 6:51-10:22

Okay so I believe I already showed you guys some of them from the other blog I made about my childhood commercials. From my memory, this commercial I am talking about aired after the Blue’s Clues episode, “Mailbox’s Birthday”. I remember that Burger King kids club commercial. From the first few time, I found the basketball act many times but then the toy advertisement that came with it and would always be for something else but finally in this one above, I found the toy advertisement this commercial aired with from the recorded VHS I had. I cannot believe it was MIB or Men in Black! The team Marvin the Martian hates and from what I have learned are a supporter of Interplanetary Speciesism in which I want to END.

Another that I had not shown you in the other blog I remember the one for Universal Studios Florida. I did not know until recently that it was an ad for that theme park but I did remember all the scenes from that ad. I did not know Universal Studios in Orlando had been around for that long. 10:02 I remember SCARED me when realizing my fear or sharks and then finally many years later, it was representing a ride based on the movie Jaws which is now closed. In fact, a lot of the rides shown in this ad are now gone. Nickelodeon Studios is even gone and it’s been that way for more than 15 years now. WHY? I would’ve love to have seen Nick Studios! I still have not even gone to Universal Studios and I really want to.

Like the other, some of these commercials I have not talked about or shown you. This commercial break aired after the Blue’s Clues episode, “What Does Blue Need”. For that Farm Adventure ad, that one kind of scared, especially with some of those sounds it made and some of the machines being shown like on 4:10 and 4:15. I was so scared that I had to hold on to my quilt security blanket or no more than that, protect it. Now I will say one thing. Like I said in one of my vegan blogs, manure is spread all over the crop we eat to use as a fertilizer, feeding the soil and all that. Now what do you animal activists think or that? I haven’t shown you the ICS commercial either but that one I certainly remember. By looking at it today it looks like something that would truly be helpful for me and my needs.

Speaking of helpful needs:

Somehow the sound the Hairagami made when snapping in place scared me but looking at it today, the look of it is so awesome. As a matter or fact, I actually bought a few of these on EBay and Poshmark. Guess what? I LOVE it!! Even though I’ve got heavy hair, this tool makes it so easy to put my hair in a bun as long as it is in the right place and roll your hair up right. I could try other styles with it too at some point. I cannot wait for occasions where I can do it. I’ve always wanted to style my hair into many updos.

My hair was too short when this commercial aired! But I always wondered how braiding happened. I’ve been looking for this and I’ve found out about many bad reviews on this thing which frustrating. Because I do rather agree that braiding your hair by hand takes forever and plus I am not very good at it but I really wish to do this kinds of hairstyles on me too. Now I thought of something cool as a Mabel part merchandise. What it there was a hair braider that had a crank it that would allow you to control the speed? With that, your hair won’t end up some knotty like what many of these other devices so far do plus it won’t need batteries.

From looking at it now, I can that this would’ve really been helpful as a little kid because I had trouble brushing my teeth the right way.

I’ve tried these many times and I really like him.

To this day, I learned that this is Brenda Song who I remember from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody show.

I’ve got almost each of these songs on my iPod now. I think that Backstreet Boys are my favorite 90s + early 2000s boy band.


Seeing all those ad’s for the Blue’s Clues Big Musical made me want it and I finally got it and watched it over and over again. But sweepstakes like that would’ve been so cool! As a matter of fact, 20 years later which was about 6 months ago, I made a spoof on it.

This probably would’ve interesting and helpful for my language learning skills.

Funny you should know, I saw this air not too long AFTER I was at Chuck E Cheese for the very first time on the day of 9-11 attack. That was almost 20 years ago.


I really wish pull-ups were around more developed when I was 2 in 1998 because as I might have mentioned before, potty-training is seriously tough and can be delayed for a child on the Autism Spectrum. I was one of them. I did not understand the point of when the boy gave a tip to pull down the seat so your mom doesn’t fall in. Now I know that tip was just something guys should know. They lift the seat up so they don’t get it wet. When done, they should pull it down so that their mom, sister or any woman or girl in their house who might be next in line accidentally doesn’t notice and would fall in.

There are still lots of commercials I remember that I cannot find at the moment. But when I do, I will remember to post them.

If Doll Franchises Told the TRUTH About Friendship

Cloe: *dials Jade’s phone number*

*Phone rings and no answer*

Cloe: Bummer! *dials Sasha’s number*

*phone rings and no answer*

Cloe: Why aren’t any of my girls answering me???

*Beeps and leaves a message*

Cloe: Hi Sasha! It’s Cloe! I really feel deeply restricted and annoyed. My parents are driving me crazy right now and I have never felt so embarrassed and humiliated. I wish you and the girls were here so we could’ve gone to the beach together last weekend. When you get the chance, I would really appreciate if you call me back. Thank you! I love you and the rest of the girls! Bye! *dials Yasmins phone number*

*Phone rings and no answer*

Cloe: *sighs deeply and goes to sit on her bed reading a fashion magazine*

*knock at the door*

Cloe’s Dad: Cloe? Are you in there? Aren’t you gonna come out and dance with us?

Cloe: No daddy! *lies* I’m busy doing homework!

Cloe’s Dad: Okay! But we miss you!

(2 hours later)

*phone rings*

Cloe: *Answers the phone*

Yasmin: Hello?

Cloe: Hi! Yasmin! I’m so glad you could finally call!

Yasmin: Hi Cloe! I’m so sorry I missed your call! I was in the middle of working on a project for English.

Cloe: I forgive you but I’m not too happy right now. My parents are overwhelming me and they will not stop treating me like a kid.

Yasmin: Oh Angel, I am so sorry! My parents do that to me too and it just gets frustrating especially when you want to be independent.

Cloe: I called the rest of the girls and none of them answered me. I don’t understand, I thought friendship was meant to mean being dependable.

Yasmin: I believe that too but we all need to work to get us to where you have to be.

Cloe: I know and I am doing that. I just finished my math homework earlier but then my parents starting embarrassing me more than ever. Speaking of which, would you like to go to the movies sometime this coming weekend? There’s a new movie out with that cute actor in it!

Yasmin: Oh Cloe, I wish I could but I can’t. I have work this weekend!

Cloe: *gets sad* Oh yeah! That’s right. Don’t you work at the pet shelter in our town.

Yasmin: Yes Cloe but I do promise we will get together soon and hopefully get Sasha and Jade to join.

Cloe: Thank you Pretty Princess! I appreciate your words.

*both hang up and Cloe cries*

*Cloe’s mom knocks on the door*

Cloe’s mom: Honey? *opens the door and walks in* What’s the matter?

Cloe: You really want to know?

Cloe’s mom: Of course! It is my job to make sure you are happy.

Cloe: I cannot get any of my friends to answer me! I invited Yasmin to go see that movie with me and she can’t because of working.

Cloe’s mom: I’m sorry. You can always go see it with me and dad.

Cloe: Huh?

*Sophie sitting at lunch*

Sophie: Where are the girls? They were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!

Alexis: *arrives with the rest* Hi Sophie!

Sophie: Oh, hi girls!

Daniela: How are your classes this semester?

Sophie: Very tough! I got a D on my geometry test and I don’t know how I am going to get my grades higher.

Katie: I’m so sorry. I am sure you will do better next time.

Sophie: I love you thoughts Katie! Anyway, I have some great news! My dad is paying for a trip to the Bahamas this Spring break! I am really excited!

Alexis: Oh wow girl! You are so lucky!

Sophie: I know but it’s not going to be the same without you girls! I wish you would all come with me and I am worried my parents are going to annoy me as always when things get too much.

Daniela: I wish we all could go too but I cannot miss a day of band practice.

Alexis: Yeah, and I have to work. I don’t want to get fired just because I missed an entire week.

Katie: I already had plans. I’m going over to Sydney Australia.

Sophie: Oh Katie! I’ve always wanted to go to Sydney! I wish I could come!

Katie: Me too but my parents cannot afford another plane ticket.

Sophie: Bummer! Although I was also thinking that maybe we could go shopping just before I leave. That way I can get ready for a day of fun in the sun!

Daniele: Oh Sophie I’d love to but I can’t. I’ve got a tight schedule with my music lessons!

Alexis: I would love that too but I still have to work.

Katie: I would go with you but my parents already made an arrangement that we would leave just after school on Friday. If we left later, there would be no seats available for us.

Sophie: Oh okay! I would hate to have to go shopping alone and get my hair done alone again but I understand.

My Scene

*Barbie and Chelsea pass Madison checking her locker*

Chelsea: Hey there girlfriend!

Madison: Hi everyone! How are you?

Barbie: We’re great!

Madison: Have you seen all the new beauty products I got? *shows locker*

Chelsea: Wow, it’s so cool and totally original!

Madison: I meant to say girls but my 16th birthday is coming up as you know. Are you still up for planning the party at that night club.

Barbie: I remember Mad but I just realized that I think we might be a little too old to celebrate birthday parties like that. Besides, I have to work. I’ve got this new job at the music store.

Madison: Really? I’m so proud but I thought we always celebrated like this!

Chelsea: I know but we think it’s getting old now. I am very sorry to tell you Mad but I have to work too at the market.

Madison: Oh cool! I will be sure to come by and buy one of your cool designs! I was also thinking, how would you like to throw a sleepover Friday night?

Barbie: Mad, I think we might be getting a little too old for sleepovers.

Madison: What? But I thought many girls our age loved it!

Chelsea: I agree with Barbie, plus I have a tight schedule that day too.

Madison: Okay! Well, I will miss you girls!

*After saying goodbye and while walking down the hall*

Sutton: Hey there! Mad!

Madison: Hi Sutton!

Sutton: I understand you have a birthday coming up!

Madison: Yeah, and I tried to get the girls to celebrate with me but they have not got the time to anymore.

Sutton: Aww! That’s too bad! I just had an idea that we could have a date at that new restaurant downtown!

Madison: Really? But I thought you were working that day.

Sutton: I only work 4 days a week. I’m free on your birthday!

Madison: That sounds wonderful Sutton! It’ll be so much better than being stuck with my parents. My dad is cool but he doesn’t always know better on how to treat me now that I’m older.

Sutton: Okay! It’s a deal!

Madison (thinking): I’ve got a dependable boyfriend who knows where to keep his free time but why can’t any of the girls do the same thing? It’s not fair!

Barbie & Friends

Barbie (thinking): I am so glad I have my sisters! If I were an only child, I’d have no one to go to the amusement park with tomorrow, now that I know Nikki is on a tight schedule with her art project, Teresa is working, Midge is still on vacation in Switzerland and everyone else is just always working. I’m also glad Ken could arrange his schedule so we can have our precious dates! There’s never been a better boyfriend and I just don’t understand why I had to break up with him.

And for a special treat…..

Bratz in today’s pandemic!

Yasmin: I’m so sick of this pandemic! I miss seeing my friends! I miss my real shopping sprees! I miss the going to the movies! I miss showing my lipstick and blush in public because of these stupid masks! I miss showing off my cool fashions! I miss my dates with Braden! I miss everything! I wish this COVID-19 would go away! Hurry up vaccines! This is so painful! I’m going to call Jade! *dials the number*

*phone rings*

Jade: Hello?

Yasmin: Hi Jade I was beginning to worry you would never answer!

Jade: Oh hi Yasmin! How are you doing during this pandemic?

Yasmin: Horrible! As far as I can see, our lockdowns are not doing anything and according to what I am beginning to see on many websites, these overreactions to the virus are all becoming political and in reality, there is nothing to worry about.

Jade: I hear you girl! My parents are driving me crazy right now! I wish this would stop too and I really hope those vaccines would arise soon!

Yasmin: I know I was just about to say the same thing! Anyway, I did hear that the smoothie shop has been recovering lately from being locked down and is letting people in to sit down again. I was wondering if you would like to go there with me tomorrow.

Jade: I would love to but with this stuff I keep hearing about with all this disease, I don’t feel safe to go out.

Yasmin: But Kool Kat, didn’t I mention that this overreaction is being revealed to be a lie?

Jade: Yeah you did but still, I don’t feel like it is safe. I keep having nightmares about catching the virus and then dying from it.

Yasmin: Jade, we’re teenagers and I understand that most people who are affected by this are mostly in their 50s or older.

Jade: Lucky for us! But I do feel like it is better safe than sorry.

Yasmin: Okay, I understand *sighs*

*They hang up later and Yasmin decides to write in her diary*

My Words and Tips

Hi everyone! I apologize if those dialogue stories were too depressing or ruined your childhood. But I created those to show the TRUTH of what friendship is really like all mainly based on my experience.

I probably talked about this before in a previous blog but I am going to tell you again.

 I have had friends but they never have time to be with me and have often times never even have been dependable. It’s been happening almost all the time for me throughout my life as I have said. When I invite them to go shopping, to see a movie, throw a sleepover, hang out at the beach, or anything else, it seems that they are almost ALWAYS busy.  They’re at work, out of town, at camp or doing some other event that doesn’t involve me with them.

Also, even if they were to join me on a vacation or something, they could not afford it or are once again busy with something else. Due to that, I am almost always stuck with my parents, shopping alone or something like that. I’ve been told about tips for ever seeing if a friend would want to go on one of my trips with me but it’s never happened and far FAR from reality. They also barely ANSWER my phone calls and I thought talking on the phone was one thing people my age loved to do.

And few thoughts you might have with some of the dialogue I wrote above. The part about the sleepover is based on something I talked about with my mother. She mentioned to me that those my age might secretly be thinking that I am getting too old for sleepovers. It makes me so mad because it shows that I really did miss my chance in the past where I could’ve had one. Even though I might have thrown a few back when I was in elementary school, they were NOTHING like a slumber party I would want to have today. That is not to say but when I talk about sleepovers with some of my friends they actually LOVE the idea and make promises that we will be able to do it one day but it just has not happened yet.

That only proves here that these days, I am coming to a point where my peers have words for me that make my day more than ANY OLD PERSON would. I even discovered that my mom was wrong when she told me about being too old for temporary tattoos. One of my best friends from college still wears them and she even sent me some in a letter. Not to mention but I had one of them say it does not matter that I still buy things from Claire’s even though that store is kind of junvellie. However, I did make a desicion that I would never buy another pair of earrings from Claire’s again. They give the holes in my ears infections and irritate them leaving them all crusty around. But enough of that!

My message to be from this experience is that, even though my parents along with some of their friends and my other relatives who are just always older than me, try to do everything they can to keep me happy and stay on track to understand my needs, in reality they don’t give a FUCK!!!! Being stuck with baby boomers all the time really sucks!!! If any of these people grew up in my time, they would fully understand WAY MORE of what my feelings are.

I am almost always the only young person in a group and it’s all because of BOTH my parents being remarried to a person who is way older than them plus moving to a community that’s mainly inhabited by retired senior citizens. I am so sick of it and it really makes me feel weird inside. And this is where I came up with the thought of Barbie being so glad about having her sisters because for me, I am an only child and I am actually really beginning to hate it now. Especially sense I ended being dragged away from having chance to be with other people in my age group.

For one other though of mind that you might be wondering. As you may know, grandparents are supposed to be rather cool and give you lots to love in your life + show interesting inspiration for your future. I can agree there. On the other hand, when you are an only child and your mom or dad gets re-married to a person who is more than 20 years older than them + caused a boatload of those from their age group to have you surrounded, that can lead to serious issues. That is how my thoughts on senior citizens became so deeply negative for me because I’ve been surrounded by them for TOO LONG and has me less close to my own peers.

They often don’t know anything about my generation and often seem to hate it acting like their childhood was the good days. Everyone around me is into reading books + oldies or classic music and I’m more into fashion magazines, movies, modern day music + punk rock and all that. And when it comes to being in certian places, everyone around me wants to be sitting out lazy looking at nature views where I want to SHOP and go to theme parks. Maybe even get salon pampering. And not to mention but my parents seem to make it good enough to throw parties with their friends but it’s so fucking UNFAIR that I never get to do that with my own friends and peers. I REALLY want to do that. Especially a dance party or cotillion.

That is not to say it also leaves me a very low chance of me finding love interest. I bet you wondering, about the part with Madison ending up getting a little bit of a happy ending with Sutton. Well, that’s from my own experience with some boys I’ve been dating. So far, I have had TWO that have shown very big interest in love with me and they were somehow easy to get with. How? Because they were good at arranging their schedules and also worked only a certain amount of days in the week. It makes me see as if in reality, getting together for dates is easier than getting a group of people in your own gender to do things with you. I really wish it wasn’t like that because I really wish to have a group of girly besties that would make the time to be with me, stick together and keep me happy wherever I go just like in Bratz, Liv, My Scene and many others. And plus I had no interest in being with any of those boys that were dating me. They somehow were not a fit for me in many ways and did not agree with what I would do in the future. Plus, they got too over the top on me. I really hope to find someone not only has love for me BUT someone that I can find easy to love back.

Unfortunately, from what I am seeing, being stuck with my parents or old people all the time and less time with my peers leaves me a very low chance of me getting a boyfriend. It is like if I were still living with my parents. Guys will think I am helpless or won’t want to do anything. And plus it leads me to a VERY close call of an embarrassing moment with my parents. My mom and stepdad were trying to get a picture of us with all the Minion cardboard cutouts after we saw the 2015 Minions movie and it was getting very annoying. Soon a cute guy walked by looking at us thinking we were crazy. THAT WAS JUST HORRIBLE!! However, I will say that I deep down wish I could move to a new dimension so I could be a couple with Rodney. Thinking about him actually seems to charm me after feeling frustrated about not being with my girly peers.

To make the message of what I learned long ago when I let out at age 14 that I did not like it when my parents danced with me. I was told that teenagers don’t like dancing with their parents or really doing anything with their parents. They want to do things with their friends and people in their age group. I even read in a book that during adolence, you’ll end up being in a time where you are spending more time with your friends. This got me to assume that many teenagers go out with each other for their birthdays without parents hosting them like when you were little, shop together a lot and do just about everything the characters in these doll franchises do plus many movies have shown that too.

I even look around in public too and notice girls and even boys in there age group having fun with each other without any grown ups with them. Why was and is still impossible for me??? That is why I say that having one of my parents being re-married to a retired golfer gave me a poor teenage life in my adolence years.

Mary Kate and Ashley are SO LUCKY that they can have friends come with them on their trip to Hawaii and I am sure that has happened on other trips as well. They even said they get to be with their friends nearly all the time and love hanging with them. Again, WHY IS ALL THAT SO IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME???

With how hard it is for BFF relationship and all the struggles I’ve gone through all I can say is, Mattel, MGA, Spinmaster, Hasbro and other toy companies, you LIED to me!! Or should I say, US?

Having BFF’s is NOT easy as you make it seem and keeping them by your side is not a reality at least for me! It just makes me want to cry! Although it has been the part of inspiration for my Mabel & Friends franchise. But I could dig deeper as to how Mabel keeps her Martian girl friends at her side and how they make time to be with her. How? It is because they UNDERSTAND that Mabel needs company due to being an orphan and all. Plus, it is to my belief that many alien creatures have bigger and more developed brains than humans do, that they are more easily able to think deeper and make it so they have time to be with one another. Although if Mabel were to have the most time with Marvin as her boyfriend comparing the experince I just talked about, at least it leaves good news for those fans who wish for him to have more screen time.

But yes, I want to have friends so much and not just any friends but GROUP that will almost always be there for me and dependable enough so they can spend time with me. Going to join clubs and all that is kind of getting old and it also sometimes gets me more overwhelmed with work I have to do just like if I had a job during my school time of the years. That is the reason I only take summer jobs right now. No matter how many friends I make, I always run into those who are not too dependable and are often too busy to be with me. It’s so hard finding the right ones and it is not like I have a detector in my brain that tells whether a person is easy to hook up with or not. It gets frustrating and it shows how diffcult social life is and the really good reason as to why I’ve been wishing to make friends out of inadimate objects and fictional characters. But does it HAVE to be this way?? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

I am not going to let life keep being this way where I end up getting friends who are not dependable and never have time for me. Sometimes they even make plans to hang out with other friends of there’s but don’t invite me. To come to conclusion to this blog, I am not going to just give out tips for my long time friends in case they are reading this blog but I am going to be telling EVERYBODY who has come to read this.

If you know someone who you know is suffering or struggling due to the lack of peer times or being friendless, it should only be fair to start thinking about spending time with them. If you are invited to the mall, to a party or anywhere and you really want to go but know about other things on your schedule, MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO GO by trying to get a day off from work, making a more organized schedule or at least ALWAYS let your friend know when you are free so he or she can plan ahead of your times together. I can assure that if it is especially a person like me who suffers from lack of socialization with peers, it should be important to understand their needs because they could be someone who might end up as a lonely soul when they get older the less time you or anyone else their age spends with them.

That is what I am worried about if I just keep being stuck with old people. They will all be dead and helpless when I am older and it will leave me to be lonely because I had nobody my age around me that were a sure thing to be around longer and as long as I am. This is another really big reason why I am really meaning it now to have a group of peers to spend time with and will be there for me as dependable enough.

Another tip, if you are going out of town to place in which you know a friend of yours has always wanted to go, think about inviting him or her to come along. If one of my friends were going somewhere like, Atlantis, Jamaica, Sydney, Miami, Hawaii or even a ski resort in Colorado and they invited me, I would be totally excited and would be in for it. Work wise, I would organize my schedule and let the people I work with know about this event so I can make it possible to go. Also following tips like these would help someone like me have friends over for my 25th birthday which is coming up in 2 months. I so do not want to be stuck and surrouded by old people again or I know for sure that my birthday would be misarble like the last two years were and I will just act like a grumpy, spoiled brat. I want to at least have up to 3 people in my age group for this party I already planned and the only thing that would make me happier like I should be on my birthday would be to have people my age to socialize with.

Friends are meant to be there to help and keep you happy. Something else I would say, if you check your phone and notice that you have recently missed a call from your friend, be very sure to CALL THEM BACK. They probably need your words for some attention or an emergency.

Another tip I have, if you are going out with a group of friends but you are leaving out one you know would really like to spend time with you, think about inviting him or her too! That’s one thing I would’ve loved to have had during Halloween of the past year.

Here’s a very good one too. If you heard that your friend is sick, why not bother to help them? This could also end up as a good reason to why the time with them could fail from my experience. For that of the tip I’m giving, just recently I helped one of my roommates by going to buy her some cough drops while she had a sore throat.

If these tips can be followed, the way these franchises portray BFF relationship would start to look more like reality, social life would not look so difficult and the real world won’t look like a very yucky place to live. Be depenable and know what your friend needs + what they are suffering from!

Thank you for reading this and see you next time!

BEST WATTPAD STORY EVER!!!/ Alternate Story to Robots

About a month ago, I discovered this story on a site called Wattpad. When I read it, I was excited and it totally made my day. Going back and looking at it just makes feel like I’m walking on air. So this is an alternate story to the Blue Sky film, Robots, the movie I am a really huge fan of. It’s one in which the reader or YOU basically is being a part of and they leave a “Y/N” as standing for “Your Name” in which you insert yourself into. I’m going to leave a link to it below for you to read. I would strongly recommend you read the whole thing so that the rest of what I talk about in this blog doesn’t seem like spoilers.


I cannot believe but this is totally my dream come true!!!! For 16 years ever since the film came out I day dreamed about ended up in the Robots universe like this but I never thought till very recently that teleporting was the ultimate way to end up there. What’s the best part? Easy! Rodney and I become a couple!!! Not to brag but I feel this Wattpad story was written especially for me. I’ve noticed on Wattpad that many movies and some TV shows have alternate stories to them in which lets the reader or you be a part of it but none of them stand out to me more than THIS ONE. Because as I said, it’s one thing I have always wanted! If MaskedDragon533 is reading this I’m going to say, thank you so much for writing this! It really makes my day!!

So perhaps I should review this and explain what I liked and all that. So it starts out to say that the reader in which I am going to say is me just because, is a human that has been stuck in the robot world for 4 months and has been staying at Aunt Fanny’s Boarding House with the Rustie’s. She had a bunch of tins of canned fruit from when the humans were alive and I would add in that there was some spring water too. It seems that people interpret this movie as the future in which humans are extinct and taken over by robots. Well, not to sound rude here but as I explained in another blog, humanity got what it deserved after ruining the planet and wiping out other species that were apart of it. Robots taught us a lesson what that feels like! But anyway, I read that I was found by the Rustie’s in the dump all passed out. It all started when I found some kind of teleporting device in my backyard.

If I were to put it more detailed I found it the next morning and thought that maybe this is my way of getting out. I only took a little bag filled with lipgloss, a comb and a few other personal stuff. I did not take my music player, phone or even clothes because I figured I would find better thing in this new dimension. When I got there, I thought I all my troubles were over. So I ran around and all of the sudden ran into something causing me to knock out. That is where the Rustie’s found me. For one thing I thought about, I can imagine Piper all excited to have me stay cause it was nice to have another girl in the house + wished I could be kept there forever. However, I somehow realized the big mistake I’ve made and wished to return home. But the device was broken for some reason and had to wait.

When Rodney arrived I got a little worried because he was new. But when he started to come and say that he might be able to help me before letting me lead him to the device that was hidden in a tiny box and pushed underneath the couch I was sleeping on, he seemed to have a very fair liking to me. I didn’t say a word around him until he finally looked at the device realizing how complicated it looked. Therefore, I got very worried I was never going to get home but Rodney insisted I would and that Bigweld would be the one to fix it. Only now, parts were no longer being sold at this time. Even though he didn’t know my name just yet, he somehow TOUCHED me by the shoulders. I guess Rodney wanted to know what humans feel like plus I love that he started out talking to me like a lost small child. Not only now was I starting to see how friendly he happens to be but I felt a bit shy as well thinking he was very cute.

As a bunch of robots were starting to come in to be fixed, I had to hide in Piper’s room which was interesting. From the look of what I remember from her room, it was kind of nice but it did not look anything like what a tomboy would have. Rodney came and tapped me to wake me up and from there he knew my name. It’s not sad how he learned it but I am sure one of the Rustie’s told him. I can hardly much imagine how any of them would say it but I can think of one that’s sort of similar such as, “McKayla”. From it seems that Rodney had strong concern and caring about how I was because he glazed at me at one point while I looked out the window at him, and came to me wondering how I was feeling at the end of the day. I bet you can imagine how that makes me feel from reality. Rodney never saw my happy look until one morning when I was getting entertianed by his Wonderbot. From there, he felt amazed to see me happy.

Another thing is the I was rationing my food at this point because not much was left. I was also in pain of really wanting to go outside but I couldn’t because nobody was sure what others would think of a human girl in the robot world. But then, Rodney comes in to measure me and the next morning, it is revealed that he made a costume from me to make the others think I am one of them. I couldn’t thank him enough. Then some metallic spray was sprayed on my face and hair so that can be hidden too. I don’t know how that were to feel like. I would also like to know what this suite looked like + the design of the teleproting device. Maybe I can draw it at some point. And then I got to help him fix some robots that were in need of parts that were not available. He taught me and showed some tips throughout. I read that he stood very close to me that I would accidentally nudge him once in a while. But why stand so close to me? This was a very big sign that Rodney really did have a strong likely to me. It even said so after I kissed him on the cheek and he touched that spot feeling lovestruck.

I can also imagine at one point while I’m not looking is that Fender teases Rodney knowing that he is in love with me but it’s rather embarrassing him even thought they all know it’s true. It’s very likely he would also sing that crazy love cheer song:

“Rodney and (Y/N) sitting in a tree


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a bab-” and then one of us would tell him to stop it because it’s embarrassing.

But then came the day where my food supply completely ran out and I was on about 7 days without food. Yes, my body was messed up but in my mind, I can imagine I was losing enough wait to look like an old supermodel. Not only that but I refused to tell the robots how I was feeling, especially Rodney. I didn’t want to distract him from fixing and caring for all those robots in desperate need. Plus, I kind of come to have feelings for Rodney, however something is telling me that by what I have in this story, he might have had developed feelings for me first.

I also really like that I giggle during some parts that I found funny in the movie + most of everyone thought were funny. When word came from Rivet Town that Rodney’ dad was suffering from lack of spare parts, it was time something had to be done and that’s where the Bigweld Ball scene comes in. In this alternate story, I join Rodney and Fender. I trasform the torso and waist of my robotic costume into a baby blue dress + my hair was styled for a special occasion. I can assume Piper helped me with that and I taught her what to do with human hair.

In here, Rodney and I pretend to be a superficial couple while Fender is our loyal escort. Besides presenting Rodney as Count Rodrick Von Brokenzipper, he also adds me in as Countess Marcella. I thought that was really funny. Once in the ball and we split up and Rodney takes me somewhere and still checking on me. At one point I almost get close to kissing him but then I stop and freeze feeling worried that a human/robot relationship will not work out. However, Rodney was on the other hoping I would kiss him but didn’t know what to say when I froze.

Then the event of almost getting arrested happened. Only I would’ve wished to stand out and say I helped Rodney fix those robots so he may as well try to arrest me too. Cappy comes out and helps us escape. For this alternate story I am sitting in the back of the helicopter and Rodney adds in something about me needed help.

For the dominoes scene, I can imagine how queasy it would’ve been riding in the wave of dominoes after they were sent flying all around. I also love to have heard that Rodney caught me in his arms right when I was about to land.

For the phone booth scene, it changed to me being there and I hug Rodney as soon as he hung up after talking to his parents. Once again, I am trying to keep a secret from knowing that I needed help so it wouldn’t distract Rodney from worrying about the others in need. But he still felt concerned over me and even said I was his happiness and the happiness he was fighting for. That makes my day! He tries to kiss but I turn away still worried about how a relationship like this would work but I didn’t mean to hurt him by that motive.

Unlike in the movie, it comes to a seen where we are all riding in Bigweld’s limo on the way to headquarters. I fall over and my back runs into Rodney’s legs. It hurt and he looks down worried about me. From there, this is the first time in the story Rodney picks me up bridal style which is something I have always wanted. The story decides the sofa and a few other seats + cushions to be comfy when I thought this was a world where everything was metal. Oh well! This is an alternate story. But anyway, I’m lifted into the seat next to him and wraps an arm protectively around my waste because it was going to be a wild ride. I knew Rodney was going to tell me something back at the train station and I wanted to know by then. Only, he didn’t seem to have wanted to tell me anymore because he just said, “Nothing”. I guess Rodney might have been a little shy to tell he was falling for me all this time. That’s what I assume it was.

When Bigweld says to Cappy that Rodney (referring to as her boyfriend) is a genius, I stand there a bit heartbroken wondering why I didn’t see that coming. It’s like the Simon and Garfunkel song, “The Sound of Silence”. However, Rodney still seemed to have interest in me because he walked up to me to check on me again just before he ran into the building. That is not to say, Cappy did seem to look at me as weird while in the ride Bigweld Industries. Some think that it is because we were stealing in what was supposed to be her love interest. Comparing to the way I see it, we’re not stealing but it just worked out differently. Rodney only met Cappy when he accidentally landing on the meeting table when he first got to Bigweld Industries. He met me on the other hand back at Aunt Fanny’s as a hurt victim that really needed help. It’s like a Back to the Future reference where someone meets anyone hurt and then immediately falls in love.

Apparently it seems that I did steal Cappy’s idea of using roller skates in case there was serious trouble. I put them in while preparing for the ball. I’m with her in this story while going after Rodney riding on Bigweld getting chased by guards. I end up riding with Cappy in the security vehicle where apparently I am the one who came up with the idea. I was also the one to spot Bigweld and Rodney. They see us in the vehicle and Rodney ends up locking eyes with me. That’s when Ratchet all of the sudden comes in along with the Rustie’s coming to the rescue.

But then just when we thought things worked out and then Cappy accidentally has the vehicle fall over, my head slams into the dashboard causing a serious injury. There was a gash on my head and everything was blurry. I could also only hear ringing in my ears for a little while. This is the second time Rodney picks me up bridal style. Everybody is worried and panicking about me. All I could see was a light blue blur at first when that happened but after blinking a few times, the sight got normal again and figured out the suspect. However, after I command Rodney to put me down, Cappy notices that I am really a human because some of the parts to my costume were missing. My skin and clothes were being revealed. Rodney explains to her that he’s trying to help me get home and Bigweld is the only one who can help. I remember seeing him go rolling into The Chop Shop during the accident.

Just when everybody started to build weapons and get ready for butt whooping, Rodney tells me I am too injured to fight with them. He almost lost me and didn’t want it to happen again. I was frustrated but he did say that he was only trying to protect me. This did not stop me from putting some swords together as soon as everyone went in. That is when Piper, Aunt Fanny and a bunch of other outmodes arrive and I enter with them to fight. When the battle begins, I glance around to see everyone of the robots fighting Madame Gasket’s minions. It was a different story for me because I was very weak at this point. I end up falling at one point but then groaned in agony to force myself backup. This made me an easy target for the minions and one of them swings a ball at me hard right on the gash on my head. I was bleeding more and things become blurry again. Throughout the time, my stomach was hurting from hunger pain too. That is where I collapse to the ground. Piper and Diesel somehow rescue me after almost getting attacked by one of the giant sweepers while lying unconscious. I’m on Diesel’s back at this point. Once the battle ends + Bigweld and Rodney arise from the scrap, the cheer began. But just after Rodney admits that he needed to give his dad some spare parts, he sees me on Diesel’s back unconscious again. This has him worry and it’s the third time he holds me bridal style.

Cappy however notices my breathing knowing I am still alive. Now unlike the actual movie, it goes to show us on the ride to Rivet Town. I wake up on the train and Rodney approaches me. He kneels down asking why I didn’t listen to him. I can say it’s because I just wanted to help. From there, he tells me that he didn’t know what he would’ve done if he lost me. Also at this point I admit that I was very sick and injured + I needed other humans at this point to take care of me. I tell Rodney that if he wanted to help me, the device needed to be fixed. He agrees and from there, gets up to the seat next to be and we fall asleep on one another.

Right when we arrive, Fender barges in and wakes us up. Right when I notice the built stage at the end of town, Rodney asks if I wanted to go up with him but I refuse because I didn’t think I’d be able to handle it at this point. What happens in the movie all goes on but soon as the victory dance begins and “Get Up Off That Thing” plays, it gets too much for me that I have to weave through the crowd and get on a bench. It was a bummer that I had to sit the entire time during the fun. I can imagine Rodney being like “Oh no! Where’s (Y/N)?” when he notices I am not in the crowd anymore.

More goes on as if a sequel were about to happen. Everyone was on a hill watching the sunset. But then I’m about to fall asleep again but it’s worse now. I was about to lose energy and die. Rodney comes over worried and I finally tell him I am dying. He’s a little disappointed that I didn’t tell him before because this was not something I should’ve kept secret. But as Fender said, this was no time to fight. The device still needed parts. We all make a beeline for town and this is the fourth time Rodney carries me bridal style. Bigweld is out talking with Rodney’s parents and they all gasp seeing me almost unconoious in his arms. I can already hear Mel Brooks voice saying, “(Y/N!)What happened to her?” as the quote in this story said. I can already hear Robin Williams voice with some of Fender’s new lines.

The device is shown to Bigweld and he has to borrow some of the parts he gave to Rodney’s father. From there I am still being held and Rodney comforts me. But by now even though I lack energy, I finally tell Rodney the truth on why I didn’t kiss him for the couple of times. However, I still did happen to say that I did love him with all my heart which is so true for me in reality. The device finally got fixed and just when Rodney kisses me full on the lips, I start to disappear from the robot world. Rodney hollers that he loves me too much to let me go.

For what I can say here, being without food actually taught me a great lesson and sort of served me right for being spoiled once before. Because it taught me that I really should’ve been grateful for not living a life like the poor does. After a near death experience of starvation, I realized my big mistake.

In the next chapter, it tells that I ended up in a coma for two months and was in the hospital at this point when back home. I can imagine I ended up in ICU. However, I am thinking about why I didn’t die. For those of you that are atheists please do not judge me by this theory. I assume that God thought that this wasn’t my time, because I learned something very imporant and therefore, it was going to make me do the right thing from there and it was also still worth it that I had the chance to apologize to my father and continue my relationship with Rodney. Therefore, it was decided for me to just be in a coma for a little while instead.

I was released from hospital a few weeks later and back home. Only I woke up back in my own bed for the first time several hours later after being released from the hospital to find that my parents have gone to visit one of my aunts leaving me alone to recover. They thought I needed more time and thought I was not ready yet to explain where I have been. The story says I check my phone as if it were todays special smart phone, however, they weren’t quite fully developed back when Robots was released in 2005. To me, it only makes since that this alternate story for the me as the reader to take place back in the time when Robots was almost finished or first released. Why? Because in my thought, if it took place later than that, I would’ve already had KNOWN who all the robots were when I first arrived in their dimension because a film like theirs would’ve already existed. Therefore, I wouldn’t be looking at their universe as a strange unfamiliar place like what the reader is going through.

And so, I can say my phone was still a regular flip cell phone. I also had lots of other early 2000s items such as a bunch of unique Conair hair tools and old school CD’s. While this only means that I was born in a different time period as an alternate reality for this story. Plus, meeting Rodney and later on developing love for him almost ties in with the experience that happened to me. I didn’t know Rodney was going to turn out to be so much of a hottie UNTIL I actually saw the movie. Before that, I just saw trailers and had other thoughts. I would say that the reader disappeared from home in like November of 2004 and I didn’t make it back until March-April or 2005 which is when Robots was officially released. Yes, she missed Christmas with her family! She didn’t wake up from the coma until near the beginning of summer 2005.

Anyway, as soon as I do my routine, I find the device then ends up bringing me back to the robot world. I get directed to Bigweld Industries. There, Rodney and I reunite while at first I find him looking very depressed sitting on the ground near the window. I can assume he was going through mourning because he did tell me he thought I passed away while on the way back home.

But I did make it. Everyone else was excited for me to be back too. It seems that Rodney and I kissed a lot from here and I really love that indeed. From there, Rodney and I plan a date to go stargazing in Rivet Town. I meet his parents and I embarrassed him poking fun at him. I would’ve added that I admitted to his parents that their son is adorable. When walking back out when the sun was about to set, Rodney told me that what I did wasn’t very nice even though I was just playing around. His parents even admitted they used to poke fun at each other when they were young. It’s what love mates do. Here, Rodney picks me up bridal style again.

We do as a lot do. Rodney sits crosslegged with me in his lap while holding on to me. I really loved the part where he asks me to dance. Somebody commented that Megan Trainor’s “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” fits this and I so agree. I can imagine it playing if this were a movie.

After that, I spend the night with Rodney and we cuddle each other like a lot of love mates do. The next morning, we both wake up messing with each other again and head back to Robot City. Rodney holds me in his lap while we are on the train and he kisses me all over again. I hoped there weren’t any child watching us. At point during this he tells me he treats me with royalty when I end up calling him a peasant. I know where that fits! Rodney grew up with parents who could only afford not-so-shiny-hand-me-downs but lived through it. I grew up as spoiled and got so much I wanted without paying attention. So that fits! What makes this cute is that two different worlds have fallen in love!

I go back home for a little while to eat, do my morning abolition’s and I would say, change into something else. So what did I eat? My guess is Eggo waffles. Then I head back to Rodney and he is looking at some books to find information about humans so this relationship would work. At one point I notice after Rodney has kissed nearly all over, I have a turn kissing him and at one point it says that I hear his body start to make a whirring sound the metal body grew slightly warmer. It sounded almost like a cats purr. That is so cute! It shows as if Rodney actually has a way of purring when he’s enjoying my love from me. Also, where is the sensitive spot on the back of my neck that Rodney kisses? You can think that Rodney has all of the sudden become a teaser but at least it’s a loving way. And come to think of it, so have I! I get the feeling I might tease him more just because. It ends with me falling asleep in his embrace.

So believe it or not, I thought in imagine deciding what I wore during each of these scenes.

When I got to Robot City and through the time I was stuck there, I wore one of those velvet Juicy Couture tracksuits, sort of like this:

Underneath was a pink JC T-shirt I wore sneakers like this below:

On the day I unite with Rodney I wore a light purple butterfly T-shirt and colorful striped pants topped with a pink denim vest.

On the date, it said I were something casual and pretty while also taking a satchel with me. In my mind it looked like this I made on UrStyle:

Along with this headband:

I got changed and when I come back to him at the end of this first alternate story, I wore a Ralph Lauren tank top, floral capris, Lilly Pulitzer sandals, as well as colorful jewelry and a shoulder bag.

I tried to imagine McGregor’s new lines during this alternate story but all that can get into my head is his iconic Scottish voice and not the American accent he did for Rodney.

But anyway, this story was my dream come true and I once again thank MaskedDragon533 for writing it.

What’s Happening with Disney Live-Action Remakes

This is going to be my second blog talking about the live-action remakes of classic Disney films that have been going on so much lately. I am basically going to be talking about my thoughts on them and what it coming out. Before I get into that, I am going to share a video below that may tag in with what I am going to be mentioning and talking about:

I’m not gonna lie but the opening bit with Mickey Mouse singing a remade lyric to “Part of Your World” was well….. GOOD SHOW!!! *claps*. It is what inspired me to make a music video with Mabel singing that same tune singing about wanting to be a part of TV real media and not just an OC character on the internet:

Now on that first one, some say that it Mickey being evil while it also says some things that are so true. Disney did struggle to keep popular with their original movies back in the early 2000s. Another thing I am not going to lie about is that I was actually very excited when I heard Disney was going to by Fox. I knew it had to include Blue Sky Studios. However, with the recent result with Blue Sky being shut down, perhaps it was not such a good idea. I was quite upset when I heard that news. As you know, I am a HUGE fan of their film, “Robots”. I can only imagine all the BSS characters outside the studio disappointed about their workspace being bankrupt and don’t know where to runaway to. Someone should Devinart that! That is not to say, that does not possibly mean that there characters could be taken over by Disney along with the reason why I was excited in the first place. Why? Because I knew it would possibly mean that characters would start to appear in Disney Parks. I bet you know what I am about to get to there don’t you! Well, lets move on!

Now I will be talking my thoughts on each of these makes so far. I’m surprised to know how well “Alice in Wonderland” did at the box office. For me I’m kind of a mix of liking it and not caring for it. As far as I understand, the original Alice in Wonderland, (that is almost 70 years old now) did not do well when it first got released but did better on a re-release which is kind of interesting.

2014’s, “Maleficent” was rather cool but that is not to mention, it began the one thing I am so proud of for Disney to do. It kind of shocked me to know that each of the Disney Princesses are teenagers because in each of the animated films, they all sound like they are in their late 20’s or 30’s. It mostly definitely has to be because of the women who did their voices. Aurora is supposed to be 16 and says so throughout the film. Unlike the original movie, this remake chose an actress that totally looked that age and find that rather cool to watch. As a matter of fact, I kind of like to see what these beloved Disney characters would look like if they entered the real world.

Then there’s Cinderella in 2015. Saberspark claimed that it was a forgettable one. I sort of disagree half way. My mom loved it and it’s one of my favorite Disney classics. Half of the movie was quite cool but there were some parts about it that rather disappointed me. For one part, they didn’t included Cinderella’s loved bloodhound, Bruno. I loved him as a kid and many of the animal characters gave the entire classic memorable and loving moments.

Now Lucifer on the other hand, did have an appearance as a long-haired solid gray cat. He didn’t real steal the show all that much as he did in the original classic. In that case here, I think can show you a real life Bruno:

Now there is a spoiler alert here! Another thing that happened in this remake that I found kind of childhood wrecking is when they had the king die during the climax. Isn’t that the last thing he wanted to happen in the original?? He hoped for his son to get married all this time because seeing his grandchildren was the one thing that was on his “Before I die” to do list. On the hand, keep in mind that this movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh and I really like him believe it or not. And Lilly James totally looked like what Cinderella’s age was meant to be which was as far as I know, 19. Her ball gown was really cool too that I want one of my own.

The Jungle Book in 2016 was indeed darker and as far as I know with that, so was the original book! Disney was told to not to even think about using all the dark stuff from the book in the original animated movie back in 1967. That explains it all! When I saw the remake I didn’t expect King Louie to be so gargantuan. However, I must say that I did learn something from this remake that I never even thought before. That is that the female honey bees are the ones that sting. The males do not have stingers.

I have not seen “Pete’s Dragon” and I have not even seen the original movie. I haven’t seen “Alice Through the Looking Glass” either.

Beauty and the Beast is next in line and as I mentioned before in a previous blog from almost four years ago, I actually loved it. Therefore, I’m surprised to hear that it did well in the box office. Perhaps you should go check out that blog to see more. For what Saberspark said about Emma Watson, I didn’t mind her singing and of course, she looks like Belle in the age she was known to be which was 17. Paige O Hara from the original film made her sound 32 or something.

The Winnie the Pooh adaptation film, “Christopher Robin” was actually very cool and once again, I am very heart-warmed to see my most favorite actor, Ewan McGregor acting in a kid-friendly film once again. I explain more of that in my blog about Beauty and the Beast.

Sabersparks video came out before Dumbo, Aladdin and the Lion King were released, but since that time has come to pass, I will mention my thoughts on them.

For Dumbo, there is another spoiler alert. The films ending was changed to have Dumbo and his mom sent back to the wild or so and away from the circus torture. It was all because of PETA. Yeah, one of the most hated organizations out there! Although coming to look to when Dumbo was about to leave, he seemed to not have wanted to leave his children friends that soon and keep thinking of having one last minute with them. That is not to say but even though the elephants got their happy ending, the horses and a few other animals in the domestic zone were still used to perform in circuses and according to the horrifying tones from animal rights, they want all animals out of entertainment + everything else whether raised in the wild or not. There were no talking animals in this remake of course. That explains why Timothy Q Mouse only had a small role being stuck in the cage.

The remake of Aladdin was okay to me and Mena Masssound who had the title character role was kind of cute. However, I still can go towards the original film which will be 30 years old next year. Robin Williams still wins over Will Smith playing the Genie.

The Lion King was fine too but there were a few strange changes as always, but hey! It’s a new generation! As Saberspark said, it’s not really much of live-action because it’s all computer animated really. That’s because of those people from animal rights again! It would’ve been hard to train real African animals to make this film and a lot of abuse. What’s weird is, having real animals in a movie is considering cruelty when they should really be treated like actual celebrities. I might have to save this for another blog. Anyway, the cub Simba was so cute! Another thing is, I can understand why the animators did not have any animals stand up on each other during the “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” scene. If that was too difficult, I accept and understand that. Instead, Simba and Nala had a bunch of other animals join in while running around.

A couple more has come along too! One of them is Lady and the Tramp. Believe it or not, I actually hoped there would be remake of that Disney classic, it was one of my favorites. There were some scenes from the original that were not put it and that kind of disappointed me, but I did enjoy it anyway. For one change, they took out the Siamese Cat song and replaced it with a completely one + the cats looked like a whole different breed. Another is that the unnamed baby boy was changed to a girl named Lulu.

Mulan, I haven’t seen yet but I want to of course. I noticed the absence of Mushu, the dragon that was voiced by Eddie Murphy in the original 1998 film, and I was kind of disappointed in that. I do understand however that Disney was trying to come close with the actual Fa Mulan legend story. Although I think I can show you Mushu in real life here:

I understand that there are many more on the way and there some of course that I do not think deserve a remake. For example, Peter Pan. There already is a live-action film of that!! It came out in 2003 and was made by Universal but it is SO CLOSE to the Disney classic. I haven’t seen “The Sword and the Stone” but I would like to at some point. From there, I don’t know about a remake of that. Wasn’t “The Black Cauldron” a failure? In that, I don’t see why that could need a remake! And Robin Hood, wouldn’t it be a little too difficult to get the animal character form into a live-action remake for the classic story?

I’ve noticed that some have said that I remake would ruin, “The Little Mermaid” but for me, I actually can’t wait until that one is made. It’s another popular Disney Princess film and seeing Ariel in a live actual showing an actress that looks like a teenager, would warm me. I also want to see how Eric would look in real life. And of course, seeing an CGI underwater world that looks totally real.

Pinocchio might be kind of interesting, especially wanting to know what a new version to “When You Wish Upon A Star” would sound. Tom Hanks is supposed to play Geppetto and that sounds rather cool. I also hope that Figrao the cat and Cleo the Goldfish will make to having their appearances.

Now “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is possibly going to be a rather interesting when it comes to the thought of that because that was Disney’s first animated feature film and the very first animated feature EVER. But go ahead! I kind of hope for every Disney princess movie to be a remake.

Now believe it or not, there is one movie that isn’t planned yet but I would like to see a remake of it anyway. That is Pocahontas! I would like to see what Meeko and Percy would look like as real world figures.

Now there are mixed feelings for this one that I noticed was in the production of a remake. That is, “Lilo and Stitch”. Parts about it sound rather weird and what’s even scarier is that the original film was one of those Disney animated films that has a memorable moment for me when it was released. Most of these original Disney films that were remade so were released at a not so big timing for me. I was either not born yet, too little to see it when it was first released, or I have seen it but I was just too young to remember much. Lilo and Stitch has all those OUT! I totally remember when it was released and I saw the movie over and over again in theaters. So would a remake possibly wreck a great moment from my childhood? Well, I will put it too hard to the test and I will just have to wait and see. Although, yet I know that Stitch going to finally have texture, and that’s something that you can’t really do with 2D films. Below is a fake photo of what the live action Stitch would look like but it really isn’t:

Don’t you see? He looks like a Gremlin!!! What would Joe Dante say about this?? Well, never mind him. For some evidence I’ve found, he’s a supporter for Interplanetary Speciesism which I so wish to end!!!

And speaking of that there is something that Saberspark mentions that I so agree has to DIE. I mean, yes, be SHOT TO DEATH! That is the stigma that animation is kids. People think that taking sacrifice to what they do as kids such as watching cartoons and animation is the big way of becoming an adult or really, independent. It’s just not true!

But anyway, don’t think I am weird but I am fine with these remakes and I understand what Disney wants if they wish to be successful just like how I want to with Mabel. Bring it on!!

A Different Dimension 2 (Drillzer’s Revenge)

I was told that I should continue my fanfic, because one of my relatives wants to know what it is like for me to visit Rodney’s dimension. So here it is!

Chapter 1

I could not believe I was in a familiar-looking dimension run by robots. It seems that Rodney wanted me to meet his parents first which was the reason why the teleporting device took us to Rivet Town.  “This place definitely reminds me of Charles Town,” I said. Rodney held my hand as we walked over to his old home where he grew up. I was feeling a little bit nervous. I didn’t know if Rodney’s parents were going to like me or not. The last time I talked to my father on the phone and told him about Rodney, he did not sound all that pleased with the relationship of a human girl and a robot as a couple. But it looked like this was going to be the complete opposite. 

Rodney rang the doorbell as we got to his old home. His dad, Mr. Copperbottom answered a moment later. “Hello, son! How I’ve missed you!” he said to Rodney while hugging him. “Hi, dad, I’ve missed you too.” Rodney said back before Mr. Copperbottom noticed me. “You must be Kaylee. My son told me all about you!” All I could do was giggle and blush as he touched my right hand. We were both invited in. My eyes rocked back and forth as I glanced around.  “Lydia, they’re here!” Mr. Copperbottom called to his wife. “I’m coming!” said a familiar sounding voice. “Rodney, I’m glad you could visit! We’ve missed you!” Mrs. Copperbottom said as she hugged Rodney before noticing me. “Mom, this is Kaylee. You remember me telling you about her haven’t you?” Rodney tried to say. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Kaylee.” She said while gently shaking my hand. “Thank you, you too!” I said back with my cheeks still rosy. 

I still couldn’t believe I was meeting the parents of what has been known to be the love of my life for all these years, even though I was still not exactly sure where it was going to lead just yet. This was most totally unbelievable. It is as if the other couple’s parents have grown an acceptation with the odd couple. I decided to rest my purse down so I could glance around some more. I felt like spinning around gracefully and acting like a princess, however, I could still feel my ears burning as if Rodney was still talking about me. Then Mr. Copperbottom noticed what Rodney had with him. “Where did you get the kazoo, buddy?” he asked. “I found this in Kaylee’s roommate’s room and she let me use it. Well, actually it was her boyfriends but he almost beat up and didn’t forgive me. I stood up to him and he said I could keep it in a rude way though.” Rodney told him. “Well, I am proud of you son. Why don’t you have a go on it for us?” Mr. Copperbottom asked Rodney. “I don’t know, I would hate to make Kaylee explode again.” His parents did not understand what he meant. “The last time I played this in front of her, she turned red and nearly set off like a bomb.” “Oh come on! I have faith, you son!” “Alright, here goes.” Said Rodney before playing another familiar tune on the kazoo. I stopped and froze. My whole body once again felt so tingly and I felt so tongue tied again. I literally thought I was going to wet myself too! 

It wasn’t until a few seconds later when Rodney noticed my expression. He immediately stopped and ran over to me sounding worried. “Kaylee! Kaylee, are you okay? Don’t blow up! Do you see you what I mean?” His parents just laughed thinking this was coming to be shown as a good thing. From there, I could not speak up until Rodney touched me. I let out a huge breath. “Kaylee, don’t scare like that! I thought you were going to…” “I’m fine Rodney. I told you, when you play that kazoo, I just feel so in love that I…I..I” “I think, what she’s trying to say is that she loves you so much that it makes her heart sing.” Mr. Copperbottom tried to explain. “Yeah! Yeah! Your son is just so adorable!” I finally said. 

Just as I was expecting, they all appreciated my statement. “Kaylee, I want to show you my old room.” Rodney said to me. “I would be more than glad to.” I said back. We held hands as he lead the way! I feel like I could not go anywhere with Rodney if he did not hold my hand. His metal did not feel so cold for being such a sweetheart. His room was like a workshop with all the old tools and blueprints that he used to use in his childhood. “You really did have quite some talent.” I said. “It’s come such a long way. This is where I hope my creations will go.” “I believe in you, Kaylee.” Rodney told me. “I really appreciate your support, because there were times where people had put their doubt on me.” Once again, Rodney and I made out until we were both called down. 

Mrs. Copperbottom wanted a moment with me. While I wasn’t listening, Rodney seemed to have wanted to explain to his dad about why I am so important to him these days. “Rodney, I really like Kaylee. She seems very nice and loves you very much.” “She’s a wonderful girl indeed dad, I just feel very sorry for her for some reason.” Rodney tried to explain. “What is the reason, son?” “Her father, as far as I know, does not except our relationship, and Kaylee has told me that he really has a hard understanding her needs. She wishes she had a guy in her life that easily meets what makes her comfortable. Kaylee says, that someone is me.” “I am very proud of you for taking care of her. Kaylee may be a human girl from a different universe but I understand why you two have love for another. You’ve got so much in common!” 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Copperbottom and I were all over discussing Rodney being so cute and how perfect he was for my important needs. “I really appreciate you taking care of our boy.” She told me. “Rodney has always been someone I wished I could hold close.” Both of us came over to the guys and reunited with our final thoughts.  Rodney’s parents have already grown a love for me and accepted our relationship very well. Then all of the sudden, the alarm I set on my phone went off meaning I had to get back in order to be ready on time for my internship work tomorrow. “Oh no! I really wish I could stay longer but I have to go.” I said. “Oh yeah, that’s right! She’s got an internship to work on first thing in the morning tomorrow.” Rodney tried to explain. Believe it or not, Rodney’s parents actually hugged me before I left and hoped to see me again. 

“This was a wonderful visit!” I thought. Rodney and I held hands once again as we looked for a spot to use the teleporting device. He told me to hang on to him as we were about to zap away. Rodney blew his kazoo as we both disappeared back into my home universe. “How come you do that every time this happens?” I asked out of curiosity. “I’ve discovered that it helps for the device not to break easily every time I travel.” He told me. “Interesting!” I said back while blushing before I heard that springy rumble.” “Whoa! Was that your stomach churning again?” Rodney rubbed his tummy as if he had consumed anything in so long. “Yeah, Kaylee I’ve run low on fuel.” He said before we both giggled. “Could I get you anything? I’d hate to see you run low on energy.” “I’m fine Kaylee, I have to go too but I’ll come back as soon as I can.” I hugged Rodney and we kissed each other goodbye. Then I ran into the entrance of Ava knowing that Hartley had to have been waiting for me. Little did I know another adventure was going to happen soon. 

Chapter 2

Hartley was there to greet me as I came back in the room. “You’ve made it just in time!” She said. “Just in time for what?” Well, I really thought this would be a good night to go to Dino’s, cause I have something I want to ask you about.” I was totally up for that and I was quite curious about what she wanted to talk to me about. “Could we be back, just so I can get to bed on time in order to be ready tomorrow?” “Of course we will!” Hartley said back. “I think I better change.” I said. “These clothes are feeling a little wet and sweaty.” 

So I changed and then we left the house at 5:30, which should give me plenty of time. When we got there and after we were seated, I asked Hartley what she wanted to talk to me about. “Well, I can really see that you and Rodney have grown a major attachment for each other.” She began. “Well yeah, really I started out as a huge fan but then he found me and saw how much we have in common.” I tried to explain back. “I met his parents today and they really seemed to have liked me and respected Rodney’s love for me.” “That’s so great to hear, Kaylee! What I was going to ask is, you aren’t thinking about getting engaged are you?” 

I felt my jaw drop! “Engaged? Oh no! Not yet!! He still hasn’t met my parents!” Our beverages were served and then we ordered a pizza to share. “Anyway, the last time I talked to my father on phone, he doesn’t seem to accept our relationship. He’s treating this as if it is against the law for a human girl and a robot boy who is practically human to be in a relationship.” “Aww, that’s not fair.” Hartley told me. “Right? There must be a way I could prove this! It’s not about what type of species or so you are, it’s about what qualities someone has that makes you feel comfortable to be around.” I explained. “I think you’re right Kaylee.” She said back. 

“I was growing a little concerned about this odd couple relationship too but I didn’t want to tell you. Although right now, I am growing to think that I can see why you think Rodney is your one and only.” “Yeah, well it’s more than that.” I went on. “He seems to keep thinking about me all the time ever since we’ve met. I know that, because he said so earlier today. I am just so glad to hear and I am glad you understand. What are best friends for?” We both giggled before our pizza was served.

But what was happening in the other dimension? Rodney still had to get prepared to be become the new CEO which was in nearly two months from now. It’s the exact same time as when my summer internship would be over and I go home. This was a big job for Rodney and he needed Mr. Bigweld’s help to prepare. However, a new rival had been approaching. A nasty robot called, Carter A. Drillzer or Drillzer for short was on for seeking revenge on my beloved for kicking Ratchet out of office and having him sent to jail. He somehow really liked Ratchet’s policies, because with weak outmodes running around, it made Robot City look less strong in which was considered scary to him. Drillzer was also wealthy and rich with greed, so he had enough money for those expensive upgrades and liked the idea of everyone being the same as him. 

With outmodes being recycled into more upgrades, it meant more for him and more space for him too because other robots were not getting in his way. With this gone and reserved, could think of nothing more but to kill Rodney who was almost there to taking over Bigweld Industries and since he was the one responsible for getting Bigweld’s policies back to business in which he hated.  Rodney was discovering this it looked like his ceremony would be delayed until Drillzer was taken care of because who knows what disaster he could cause. 

Chapter 3

My internship was looking great! WB has made the decision that my ideas are very original and something they wished they had thought about before. All these guys needed now was to get the money to make this series. I’ve been hired to be the official writer of the show since I officially created it. With that, Hartley and I made a deal that I can live with her and just go back home for a couple of months when this summer internship is over. However, every day I wondered what Rodney was up to in his dimension and his job is going with becoming CEO. It seems we both had big jobs ahead of us. Two different worlds had something in common and now officially in love! At least I loved Rodney this much, I am just not exactly sure if he’s feeling the same way for me 100 percent. 

This brings me to today. Hartley has finally decided to go shopping with me! Only this time, we were going to shop at a Galleria mall in Glendale. There’s quite a lot to see here nearly as much as the Town Center. Hartley and I got to shop around as I have always wanted. From there, we went into many stores where we both tried on some crazy outfits. However, I usually bought at least one item or two from each store to create a full outfit sooner or later. Today it was a white denim vest from the Gap, a halter top from Loft, polka dot shorts from Banana Republic, a beret hat from Bloomingdales, an orange floral skirt from Zara, a yellowish-green jacket from White House Black Market, aqua green slide sandals from Call it Spring, shades from Target and a few jewelry items from JCPenney.  We both got lunch from Charley’s Philly Steaks in the food court. When there, Hartley still wanted to know more about how my relationship with Rodney was going to turn out.  

But what I did not know at this time was that Rodney and a few of his rusties friends, Fender, Lug, Diesel, and Crank were coming into our dimension and ended up on the third floor of the mall. It turns out, Rodney needed my help to stop Drillzer’s evil plans. “So where do you suppose this one you call, Kaylee is?” asked Fender. “I don’t know if she’s here or not but my teleporting device tells me she’s here,” Rodney explained. The group searched each floor and rode the escalators up and down to find me. They looked in a bunch of stores starling people while also taking pictures of them at the same time. Beepers were going off too and things went really crazy when they came to the Apple store. But while that was happening, Hartley and I were getting some pictures in the photo booth. “This is so going in my scrapbook!” I said after we got the pictures. We both headed over to Godiva. Hartley went in to get some treats but  I waited outside because I was already hurting after all that walking.  I could tell that it must’ve been crowded because she was taking a while. 

Chapter 4

While I waited, a boy that looked like he came straight out of university sat right next to me. “Hey gorgeous!” he said. “Why are you here all alone?” “My friends in there getting some treats!” I explained. “I feel really tired right now to have to go any further. I needed a break!” “Well that’s too bad!” he said back. I looked over at him and he was actually quite handsome and seemed pretty nice. Although I wasn’t too sure what to expect later on. “Well, I am Kyle by the way.” He told me as he shook my hand. “I’m Kaylee!” “Ha! Our names start with the same letter!” he said before we both chuckled. Kyle and I talked for a few minutes.

 He was apparently from New York and knew a few things I did. I thought this was going to be the first time I ever found someone who really likes me and I am about to love back. That is until he figured out my support for capitalism. “Wait a minute, are you a Trump supporter?” he asked. “Well, I am conservative, yeah! Capitalism is not what the mainstream media says!” “I don’t believe you!!” Kyle cried out. “You racist little %#@&%! You were beautiful until I found out what you support!! The destruction of America!” “No! We’re not destroying America, you leftists are!” I tried to shout back. “Your policies are what are destroying this state and I am pretty sure New York will be next if you guys don’t learn about the positivity of capitalism!” “Capitalism is evil!” Like many leftism supporters, Kyle was too stubborn to teach. He began trying to beat me up and chase me as I ran in circles. Hartley came out and was horrified. I screamed in fear! 

Rodney while still at the Apple store heard my familiar-sounding call. “Guys, come one!” he told the rest of the group. “That’s Kaylee! I know it’s her!” then ran to find me and followed my voice. They all came over and finally found me in trouble. Rodney’s Wonderbot had the time to shine and sprang into action. He flew and attacked Kyle to save my life! That’s when Rodney came running up to me! “Kaylee! Kaylee!” he cried while giving me a hug. “Are you okay?” he asked. “This guy right over here tried to kill me,” I said back. 

Kyle noticed and saw the others looking like something familiar to him. “Well! Well! Well! If it isn’t the anti-capitalist robots!” he let out. “It’s the pro-capitalist actually!” Rodney said back to Kyle. He was about to lose his cool in front of my beloved. “What were you doing to my girlfriend?” Rodney said, sounding disappointed. “You’re girlfriend?” Kyle laughed at us as he found out we were an odd couple. I could see Rodney was feeling very hurt inside. “Don’t laugh at him, you coward!” I cried.  I think the mall cops heard the screaming and commotion. Kyle, being the left-wing Mr. know-it-all was about to say that I was the one causing the problem but then I told them the truth and what Kyle was doing. He was the one who was not tolerant and did not believe in freedom of speech. From there, he was arrested and dragged away out of the mall. 

The rusties came up feeling rather excited that they were finally meeting me. They were even surprised that I already knew their names. “You’re more gorgeous than I have ever pictured.” Said Fender as he shook my hand but squeezed too hard. “Ow! I’m flesh and blood, not metal!” “Yeah, please be careful with her.” Rodney tried to say. “Oh, sorry, I forgot!” Fender said back. “Rodney, what are you doing here?” I asked, sounding a little shocked. “I came here because I need your help, Kaylee.” He told me.

“What do you need help with?” “There’s someone in my world that is out to get me!” Rodney tried to explain and went on. “He’s about to try and seek revenge because he wants Ratchet’s policies back.” This was beginning to sound very familiar. Crank joined in. “This guy is about to get us all outmoded again!” he said “And he wants to kill you too, Rodney!” said Fender sounding like he was about to cry dramatically.  I was horrified and knew I had to help. “You’ve got some great skills at telling the truth, Kaylee.” Rodney told me. I was in for coming them. Everyone felt excited that I was coming. From there, Hartley gave me the chocolate bar she bought for me to save for later and told me she would take home all of my shopping bags while I go and save the world. I thanked her and told her that I promise to come back.  Rodney held my hand as we all ran and found a spot to zap away into the other dimension. But then I stopped that they’ll have to wait a few minutes because I had to use the bathroom real quick. As I ran for it. Some of the others wondered what I was up to. Rodney tried to quietly explain what all happens when it comes to humans like me when it comes to personal stuff.  He learned it all from me and Hartley, however, the others were a little bit grossly horrified but not too much. 

I came back sooner nor later and we could finally get going. When Rodney blew his kazoo, it had Fender come out with a fairly miracle thought. “I swear! I need to get one of those!” 

Chapter 5

We have all landed in Robot City and I was not too sure what we were supposed to do first. “How are we all going to find this so-called Drillzer?” I asked. “He could be anywhere!” “I do believe she has a point.” Lug replied.  That was just before we all turned around looking as if we were outside a metal building, he was bound to be working in. Drillzer also had some science skills to get his way. With that, he could use a tracker to hear messages from Ratchet who was in prison, and can look where his arch-enemies were up to. What was Drillzer’s evil mission? He was going to sneak into Bigweld Industries and drop a bomb on Rodney so that he would take over just like Ratchet always wanted. That way, he could bring all the outmode misery back into the city. 

Outside, we were all thinking of a plan on how we were going to track him down. “We have to split up!” said Rodney. “How’s that going to work?” asked Fender. Crank came up with an idea. “Me and Fender will go distract Drillzer’s army. Lug! Diesel! You two go set up Drillzer’s trap.” Diesel made an expression as if he was saying “You got it!” Crank continued. “And Rodney,…” “Whoa wait!, I cannot leave Kaylee!” Rodney tried to explain. “Alright, you and Kaylee keep track of a Drillzer and make sure he doesn’t catch you.” Crank finished.

Inside Drillzer’s office which was also a lab was a jar filled with Madame Gasket’s ashes after she was singed down in the Chop Shop furnace as if he grew major support for Ratchet after the loss of his mother.  But right now he was seeing me through his tracking crystal ball and was clearly seen as if I was Rodney’s major supporter. He had another awfully nasty plan to take me down too. Drillzer had an army of robot minions to help him get toward his evil goals. Fender and Crank’s job was to distract them from knowing about the others tracking down Drillzer. Fender had a trick up his sleeve to do the Irish Caleigh dance in front of all of them. I guess he took it from something Rodney told him when talking about me.  

So were Rodney and I up to? We were going on with a conversation while trying to track down Drillzer. “Rodney, what about that other robot girl, you had a relationship with? Cappy I believe was her name. Whatever happened to her?” Rodney just sighed. “Kaylee, I should’ve told you before. When I came home from being in your dimension, I saw her with some other man. I went up and asked her what was going on and she told me that I’ve been gone for so long that it drove her interest away from me. Cap could not hold on to her feelings for me any longer as if she thought I wasn’t coming back. I was so bruised when I found out it was too late that it made me start thinking of you more often and I really wanted you back. It was to my mistake that I never should’ve left.” 

I gave Rodney some comfort. “I am so sorry sweetheart,” I said just before I hugged him. “It’s not your fault Kaylee. I’ve begun to realize that you’ve got more to offer. You are a much better singer  too.” I could not help but blush. Then all of the sudden, Drillzer found us! “Well! Well! Well! If it isn’t Copperbottom and his skin flesh love maiden!” “Kaylee, don’t listen to him!” Rodney tried to say while holding me back.” “No need to fear, I’ve got a gift for the lassie,”  Drillzer replied. “Really? I want to see!” “Kaylee, don’t do it!” Rodney tried to stop me but Drillzer forced us both to do as he commanded. While I was escorted, Rodney got terribly worried, so he went down to find his rusties friends to get help. 

Drillzer had a trick up his sleeve in which I did not know about. I felt like Sleeping Beauty because this was going to lead to no good. Drillzer had lead me to his laboratory. “This is magic wishing potion!” he said while holding up a steaming bottle of liquid. “You can have anything you want just by saying what you wish for.” “Really?” I asked. “I’m not kidding!” Drillzer said back. “Go on! Take it!” I took the steaming liquid and thought about my wish. “Don’t wait!” he snapped. “Say it out loud!” I knew just what I wanted. “I wish with all my heart, that society would accept an old couple like me and Rodney getting married someday.” 

“Very good, darling,” Drillzer said. “Won’t your true love be so proud?” “He sure just might…” but that steam I was breathing in was making me feel I was going to pass out. I couldn’t keep my eyes open either. Before you knew, I couldn’t help but lie and slept like a rock. It felt like I was putting into another one of the biggest deep sleep of my life since the operation I had on my feet. I could sense nothing!

Chapter 6

(Rodney on Narration)

I knew Drillzer was up to no good and I knew I had to warn the others! Fender and Crank were still finishing up their distraction show when I warned them while Lug and Diesel thought they had just finished the trap. Everybody was shocked when I told them that Drillzer got Kaylee. My Wonderbot was the first to have found Kaylee and when I arrived, Drillzer came in out of nowhere. “Copperbottom! You think you had the right to defeat me? Well, I don’t think I’ve already gotten away with half of it!” “Where is Kaylee?” I shouted. “Oh, Ms. Flesh and Bones! Ha Ha! She undercover and shall never hear from you again! BWA ha ha ha!!” Drillzer moved out of the way revealing Kaylee fast asleep on the floor. 

We were all shocked! “Kaylee! Kaylee answer me please!” I bent down and tried to help but she was completely unconscious and she couldn’t hear me. “It’s too late blue boy!” Drillzer interrupted. “She’ll never be able to hear from you now! Guards! Get them!” “Oh no, what do we do?” Fender cried. “Run for it!” Crank said back. I couldn’t leave Kaylee, so I had to carry her as we all ran out of Drillzer’s secret hideout. “Where do we take her?” I asked while we ran. “She needs to be safe from Drillzer!” “Aunt Fanny’s boarding house of course!” Lug suggested. I couldn’t agree more. Drillzer’s guards were catching up to us and nearly tried to take Fender by the leg. Diesel whacked him and dragged Fender along. We ran as far away as possible until the guards lost us. Kaylee was still unconscious and we had to get her to shelter. Soon, we arrived at Aunt Fan’s where she was waiting for all of us. Fender’s sister, Piper was also still there waiting. Both of them noticed Kaylee wrapped in my arms. “Rodney, is this Kaylee? Is she alright?” Aunt Fan asked me. “Drillzer has done something to her,” I replied. We found a spot to lie her down, which was the living room couch. 

Aunt Fan still had my hoodie I got the first time I met Kaylee and had her rest her head on it. I took off her crossbody just so she would be extra comfortable. I put it to her side but Fender and Diesel seemed fascinated by it and started to dig in.  “What do you guys think you’re doing?” I asked, trying to protect Kaylee’s supplies. Diesel found Kaylee’s iPod and took off the ear set before playing a tune. Fender found Kaylee’s perfume tube case thinking it was a battery. “Ahh, an old battery to keep going forever and forever!” he said. He also dug in and found her hair comb and didn’t know what to do with it.  I tried to stop them until I could get everything back to place. 

Piper walked in, curious about my sleeping girlfriend. “Do you think she’s okay, Rodney?” Fender stood up. “I…I don’t know sis.” I sat there with Kaylee holding her hand and spoke to her hoping she would be able to hear me.  

“Kaylee, the day that I met you, I had no idea what to think. Your world was different but you were the best part of that whole experience. I’ll never let you go and I remember when you didn’t want me to leave your dimension. The truth is, I was deep inside having a hard time finding a way to have to deal with saying goodbye myself. But I knew that I had to get back prepared for my new job.” Piper was looking on with a little jealousy as she still had a crush on me but tried to keep it to herself. I continued. “I’ve decided that I should invite you to my ceremony. I just hope you can make it. It will be the first night of a ball under my name if only I could, I’d ask Mr. Bigweld to add a part for you. I’ve also thought about something that is going to sound weird and I just wish your society would accept. If only there was a way, I’d have your society let us marry someday. I know you’d want that and I want to make you happy more than anything besides making my world a better place like Mr. Bigweld always did”. Kaylee was near it all and it looked like she was waking up.  

Chapter 7

(I’m back)

I thought heard Rodney’s voice. He was saying something about inviting me to a ceremony and wishing that society would accept it if an odd couple like us got married. All I could do was blink my eyes. As I was about to wake up many others around me were acting relieved with joy. “She’s alive!” Fender cried out. “Kaylee!” Rodney said to me as he hugged me. “Thank goodness you’re okay!” I noticed that I was in a different room. “What happened?” I asked. “How did I get in here?” “It was Drillzer! He tricked you causing you to knock out unconscious.” Rodney told me. 

I noticed Aunt Fanny walking up pleased to be meeting. “So, you’re the girl Rodney had been talking about all this time.” “Yeah, that’s me,” I said. It was about time I had to call Hartley so she could check in on me after this experience. I found my bag right next to me and got out my phone. But when I tried to call, there was an error message saying that there was no signal. Then I remembered that it was definitely possible that my phone wouldn’t work while I am in another dimension. “Is there something wrong Kaylee?” Rodney asked me.  “My phone doesn’t work while I am in another dimension but I’m okay.” 

Just then, Rodney noticed a scar on the back of my foot. “What’s this?” he asked. “I remember you said you had sensitive feet. What exactly did you mean?” “Well, I had a hard time getting my feet to point straight when I was younger. There appeared to be a weird bone connection in there causing them to go crookedly. I could not go on like that so I had surgery to get them straight. That’s where that scar you see came from. “ I could see that everyone around me did not know what to think. “Does it still affect you today?” asked Crank. “If only my feet weren’t so sensitive in the first place, I probably would’ve been able to ice skate or play soccer more easily back in my childhood. Even though today, I’m kind of concerned something bad could still happen.” 

Then something else came back to my mind. “I almost forgot. What happened to Drillzer?” “We all escaped him to save you.” Fender told me. “He’s up to something to do with our relationship.” Rodney joined in.  “Shouldn’t we think about going back to our mission?” I asked. “Not yet, I think you need some time to recover, Kaylee,” Rodney told me. Then it happened again! His abdomen sprang and rumbled! Aunt Fanny knew what to do. “A springy tummy can only mean you need some of my homemade goodies!”

“I also meant to ask you, Rodney, did I hear something about inviting me to your ceremony?” “Yes, Kaileigh! I am inviting you to my ceremony where I become CEO.” Rodney told me before saying when the event is. I immediately added it to my calendar. I sure did hope my parents would let me because it would just after I got home to the East Coast. I hope I will have something good to wear since this was a ball. “If I get permission, I absolutely will come to your event, Rodney,” I said. He gave me a hug and we both made out once again. 

Little did I know that Drillzer had a plan to put me to sleep forever so that I’d never go after Rodney once he drops the bomb on him. Back in his lab, he was back to the drawing board and had another trick up his sleeve. 

Chapter 8

A little while later, I was ready to get back to our mission. This time, Fender let Piper join us and I was so on the roll. Wonderbot somehow knew where Drillzer had to have been at this time. He was at Bigweld Industries ready to trick my beloved. It took us a little time to get there. I felt like I was a little low on energy, so I decided to consume that candy bar Hartley gave me just before I came here.  But I threw out the wrapper, it went straight to Drillzer and it made him immediately that I was here and alive. From there, he saw us and changed the plan. “Why wait? Instead of crashing the ceremony I’ll strike that blue boy today and put that flesh girl in the business.” 

Once again, we all had a separate mission. Rodney and I were once again sticking together! Everybody, there was thinking Rodney was arriving early to prepare for his big day which is weeks away. They wondered who I was too. Pretty soon, Drillzer found us both again! “Well, I see your skin and bones girl is back and running!” “Nobody is messing her!” Rodney confronted him. But Drillzer used force to get me in his hands. “I’ve got another surprise for her!” he said. Drillzer dragged me along! “Don’t worry Copperbottom! She’s just getting a little check-up! I’ll bring her out as soon as we’re finished!” Rodney did not like the look of this had to go warn the others again. For me, I wasn’t so sure what it was this time. 

“Have a seat, sweetheart!” Drillzer told me. “Now close your eyes.” I got worried that he was going to stick a needle in me, but I felt my top lifting up and some tickling on my back. With that, he began a conservation with me pretending to care about my love life with Rodney. “So, this Copperbottom boy is your fiancé, A?” “Well, sort of.” I tried to say. “I just don’t think the society where I come from is going to accept it.” “Oh, what a shame!” Drillzer said back. “You and that oh so adorable blue boy look so perfect for each other.” “Yeah, we really do have so much in common. I’m thinking that I want him to ride on the plane with me when I go home in about a month.”

“Okay, we’re done! Now open your eyes!” I didn’t see any difference. Drillzer let me out and said, “Go, live your dream!” I ran out not knowing what just happened. Rodney and the others were nearby and they came out all worried sick. “Kaylee! Are you okay? What happened in there?” Rodney asked me. “I have no idea, but Drillzer and I were just having a conversation about…” “Something does not look right.” Said, Crank. He noticed that my chest had lumps. “Those are just the iconic human female…” but then Fender lifted up my top and saw a bomb. Everybody freaked out! “There’s a what on me?” It turns out, Drillzer knew all along that I’d be sticking together with Rodney, so he strapped the bomb on me so it would kill us both and from there, he’d take over. It was going to explode in 45 minutes. We had to find a way to get rid of the bomb before we can defeat that menace!

Chapter 9

Rodney and I had to make a run for it! Meanwhile, Fender was making a fuss all over the place that there was a bomb nearby. All the robots began screaming and looking for emergency exists. Just then, we were coming up to a familiar-looking someone. “Mr. Bigweld!” yelled Rodney while seeing him in the distance and still holding my hand. “Rodney! What are you doing here?” he asked. “Drillzer, is in here somewhere. He’s out trying to assassinate me! Oh, by the way, this is Kaylee, the girl I told you about that was from that other dimension.” 

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” Bigweld said to me “But what’s with all the commotion the rush?” “Drillzer strapped a bomb on Kaylee.” Said Rodney. “I think he’s trying to kill us both!” I said.  “What? It can’t be true! That Drillzer has been seeking revenge on us for years ever since we re-opened Bigweld Industries!” “I know, I cannot believe he’s about to assassinate Kaylee too!” Rodney told him back. “Kaylee, how much time is there left?” I checked the bomb and noticed it was 30 minutes. Rodney and I had no time to waste, he to get rid of the bomb. 

Both of us had to keep running! All over, we noticed a crowd, running and screaming knowing that a bomb was nearby. Then Rodney and I stopped to think about what we were going to do. He asked me to lift up my top to see how the bomb could be unattached. It was strapped on me pretty tight but that did not stop Rodney. At last, it was finally untied and we just had to find out where to throw this. It was down to 20 minutes and time goes by so fast these days. 

We found some of the rusties still going around in panic mode. “How did you get that off?” asked Fender as soon as he noticed that the bomb was off my chest. A bunch of Drillzer’s guards were after us! They tried to get Rodney and me separated! I cried for help and I couldn’t breathe. Rodney whistled, causing Wonderbot to come flying and attack the guards. I was free to breathe again but we still had to get rid of that bomb. The rusties battled over Drillzer’s guards while Rodney and I still looked for where to throw away the bomb. 

I noticed that the bomb was already shortened for 5 minutes. The guards must’ve made a hard touch! Rodney could think of nothing more than to throw the bomb out of Bigweld Industries. We had no time! It was going to set off any minute! As soon as it was down to 2 minutes, I started to get really scared. Just then from way down, we saw a bunch of other robots all crowded up before they finally noticed us hoping for something heroic to happen. Drillzer came running and tried to pull me away. There was only 10 seconds left now. It was time! Rodney threw the bomb out of Bigweld Industries and landed into a sewer hole somewhere out in the city. I could hear a crowd cheer before I saw a glow of flames come out from a far distance. 

Drillzer drove himself into losing his cool! “Impossible!” He had no idea how a bomb set off from a far distance. Rodney and I knew he was going to try and hurt us in a new way. I didn’t know what to do but Rodney apart for me. The next time I see Drillzer I had to kick him off but somehow, I had to hold on to Wonderbot while he flew. “I’ve got to go hide, Kaylee but I will find you. I promise!” Rodney told me before I hugged him. Wonderbot took me flying. Without further ado, Drillzer had found me and started shooting nuts and bolts. All I could do was fly high until I could finally swoop back down, kicking Drillzer off and fell, landing into a pile of old scrap! I guess there was some strength in the shoes I was wearing.

Wonderbot could not hold onto my weight any longer! He accidentally dropped me causing what felt like the biggest fall of my entire life! I tried grabbing a hold of something but then my hands slipped. Luckily, Rodney saw and was able to catch me. I knew this had to be the moment where we kissed. There was a crowd cheer once again! It was as if Rodney had saved the city again, even though I helped somewhat. 

Bigweld came out to know what was going on and knew that Rodney had to have done something to save Robot City once again. “It wasn’t just me Mr. Bigweld, Kaylee helped.” Rodney tried to tell him. “Kaylee?” asked Bigweld. “How did she help?” The crowd stopped and took a look at me rather puzzled about how a human girl could save the robot world. I never felt so nervous! “It’s quite a complicated story.” Said Rodney. “I better help explain this anyhow.” Rodney cleared his throat before continuing. “I’ve seen Kaylee’s dimension. She comes from a universe where a similar problem is happening just like we all had years ago and what would’ve happened again if it weren’t for her. Kaylee’s dimension was being taken over but what she called, “Leftists” and how terrible their motives were for her country. Her future home in particular was suffering thanks to the leftists. The place where she wants to work had been crawling with so much homelessness and abandonment. As Kaylee explained, the leftists made taxes go higher so nobody could afford anything and that the only way to save the city she wanted to be in was for residents to vote the other way, in which she called Conservative.  Both of us did everything we could to save the city. After that, I knew she would be able to stop Drillzer who nearly tried to kill me and would’ve put us all back into the nightmare Ratchet once led us to.” 

The crowd gasps all frightened as if they now knew something awful almost happened. They all started talking to each other too.  It was time Rodney had to announce what I deserved. He cleared his throat again and told Bigweld, “I think Kaylee deserves a place in Bigweld Industries.” “I will tell you what kid, we’ll make sure your ceremony has a spot with her name on it.” “I am sure she would really appreciate that. I was inviting her to the ceremony anyway.” I heard the whole thing and I felt like I was about to cry too. Rodney saw and held his arms out knowing that I wanted to embrace him. I ran up hugged him and we both heard the crowd as they were looking at us as a cute couple. 

I had to invite Rodney to something of my own. “How would you like to have a plane ride to my hometown with me, which will be in a few weeks?” I asked. “Well, I’ve never ridden on a plane before, in your human in particularly but I guess it would be worth a go.” “Great! I would love to have your company while going a long-distance travel adventure and you will get to meet my family once we get to our destination.” Rodney felt immediately onboard with the idea after I told him but now it was time I should be heading home. I never took a break to go to the bathroom while visiting this dimension. I knew Hartley had to have been worried about me by now.  This is where I had to say my goodbyes. They were glad they finally met me and hope to see me again soon. I knew it would be a possibility. Rodney and I held hands as we found a spot to use the teleporter. He told me to hang on tight before he blew his kazoo and zapped away. I gave Rodney one last hug before I ran back to find Hartley in our apartment. It was already 7:45 once I came home. At least it wasn’t a night where I had to wake up the next morning. 

Chapter 10

The weeks passed very quickly. I was on the roll for going back to the East. Rodney arrived on his teleporter for our trip home just in time! I said my goodbye to Hartley and said that I’d see her in a few months. After packing the trunk and on the way to Los Angeles Airport, Rodney told me that he has never really been on a plane. I told him that it will be fine and this might just be a new experience for him. It was still dark out, but I was so glad to have Rodney in the seat next to me so I felt less scared. 

But first I had to return this car I rented! Rodney and I held hands the whole entire way until we got to security. While during the middle of it all, there was a loud beep. Since Rodney’s whole body was metal, he left a few concerns. Somebody had to take one of those handheld metal detectors and scanned him everywhere while I was still getting organized. I told her that he is a robot from another dimension that was practically sentient. One of those behind security even recognized him. “Hey wait a minute! You look familiar! I haven’t seen your movie in a while!” He ran out to Rodney and told everyone else that he should be let on the plane because metal like this was special. They all saw the point and Rodney and I were free to go. We held hands on the way to our gate once again. 

Rodney asked me about what was going to happen exactly. “Kaylee, are you really sure this is going to work?” I knew he had to have been concerned about whether my parents would like him or not. “They all know who you are and they’ll love you!” It wasn’t too long before our gate started to board and we were called by the group. The flight attendants were a little shocked and amazed by Rodney. We kept holding hands all through the jetway and getting to our seats. I was really seeing that Rodney was one the greatest hand-holders I’ve ever known. We had to let go as I was putting my suitcases up but held hands again as we sat down. I hoped that no one was looking at us as we made out. Then I noticed Rodney’s mohawk was slanted again and I fixed it. Even though I already knew the rules on what to do in an emergency, Rodney seemed to have been all ears during the announcement as we were backing up. We definitely had to hold hands as we took off. “This is going to be a 4-hour ride.” I told Rodney. Star Wars was playing on the TV in front of us and this felt like our first movie date. One of the flight attendants serving me throughout had her eyes on Rodney as if he were mysterious and cute at the same time. During the time on the flight, there was a parrot nearby sitting on a man’s shoulder. Rodney saw it in the distance not knowing what to think. It even said “Hello, metal guy!” at him. Rodney felt shocked and tried to get my attention but I was asleep with my headphones on and couldn’t bare to wake up. 

This was not a direct flight home. We landed in Charlotte NC at this time. “We’ve got one more flight to go,” I said. “That wasn’t so bad.” He told me. While walking to our gate, Rodney glanced around as we tried walking through the terminal to the concourse on the other side. He looked up at the giant mobile full of flying objects. At one point a beeping cart was about to run into us and we both had to move.  We passed and stopped looking at the airport club. I told Rodney that I’ve been wanting to be a member very recently. Although I wasn’t too sure on what to do. Just as I knew I had to use the ladies’ room, Rodney told me that he would go in and see what it was like. I was a little worried but I wished him luck anyway. 

The man at the counter was all scared with a shock that a metal-made guy was in the club. “Excuse me, sir, I have a friend who wants to be a member, do you know how..” “Who the #%$& are you and what are you doing in here??!!” “I just need help figuring out how to become a member.” Rodney tried to tell him. “Whatever or whoever you are, get out of here!” This guy was clearly not approval of robots asking for membership. “But sir..” “GET LOST METAL-MAN!” he yelled. Rodney just sadly walked out. “O-Okay,” he said.

I had just come out. “No luck, Kaylee. They threw me out.” It wasn’t too much of a big deal because this wasn’t really the day to do so anyway. I knew that we had to get to our gate immediately because it won’t be too long before it boards and I was worried about it getting full before both of us could even get on.  The moving sidewalks really helped us with getting there more quickly. I thought about getting a smoothie from Jamba Juice but I didn’t have time. We had to get to our gate! Just like the first one, we made it just in time. This flight was also successful! At last, we had our final destination! The last step was to get my luggage at the baggage claim. It took a while to find out which of the carousels it was going to come at. That is until one of the lights blinked and went off. 

Everything was ready to go and I just had to remember where I parked my car when I came up here months ago. It wasn’t too hard because my car easily stood out. It wasn’t too long before Rodney would meet my family. I could tell that he looked a little nervous inside as we drove all the way out. It was already nearly 5:30 when we got there. 

Chapter 11

Rodney was feeling more nervous than ever. “It will be okay, sweetheart,” I said just before I noticed some family looking out the window knowing I was here. I knew they had to have been up to something. As I walked through the door and into the living room, there was a huge welcome home surprise jump for me. I could not believe it! Only it wasn’t too surprising since this was the very first time I have ever been away a long distance for the longest time without any parents with me. I saw lovely looking decorations and there was even a “Welcome Home” cake for me. My mom and Aunt Debbie were there as I was told from a text because they wanted to welcome me home and they wanted to meet Rodney. Everybody hugged me and asked where Rodney was anyway. I knew he had to have been still outside. I went to go get him while dad put my luggage in my room. 

I told Rodney to come inside and that there was nothing to be afraid of.  I held his hand as we both walked in. They all applauded and cheered as they saw my long time crush walk in with me.  Brinkley, the family dog mom bought with her on the trip, walked over and sniffed Rodney from his behind, making him a little puzzled and nervous at the same time. “It’s okay Rodney, she’s just checking you out.” Even Peli, my dad’s girlfriend, Phyllis’s cat seemed to have grown interested in Rodney by rubbing his fur on him.  “They all already like you,” I told Rodney. I told everyone that I was going to go change. They all approved and told me they will take care of Rodney while I’m dressing up. 

Mom was the first to go with questions. “So, Rodney, I was wondering, what is your favorite thing about our human world so far?” he told her “Well, I don’t really know, but so far, it is your daughter.” She seemed very heart-warmed by that before asking, “Do you ever get cold with just your metal body?” “Well, no, not really. We sort of adapt to it.”  Then mom asked, “If you could ever try human food, what would you try?” “Oh, I really don’t know.” “Poser isn’t it?” dad said. “Poser?” asked Rodney.  It was his way of expressing a tough question that’s hard to answer. Some of them wanted to test out some things on Rodney with some of the crunchy appetizers available right after they heard his belly rumble and spring.  They tested him out with pretzels and tater chips. It didn’t bother his body proving that only sticky or soft foods such as cake will gum up and damage his mechanical insides in which he will know feel like an upset stomach to him and will need expensive surgery. 

Aunt Debbie had some questions for Rodney too. “Is your dimension do you suppose our future of the Earth or is it on another planet?” “Well, while visiting this dimension, I saw a map that looked kind of like ours from my dimension so, I have to say it might be yours too. Although, I am not exactly sure if this is the future or not. Only my ancestors or so could know that. I guess it might be just a dimension of an alternate world.” Aunt Debbie had more to ask. “How does it differ from our dimension? “As far as I see from here, not everything is metal-made and you guys have different body functions plus, you don’t need to use parts to dress yourself.” They all laughed. “I might learn more in the future.” “I also wanted to ask you if your species is immortal?” Aunt Debbie asked Rodney. “Um, I am not fully sure about that but as far as I see, we do occasionally need new replacement parts and they can get out of function as we get older.” Then, believe it or not, Aunt Debbie asked if she could hug him. Rodney blushed and didn’t mind. “You’re a better hugger than I thought you’d be. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” 

It was Phyllis’s turn to ask Rodney. “Rodney, I’ve been wondering, what is your favorite animal?” “I don’t really know much about that either, but so far, I am pleased by the way your pets here are treating me. I might learn more on that in the future too.” “How would you like to go boating with us at one point while you are visiting?” “Boating?” Rodney asked. Phyllis decided to show him dad’s boat which was outside. He seemed to have thought it was spiffy. Meanwhile, I was looking for something to wear, and it took me some time because I wanted to look gorgeous for Rodney in case dad ever let us have a dance in which I knew he would.  I chose my yellow chiffon dress. I could tell that I might have lost weight by using meal replacement smoothies as I put it on. 

Phyllis took Rodney back in and then dad noticed that he bought his kazoo with him. “Hey, Rodney I see you got one of those kazoos!” “I found this in Kaylee’s friend’s room that was left behind by her boyfriend. He let me keep it but in a rude way.” Dad then said “Why don’t you give it a shot for us?” even though the music was pretty loud. He went to turn it down so everyone could hear Rodney. “I..I..well.” Then Rodney remembered that I wasn’t around at this time because he knew I would have that feeling of exploding again. From there he decided to give it a shot in front of my family. “Okay here goes.” Said Rodney before clearing his throat and taking a breath. “Alright, let’s go baby!” dad blurted out. 

I could hear Rodney playing the kazoo all the way from my room but I tried to ignore it so I could finish my pampering. I was trying to put on my gold shoes and looked for jewelry I can wear too.  The decision was made in all sorts of colors in my jewelry. I went into the bathroom to get my light-up makeup mirror, so I could look at myself while I waited for my spiral curlers to curl my hair and do my makeup. At this point, I couldn’t wait for Rodney to see me, and at last, it was finally time. Aunt Debbie came knocking on my door wondering what I was doing. 

Chapter 12

When I came out, everyone was amazed, including Rodney. Dad announced this caused for a dance. Some furniture had to be moved to give us room. He played that Leonard Cohen song, “Dance Me To the End Of Love”. I could not believe that Rodney actually managed to give me a romantic dip at one point. I’ve never had that before but it easily made me chuckle before picking me back up and swinging me around.  Just as I thought, everyone gave us applause. 

From there, dad was beginning to accept my relationship with Rodney, just because. Odd couples really can happen occasionally. But then sadly, Rodney had to leave because he had to get back to work with becoming CEO. I was bummed out and I felt like I was being left behind but then I remembered the event he invited me to was in two days and I would definitely see him again. I hugged Rodney before he left on his teleporting device and I was called to join in for dad’s roast dinner. There I talked about going to the ball. Phyllis, mom, and Aunt Debbie had an idea that they would help me find a ball gown to wear tomorrow. I could not have felt better. 

Just tonight while I was getting ready for bed, I heard a knock at my glass door leading to the porch. I could not believe my eyes, but it was Rodney! He came in and told me that the others said that he could spend the night. I didn’t know what it was going to feel like with having a metal guy sleep with me but it wasn’t that bad. We talked for a little bit while lying down. I cleared my throat and asked Rodney if he was set up for his big day. “I am feeling a little nervous but Mr. Bigweld is helping me get the hang of this job.” Then I told him, “I am very proud of you.” 

In the morning, I was told to get ready to go find the perfect dress for the ball. While out I did not know what to choose from out of all the lovely colors I saw. But then I found a lovely combination! A shiny gold top dress with a long light pink tutu skirt! Everyone knew that this was the one I was going for! It had to be wrapped in plastic to be kept safe as it was put in the car. 

Chapter 13

Right on the day of Rodney’s big day, he came out of his dimension to get me. He thought I never looked so beautiful when he saw me wearing my new dress, hair in a bun with a tiara, and everything else. It felt like a night of being prom queen, only better. Rodney never looked so handsome with a tie on. The ball looked so lovely and just when it was announced that Rodney has made it, he was announced to come on and make his speech. I could hear a few robot girls nearby saying “Aww! He’s so adorable! I know I wish could just run up and eat him!” I could see Rodney was getting the attention of many girls. 

Believe it or not, Rodney added me to be a part of this. I was invited up! Everybody looked at me and said “Ooooh! Ahhh!” as if I were the bell of the ball. Being up there wasn’t so bad. Rodney told everyone his story of getting to this point and how proud he is to have come this far. That was before I cleared my throat and said my part. “I am very proud of this whole event too, and this is just like a dream to me. It’s great to have been a part of this impact and I hope you all can accept an odd couple.” There was an applause as if they did accept. I hugged Rodney and then we both walked down as the dance had just begun. 

I went over to another spot to wait for Rodney and relax my voice. Fender came by told Rodney that he finally got a kazoo of his own before showing him.  Rodney took his out and the two could not help but hum a tune on them at the same time. “Oh no!” said Rodney! “I better be careful with Kaylee around,” Rodney told Fender that he better go over to find me as he promised. 

 But just as he was almost there, he ran into his old girlfriend, Cappy. “Hey there, cutie! I’m very proud of you.” She said. “I’ve thought about what I did and I really should not have run off with that other guy. I really did promise that I would never leave you. Could you forgive me?” Rodney wasn’t sure what to think. “Well, yes, I most certainly do forgive you…but..” “What’s the matter, Rodney?” He turned his head at me in a sad look as if he was worried about what I was going to think. Cappy saw what he was after. “Oh, I see. You’ve already found someone else that has your eye. She does look very sweet. I forgive you, Rodney. I understand how you feel.” He felt so much better and hugged her as if it were a thank you. Cappy went over to me telling me that I looked beautiful and to take good care of Rodney. I could see her walking out to what I bet was that other robot she went off with. 

Finally, Rodney took my hand to the dance floor. All the other robots stared at us as if we were the center of it all. I could feel the love in the air as we made out. This might have been the most magical night. “Rodney, I am just so glad you could come close to me.” He told me “It’s an honor for you to be here.”